Looking for the best quality kale juice concentrate? You’ve found the top source in RDM International. We’re your go-to for premium superfood powders and kale juice extracts.

At RDM International, we deliver the essence of kale in a powerful form. Our Kale Juice Concentrate is crafted carefully from top-quality kale. It keeps the natural taste and green color. You can get it in regular or USDA NOP organic versions, made from local or imported kale.

What makes our kale nutrition supplement and vegan greens powder special? They’re incredibly versatile. This plant-based wellness boost works great in everything from drinks to baby food. Discover how to make the best out of healthy juice ingredients and nutrient-dense produce with us.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers premium quality kale juice concentrate in conventional and organic varieties
  • Our kale concentrate is meticulously processed to capture the natural flavor and vibrant color of kale
  • The versatility of our kale juice extract makes it suitable for a wide range of food and beverage applications
  • RDM International is committed to providing nutrient-dense and plant-based wellness ingredients
  • Discover the benefits of incorporating kale nutrition supplement and vegan greens powder into your products

What makes our kale juice concentrate different? Learn about our careful process and dedication to quality in the next parts.

Introducing Kale Juice Concentrate

Kale juice concentrate is like liquid gold from fresh kale leaves. It’s made by pulling out the juice and drying it. This keeps the color, flavor, and good stuff like nutrients.

It becomes a great addition to lots of foods and drinks.

What is Kale Juice Concentrate?

Kale is a true nutritional powerhouse. It holds lots of vitamins and minerals, like A, C, K, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Kale juice concentrate keeps all these healthy parts, turning it into a superfood. This superfood can boost health and wellness in what you eat and drink.

Nutritional Benefits of Kale

Kale is a green giant packed with nutritional benefits. It’s full of vitamins A, C, and K plus minerals. Add in antioxidants and fiber, and you’ve got yourself a wellness champ. Eating kale regularly helps keep you healthy.

Processing Methods for Kale Concentrate

We process our kale juice concentrate using top-notch methods. This keeps it natural. We use both aseptic and frozen ways to make sure it’s fresh and pure. That’s why our kale concentrate is all-natural and fits your needs perfectly. Whether you want it clear or turgid, or with organic and non-GMO nods, we got you.

Quality Kale Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International is a top trusted supplier of kale juice concentrate. We guarantee the best quality ingredients. The kale in our concentrate comes from top growing areas. It’s carefully chosen to be rich in color, flavor, and nutrient content.

Our modern facilities make sure we always have top-notch kale concentrate available. This is crucial for companies making food and drinks.

Key Benefits Highlights
Trusted Supplier RDM International has over 150 years of expertise in the agro-supply chain, ensuring a reliable and consistent source of high-quality kale juice concentrate.
Finest Ingredients Our kale is sourced from the best growing regions and meticulously processed to preserve the natural flavor, color, and nutrient-dense properties of this superfood.
State-of-the-Art Facilities Our advanced processing techniques and cutting-edge equipment enable us to deliver a consistent, reliable supply of kale concentrate to meet the needs of our customers.

Applications of Kale Juice Concentrate

Kale juice concentrate is great for making beverages better. It enhances drinks like smoothies, juices, and energy shots. Its green color and full of nutrients boost your drink’s nutrition and taste with that fresh kale flavor.


By adding kale concentrate to drinks, you get a healthy, plant-based choice. People want more nutrient-packed products, and this ingredient helps meet that need. It boosts your drink’s flavor and nutritional value.

Baby Food

Kale concentrate is perfect for baby food. It’s a clean, nutritious ingredient that supports healthy growth. You can add it to purees, cereals, and more very easily, giving babies the benefits of kale with no trouble.

Sauces and Condiments

Kale juice concentrate is not just for drinks and baby food. It can make sauces, dressings, and condiments healthier and better tasting. It’s a key ingredient for creating nutritious products that health-conscious people will enjoy.

Packaging Options

At RDM International, we believe in the importance of good packaging for our kale juice concentrate. We offer many choices for bulk kale concentrate and retail kale concentrate packaging. This ensures we meet the varied needs of our customers.

Bulk Packaging

We provide bulk kale concentrate for industrial use in economical packages. You can get pails, buckets, drums, totes, and tanker trucks from us. They’re perfect for big tasks like brewing, making beverages, and producing food. Our bulk packaging makes certain you have enough kale concentrate for your new plant-based wellness products.

Retail Packaging

We also have retail-friendly formats for our kale juice concentrate. Choose aseptic bags and boxes for easy use and clean label ingredients. Our retail kale concentrate packaging makes it simple to add kale’s benefits to your items. Your products will look appealing and natural, appealing to health-minded consumers.

If you need bulk kale concentrate for big projects or retail kale concentrate packaging for selling to consumers, we can help. Reach out to learn more about our packaging selections. We’re ready to assist in bringing top-quality kale products to your customers.

bulk kale concentrate

Organic and Conventional Varieties

At RDM International, we know you have different tastes when it comes to kale products. This is why we offer both organic kale concentrate and conventional kale concentrate. We want to make sure your business and your customers’ needs are met.

Our USDA NOP certified organic kale concentrate is made from the best organic kale leaves. It is perfect for health-conscious customers and those who value clean, nutrient-rich food. You can use it in juices, smoothies, or baby foods, knowing you’re providing the best.

If you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, our conventional kale concentrate is perfect. It has the same great taste and nutrition as the organic kind but without the extra costs. This is a great choice for making a variety of products, from sauces to sports nutrition, without extra hassle.

No matter which type you choose, at RDM International, we carefully process our kale concentrates. We ensure they keep all their natural benefits. Let us be part of your team in making products that your customers will enjoy.

Customization and Specialty Offerings

At RDM International, we know how important it is to customize your product. We offer various specialty options like and . These ingredients are designed to meet your unique needs.

Clear or Cloudy Concentrate

We provide and . This lets you pick the best formula for your product, based on its use and look. So, if you want your product to look bright and fresh, choose . If you’re aiming for a clear, classy look, go for .

Non-GMO and Kosher Options

Besides our usual , we have and . If you’re focusing on specific dietary or religious requirements, we’ve got you covered. These options ensure everyone can enjoy the goodness of kale while meeting their unique needs.

Our goal is to provide and flexible solutions. RDM International is here to support you in offering top-quality to your customers.

Supply Chain and Sourcing

RDM International is proud of our strong kale concentrate sourcing plan. It covers markets everywhere, making sure we always have high-quality kale. This means you can use our concentrate in your products any time, worry-free.

Domestic and International Sourcing

Our kale concentrate comes from a select group of U.S. and global growers. This mix helps us adjust to market changes. It also means we can always offer you a steady supply of this nutritious superfood.

Year-Round Availability

We work hard to have a strong, global supply chain. This effort lets us give you a sure supply of kale juice concentrate all year. Our supply is key for makers needing a constant ingredient flow for their products, especially in industrial settings.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At RDM International, ensuring top-notch kale concentrate quality is key. Our kale juice concentrate goes through tough tests. This is to ensure it meets the highest food safety standards. We rely on both third-party checks and our own detailed process to guarantee excellence.

We’re proud of our many certifications that prove our kale concentrate is safe and pure. Our advanced facilities always pass thorough checks by well-respected groups. This means when you work with us, you’re working with a reliable partner. We’ve got you covered, whether you need organic, non-GMO, or kosher proof for your products.

Our focus on food safety and clarity is relentless. We strictly control everything from where we get our kale to how we pack our concentrate. By consistently surpassing industry rules, we make sure our kale concentrate is a top choice. You can use it in your products with confidence that they’re safe and high quality.

Partnering with RDM International

RDM International is a leader in supplying kale juice concentrate. They have over 150 years of RDM International expertise in the agro-supply chain. Their experienced team, including agronomists and quality control specialists, strives to bring top-notch food and beverage solutions to their customers. Choosing RDM International means choosing a reliable companion for your success.

Expertise and Experience

RDM International values your success as much as theirs. They promise exceptional RDM International customer support at every stage. Their team ensures you get tailored solutions, guidance, and the necessary resources to confidently use their kale concentrate supplier in your products.

Customer Support

RDM International is committed to guiding you in your food and beverage development journey. They offer personalized help, advice on product creation, and the resources needed for triumph. With RDM International, expect to be treated with the attention and care you deserve.

RDM International expertise

Related Products

RDM International is excited to offer more than just kale juice concentrate. We have a wide variety of nutrient-dense kale-based products for you. Check out our kale purées, frozen chopped kale, and kale powder. They are all packed with flavor and great for your health. These products are perfect for those wanting to focus on plant-based health.

Kale Purée

Our kale purées bring out the best in kale. They are made with top-quality nutrient-dense ingredients. You can add these purées to many different foods and drinks. This way, you get all the nutrition from this plant-based wellness champion in every bite.

Frozen Chopped Kale

If you are looking for an easy way to add kale to your meals, we have it. Our frozen chopped kale keeps the fresh taste and nutrients of kale. It’s perfect for dishes like soups and stews, highlighting kale’s superfood status.

Kale Powder

Adding kale powder to your diet is simple with our product. It’s great for mixing into supplements, protein powders, or using it in baking and snacks. This kale powder is a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of kale, anytime.


RDM International is your trusted supplier of top-grade kale juice concentrate. We are dedicated to giving you the most nutrient-dense superfood. This will boost your products’ flavor and nutrition, be it in drinks, baby food, or unique spreads.

Quality and reliability are key when creating products. We make sure our kale is the best and carefully processed. So, you get quality kale juice concentrate every time, crafted specifically for you. Reach out to us to discover how we can help you meet the needs of your health-conscious customers.

RDM International offers knowledge, flexible options, and is committed to your achievement. We are perfect for those wanting to use kale in their products. Let us lead you to see the many ways this healthy, versatile green can be an asset to your creations.


What is kale juice concentrate?

Kale juice concentrate is a powerful form of kale juice. It’s created by removing water from the fresh juice. This process keeps the kale’s natural taste and color.It’s filled with key nutrients and can be added to many foods and drinks.

What are the nutritional benefits of kale juice concentrate?

Kale is a top choice for health, with vitamins A, C, and K. It’s also packed with minerals like calcium and iron.By concentrating kale, you get a superfood boost to help stay healthy.

What processing methods are used for kale juice concentrate?

RDM International uses special methods for their kale juice. They have options for aseptic and frozen processing. This keeps the juice natural and free from any extra chemicals.Their juice concentrate can be made clear or cloudy. It can also be organic and non-GMO.

How versatile is kale juice concentrate in applications?

Kale juice concentrate is great for many drinks, from juices to energy shots. It’s even good for baby foods.Plus, it boosts the taste and nutrition of sauces, dressings, and more.

What packaging options are available for kale juice concentrate?

RDM International has various packages for different customer needs. They offer big sizes like drums and small ones like boxes.This allows companies to use kale juice concentrate in any way they need.

Does RDM International offer both organic and conventional kale juice concentrate?

Yes, RDM International offers both organic and regular kale juice concentrate. This lets customers pick what’s best for their products.

Can the kale juice concentrate be customized?

Indeed, RDM International can tailor the kale juice concentrate to exact needs. They offer options for clear or cloudy forms.They also provide non-GMO and kosher types for special dietary needs.

Where does RDM International source its kale?

RDM International gets its kale from the US and abroad. This ensures fresh, quality kale all year.

What quality assurance and certifications does RDM International provide?

RDM International focuses on top quality and safety. Their products are checked by third parties and meet high standards.This shows their dedication to providing the best for their customers.

What expertise and customer support does RDM International offer?

RDM International has over 150 years of experience in agriculture. They are devoted to providing great ingredients and helping customers succeed.Their team is ready to help at every stage, from idea to a finished product.