Have you ever thought about what makes great orange powder? RDM International shares the secrets behind their fantastic orange powder. It’s favored in the food and drink world. But before that, have you explored the many uses of this favorite fruit?

RDM International offers you the tasty essence of oranges in a convenient powder. Our premium orange powder comes from the best oranges. It captures their full flavor and freshness. Whether you make drinks or food, our top-notch orange powder is perfect for you.

This product is made from different orange types using a special drying process. The orange powder is made only from oranges. You can add citric acid, enzymes, and tri-calcium phosphate later. It’s suggested to label this product as orange extract or orange fiber.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers a premium, high-quality orange powder crafted from the finest oranges
  • The powder is manufactured using a concentration and spray drying process, with only orange fruit powder as the sole ingredient
  • Citric acid, enzymes, and tri-calcium phosphate may be added by the client
  • The product can be labeled as orange extract or orange fiber
  • RDM International’s orange powder provides a vibrant, zesty citrus taste for a wide range of food and beverage applications

What is Orange Powder?

Orange powder is made from oranges but it’s dried and powdered, making it easy to use. It’s made by RDM International. They pick the best oranges and turn them into a powder. This powder keeps all the great orange taste.

Manufacturing Process

Making orange powder starts by getting oranges from places like Italy, Spain, and the USA. This mix of regions means the powder tastes really good. The oranges are changed into powder using a special method.

This method makes the powder fine and pure. So, each spoonful is full of orange flavor.

Ingredients and Labeling

The main thing in orange powder is the orange fruit powder itself. But sometimes, after it’s made, they add things like citric acid to make it just right. They also might put in some enzymes and tri-calcium phosphate.

If you see orange extract or orange fiber on the package, you’ll know it’s this kind of product.

Properties of Premium Orange Powder

The properties of orange powder bring a refreshing and fruity flavor. It is like biting into a fresh orange. The orange powder taste is bittersweet, just like the real fruit. It captures the lively zest of oranges very well.

Taste and Aroma

The orange powder aroma smells of ripe, juicy oranges. It also has a touch of the peel’s oils. This scent leads to a flavor that’s sweet yet tangy, offering a delightful balance.

Nutritional Values

When it comes to nutrition, orange powder is full of goodness. In every 100 grams, expect 345 kcal and very little fat. It’s high in carbs but has good fiber and protein, making it great for health-focused dishes.

Nutrient Amount per 100g
Calories 345 kcal
Fat 0.7g
Carbohydrates 70.7g
Sugars 4g
Fiber 28.5g
Protein 4.58g
Salt 0.18g

Applications of Orange Powder

Our premium orange powder can do a lot. It works well in beverages and drinks, the food industry, and it makes bakery and dairy products taste amazing. This zesty ingredient can boost the taste of many foods.

Beverages and Drinks

The orange powder has a bright, citrusy flavor. It’s great for making fruit beverages, soft drinks, and more. You can use it to make a tasty orange juice or a fun orange soda. It even makes orange-flavored milkshakes taste really good.

Food Industry

Businesses in the food industry love using orange powder. It makes ready meals, jams, and syrups taste better. It also adds the good stuff from oranges to their foods.

Bakery and Dairy Products

Orange powder is also awesome for baking and dairy treats. It makes cakes, muffins, and cookies smell and taste great. Plus, in the dairy business, it’s used to make creamy orange ice creams and yogurts that everyone loves.

uses of orange powder

Application Examples
Beverages and Drinks Orange juice, orange soda, orange-flavored milkshakes
Food Industry Ready meals, jams, syrups
Bakery and Dairy Products Cakes, muffins, cookies, ice creams, yogurts

Premium Orange Powder Supplier

At the leading edge of top-notch citrus ingredients is RDM International. They are your go-to premium orange powder supplier. Known for their quality promise, they offer the lively, zesty flavor of oranges in a handy powder.

RDM International

RDM International’s Orange Powder comes from the best oranges. They are processed expertly to keep their natural taste and freshness. RDM looks worldwide for the tastiest orange types. This includes areas like Italy, Spain, the USA, Israel, Argentina, and China.

Quality Assurance

RDM International strongly focuses on quality assurance. This ensures every Orange Powder batch is pure and safe. They start by picking the finest materials and keep strict quality checks. RDM is all about offering a top-notch RDM International quality item. They want to surpass what their customers expect.

Sourcing and Varieties

Our folks at RDM International are all about the best. We love picking out the best oranges globally. This helps us make the best orange powder out there.

Global Sourcing

We use oranges from different places like Italy, Spain, and more. This smart way of getting our oranges lets us pick the most colorful and tastiest ones. It makes sure our orange powder is always top-notch.

Orange Varieties

We choose from many types of oranges. By doing this, we create a orange powder that goes well with lots of foods and drinks. Our network helps us find oranges like the sweet Valencia and the tangy Navel. We aim to give you a citrus experience like no other.

Packaging and Storage

RDM International is serious about keeping their orange powder safe and fresh. They use a Triplex Food Grade bag for each 10kg pack. This special bag doesn’t just protect the powder. It also keeps it tasting great for longer.

Keeping the orange powder stored right helps keep its high quality. Store it at room temperature in a dry spot away from sunlight. Remember, don’t let it get warmer than 26 degrees Celsius. That’s important to the powder’s condition.

Packaging Storage Conditions
Triplex Food Grade bags, 10kg net weight Ambient temperature, dry place, away from direct sunlight; never exceed 26°C

Follow these tips on orange powder packaging and storage. You’ll ensure RDM International’s top product gets to you fresh. It’ll help make your food stand out.

orange powder packaging

New Product Line

At RDM International, we always aim to grow our selection. We want to offer you top-notch, cutting-edge products. Now, we’re introducing more than just our famous Orange Powder. You’re in for a treat with several new product lines coming your way.

Fruit Powders

We’ve added to our lineup with lemon powder and more fruit powders. These powders bring the tastes and health perks of top fruits. Mix them into foods and drinks for an easy flavor boost.

Purees and Concentrates

Our brand-new vegetable and fruit purees and concentrates are here, too. They’re perfect for making your dishes stand out. Create amazing recipes with our products, whether it’s orange powder purees or orange powder concentrates.

Count on RDM International for quality and new ideas. We’ve got the best new orange powder products and more to offer. Let’s explore how we can help you enhance your products. Get ready for an upgrade in taste and nutrition.

Orange Peel Powder

The orange peel is full of good stuff that’s often forgotten. It’s more nutritious than the inside of the fruit. It’s packed with Vitamin C and flavonoids that help our body.

Nutritional Benefits

Orange peel powder adds natural vitamins and antioxidants to products. It’s a great source of Vitamin C. Plus, it has fiber, essential oils, and flavonoids. This improves the health value of many foods and drinks.

Product Forms

Choosing the right orange peel powder is easy. You can get anything from orange peel strips to fine orange peel powder. Pick what fits your needs best. Look at all the orange peel powder options to find the perfect one for your product.

Premium Orange Powder Supplier

At RDM International, we know that everyone wants something special. That’s why we have many types of customizable orange powder. We make sure you get the best citrus for your stuff. You might need organic, different cuts, special handling, or unique packages. Our team is here to customize our orange powder just for you.

Customization Options

Our orange powder customization means you can get what your recipe needs. We offer things like organic and special ways to process our customizable orange powder. We’re ready to help boost your cooking with the right citrus.


RDM International is serious about the quality of our orange powder. Everything we offer is Kosher, Halal, and non-GMO certified. This means they are very pure and meet strict standards.


RDM International’s premium Orange Powder brings the lively, zesty taste of oranges in a powder. Crafted from the finest orange varieties sourced globally, this powder is top-notch. It’s perfect for many foods and drinks. RDM International focuses on making it to your liking and ensuring top quality. This means you get the best citrus for your dishes.

Are you looking to spice up your drinks, desserts, or meals with orange flavor? Then, RDM International’s Orange Powder is what you need. It’s packed with nutrients and can be used in many ways. This amazing powder is essential for makers of food and drinks. It helps them bring the taste of fresh oranges to their products.

To wrap it up, RDM International’s Orange Powder is a top citrus product. It’s known for its great flavor, quality, and many ways to use it. As a key supplier of premium orange powder, RDM International is dedicated. They make sure your food and drinks taste wonderfully orange.


What is Orange Powder?

Orange Powder is a zesty powdered form made from oranges. It captures the freshness of oranges.

What is the manufacturing process for Orange Powder?

Orange Powder is made by drying and concentrating oranges. No other ingredients are used.

What are the ingredients and labeling for Orange Powder?

The main ingredient is orange fruit powder. Citric acid, enzymes, and tri-calcium phosphate may be added later. It’s labeled as orange extract or orange fiber.

What are the taste, aroma, and flavor characteristics of Orange Powder?

The powder tastes fresh and fruity with a hint of orange peel. It’s crisp and slightly bitter.

What are the nutritional values of Orange Powder?

Orange Powder contains 345 kcal, 0.7g fat, and 28.5g fiber per 100g. It also has 70.7g carbs, 4g sugars, 4.58g protein, and 0.18g salt.

What are the applications of Orange Powder?

It’s used in many foods like beverages, bakery goods, and ice cream. It’s also in dairy products, jams, and syrups.

Who is the premium Orange Powder supplier?

RDM International offers top-quality Orange Powder. They make it easy to enjoy orange flavor any time.

What is RDM International’s focus on quality assurance?

They ensure the Orange Powder is pure and safe. Every batch meets strict quality standards.

Where does RDM International source its Orange Powder?

Oranges for the powder are sourced from all over the world. Countries include Italy, Spain, and the USA.

How is Orange Powder packaged and stored?

It comes in a 10kg Triplex Food Grade bag. Store it in a dry, cool, dark place. Keep it under 26 degrees Celsius.

What new product lines has RDM International released?

They now offer lemon powder, various fruit powders, and new fruit and vegetable purees.

What are the benefits of Orange Peel Powder?

It’s high in Vitamin C and good for you. Orange peel has more nutrition than the fruit inside. Use it to make your dishes healthier.

What customization options does RDM International offer for Orange Powder?

RDM can make Orange Powder as you like. They offer options like organic, special cuts, and custom packages.

What certifications does RDM International’s Orange Powder have?

RDM’s products are Kosher, Halal, and non-GMO. This ensures they meet high quality and safety standards.