Looking for top-notch quality concord grape juice concentrate? RDM International has you covered. They offer great concord grapes, grape juice concentrate. And a variety of fruit concentrate suppliers. With more than 90 years in the business, they’re your go-to for bulk grape juice, premium grape juice, and organic grape concentrate. Companies worldwide trust RDM for their supply.

What makes RDM stand out? Their grape concentrate manufacturers create top concord grape juice concentrate. They use the best juices from the Concord Grape Belt. This creates a rich, natural grape taste that’s peerless. Uncover the advantages of RDM International’s products for your company today.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading supplier of premium quality Concord grape juice concentrate.
  • Their products are crafted from the finest Concord grapes grown in the renowned Concord Grape Belt.
  • RDM International’s Concord grape juice concentrate boasts a deep, rich purple color and a tart, bold flavor profile.
  • The company has been a trusted supplier to the food and beverage industry since 1929.
  • RDM International offers exceptional quality, consistency, and versatility to their customers.

The Rich Flavor of Concord Grapes

Concord grapes have a unique and rich taste. They grow in the Concord Grape Belt, known for top-quality grapes. Growers combine their know-how with special local conditions. This makes Concord grapes sweet and tangy in a one-of-a-kind way.

Grown in the Concord Grape Belt

The Concord Grape Belt is in the northeastern United States. It’s the main area for growing Concord grapes. The place is perfect for grape growing, with just the right soil and climate. This creates grapes that are a deep, rich purple. They also have a strong and special taste.

Deep Purple Color and Tart Bold Taste

Concord grapes are loved for their rich, purple color and their bold, tart flavor. Their appealing look and taste make them perfect for grape juice. They’re also great in many other grape-based products.

Unique Health Benefits

Besides their great flavor, Concord grapes offer health benefits. They’re full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This makes them a good choice for people who want to eat or drink healthy things.

Quality Concord Grape Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International leads in providing top-grade Concord grape juice concentrate. It comes from the best Concord grapes in the Concord Grape Belt. Many big names and private label companies choose their grape juice concentrate for its superb quality. It is also very versatile for various uses.

The team at RDM International knows the grape business inside out. They always offer high-quality, bulk grape juice concentrate. It’s great for many uses. If you need a solid fruit concentrate supplier, they are the ones to pick. They’ll bring you top-notch service every time.

Product Specifications Applications
Concord Grape Juice Concentrate – Sourced from the finest Concord grapes in the Concord Grape Belt
– Deep, rich purple color
– Tart, bold flavor profile
– Consistent quality and brix levels
Beverages (juices, smoothies, etc.)
– Jams, jellies, and preserves
– Baked goods
– Sauces and marinades
Health food products

Enjoy the amazing taste and variety of RDM International’s Concord grape juice concentrate. Discover why top brands and health fans love it.

Trusted by Major Brands

At RDM International, we’re known for top-notch quality concord grape juice concentrate. We supply it to many food and drink businesses. These include the best private label juice and jam companies. They trust our concord grapes and grape juice concentrate for their quality and ability to improve their products.

Private Label Juice and Jam Companies

Companies that sell their own brands of juice and jam love using our grape juice concentrate. We help them make their products stand out. Our fruit concentrate suppliers team up with them. Together, they make unique and tasty offerings for customers.

Wineries and Microbreweries

Our concord grape juice concentrate is popular in the wine and beer scene too. Wineries and microbreweries all over like its rich taste. They use it to create special, private label drinks. These products become favorites among the competition.

Versatile Applications

RDM International’s top-grade grape juice concentrate is perfect for many things. It makes great beverages, recipes, and health foods. Use it to make drinks and foods taste great.


The deep and bold tastes of RDM’s grape juice concentrate are great for juices and smoothies. Mix it with water or other juices for tasty drinks. You can also make fancy cocktails with it.


This concentrate works well in a lot of recipes. From jams to baked goods, it adds a Concord grape flavor. It can make your foods taste even better.

Health Food Products

RDM’s concentrate is a hit for health foods. It adds nutrition and flavor to bars and supplements. It’s also good for other healthy foods.

Organic and Kosher Options

At RDM International, we know many people want organic grape concentrate and kosher items. So, we give our customers special organic grape concentrate and kosher choices. You can also find our top-grade Concord grape juice concentrate here.

Our organic grape concentrate is carefully made like all our grape goods. It’s from Concord Grape Belt’s organic grapes. This concentrate has the favorite bold taste and rich color of our Concord grape juice concentrate. Major brands and private labels love it.

We offer special kosher grape concentrate for those with diet or religious needs. These products meet the strict kosher rules under kosher experts’ watch. So, making kosher drinks, jams, and more is easy with RDM International.

With more choices like organic grape concentrate and kosher picks, we show we care. At RDM International, we aim to deliver top grape concentrate and great service, tailored to you.

Bulk and Custom Blends

RDM International has more than just Concord grape juice concentrate. They offer various bulk and custom blends too. This range includes concentrates from Niagara and Catawba grapes. It also has a mix of berry juices and purees.

Concord, Niagara, and Catawba Grapes

Besides their top-quality Concord grape juice concentrate, RDM has more. They provide large amounts of Niagara and Catawba grape concentrates. This helps customers blend unique flavors from these grapes. No matter if you make drinks, wine, or health foods, there’s something for you. Their grape concentrates let you make special and engaging products.

Berry Juices and Purees

Adding to their grape selection, RDM offers berry juices and purees in bulk. These fruit concentrates are great for many uses. You can use them in drinks, health foods, spreads, and baked goods. By adding berries to their lineup, RDM supports creating new, diverse, and healthy products that people want.

Looking for bulk grape juice or a custom blend? Or maybe you need fruit concentrate suppliers for your business. RDM International has you covered. They offer a wide range of bulk and custom options. Their knowledge and variety can take your products to the next level.

Committed to Quality

RDM International is part of the Growers’ Co-op Grape Juice Company. It’s been a trusted supplier since 1929. They have deep connections in grape growing and processing. This shows their strong dedication to quality concord grape juice concentrate and other top fruit products for your business.

Growers’ Co-op Grape Juice Company

RDM International works closely with the Growers’ Co-op. They benefit from a large group of skilled grape growers and processors. This group helps them find the best grape concentrate and fruit concentrate. It comes from the heart of the Concord Grape Belt, the biggest Concord grape region in the world.

Westfield, NY Headquarters

RDM’s main place is in Westfield, NY, in the heart of the Concord Grape Belt. Being there, they truly understand the grape industry. This knowledge helps them provide high quality quality concord grape juice concentrate and fruit products worldwide.

quality concord grape juice concentrate

Evolving with Customer Needs

RDM International focuses on being innovative and adaptable, key to their success. They’ve changed to meet customer needs over the last decade. This includes in the areas of grape juice concentrate, fruit concentrate, and natural grape products.

Expanding Product Offerings

RDM’s main product is Concord grape juice concentrate. However, they’ve now added berry juices and purees to their list. This means they offer more products of high quality.

Now, it’s easier to find the unique tastes customers want. This is good news for the food and drink business they serve.

Upgraded Capabilities

RDM International has also improved its ways of working. They now offer to process fruits for others in their top facilities. This lets their partners work more efficiently. It also shows RDM as a solid choice for fruit products.

Being innovative and adaptable, RDM is a go-to for top fruit products. They’re ready for whatever their customers need. This keeps them at the top in their market areas.

Contract Processing Services

RDM International offers more than grape and fruit concentrates. They have top-notch facilities for processing fruits. They handle juicing, concentrating, and making by-products that are full of nutrients.

Fruit Processing

RDM can process many fruits, not just Concord grapes. They turn various berries into custom products. This includes juices, purees, and more. They are a great choice for fruit processing needs.

Nutrient-Rich By-Products

By-products matter a lot in fruit processing. RDM’s facilities are focused on getting the most from each fruit. They make useful co-products, like grape seeds and pressed berry pomace. These by-products improve sustainability and profits for their clients.

Contract Processing Services Benefits
Fruit Juicing and Concentrating Customized formulations, consistent quality, and efficient scale
Nutrient-Rich By-Product Generation Maximized value and sustainability for your fruit processing
Flexible Capabilities Ability to process a wide variety of fruits, from grapes to berries

Global Reach

RDM International is known worldwide for its top-notch quality concord grape juice concentrate. It serves customers not just in the U.S., but also in Canada, Asia, and Europe. The company is proud to deliver top-quality products globally.

Serving Customers Worldwide

RDM International is all about serving its customers with excellence. It focuses on every client’s unique needs. This approach helps it stand out as a go-to partner for fruit concentrate suppliers and fruit juice wholesalers worldwide.

U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe

RDM International’s impact is felt far and wide, from the United States to Europe and Asia. This broad distribution helps reach a variety of customers. It ensures food and drink companies anywhere can access their top-tier products.

global reach


RDM International stands out as a top Concord grape juice concentrate supplier. They excel in unmatched flavor, color, and flexibility. This comes from their strong knowledge of the grape growing and processing industry.

This company is known for quality and for working with big brands and private labels.

Looking for top-notch bulk grape juice concentrate or to improve your product’s health benefits and taste with Concord grapes? RDM International is your go-to. They offer various premium grape juice and organic grape concentrate selections. Plus, they can create custom mixes for fruit concentrate suppliers and grape concentrate manufacturers.

Want to boost your fruit juice wholesalers or food and drink offerings? Choose RDM International. They’re the best source for premium Concord grape juice concentrate and more.


What makes RDM International’s Concord grape juice concentrate a premium quality product?

RDM International’s Concord grape juice concentrate uses the best Concord grapes from the Concord Grape Belt. They are famous for their deep purple color and bold, tart taste. These amazing qualities shine in RDM’s premium concentrate.

What are the unique health benefits of Concord grapes?

Concord grapes are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This makes them a great choice for many food and drink products. RDM International’s Concord grape juice concentrate lets you add these good benefits to your products.

How does RDM International’s Concord grape juice concentrate differ from other suppliers?

RDM International is known for its high-quality Concord grape juice concentrate. They are a trusted supplier in the food and drink industry. Both major brands and private label companies choose their concentrate for its quality, consistency, and how well it works in different products.

What types of applications can RDM International’s Concord grape juice concentrate be used for?

The concentrate is perfect for many uses. It adds a bold, tart taste and rich color. Use it for making premium juices, smoothies, and health-giving foods, or to improve the taste and nutrition of various recipes.

Does RDM International offer any specialty products in addition to their premium Concord grape juice concentrate?

Yes, RDM International offers organic and kosher versions of their Concord grape juice concentrate. This meets the different needs of their customers. The same high-quality standards go into making these specialty products.

What other products does RDM International offer beyond their Concord grape juice concentrate?

RDM International has more than just their Concord grape concentrate. They also offer different berry juices, like Niagara and Catawba grape concentrates. Besides, they have purees and custom blends. These products help their customers in creating unique and beautiful products.

What sets RDM International apart as a supplier of Concord grape juice concentrate and other fruit products?

RDM’s location in the Concord Grape Belt and their focus on quality set them apart. They deeply know grape growing and processing, which leads to excellent products. Their ability to adapt and their contract processing services show they are a reliable partner in the food and drink industry.

Does RDM International serve customers beyond the United States?

Yes, RDM International is known worldwide. They serve customers in Canada, Asia, and Europe. Their commitment to quality and consistency travels far, making them a top choice around the globe.