Do you love the tangy taste of Indian food? RDM International is your go-to quality tamarind powder supplier. They’ve been serving up amazing flavors since 1965. Their premium tamarind powder captures the fruit’s natural taste perfectly.

RDM International introduces the zesty tamarind powder in a handy form. Made from top-notch tamarind, it retains the fruit’s unique tang. Since 1965, RDM has led the way as a top tamarind powder maker and seller, bringing real Indian flavors to global food distributors.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a top quality tamarind powder supplier with over 50 years of history.
  • Their tamarind powder is made from the finest organic tamarind powder to keep its natural flavor.
  • RDM International is your reliable authentic indian tamarind purveyor, sharing true Indian tastes worldwide.
  • The company is devoted to quality and sustainability, proving they are a trusted reputable tamarind spice company.
  • RDM International’s tamarind powder works great in many food and industry uses, making it a top premium tamarind concentrate.

What makes RDM International stand out as a tamarind powder wholesaler? It’s their dedication to top quality and genuine Indian food flavor.

Introducing RDM International

RDM International is a big name in the spice and food industry. It started in 1965 in Jodhpur, India. Today, it’s known for making and selling top-notch quality tamarind powder. It’s all about offering true Indian tastes.

Established in 1965

With more than 50 years behind it, RDM International stands strong. It’s a top tamarind powder wholesaler you can trust. The company’s long history and focus on top-quality have made it a success around the world.

Leading Tamarind Powder Manufacturer

RDM International shines in making excellent organic tamarind powder. Its dedication to quality shines through. Every batch is crafted carefully to meet the highest standards.

Headquartered in Jodhpur, India

In Jodhpur, home to the best natural tamarind pulp in the world, RDM International thrives. The company picks the finest ingredients for its tamarind powder. This special location helps RDM International offer truly exceptional products.

What is Tamarind Powder?

Tamarind powder comes from the fruit of the Tamarindus indica L. tree. This tree grows in Africa and Asia. Tamarind powder has a tangy taste. It’s loved in Indian and Southeast Asian foods. RDM International turns the fruit into powder for cooking or making products.

Derived from Tamarindus indica L.

RDM International‘s tamarind powder comes straight from the Tamarindus indica L. tree. This makes sure the powder is real and top quality. The Tamarindus indica L. tree is native to Africa and Asia. It gives the powder its amazing taste.

Exotic and Tangy Flavor

Tamarind powder has a tangy, slightly sweet taste. It’s a special and popular ingredient. Many Indian and Southeast Asian dishes use it. Tamarind makes meals more interesting. It adds layers of flavor.

Convenient Powdered Form

RDM International turns tamarind into fine, powdered form. This lets you easily use tamarind in cooking. It’s great for chefs, home cooks, or big food makers. Tamarind powder is a simple way to get its unique flavor in your food.

Quality Tamarind Powder Supplier

RDM International is known for sourcing the best tamarind from the Jodhpur region in India. They select top-notch tamarind fruits to make their powder. This area is famous for growing high-quality tamarind.

Sourced from Finest Tamarind

The company carefully picks tamarind growers to work with. They ensure only the most flavorful tamarind is chosen. This makes their tamarind powder taste really traditional.

Careful Processing to Preserve Flavor

After sourcing, RDM International uses a special process to keep the tamarind’s natural taste. They mix new tech with old ways to save the tamarind’s unique flavors. This makes their tamarind powder stand out.

Authentic Indian Tamarind Taste

RDM International’s way of working brings out the true Indian tamarind taste. Their powder is perfect for chefs, makers, and those who love real flavors. You can count on their powder for an outstanding taste.

Applications of Tamarind Powder

Tamarind powder has a unique tangy taste that chefs love. It is a key part of Indian and Southeast Asian cooking. You can find it in curries, chutneys, and marinades. It’s also a secret ingredient in sauces and dressings.

Culinary Uses

Tamarind powder is a must in dishes from India and Southeast Asia. It gives food a tangy, sweet flavor. It makes curries, chutneys, and marinades taste better.

Chefs and home cooks use it often. They know it makes their food authentic and delicious.

Food Industry Ingredient

In the food industry, tamarind powder works wonders. It goes into sauces, dressings, and more. It adds a unique tang to many foods.

RDM International has great tamarind powder for the industry. They make sure it’s top quality.

Health and Wellness Products

Tamarind is great for your health. It’s in many supplements and wellness items. Its catechin content may help with health issues.

Organic tamarind powder manufacturers and natural tamarind pulp exporters meet the demand for healthy products.

Tamarind powder applications

Why Choose RDM International?

RDM International leads in offering top-notch tamarind powder. They bring 50 years of experience to the table. This means you get the best tamarind products every time.

Commitment to Quality

RDM International always puts quality first. They carefully pick and process the tamarind. This keeps its true taste and smell, making tamarind so popular in dishes from India and Southeast Asia.

Reliable and Trusted Brand

RDM International is known as a reliable and trusted brand. They are trusted by people worldwide for their high-quality tamarind powder. Their dedication to new ideas and keeping customers happy makes them the top choice for wholesale and organic tamarind powder needs.

Tamarind Powder’s Phytochemical Composition

Tamarind powder comes from the Tamarindus indica L. plant. It’s full of polyphenolic compounds, which give it its flavor and health benefits. The key ingredient in tamarind powder is catechin. This is a strong antioxidant that helps our health in many ways.

Rich in Polyphenolic Compounds

Our trusted supplier, tamarind powder wholesaler, and organic tamarind powder manufacturer, RDM International carefully studied their tamarind powder. They found it’s packed with polyphenolic compounds. These are natural chemicals that do good things for our bodies.

Catechin as Major Constituent

Within RDM International’s tamarind powder, catechin stands out. It’s the most important polyphenolic compound. This antioxidant is great for wellness, which makes RDM International’s powder a smart choice. It’s perfect for bulk tamarind seasoning distributor and authentic indian tamarind purveyor collections.

Bioactivities of Tamarind Powder

The bioactive compounds in tamarind powder are mainly polyphenolic. They show many health benefits. Tamarind powder has strong antioxidative effects. These can fight against oxidative stress and its health problems.

Also, studies reveal that tamarind powder can brighten skin by reducing dark spots. This is because it has anti-melanogenesis properties. Moreover, it might help in managing weight by stopping the formation of new fat cells, known as anti-adipogenesis potential.

Lastly, tamarind powder has shown to work against microbes. This means it could be used as a natural preservative in many products.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Sourcing

RDM International is a top quality tamarind powder supplier that cares about the planet. The company makes tamarind powder using eco-friendly methods. They use parts of plants that would usually be thrown away. This helps the Earth and reduces waste.

Utilizing Agro-Industrial By-Products

RDM International leads in using resources wisely. They follow the circular economy model. This idea is all about using things again and again without harming the Earth.

By using these plant parts, RDM makes its tamarind powder. This helps the environment and makes farming more valuable. It’s a win for nature and the economy.

Contributing to Circular Economy

As an eco-focused tamarind powder wholesaler and organic tamarind powder manufacturer, RDM supports the planet. They turn what’s usually waste into something useful. This makes them a key player in creating a greener, better world. Their actions help both nature and people.

sustainable tamarind powder

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At RDM International, top quality in our tamarind powder items is a must. We have strict checks on how we make our organic tamarind powder. Each batch must meet high standards. We are proud of the ISO and HACCP certifications we hold. They show our commitment to quality and safety.

Our ISO and HACCP certifications prove we follow the best global quality and safety rules. This gives our customers trust in our premium tamarind concentrate. Being a trusted tamarind powder wholesaler and authentic Indian tamarind purveyor, we strive to provide top-notch natural tamarind pulp and bulk tamarind seasoning.

Certification Description
ISO Demonstrates adherence to international quality management standards, ensuring consistent product quality and customer satisfaction.
HACCP Certifies that RDM International’s food safety management system is in compliance with global food safety standards, mitigating risks and safeguarding consumer health.
Organic Verifies that our organic tamarind powder is produced using sustainable, eco-friendly practices, without the use of synthetic chemicals or additives.
Kosher Ensures that our tamarind powder meets the strict religious dietary requirements, making it suitable for use in a wide range of food products.

Bulk Orders and Customization

RDM International knows customers have varied needs for quality tamarind powder. That’s why we provide different packaging and bulk order options. This helps any business, big or small, get what they need easily.

Flexible Packaging Options

RDM International offers all kinds of packages, from single pouches to large containers. With our services as a tamarind powder wholesaler, you get the perfect product type for your business.

Bulk Discounts Available

Buying in bulk at RDM International gets you great deals. This is perfect for food distributors, manufacturers, and others. They save money while getting top-quality organic tamarind powder.

Private Labeling Services

RDM International also has private labeling options. As a premium tamarind concentrate vendor or bulk tamarind seasoning distributor, you can put your brand on our products. It’s tailored to fit your brand perfectly.


In conclusion, since 1965, RDM International has been a leading quality tamarind powder supplier. They provide a true taste of India’s delicious flavors. This company works hard to find top-quality ingredients and uses careful methods to process them. This dedication has made them a well-known and trusted brand in the industry. Tamarind powder has many health benefits because of its special chemical makeup, especially a high amount of catechin.

They stand out from the rest by focusing on being eco-friendly, offering easy ways to order, and the option to put your own label on their products. RDM International is a favorite among food distributors, manufacturers, and those who care about their health. No matter your business, whether you need tamarind powder in bulk or already in a concentrate, they’ve got you covered. Their reliable services and high-quality products have made them a top choice for anyone looking for tamarind powder.


What makes RDM International’s Tamarind Powder unique?

RDM International’s Tamarind Powder is made from premium tamarind from India’s Jodhpur region. This area is famous for its high-quality tamarind. The company uses special methods to keep the tamarind’s natural taste and smell. This ensures it tastes just like traditional Indian food.

What are the key benefits of using RDM International’s Tamarind Powder?

RDM International’s Tamarind Powder is loaded with polyphenolic compounds, especially the strong antioxidant catechin. It is beneficial in many ways, such as fighting against oxidation, helping to reduce melanin, stopping the formation of fat cells, and killing off harmful microbes.

How does RDM International ensure the quality of its Tamarind Powder?

RDM International makes sure its Tamarind Powder is top-notch by following strict quality checks. They have earned certifications like ISO and HACCP. These show they meet global quality and food safety standards. This means their Tamarind Powder is always trustworthy, safe, and high-quality.

What packaging and ordering options are available for RDM International’s Tamarind Powder?

RDM International lets customers choose from various packing sizes, from small to big. They also give discounts for bulk orders. And, they offer to put customers’ own brand on the Tamarind Powder packages.

How does RDM International’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness set it apart?

RDM International focuses on being green by using tamarind seeds and other by-products. Normally, these would be waste. But by using them, the company helps the environment and supports a circular economy. This shows their dedication to both the planet and their business.

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