Imagine a world where freshly-picked blueberry flavor is in everything. That’s what you get with RDM International’s Blueberry Puree. It changes how you bake, make drinks, and more. But what makes our blueberry puree stand out?

RDM International’s Blueberry Puree is great for chefs looking for top-notch purees. It’s made with high quality and naturally sourced organic blueberries. This puree brings the taste of premium, ripe blueberries in a convenient, frozen form. So, whether you sell purees, make food, or just love to cook, RDM International is for you.

Unlock new recipe possibilities with RDM International’s Blueberry Puree. This puree can enhance smoothies, baked goods, sauces, and more. With a focus on ingredient quality and nutritional value, our puree turns the superfood into a kitchen hero.

Wondering what makes RDM International’s Blueberry Puree special? Get ready for the big reveal.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers the best blueberry puree supplier for food professionals
  • Our blueberry puree is made from premium, organic blueberries for uncompromising quality
  • The convenient frozen format of our blueberry puree makes it a versatile kitchen essential
  • Discover the health benefits and versatility of RDM International’s blueberry puree
  • Explore the range of blueberry puree recipes and culinary applications

Discover the World of Blueberry Puree

RDM International makes a blueberry puree full of fresh, juicy taste. This blueberry puree is perfect for many dishes. It truly brings the best of naturally grown blueberries into your recipes.

Vibrant Flavor, Versatile Application

Mix this blueberry puree into smoothies and juices for a bold taste. You can also bake it into treats like muffins and cakes for extra flavor. It’s great for making sauces or marinades, too, adding a unique balance of sweet and sour.

Premium Quality, Naturally Sourced

The natural blueberry puree from RDM International is top-notch. It’s crafted from the best blueberries. This ensures a pure, tasty experience with every use in your cooking.

Why Choose RDM International’s Blueberry Puree?

RDM International is your best pick for top-notch blueberry puree. We have high standards, making sure each RDM International blueberry puree is excellent. It imparts a pure, lively taste to all sorts of dishes.

Uncompromising Quality Standards

Quality is key at RDM International. Our high-quality blueberry puree is made with the juiciest blueberries. This leads to a consistently yummy and natural flavor. Our commitment to superior products makes us the top choice for food experts.

Convenient Frozen Format

Knowing how busy kitchens are, we offer frozen blueberry puree. It’s easy to use and keeps its freshness. You can enjoy premium blueberry taste any time, without the trouble of fresh fruit.

Consistent Supply, Year-Round

Having a steady supply is vital for food experts. RDM International always has your back with a consistent blueberry puree supply. You can rely on us even when demands are high. Our network ensures a constant flow of the finest blueberry puree.

Best Blueberry Puree Supplier for Food Professionals

RDM International leads as the top blueberry puree supplier for food pros. If you’re in baking, running a restaurant, or making frozen treats, our blueberry puree is for you. It’ll take your food to amazing new levels.

Bakeries and Pastry Shops

Bakeries and pastry shops choose RDM International’s blueberry puree for bakeries. It gives baked goods a lively, fruity taste. Add it in muffins, pies, cakes, or scones for a sweet and complex flavor.

Restaurants and Catering Services

For innovation, restaurants and caterers love our blueberry puree for restaurants. Use it in sauces, marinades, and cocktails for unique flavors. It blends well with both food and drink to delight your customers.

Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Makers

Ice cream and dessert makers choose RDM’s blueberry puree for ice cream to enrich their treats. From ice creams to sorbets, it strikes the perfect balance of sweet and rich. Make treats that are pure indulgence with our puree.

blueberry puree for food professionals

Blueberry Puree Nutrition and Health Benefits

RDM International’s Blueberry Puree adds a burst of flavor plus packed with good nutrition. Blueberries are famous for their health benefits, and our blueberry puree is top-notch. It’s full of vital nutrients that boost your well-being.

Rich in Antioxidants

Our Blueberry Puree is full of antioxidants. These antioxidants are important for fighting off harmful free radicals. They help protect your health by reducing oxidative stress.

High in Fiber

RDM International’s Blueberry Puree is a great source of fiber. Fiber is key for a healthy digestive system, aiding in regular bowel movements and keeping you full. It’s ideal for those striving for a balanced diet.

Source of Vitamin C

Our Blueberry Puree also provides a good amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for a strong immune system and healthy skin, helping keep your cells in good shape. By using our puree, you get the benefits of this vital nutrient.

Blueberry Puree Recipes and Inspiration

RDM International’s Blueberry Puree is perfect for many dishes. It’s ideal for anyone who loves to cook. This top-notch puree brings the lively taste of blueberries to your meals.

Smoothies and Juices

Start the morning with a blueberry puree smoothie. Mix the puree with milk, yogurt, and honey for a healthy breakfast. Or blend it with apple juice, ginger, and lemon for a delicious blueberry puree juice.

Baked Goods and Desserts

Add the yummy flavor of blueberries to your treats. Include RDM International’s blueberry puree in muffins, cakes, and pies. It gives them a juicy taste and softness. You can also mix the blueberry puree into ice cream, yogurt, or cheesecake for a sweet change.

Sauces and Marinades

Make your meals tastier with RDM International’s blueberry puree. It’s great for making rich blueberry puree sauces or as a salmon glaze. The puree’s sweet tang makes meat and veggies dishes stand out. It turns simple recipes into something special.

Organic Blueberry Puree: A Wholesome Choice

Looking for a truly wholesome choice? Try RDM International’s organic Blueberry Puree. It’s made only from the best blueberries. Our organic puree is clean, with no artificial stuff. Taste the rich flavor of blueberries in every bite.

Getting RDM International’s natural blueberry puree means you care about your health. This organic Blueberry Puree delivers real blueberry flavor. It’s perfect for making your dishes taste great and is good for the planet too.

Use RDM International’s organic Blueberry Puree in many ways. Add it to smoothies, pastries, or sauces. This puree will bring out the delicious taste of natural blueberries. You’ll love the authentic flavor it adds to your food.

Blueberry Puree Wholesale and Bulk Ordering

RDM International knows food pros’ needs well. We offer our top Blueberry Puree in many handy sizes. It’s perfect for any size kitchen or big restaurants. You’ll find just what you need for your blueberry puree.

Convenient Packaging Options

You can pick from a range of blueberry puree wholesale sizes. This includes 4.4 lb, 11 lb, 44 lb, or big 50-gallon drums. Now, getting the right blueberry puree bulk amount for your work is easy. You’ll always have our fresh fruit puree ready.

Flexible Ordering and Delivery

At RDM International, ordering and delivery are easy. We offer flexible services for your blueberry puree packaging and blueberry puree shipping. Our team is ready to help you get the perfect Blueberry Puree you need. We make sure it’s always available, no matter your kitchen’s size.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

“The beers with your fruit are getting great responses. Your fruit really changed everything!” – Jason Z, Montclair, CA

“This is as good as it gets! Used in a New Zealand IPA. 3 different NZ hops DDH, then added the Feijoa Puree to the secondary. The smell was pure and delightful. Tasted tart and slightly sweet as it should! Delicious…just waiting on the Brew to carbonate and chill! Going to be amazing I know it! If you’re considering it, BUY IT! Highest quality!” – Aaron N., Elkton, VA

“I used your product in a Mango habanero coconut milkshake ipa. It was a big hit. I plan to use it with more fruits in my future beers.” – Butch M., Hartsville, SC

Explore Our Other Fruit Puree Varieties

Our top Blueberry Puree is a star, but we have much more at RDM International. We’re excited to share our variety of high-quality RDM International fruit purees. They’re made for both awesome taste and top quality.

Tropical Fruits

Enjoy our tropical fruit purees. They bring the sweet, lush feel of mango and the zesty touch of pineapple. These purees take your cooking to the tropics.

Citrus Fruits

Get ready for bright flavors with our citrus fruit purees. They add tang and zest to your favorite dishes. Try them in sauces, marinades, or desserts for a burst of freshness.

Berry Medleys

Dive into our berry fruit purees for bold, mixed flavors. Mix raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries for tasty surprises. Your taste buds will thank you.

RDM International fruit purees

There’s a lot you can do with our wide range of RDM International fruit purees. Find the perfect ones for your next big meal. Whether it’s a tropical snack, a zingy dish, or a berry-filled treat, our purees are there to make it great.

Responsible Sourcing and Ethical Practices

At RDM International, we take responsible RDM International responsible sourcing and RDM International ethical practices very seriously. We partner with farms in the best growing areas for our fruit purees. This includes our famous Blueberry Puree.

We care deeply for the environment and fair trade. We choose our farm partners carefully. They must meet our high standards for taking care of the land and treating workers right. This way, we bring you purees that taste great and do good for the communities they come from.

Building strong bonds with our farm partners helps us offer top-quality, RDM International responsible sourcing and RDM International ethical practices. Our approach is unique. It ensures that every bit of our Blueberry Puree and other purees mirrors our commitment to excellence, the earth, and people.


RDM International’s Blueberry Puree leads among many for its bright blueberry flavor. It meets high quality standards and comes frozen for easy use. It’s available any time, making it perfect for various dishes year-round.

For bakers, chefs, or dessert makers, RDM International’s premium, organic Blueberry Puree is a must-try. It captures the pure taste of top-grade blueberries. It adds rich flavor and nutrients to your creations.

Use it in smoothies, baked goods, or sauces to upgrade your recipes. RDM International’s Blueberry Puree is more than a key ingredient. It’s a boost for healthy, delicious foods, showing the value of top quality.


What makes RDM International’s Blueberry Puree stand out?

RDM International makes its Blueberry Puree from top-notch blueberries. This offers a rich, fruity taste perfect for many foods. Their strict quality checks and ethical sourcing make sure you get a top-notch product.

How is RDM International’s Blueberry Puree versatile?

This Blueberry Puree is great for smoothies, baking, sauces, and cocktails. It brings a fun, fruity taste and bright color to your dishes. Plus, it’s easy to use in many ways.

What are the nutritional benefits of RDM International’s Blueberry Puree?

It’s full of antioxidants, fiber, and Vitamin C. These are great for your immune system and digestion. So, using this puree can improve your health.

Does RDM International offer an organic Blueberry Puree option?

Yes, they do. RDM’s organic Blueberry Puree comes from carefully grown berries. It’s free of artificial stuff, keeping it all natural.

What packaging options are available for RDM International’s Blueberry Puree?

You can pick from different pack sizes. They have 4.4 lb, 11 lb, 44 lb packs, and big 50-gallon drums. This means they have sizes for everyone, from home cooks to big chefs.

What other fruit purees does RDM International offer?

RDM also offers fruit purees like tropical, citrus, and mixed berry. They all come with the same quality and are perfect for many recipes.