Are you looking for the best mix of easy and tasty? Our Premier IQF Sweet Potato Fries Supplier has you covered. We offer the finest frozen sweet potato fries, perfect for bringing your dishes to the next level. These fries are not just any fries; they are packed with natural sweetness and nutrients your customers will love.

At RDM International, we are proud to be your top IQF sweet potato fry distributor. With our individually quick frozen method, we bring you convenience in every bite. Our bulk sweet potato fries and wholesale sweet potato fry selections are made from top-quality sweet potatoes. This ensures your visitors always get a taste of flavor and well-being.

What makes our commercial sweet potato fry producer stand out? It’s our dedication to top-tier quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. As your go-to sweet potato fry distributor, we aim to provide outstanding gluten-free sweet potato fries and vegan sweet potato fries. These fries will not only satisfy but also bring your customers back for more.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the convenience of premier IQF sweet potato fries from RDM International
  • Enjoy the natural sweetness and nutrition of our frozen sweet potato fries
  • Experience the versatility of our individually quick frozen sweet potato fries
  • Rely on our expertise as a leading bulk sweet potato fries and wholesale sweet potato fry supplier
  • Delight your customers with our gluten-free sweet potato fries and vegan sweet potato fries

Introducing RDM International: The Premier IQF Sweet Potato Fries Supplier

RDM International leads the way in IQF sweet potato fries. They’re at the top of the game. Based in China, they have top-notch facilities and unmatched know-how. This makes them the ideal pick for those looking for top-quality individually quick frozen sweet potato fries.

About RDM International

RDM International is known as a top premium sweet potato supplier. They offer the best to customers worldwide. Their approach is all about top quality and safety. They follow the strictest industry standards, with ISO 9001, BRC, HACCP, and SEDEX badges to prove it.

Our Commitment to Quality

RDM International focuses on offering the best quality. They carefully choose their sweet potato suppliers. Plus, they use the latest IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) tech. Every pack of their fries meets high standards in taste, texture, and health. This dedication to quality has made them the top choice for businesses wanting reliable, superior products.

What are IQF Sweet Potato Fries?

IQF sweet potato fries are not your average frozen fries. They’re frozen individually to keep their taste, texture, and nutrition. This unique freezing method, called IQF, means each sweet potato fry is frozen on its own. So, they don’t stick together. This makes sure they keep their original taste, shape, and nutrients.

Top-quality IQF sweet potato fries start with selecting the best sweet potato suppliers. Then, experts use the latest freezing technology to freeze them separately. Companies like RDM International do this well. They work with the finest sweet potato farmers. This helps them offer frozen sweet potato fries full of flavor and goodness. They’re great for kitchens in restaurants and for cooking at home.

The individually quick frozen method keeps every sweet potato fry in top shape. This means your customers or guests will always get fries that are tasty and look good. If you own a restaurant, work in food service, or sell food, consider. IQF sweet potato fries from RDM International. They are a great way to enhance your menu with a treat that’s easy to prepare and loved by all.

The Benefits of IQF Sweet Potato Fries

RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries are top-notch. Their freezing method keeps them consistently great. This makes sure your customers will be happy every time.

Consistent Quality and Flavor

The way RDM International freezes their fries is special. It makes every fry the same. So, your customers will always enjoy a tasty bite.

Extended Shelf Life

RDM International’s frozen fries last longer than fresh ones. This is a big help for managing your stock. It cuts down on waste and meets customer needs all year.

Versatility in Cooking

These IQF sweet potato fries are super versatile. You can bake, fry, or add them to meals. They make great snacks, sides, or special menu items. The cooking options are endless.

Premier IQF Sweet Potato Fries Supplier

RDM International is a leader among IQF sweet potato fries distributors. They work with the best premium sweet potato suppliers worldwide. This ensures their frozen sweet potato fries are both delicious and nutritious. Whether you’re looking for wholesale sweet potato distributors or buying in bulk, they deliver high-quality products.

Sourcing Premium Sweet Potatoes

Quality is key for RDM International. They choose their premium sweet potato suppliers with care. Each sweet potato is picked based on taste, texture, and nutrition. This strict selection means that customers always get the finest IQF sweet potato fries.

State-of-the-Art Freezing Technology

RDM International uses cutting-edge state-of-the-art freezing technology for their sweet potatoes. With IQF sweet potato fry manufacturing, they freeze each potato quickly. This process keeps the natural flavor and nutrients locked in. It makes RDM International the go-to top IQF sweet potato fries distributor.

Our IQF Sweet Potato Fries Varieties

At RDM International, we have many IQF sweet potato fry options. These frozen sweet potato fries are perfect for any kitchen or business. With classic cut, wedges, and crinkle fries, the flavors and choices are extensive.

Classic Cut Sweet Potato Fries

Our classic cut fries look just like regular potato fries. They’re great as a side, in recipes, or as a snack. Our premium sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and nutritious. This makes eating them a real joy.

Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet potato wedges are a heartier choice. They’re thicker and larger, offering a chewier texture. They are perfect for all kinds of meals. Their sweet flavor makes them stand out in every bite.

Sweet Potato Crinkle Fries

Our crinkle cut sweet potato fries bring fun to the table. Their unique shape adds a touch of creativity to any dish. They look good and taste even better. You’ll love what they bring to your menu.

With RDM International, you get the best in frozen sweet potatoes. Our quality and innovation mean great options for your customers.

Bulk Orders and Wholesale Pricing

At RDM International, we understand that businesses need top-quality IQF sweet potato fries. They have to be budget-friendly too. That’s why we offer wholesale pricing and bulk ordering options. This is great for restaurants, foodservice providers, and retail stores. If you need a lot of sweet potato fries daily or for events, we can help out. Our bulk IQF sweet potato fries ensure your business runs smoothly and is cost-effective throughout the year.

We provide various packaging options such as paper boxes and poly bags. We have wholesale prices starting at $0.80 per lb for 2,000 lb bulk pallets. Our team strives to offer you outstanding IQF sweet potato fries at amazing wholesale prices. This way, it’s easy to stock up and keep your customers satisfied.

bulk iqf sweet potato fries

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Standards

RDM International puts quality and food safety first in our IQF sweet potato fries. Being a top IQF sweet potato fry manufacturer, we aim to follow the highest standards, like having HACCP certification. Our HACCP system shows our deep promise to make sure our sweet potato fries are safe from the start to the finish.

HACCP Certified

Our HACCP certification shows how seriously we take making our IQF sweet potato fries safe. This method helps us find, check, and manage any safety risks, reassuring you that our fries are safe to enjoy.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

Besides HACCP, we enforce stringent quality control measures while making and sending out our IQF sweet potato fries. We watch over our sweet potato suppliers closely and check each batch carefully. This guarantees that the sweet potato fries you get are always of top quality and meet your high standards.

Our strong focus on quality and safety shows that you can rely on RDM International as your number one IQF sweet potato fry manufacturer. We provide HACCP-certified sweet potato fries and use strict quality control measures to offer you outstanding products.

Sourcing and Distribution Network

RDM International is a leading distributor of IQF sweet potato fries. They’ve set up a strong network across the U.S. This ensures people everywhere can enjoy their favorite fries.

Through their global reach, RDM finds the top sweet potato suppliers worldwide. Many partners help them secure high-quality, individually quick frozen sweet potatoes. This lets them offer the best for their customer, the top sweet potato fry makers.

Global Sourcing Capabilities

RDM International works with a global network of sweet potato suppliers. This means they can get top-quality materials for their IQF fries. They partner with growers worldwide to ensure a steady stream of premium sweet potatoes. These meet their strict standards for taste, texture, and nutritional value.

Efficient Distribution Channels

RDM International has put a lot into their distribution channels. Now, their IQF sweet potato fries are in major cities like New York City and Washington D.C. This makes it easy for anyone needing large sweet potato fry orders or small stores wanting IQF sweet potatoes to find what they need.

global sweet potato sourcing

Applications and Recipe Ideas

RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries can enhance various culinary experiences. They are perfect for restaurants, foodservice, retail, and snack making.

Restaurants and Foodservice

RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries are a tasty option for restaurants and foodservices. They bring a natural sweetness to any dish. Chefs can use them in creative ways, making their menu items stand out.

Retail and Grocery Stores

For retail and grocery stores, IQF sweet potato fries by RDM International are a hit. They provide a healthy, quick option. People can easily pick them up, cook, and enjoy a nutritious side dish.

Snack Manufacturers

Snack makers love working with RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries. Their consistent quality and taste make for great snacks. This helps meet the demand for wholesome, tasty snack items.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

At RDM International, our IQF sweet potato fries are top-notch. Customers are delighted by them. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear what they say:

“The IQF sweet potato fries from RDM International are simply the best! They have amazing flavor and texture, and I love their versatility. I can add them to many dishes, like roasted fries to sweet potato casserole. My customers can’t get enough.”
– Sarah, Executive Chef at Upscale Restaurant

Customer satisfaction with our IQF sweet potato fries remains high. Let’s see what one customer had to say:

“I’ve tried many frozen sweet potato fries, but nothing beats RDM’s. They’re perfectly sweet and crispy, and they cook well. They’re a staple in my freezer for a tasty side.”
– Tina, Busy Mom and Meal Prep Enthusiast

Even retailers and snack makers praise our IQF sweet potato fries. Check out what they think:

“Our customers pick the RDM International IQF sweet potato fries every time. They sell well and receive many compliments on their taste and texture. It’s a product we can rely on to keep customers happy.”
– Samantha, Grocery Store Manager

Customer Testimonial Customer Segment Key Highlights
“The IQF sweet potato fries from RDM International are simply the best! They have amazing flavor and texture, and I love how versatile they are.” Executive Chef at Upscale Restaurant Excellent flavor and texture, versatile for various dishes
“I’ve tried a lot of frozen sweet potato fries, but RDM’s are by far the best. They have the perfect balance of sweetness and crisp, and they hold up so well during cooking.” Busy Mom and Meal Prep Enthusiast Superior taste and texture, holds up well during cooking
“Our customers love the RDM International IQF sweet potato fries. They’re a best-seller in our frozen food aisle, and we get so many positive reviews about the great taste and texture.” Grocery Store Manager Customer favorite, reliable product, great taste and texture

These reviews highlight the outstanding satisfaction our IQF sweet potato fries bring. They please chefs, homemakers, and retailers. Our dedication to quality, taste, and flexibility set us apart. RDM International is the go-to for top-notch IQF sweet potato fries, loved by all.


RDM International shines as the top IQF Sweet Potato Fries Supplier, offering the best in ease, quality, and taste. They are a key player as a distributor and manufacturer of IQF sweet potato fries. They stand out by using top-grade sweet potatoes and cutting-edge freezing tech.

This company provides a broad range of IQF sweet potato fry options to meet various needs. With their strong focus on food safety and quality, customers get delicious fries every time. They’re the go-to premier IQF sweet potato fries supplier for an unmatched culinary experience.

RDM International is all about excellence and innovation in IQF sweet potato fries. They’re the must-have choice for those who want quality. Try their premium products to see how they’re changing the game in culinary creations.


What makes RDM International the premier IQF sweet potato fries supplier?

RDM International leads the market with their top-quality IQF sweet potato fries. They offer deep experience and a focus on quality and safety in food. This makes them a prime choice for IQF Sweet Potato Fries distribution needs.

What is the benefit of IQF sweet potato fries?

IQF sweet potato fries are frozen one by one. This method keeps them fresh, maintaining their taste, texture, and nutrients. Every fry retains its shape, taste, and goodness, fitting many food needs.

What types of IQF sweet potato fries does RDM International offer?

RDM International has a wide selection of IQF sweet potato fries. You can choose from classic cuts, wedges, and crinkle fries. This variety means you can meet different tastes and uses, from main dishes to snacks.

Does RDM International offer wholesale pricing and bulk ordering options?

Yes, RDM International does offer wholesale prices and bulk orders. They suit restaurants, food services, and stores. Their bulk options ensure you always have enough. You can choose from different packaging like paper boxes and poly bags, depending on your needs.

How does RDM International ensure quality and food safety?

RDM International is serious about quality and safety. They’re HACCP certified and employ strict quality checks. This includes constant monitoring of suppliers and products. Their dedication guarantees high-quality IQF sweet potato fries that you can rely on.

How extensive is RDM International’s distribution network?

RDM International has a vast network for its IQF sweet potato fries. They ensure these delicious fries are available across the U.S. Their global reach and efficient channels bring their products to cities like New York, Chicago, and more.

Where can RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries be used?

RDM International’s fries are perfect for restaurants, stores, and snack makers. They make an excellent side dish and a superb ingredient for various dishes and healthy snacks. Their versatility serves a wide range of cooking needs.