Looking for the perfect IQF Hashbrown Patties supplier? RDM International is your go-to. They provide premium quality frozen potatoes. These are great for foodservice suppliers, commercial kitchens, and food processors.

RDM International brings you IQF Hashbrown Patties that taste homemade. They’re made from the finest potatoes. These patties are great for a quick breakfast or as a meal side. RDM is all about quality and food safety, backed by HACCP certification and strict quality checks.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a premier supplier of IQF Hashbrown Patties, offering high-quality frozen potato products for foodservice and commercial kitchen needs.
  • Their IQF Hashbrown Patties are made from premium potatoes, delivering a convenient and homemade taste for a variety of culinary applications.
  • RDM International is dedicated to food safety and quality, with HACCP certification and stringent quality control measures in place.
  • Discover the versatility and convenience of RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties for your quick breakfasts, sides, and a wide range of meals.
  • Explore the benefits of partnering with a trusted supplier like RDM International for your frozen potato product needs.

Introducing RDM International: Your Premier IQF Hashbrown Patties Supplier

RDM International leads in frozen veggies, including IQF Hashbrown Patties. They stand out as a top IQF hashbrown patties supplier. With a big facility and lots of experience, they’re a trusted choice for businesses.

About RDM International

RDM focuses on top-quality IQF Hashbrown Patties. They hold ISO 9001, BRC, HACCP, and SEDEX certifications for food safety and quality. Their quality control measures ensure safe, consistent frozen potato products for customers.

Our Commitment to Quality

RDM International is all about quality. They’ve earned a HACCP certification for it. Their advanced facilities and skilled team guarantee top food safety standards for their products.

What are IQF Hashbrown Patties?

IQF Hashbrown Patties are not your average frozen potato product. They are made using a special freezing method called Individually Quick Freezing. Each iqf hashbrown patty is frozen on its own, keeping its taste and nutrients locked in. This makes iqf hashbrown patties taste fresh, look even, and last longer than other frozen potato products.

This freezing technique quickly freezes the iqf hashbrown patties. It keeps the potatoes’ natural goodness inside. Therefore, your iqf hashbrown patties keep their unique texture and flavor.

Feature Benefit
Individually Quick Frozen Preserves the texture, flavor, and nutritional value of the potatoes
Consistent Shape and Size Ensures a uniform and professional presentation
Extended Shelf Life Reduces food waste and simplifies inventory management

With the benefits of iqf hashbrown patties, your menu could shine. You’d offer consistent, top-quality potato dishes to your customers.

The Benefits of IQF Hashbrown Patties

RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties offer top-notch taste every time. This is thanks to the special IQF freezing method. It keeps each patty just right, whether it’s for a foodservice operator or a commercial kitchen. Hence, every serving remains consistently delicious.

Extended Shelf Life

The IQF freezing method at RDM International also boosts shelf life. This is great for foodservice businesses. It means they can have a good stock of hashbrowns. Whether for a busy brunch or a quick meal, they always have what they need on hand.

Versatility in Cooking

RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties are a chef’s dream for breakfast or as a side. You can bake, fry, or include them in unique dishes. This makes them a must-have for foodservice operators. It lets them come up with new, tasty ideas that keep customers happy.

Sourcing Premium Potatoes for Hashbrown Patties

At RDM International, we know great IQF hashbrown patties start with top-notch raw materials. This is why we’ve built a strong network of premium potato suppliers worldwide. We ensure the best potatoes reach our frozen food products every time.

Thanks to our global sourcing capabilities, we can choose the tastiest and healthiest potato types. This ensures our IQF hashbrown patties always exceed expectations. By working closely with major potato producers, we secure a steady, superior supply for our food processing needs.

Our search spans from North America’s bountiful farms to Europe’s fertile lands. Our goal is always to locate the very best potato sources. This commitment to premium quality is key to RDM International’s renowned status in supplying IQF hashbrown patties to the foodservice sector.

premium potato suppliers

State-of-the-Art Freezing Technology

RDM International is at the forefront with their IQF Hashbrown Patties. They use the latest IQF freezing technology. This tech keeps the premium potato’s taste, feel, and nutrients intact.

This freezing method is a big step in frozen potato products. Each hashbrown patty is frozen separately. This keeps them fresh and high-quality, perfect for your foodservice or commercial kitchen.

RDM International relies on top-notch equipment and freezing techniques. They aim to provide quality frozen foods that wow their customers. They are dedicated to being the top choice for the finest frozen potato products thanks to their commitment to innovation and quality.

Premier IQF Hashbrown Patties Supplier: Our Varieties

RDM International is dedicated to top quality in everything they do, including their broad selection of IQF Hashbrown Patties. They serve many different types, from traditional to creative options. This makes them the top pick for premium hashbrown patties.

Classic Hashbrown Patties

RDM International has classic-style IQF Hashbrown Patties that everyone loves. They’re perfect for breakfast or as a side. The traditional shape and texture of these hashbrowns makes them ideal for any foodservice needs.

Shredded Hashbrown Patties

They have a shredded variety too. These IQF Hashbrown Patties offer a different look and feel. This lets chefs create exciting menu offerings for their customers.

Seasoned Hashbrown Patties

Also on offer are the seasoned IQF Hashbrown Patties. They’re filled with tasty spices. Chefs can easily add these to their menu options for delicious results.

IQF Hashbrown Patties

Bulk Orders and Wholesale Pricing

RDM International gets the special needs of foodservice businesses and commercial kitchens. They have bulk ordering and wholesale pricing for their IQF Hashbrown Patties. This lets you buy the amount you need at a good price. You can make sure you have enough top-quality frozen potato products without spending too much.

If you run a restaurant, have a commercial kitchen, or handle food distribution, RDM International’s system helps a lot. You get bulk orders and wholesale pricing. This way, you can keep your stock up, cut costs, and always give your customers tasty IQF Hashbrown Patties.

Product Packaging Wholesale Price Minimum Order Quantity
Classic IQF Hashbrown Patties 10 lb. box $2.50 per lb. 100 lbs.
Shredded IQF Hashbrown Patties 8 lb. bag $2.75 per lb. 80 lbs.
Seasoned IQF Hashbrown Patties 6 lb. bag $3.00 per lb. 60 lbs.

Getting bulk orders and wholesale pricing from RDM International has many advantages. It works for foodservice operators, commercial kitchens, and food distributors. You can improve how you get and offer top-grade frozen potato products. This makes your customers happy.

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Standards

At RDM International, quality assurance and food safety come first. They are a top supplier of IQF Hashbrown Patties and other top-notch frozen potato goods. RDM has a detailed strategy to guarantee the best standards of quality and safety in all they do.

HACCP Certified

RDM International shines with its HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification. This shows their strong dedication to food safety. With this badge, it’s clear they have a tough system to spot, check, and manage possible food safety dangers. They make sure their IQF Hashbrown Patties and other items follow the toughest rules out there.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

Besides the HACCP seal, RDM International uses strict quality checks from start to finish. They keep a close eye on their potato suppliers and watch over their products intensely until they’re set for shipping. This way, their IQF Hashbrown Patties always live up to what their foodservice and commercial kitchen clients expect.

Sourcing and Distribution Network

RDM International has made a big network with global potato suppliers. This lets them find the best raw potatoes for their IQF Hashbrown Patties. Their worldwide sourcing capabilities guarantee a steady flow of top-quality potatoes. These are then carefully processed and frozen to offer their foodservice customers superb frozen potato products.

Global Sourcing Capabilities

RDM International’s global sourcing capabilities help them partner with lots of potato suppliers worldwide. This means they always get the finest raw materials. That way, their IQF Hashbrown Patties and all their frozen potato products taste great and are full of good stuff.

Efficient Distribution Channels

RDM International has set up smart distribution channels. This ensures their IQF Hashbrown Patties reach foodservice operators and commercial kitchens all over the U.S. Their efficient delivery and broad reach help businesses get RDM’s top frozen potato products. This is true no matter where they are.

Applications and Recipe Ideas

RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties are great for many restaurant and foodservice uses. They work well in breakfast menus as a popular side dish. They can also make meals better with their taste and look.

For foodservice, RDM’s hashbrowns offer reliable quality and performance. They help meet customers’ taste desires.

Retail and Grocery Stores

RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties are also perfect for retail and grocery store shoppers. People can pick them up and cook them easily at home. This provides a healthy and tasty side dish or snack option for everyone.


RDM International is a leading supplier of IQF Hashbrown Patties, serving foodservice businesses and commercial kitchens. They are known for offering high-quality frozen potato products. Their commitment to food safety and quality is outstanding. RDM uses advanced freezing technology and has a wide range of products. They are the perfect partner for anyone wanting top-notch foodservice solutions.

RDM International focuses on excellence in every part of their business. This ensures their IQF Hashbrown Patties always meet top quality and taste standards. They use the latest equipment and work with top potato suppliers worldwide. This makes them a top choice for quality frozen potatoes for foodservice and kitchens.

Are you a restaurant, commercial kitchen, or retail store? Consider IQF Hashbrown Patties from RDM International. They will help you make great breakfasts, creative side dishes, or meet your customers’ need for tasty, easy foodservice solutions. Work with RDM International to take your menu to the next level.


What makes RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties stand out?

RDM International leads with their quality in IQF Hashbrown Patties. They ensure premium potatoes are used. This guarantees a great taste experience for those in the food industry.

What certifications does RDM International have?

RDM International has key certifications. These include HACCP, ISO 9001, BRC, and SEDEX. They highlight the company’s commitment to safe and high-quality products.

How does the IQF freezing process benefit RDM International’s Hashbrown Patties?

RDM’s IQF process keeps the patties tasting fresh and looking great. This method makes sure the potatoes keep their texture and flavor. It also means a longer shelf life than usual frozen products.

What are the key benefits of RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties?

The RDM Hashbrown Patties have lots of benefits. They promise the same great taste and quality every time. They also last longer, which helps in managing stock. Their versatility means they can fit into many dishes, making cooking easy.

How does RDM International source the potatoes for their IQF Hashbrown Patties?

RDM gets their potatoes from top suppliers globally. This ensures they always have the best quality. Whether it’s in taste, texture, or nutrition, their potatoes meet the highest standards.

What types of IQF Hashbrown Patties does RDM International offer?

RDM has a range of Hashbrown Patty types. This includes classic, shredded, and seasoned options. They offer choice to foodservice operators, meeting various menu and customer needs.

Does RDM International offer bulk ordering and wholesale pricing for their IQF Hashbrown Patties?

Indeed, they do. RDM International supports foodservice and commercial buyers by offering bulk and wholesale rates. This makes it easier to buy in large amounts at a good value.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and safety of their IQF Hashbrown Patties?

RDM focuses on quality control. From sourcing to delivery, they watch closely. Their HACCP and other certifications show their dedication to safe, high-quality products.

What are the different applications for RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties?

The Hashbrown Patties from RDM fit many dishes in the food industry. They’re not just for breakfast, but also for creative meals and side dishes. They’re even great for customers buying at a grocery store.