Are you looking for the best frozen fruit to enhance your product range? RDM International is your ideal partner. As a leading provider of premium IQF mixed fruit, we ensure unmatched quality and freshness. Our commitment to culinary excellence sets us apart in the global market.

RDM International is synonymous with excellence in the frozen fruit sector. We offer a wide array of options including fruit blends, fruit medleys, and quick-frozen individual fruits. Our aim is to be your primary source for quality frozen fruit, whether it’s for a bulk order or unique blends.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a premier supplier of premium IQF mixed fruit products
  • The company offers a diverse selection of frozen fruit blends and individually quick frozen fruits
  • RDM International is committed to delivering uncompromising quality, freshness, and culinary excellence
  • As a top frozen fruit supplier, RDM International serves food distributors worldwide
  • The company’s products are perfect for a wide range of food applications

Introducing RDM International: Premium IQF Mixed Fruit Supplier

RDM International leads the frozen fruit world with quality and freshness. They are a premium iqf mixed fruit supplier. Bringing the best fruits globally, they create top-notch individually quick frozen fruit blends. These meet the demand of food distributors perfectly.

Uncompromising Quality and Freshness

Quality and freshness are central to RDM International’s work. Their frozen fruit blend supplier process keeps natural flavors, textures, and nutrients intact. This way, every product elevates any dish it’s added to.

Diverse Selection of Frozen Fruit Blends

RDM International offers a broad tropical fruit medley, berry fruit blend, and custom fruit mix range. They serve many tastes and needs. With their products, there’s no end to the delicious dishes you can create.

Globally Sourced and Expertly Crafted

They use a wide global network to acquire the best fruits worldwide. This guarantees the highest quality in their products. Their experts then turn these exceptional fruits into amazing IQF mixed fruit blends for food distributors.

What is IQF Fruit?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) fruit is a new way to keep fruit fresh. It’s different from traditional methods. This method freezes each piece of fruit alone. It keeps the taste, texture, and nutrients better than normal. Plus, the fruit doesn’t clump, so you can use just what you need.

The benefits of IQF fruit are big. It’s great for both food sellers and people who love to cook. Because the fruit is frozen one by one, it lasts longer. So, you get a fresh-tasting fruit every time.

IQF fruit is great for many recipes. From smoothies to desserts, its uses are endless. So, whether you cook at home or run a business, this freezing method is a smart choice.

Today, more people want top-quality, healthy frozen fruit. This has made IQF fruit very popular. Companies, like RDM International, offer a big range of IQF mixed fruit. They help sellers bring the best frozen fruit to their customers. It’s all thanks to this special way of freezing.

Benefits of IQF Mixed Fruit for Food Distributors

RDM International is a top provider of premium IQF mixed fruit. They give food distributors many benefits. These help improve their products and make customers happy. They offer year-round availability of frozen fruit with a consistent quality and taste. This makes their IQF mixed fruit perfect for various uses.

Year-Round Availability

RDM’s IQF mixed fruit stands out because it’s always available. Unlike fresh fruits that are only in season at certain times, RDM’s frozen fruit is ready when you are. This ensures you have a constant supply to please your customers.

Consistent Quality and Taste

RDM International uses an IQF freezing method that keeps their fruit’s consistent quality and taste. With this process, you know you’re getting the same top-notch flavor and texture every time. This gives your customers a premium meal with each serving.

Extended Shelf Life

On top of being available year-round, RDM’s IQF mixed fruit has a long shelf life. This means you can keep a fresh and tasty stock without fear of losing it. It boosts your profits and keeps customers satisfied without spoilage or waste.

Quality IQF Mixed Fruit Supplier: Unmatched Variety

With its wide array of frozen fruit products, RDM International stands out as a top quality IQF mixed fruit supplier. It provides everything from tantalizing tropical fruit medleys to energetic berry blends. These offerings meet the diverse needs of food distributors and their customers.

Tropical Fruit Medleys

RDM International invites you to explore the tropical fruit medleys. These blends include favorites like pineapple, mango, and papaya. They’re carefully frozen to lock in their natural sweetness and rich colors.

Berry Blends

Take your dishes to the next level with RDM International’s berry blends. Options include a mix of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Or try strawberries and dark cherries for a delicious twist. These fruits add flavor to a range of recipes, from smoothies to sweet treats.

Customizable Mixes

Looking for something unique? RDM International lets you create custom IQF fruit mixes. You can design blends that highlight local flavors or meet specific dietary needs. Their team will assist in crafting the ideal frozen fruit blend for your business.

quality iqf mixed fruit supplier

Certifications and Standards

RDM International is a top IQF mixed fruit supplier. It ensures the best in food safety and quality. The company has key certifications for food safety and quality control. This means its IQF fruit follows the highest standards and rules.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

RDM International is serious about food safety. It follows strict quality control rules and has important certifications like GFSI. This keeps the IQF mixed fruit from RDM International safe and high quality for your customers.

Organic and Non-GMO Options

RDM International knows many people want organic and non-GMO foods. It offers organic and non-GMO IQF fruit. These products are for health-conscious people. You can offer these to meet the new market’s needs.

Certification Description
GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative standards, ensuring the highest levels of food safety and quality control
USDA Organic Certification for RDM International’s organic IQF fruit products, meeting strict criteria for sustainable and chemical-free farming practices
Non-GMO Project Verified Rigorous third-party verification for RDM International’s non-GMO IQF fruit offerings, providing transparency and assurance to health-conscious consumers

Bulk and Wholesale Supply

Being a top bulk iqf mixed fruit supplier, RDM International makes it easy for food sellers to get wholesale iqf fruit. We fit big totes or small bags for shops, making sure they match what you need. This helps fit smoothly into how you get products, no matter the size of your order.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

At RDM International, we know food sellers have different package needs. We give lots of flexible packaging iqf fruit options. From big to little portions, we create packages just for you. This makes your work easier and cuts down on extra packaging.

Getting your bulk iqf mixed fruit and wholesale iqf fruit from us also means fast and on-time delivery. We work hard to keep your supply chain running smoothly. So, you can focus on selling top-notch frozen fruit and trust your orders arrive on time.

Packaging Options Quantity Range Delivery Lead Time
Bulk Totes 500 lbs – 2,000 lbs 2-3 business days
Retail-Ready Bags 5 lbs – 25 lbs 3-5 business days
Custom Packaging Tailored to your needs Dependent on requirements

Picking RDM International means choosing quality, customizable packages, and dependable delivery. We’re here to help you reach your business dreams with top-grade products and services.

bulk iqf mixed fruit supplier

Applications and Culinary Versatility

RDM International’s IQF mixed fruit products bring a lot of options to the table. They are a key ingredient for food distributors. These fruits are individually quick frozen. This makes them perfect for many cooking styles, adding great taste and texture to dishes.

Baking and Pastries

Add a great taste with RDM’s top-quality IQF fruit in baking and pastries. You can use them to make fruit pies, tarts, and cakes taste even better. They always have a nice sweetness. Try them in different recipes to make your pastries look and taste amazing.

Smoothies and Juices

Make your drinks better with RDM’s IQF fruit in smoothies and juices. The frozen fruits mix well, adding lots of flavor and healthy stuff to your drinks. They keep their color and nutrients, giving a premium taste to every drink your customers enjoy.

Desserts and Toppings

Use RDM’s IQF mixed fruit to make your desserts awesome. You can make fruit compotes, sauces, parfaits, and sundaes tasty. The IQF fruit in desserts and toppings from RDM lifts your desserts to memorable levels.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

At RDM International, we deeply care about using ethical sourcing for our top-notch sustainable iqf mixed fruit supplier. We partner with suppliers globally to ensure they meet high standards of being green and socially responsible. Being a key ethical sourcing iqf fruit source means we follow strict rules for our whole supply chain.

We focus on farming that’s easy on the planet and treat our workers fairly. This dedicated effort helps us provide you with sustainably sourced, socially aware fruit. It all fits well with what more and more people want: food that’s good for our planet and its people.

Choosing RDM International for your sustainable iqf mixed fruit supplier and ethical sourcing iqf fruit needs means a lot. You get quality frozen fruit products while helping out in the right ways. This way, we all can make a real difference together.

Why Choose RDM International?

Many food distributors pick RDM International as their top choice for IQF fruits. They are known for delivering top-notch products and great service. Their experience and reliability set them apart from others in the industry.

Experienced and Reliable Supplier

RDM International knows frozen fruits well, with lots of experience. They’ve honed their methods to guarantee quality and on-time deliveries. Their reputation as a top IQF fruit supplier shows in the quality of every fruit batch.

Dedicated Customer Support

Customers are central at RDM International, showing in their customer support. Their team listens to what each client needs, offering personalized help. They make sure every customer’s unique requirements are met for success.

Competitive Pricing

RDM International balances top-notch IQF fruits with great prices. They use a wide network and smart operations to offer competitive rates. This means customers get amazing fruits without overpaying.

Choosing RDM International means picking a partner who cares about your success. They bring lots of experience, dependable service, and a focus on customers. For the best IQF fruits, they are the standout choice for food distributors.

Quality IQF Mixed Fruit Supplier: Your Partner in Flavor

RDM International is your go-to quality iqf mixed fruit supplier. They help food distributors offer tastier products. Their commitment to top-notch quality and vast frozen fruit variety ensures great flavor every time. With a big focus on being sustainable, RDM is ready to help you get the best rdm international partner in flavor experience.

RDM International is top-notch in providing IQF fruit. Their products keep the natural tastes and nutrients of the finest fruits. Whether you need berry mixes or tropical blends, they have it all. This lets you create meals that wow your customers.

RDM’s achievements come from striving for the best in being green and fair. They team up with suppliers globally to make sure their fruit meets high eco and social standards. This drive for sustainability meets the rising interest in responsible and green food choices.

Choosing RDM as your quality iqf mixed fruit supplier opens you to top service and support. They aim to know your exact needs and offer just-right solutions. This helps your business shine in the tough food market.

Get better at pleasing your customers with RDM’s amazing rdm international partner in flavor IQF fruit. They are ready to join you on your journey to making excellent, tasty dishes. With RDM International by your side, your business can go further in the world of food.


RDM International has become the top choice for high-quality IQF mixed fruit. They offer a wide range of frozen fruits. Their products are known for being safe, sustainable, and delicious. This makes them the perfect partner for companies looking to grow and meet the demand for great frozen fruits.

They are committed to offering the best IQF mixed fruit. This has made them the number one pick for distributors wanting the freshest and most flavorful products. RDM finds the best fruits worldwide to create a variety of blends. Their ability to meet customer needs has set them apart in the industry.

In summary, RDM International is praised for its quality, innovation, and focus on customer needs. They stand out as a great choice for food distributors wanting to improve their frozen fruit selection. With RDM, distributors can expect top-notch products that are sustainably sourced. This promise ensures a future filled with exciting flavors for their customers.


What makes RDM International a leading quality IQF mixed fruit supplier?

RDM International is a top choice in the frozen fruit market. They are known for their top-quality and fresh fruits. They bring the best fruits from all over the world. This ensures a great variety like tropical blends, berry mixes, and more. They can also customize their products for food distributors.

What is the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) process, and how does it benefit the quality of mixed fruit products?

The IQF process is where each fruit is quickly frozen by itself. This keeps the fruits fresh and full of flavor. It stops them from clumping together, making it easy to use and keeping each fruit’s unique taste and texture.

What are the key benefits of IQF mixed fruit for food distributors?

IQF mixed fruit is a great option for food distributors. It means they have fruit available all year that tastes the same every time. The freezing process keeps the fruit fresh and nutritious. This makes it perfect for many dishes.

What is the variety of frozen fruit products offered by RDM International?

RDM International has a huge selection of frozen fruits. They offer tasty tropical mixes and colorful berry blends. They also have custom options for food distributors’ specific needs.

What certifications and standards does RDM International hold for its IQF mixed fruit products?

RDM International values food safety and quality. They have key certifications in safety and quality control. This means their products meet very high standards. They also offer organic and non-GMO options for those who want sustainable food.

How can food distributors access RDM International’s IQF mixed fruit products?

RDM International is a top supplier of bulk IQF mixed fruit. They have many packaging options, from large totes to small retail bags. They have fast and reliable delivery. This makes ordering from them easy for food distributors.

What are the various applications and culinary uses of RDM International’s IQF mixed fruit products?

RDM International’s frozen fruits are very useful for food distributors. They can be used in baking, smoothies, and desserts. Their high quality ensures any dish they’re used in will be top-notch.

How does RDM International ensure sustainability and ethical sourcing practices for its IQF mixed fruit products?

RDM International focuses on being green and ethical in sourcing their fruits. They work with a global network of suppliers who are also committed to these ideals. They care about how their products are made, from the farms to the labor involved. This commitment is important to meet the demands of eco and socially conscious buyers.

Why should food distributors choose RDM International as their IQF mixed fruit supplier?

RDM International is a great choice for food distributors for many reasons. They are experienced and offer top-notch products and service. They work closely with their clients and offer fair prices. Choosing them means having a supplier dedicated to helping your business succeed.

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