Enjoy the true taste of blueberries with RDM International’s Aseptic Blueberry Puree. Our blueberry puree is crafted from top-grade blueberries. It’s kept pure, with no artificial stuff added. RDM International is known as a top supplier of high-quality aseptic blueberry purées. We offer amazing flavor and quality for all your cooking or baking needs.

Not all blueberry puree suppliers are the same. How can you be certain you’re choosing the best in a sea of low-quality choices? The best aseptic blueberry puree supplier focuses on quality, sameness, and eco-friendliness. Are you looking to boost your cooking with the best blueberry purees available?

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers top-quality, aseptic blueberry puree made from premium ingredients
  • Our blueberry puree is preservative-free and delivers exceptional flavor and consistency
  • We are a leading supplier of blueberry purées trusted by culinary professionals worldwide
  • Discover the rich, authentic taste of blueberries in your creations with RDM International
  • Explore the versatility of our blueberry puree for a wide range of applications

Unleash the Power of Blueberries

Discover the deep, real blueberry puree flavor that makes RDM International’s blueberry puree special. Made from the best premium blueberries, it’s free from fake stuff. It brings the true taste of this favorite superfruit in each spoonful.

Discover the Rich, Authentic Flavor

RDM International’s blueberry puree uses a method that keeps the authentic blueberry flavor and goodness of the fruit. We pick high-quality blueberries from local farmers. This means you get the same great taste every time.

Crafted from Premium Blueberries

Our premium blueberry puree is made with care. We clean, peel, and blend the best blueberries. This way, our product really shows off this awesome superfruit. Try it to see how high-quality blueberry ingredients can better your dishes.

What is an Aseptic Fruit Puree?

Aseptic fruit purees are safe to eat. They have no harmful bacteria, thanks to a special process. This process also means they don’t need any added preservatives. The aseptic processing method includes cleaning, peeling, and blending the fruit. Then, it’s put into containers in a clean, sterile place. This keeps the fruit puree tasting fresh and full of good nutrients. It can stay good at room temperature for a long time.

The main benefits of aseptic fruit purees are that they last a long time. They keep all their good-for-you stuff. They also don’t have any fake additives. This special way of making fruit purees lets you enjoy real fruit in many food and drink items.

Aseptic Fruit Puree Definition Aseptic Processing of Fruit Purees Benefits of Aseptic Fruit Purees
Fruit purees made through a specialized process that eliminates harmful bacteria, ensuring a sterile and shelf-stable product without artificial preservatives. The fruit is thoroughly cleaned, peeled, and blended, then packaged in a sterile environment to preserve the natural flavor and nutrient content.
  • Extended shelf life
  • Retained nutritional value
  • No artificial additives

Taking advantage of aseptic fruit puree technology lets you use top-quality fruit flavors. You can do this in all your cooking and food-making projects with confidence. This means you get really tasty results every time, with nothing but the best.

Best Aseptic Blueberry Puree Supplier

RDM International offers the best aseptic blueberry puree on the market. We are committed to perfection. Our purees, crafted from top-quality blueberries, deliver a consistently reliable product. These ensure the exceptional flavor profile you look for. Trust RDM International for the best quality and consistency.

Experience Top-Notch Quality

RDM International dedicates itself to top high-quality blueberry puree. We use the finest premium blueberries. This guarantees a rich, authentic taste in each serving. You can depend on our consistent blueberry puree supplier. We ensure a steady, high-quality supply for your food creations.

Consistent and Reliable Supplier

As a premier blueberry puree supplier, RDM International is there for your business. We aim to be a consistent and reliable partner. Having a solid reliable blueberry puree source is crucial. That’s why we make sure our puree always meets high quality and consistency standards.

Ingredients and Composition

At the center of RDM International’s amazing blueberry puree is a dedication to purity. Our 100% natural blueberry puree comes only from top-quality blueberries. These have been chosen for their excellent taste.

100% Natural Blueberries

Many fruit purees on the market add artificial stuff. But at RDM International, our blueberry puree ingredients are simply blueberries. We pick the best ones for a puree full of authentic flavor.

No Artificial Additives or Preservatives

We skip the artificial additives and preservatives. This lets the blueberries’ natural goodness shine through. Our preservative-free blueberry puree keeps the fun color, smell, and taste. This means you get 100% real blueberry goodness with every spoonful.

100% natural blueberry puree

Versatile Applications

RDM International’s aseptic blueberry puree is perfect for many dishes. It adds bold flavors to craft beers and cocktails. It brings sweetness to desserts and bright colors to sauces. There’s no end to what you can do with our premium puree.

Breweries and Craft Beers

Craft brewers love our blueberry puree in craft brewing. It makes beers taste and smell like real blueberries. Use it in any beer, from a a wheat ale to a blueberry stout. RDM’s puree makes your drinks even better.

Bakeries and Desserts

Bakers find our blueberry puree in baking magical. It makes treats taste and look great. Use it in pies, muffins, or any dessert. Your sweets will shine with the taste of real blueberries.

Sauces and Condiments

Cooks know our blueberry puree in sauces and condiments is a game-changer. It works in sweet or savory dishes. Add it to sauces, or use it in a rich compote. Our puree is the secret to amazing meals.

Easy to Use and Store

RDM International’s aseptic blueberry puree brings ease and long use. It comes in sterile aseptic bags, staying fresh for up to a year. You don’t need to freeze it and can directly add the bright flavor to your dishes.

Convenient Aseptic Packaging

This puree’s aseptic bag keeps it fresh and the Vitamin C seals the deal. The convenient aseptic blueberry puree packaging keeps your puree fresh and ready whenever you need it.

Extended Shelf Life

With RDM International’s long shelf life blueberry puree, you can always have some on hand. Use this easy to use blueberry puree in your cooking, drinks, and more. No concerns about it going bad or being wasted.

Sourcing and Sustainability

At RDM International, sourcing blueberries is key. We pick from farms that care for their land and communities. This means you get the best ethically sourced blueberries. And, it helps farmers and their families thrive.

Ethically Sourced Blueberries

Our sustainable blueberry puree comes from real, 100% natural fruit. These berries grow in the best spots, like Columbia, Chile, and Brazil. We make sure our farmers earn well for their hard work. That’s because we believe in fair trade.

Supporting Local Farmers

We focus on supporting local blueberry farmers. This way, our blueberry puree is top-notch. It also builds up the towns where the fruit is grown. This helps create a great product and a great living for our farming friends.

Order and Shipping Process

RDM International makes ordering blueberry puree easy and smooth. You can pick from many flexible blueberry puree order sizes, such as 4.4 lb bags to 44 lb drums. We promise efficient, reliable blueberry puree delivery. Your order will likely go out the next business day. This means your blueberry puree arrives fresh and fast.

Flexible Order Sizes

No matter your size, RDM International is here for you. We offer a range of flexible blueberry puree order sizes. You can buy from 4.4 lb bags to 44 lb drums. This lets you always have the right amount of top-quality puree. It’s perfect for cooking or making food products.

Efficient Shipping and Delivery

Getting your blueberry puree to you fast is key at RDM International. Our shipping is fast and reliable. If you buy before 12:00 PM, it ships the next business day. For later orders, we ship within two business days. Even if you order Friday after 12:00 PM, you get it by the following Tuesday. This reliable shipping means you always get your blueberry puree right on time.

flexible blueberry puree order sizes

Customer Testimonials

RDM International’s blueberry puree gets great reviews. Many customers love it from different fields. They tell how our top-notch puree improves their food and drinks.

“We’re getting some really good feedback on the beers using your fruit! Its honestly made a huge difference!!!”

– Jason Z, Montclair, CA

“This is as good as it gets! Used in a New Zealand IPA. 3 different NZ hops DDH, then added the Feijoa Puree to the secondary. The smell was pure and delightful. Tasted tart and slightly sweet as it should! Delicious…just waiting on the Brew to carbonate and chill! Going to be amazing I know it! If you’re considering it, BUY IT! Highest quality!”

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions about our blueberry puree. People want to know how to use it and other things. Here, we answer some top blueberry puree FAQs. We also share info to make your dishes better with our blueberry puree.

Question Answer
How can I use blueberry puree in my recipes? Blueberry puree adds great taste to many dishes. You can use it in baking, like cakes or muffins. It’s also good in yogurt, smoothies, and ice cream. Chefs use it in sauces, marinades, and dressings for a fruity touch.
What is the shelf life of your blueberry puree? Our blueberry puree lasts up to a year. Just keep it at room temperature. The aseptic packaging keeps it fresh without preservatives.
Is your blueberry puree organic or non-GMO? Yes, our blueberry puree is all-natural and non-GMO. We use only the best ingredients. You can trust our blueberry puree in your food.
How do I store your blueberry puree once the package is opened? After opening, put the puree in the fridge in a sealed container. Use it up in 7-10 days. This keeps its freshness and flavor.

If you have more questions about blueberry puree, let us know. Our team is ready to help. We want to make sure you get the most from our blueberry puree in your dishes.

Explore Our Blueberry Puree Range

RDM International brings you the best blueberry puree product range. It’s perfect for both homebrewers, craft brewers, and chefs. Our various blueberry puree sizes and formats fit any use you might have.

Variety of Sizes and Formats

Choose from many blueberry puree options at RDM. You’ll find sizes from 4.4 lb bags to 44 lb drums. This product range lets you pick just what you need for your recipes or projects.

Special Offers and Discounts

RDM International is offering great deals on blueberry puree. Get special prices on some blueberry puree sizes and formats. Don’t miss this chance to save on our top-notch blueberry puree.


RDM International has the perfect blueberry puree for adding true blueberry taste to your meals. It is all-natural, with no artificial stuff added. And it always comes in high quality and tastes just right.

Are you a pro in the kitchen or food business? Then you’ll love what RDM’s blueberry puree can do. It makes your food and drinks stand out, bringing you the best of blueberries. You won’t find a better option out there.

In short, RDM’s aseptic blueberry puree is a game-changer. It’s packed with the real, natural taste of top-quality blueberries. And it does all this without any fake flavors. Let it take your cooking to the next level.


What is the shelf life of RDM International’s aseptic blueberry puree?

RDM International’s aseptic blueberry puree lasts up to 1 year at room temperature. It doesn’t need freezing. The aseptic packaging and Vitamin C keep it fresh. This makes it very convenient.

How should RDM International’s aseptic blueberry puree be stored?

Store the puree away from direct sunlight. Keep it below 77°F to maintain its quality and shelf life.

Can RDM International’s blueberry puree be used in craft brewing?

Yes, the puree is great for craft beer. It gives a real blueberry taste and smell. Many brewers love using it in their beers.

What are the different sizes and formats of RDM International’s blueberry puree?

There are various sizes and formats available. From 4.4 lb bags to 44 lb drums. Choose what works best for you.

Does RDM International’s blueberry puree contain any artificial additives or preservatives?

No, the puree is 100% natural. It has no artificial stuff in it. It’s also preservative-free to keep the fruit’s natural taste.

How can RDM International’s blueberry puree be used in culinary applications?

It’s great in many foods. Breweries, bakeries, and chefs use it. Like in beer, desserts, or sauces. It’s very versatile.

Does RDM International source its blueberries ethically and sustainably?

Yes, they get their blueberries from farms that care about communities and the environment. This supports farmers and ensures top-quality fruit.

What is the order and shipping process for RDM International’s blueberry puree?

Ordering is easy, and they ship quickly. You can order in different amounts. And, orders by 12:00 PM go out the next day for freshness.