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Conventional & Organic IQF Frozen Fruit & IQF Frozen Vegetables

Wholesale Food Ingredients Distributor

At RDM International, we specialize in conventional and organic IQF frozen fruit and IQF frozen vegetables. For over 30 years, we have been a distributor of canned fruit and canned vegetables. We carry bulk dried fruit, fruit purees, fruit and vegetable concentrates, flakes and fruit powders.

We are a major supplier of IQF french fries and IQF sweet potato fries, call now for bulk pricing!

We have canned sweet potato,  sweet potato powders and a full line of coconut flour, pumpkin flour and potato flour.  We also carry vegan aquafaba (made from chickpeas).

We warehouse high quality IQF fruit and IQF frozen vegetables from the domestic market, including Hawaii. We also import from Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, England, Bosnia Block, Belize, Spain, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Costa Rica and other countries around the world.

We process, warehouse and distribute IQF fruit and IQF frozen vegetables to customers in all 50 States, Canada, Mexico and the rest of the world.

This includes major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Miami and Newark. We also export IQF fruit & vegetables to many countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Argentina, and South Africa.

Since we are processors, we can customize the cut of the IQF fruit & IQF frozen vegetables, the mesh of powder, the brix of concentrate and purees to our customers’ needs.

Our primary goal is first rate, fair and efficient service. RDM has warehouse locations throughout the United States and Canada, which, combined with our low overhead, allow us to give our customers quality IQF fruit & vegetables at fair prices, delivered quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions, needs or concerns, please contact us at 818-985-7654 or visit our website at rdmintl.com – email: sales@rdmintl.com

We are here to serve you. RDM International brings IQF fruit & IQF frozen vegetables to the world.

– Bob Moore, President of RDM International