Ever think about what makes premium IQF shoestring fries so special? RDM International, a top frozen potato products supplier, has the answers. They share the secrets to their high-quality individually quick frozen fries. RDM International is trusted by quick-service restaurants and the foodservice industry. They show how their special cutting equipment and careful potato picking make the ideal IQF shoestring french fries for you.

How do you choose between convenience and quality? RDM International has mastered both, giving you the crunch and flexibility of premium IQF shoestring fries. Besides tasting great, their products meet the needs of commercial kitchen equipment and bulk food suppliers in the potato processing plants and food distribution logistics sectors.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a top supplier of premium IQF shoestring french fries.
  • They carefully pick premium potatoes and use specific cutting equipment for their fries.
  • The IQF freezing keeps the fries crispy, fresh, and full of nutrients.
  • RDM International provides adaptable, convenient frozen potato products for foodservice and business settings.
  • The company is dedicated to quality and customer approval, earning their place as a trusted partner.

So, what makes RDM International’s IQF shoestring fries stand out? This article delves into the secrets of their outstanding frozen potato products. You’ll see why they’re the top choice for chefs looking for the best.

What are IQF Shoestring French Fries?

Ah, the wonderful world of IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) shoestring french fries! They are a type of frozen fries known for their great taste, texture, and health benefits. The IQF process locks in iqf french fries‘ natural goodness. This stops them from clumping and losing freshness.

Individually Quick Frozen Process

The freezing process for IQF shoestring fries is amazing. Each fry is frozen quickly on its own. This keeps them in their original shape and keeps them crispy. So, all your shoestring french fries stay separate. This makes them easy to cook and serve.

Preserving Freshness and Quality

The IQF method keeps these shoestring fries fresh and full of flavor. They are frozen fast, which keeps their taste, vitamins, and minerals intact. You get the same goodness as with freshly cut potatoes. IQF shoestring fries are tasty, healthy, and convenient to use.

Benefits of IQF Shoestring Fries

RDM International’s IQF shoestring fries are both versatile and convenient. You can use them in many dishes, from snacks to main courses. Their unique shape holds sauces and toppings well, adding a nice crunch to your meals.

Versatility and Convenience

These shoestring fries are easy to serve and adapt to many flavors. They save you time since they come ready to cook. This makes them perfect for fast food places, busy kitchens, and your own home.

Health and Nutrition

Unlike fried fries, RDM’s IQF shoestring fries are healthier. They have less fat, sodium, and calories but keep the taste. Plus, they still have important nutrients like potassium and fiber. So, enjoy your fries knowing they’re better for you.

Premium Potato Selection

Choosing the best potatoes is key for top-quality IQF shoestring french fries. RDM International selects the finest premium potatoes. These are chosen for their ability to keep their shape and look good when cut. The result is top frozen potato products with the best texture and flavor.

Choosing Quality Potatoes

RDM International is very careful when picking their potatoes. Their quality potato criteria are strict to make sure only the best ones are used. This means their shoestring fries are very crispy, flavorful, and look great. Customers in foodservice and retail love them.

Specialized Cutting Equipment

First, top-quality potatoes are chosen. Then, a special machine is used to cut them into the shoestring shape. This method is key to make RDM International’s IQF shoestring french fries crispy and unique. Each fry keeps its wavy look, making every bite perfect.

Key Features of Specialized Cutting Equipment Benefits for IQF Shoestring Fries
Precision blade technology Consistent shoestring fry shape and size
Rapid cutting speed High production capacity for bulk orders
Customizable blade settings Ability to adjust fry thickness and length
Automated control systems Reduced waste and optimal yield from potato inputs

RDM International has the latest specialized fry cutting gear. It makes sure their IQF shoestring fries always meet high standards. This keeps their shoestring fry shape perfect, which customers love. That’s why they’re a top pick for top-notch frozen potato products.

Premium IQF Shoestring Fries Supplier

RDM International is a top supplier of premium IQF shoestring French fries. They are known for their high-quality and care for customers. They serve the frozen food sector, offering wholesale and bulk ordering options. They also provide packaging solutions tailored to meet the requirements of both foodservice and retail clients.

RDM International: Your Trusted Supplier

RDM International uses a wide network for swift and efficient delivery of their IQF shoestring French fries. Their know-how and focus on frozen foods make them a dependable source for premium IQF fries.

Wholesale and Bulk Ordering

If you are in foodservice, run a restaurant, or manage a store, RDM International has the right wholesale and bulk ordering options for you. They team up with clients to make sure they can get the frozen fry options they need, in the amounts they need.

Packaging and Shipping Options

Ensuring product freshness, RDM International offers custom packaging solutions for their IQF shoestring French fries. They use strong corrugated boxes and frozen food packaging to protect your order. This way, your delivery will be in top shape, ready for use.

Frozen Food Storage Solutions

To keep your RDM International IQF shoestring french fries fresh, store them correctly. Use vertical displays and wire shelving. They help you keep your frozen food organized and maintain its quality.

Vertical Displays and Wire Shelving

Vertical displays and wire shelving save space and are great for your shoestring fries. They keep your fries in order and ensure proper air flow. This way, your premium frozen food storage stays at its best. You’ll find your RDM International IQF shoestring fries easily and keep your kitchen tidy.

RDM International knows how to keep your IQF shoestring fries tasty. Their storage solutions are perfect for restaurants, caterers, and shops. With RDM International, your frozen fries will always be top-notch.

frozen food storage

Best IQF Shoestring French Fries Distributor

RDM International is the top IQF shoestring french fry distributor. They provide a variety of customizable seasoning options. This lets you choose the tastes that work best for your customers. Whether you own a restaurant, manage food service, or sell retail, RDM International’s fries are perfect for you.

Customizable Seasoning Options

RDM International knows that every kitchen has its own special flavors. That’s why they offer many customizable fry seasoning mixes. You can pick from the usual salt and pepper to exotic choices like Cajun spice or lemon pepper. This variety lets you add your special touch to the IQF shoestring fries.

Convenient Packaging Solutions

RDM International cares deeply about delivering your frozen fry packaging in the best state. They pack their IQF shoestring fries in strong boxes and bags. This keeps them fresh and crispy until they’re served at your spot. Thanks to their top-notch shipping methods, your fries will always taste perfect.

Applications and Uses

RDM International makes IQF shoestring french fries that are both tasty and flexible. They are loved in restaurants and foodservice operations, where they add a crispy and flavorful element to meals. Retail and grocery stores stock them because they fly off the shelves. Especially when customers want something quick and delicious to eat.

RDM’s IQF shoestring fries work well for big parties and events too. They offer a consistent, tasty crunch that pairs perfectly with many dishes.

iqf shoestring fry applications

Storing and Handling IQF Shoestring Fries

To keep your IQF shoestring fries tasty, handle and store them right. Use powerful, cold industrial freezers from RDM International. These freezers keep a constant chill, locking in the fries’ goodness.

Industrial Freezer Requirements

Your industrial freezer should keep a chilly consistency from 0°F to -10°F (-18°C to -23°C). This range is key for keeping IQF shoestring fries fresh and crunchy. It also stops freezer burn and keeps their taste and texture intact.

Proper Packaging and Shipping

RDM International goes the extra mile in packing and shipping. They use strong boxes and careful transport, ensuring your IQF shoestring fries get to you perfect. This way, from the first fry to the last, you get the best quality.


RDM International leads in offering top-quality IQF shoestring french fries. They understand what businesses need – convenience, crunch, and versatility. Their commitment to high-grade potatoes and advanced cutting tech sets them apart. Let their excellence in frozen fry products transform your dishes.

RDM International is known for their detailed work and quality focus. They are a go-to for those who want to boost their menus with tasty, crispy fries. Their IQF shoestring fries are perfect for both restaurants and commercial kitchens looking for quality.

Joining forces with RDM means unlocking the best for your kitchen. Their IQF shoestring fries bring outstanding taste and texture. See how their products can elevate your customer’s meal experiences.


What are IQF Shoestring French Fries?

IQF Shoestring French Fries are frozen potato products. They are made from top-quality potatoes. They stay crispy and keep their nutrients well due to the special IQF freezing process.

What is the IQF freezing process?

The IQF freezing process quickly freezes potato products. It locks in the taste, texture, and nutrients. This modern method avoids clumping and keeps the product high-quality.

What are the benefits of IQF Shoestring Fries?

IQF Shoestring Fries have several perks. They are versatile, easy to use, and healthier than usual fries. The ridges help hold sauces and they have less fat and sodium but retain necessary nutrients.

How are the premium potatoes selected for IQF Shoestring Fries?

The best potatoes are chosen carefully for IQF Shoestring Fries. RDM International picks potatoes that stay firm and have a great shape. This ensures the fries have the right texture, flavor, and consistency.

How are the shoestring shape and texture achieved?

RDM International uses a special machine to cut potatoes into shoestring shape. This unique cut creates the crispy texture of their fries.

Why is RDM International a leading supplier of premium IQF Shoestring Fries?

RDM International stands out for their top-notch IQF Shoestring French Fries. They’re known for their quality and care for customers. They provide various ordering and packaging choices, plus many seasoning options.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and freshness of their IQF Shoestring Fries?

RDM International uses expert freezing and storage methods. They employ things like vertical displays and special packaging to keep the fries fresh. This care ensures you get the fries in perfect condition.

Where can RDM International’s IQF Shoestring Fries be used?

RDM International’s IQF Shoestring Fries work well in many places. You can find them in restaurants, stores, at events, and more. They’re loved for adding a crispy, flavorful element to dishes.

How should RDM International’s IQF Shoestring Fries be stored and handled?

To keep RDM International’s fries at their best, store them in a good freezer. They are shipped using special methods to stay frozen until they reach you.