Did you know the kale you eat really matters for your health and happiness? Enter RDM International’s IQF Kale to change the game. This innovative freezing method keeps Kale fresh, trapping its goodness for your meals. We’re your go-to for top-notch frozen kale, including conventional and organic choices, ready for your recipes.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading supplier of premium quality IQF kale.
  • Their IQF kale preserves the freshness and natural nutrition of the vegetable.
  • RDM International offers both conventional and organic kale options.
  • The IQF kale is ready for use in a wide range of culinary applications.
  • RDM International is committed to delivering high-quality kale products and maintaining a reliable supply chain.

What makes RDM International’s IQF kale better than the rest? It’s all in the process. Their dedication to top-notch kale processing and their sustainability practice elevate them in the market. Find out why they’re the frozen kale industry’s shining star.

Introduction to IQF Kale

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) kale is a must-have for any kitchen. It keeps the nutrition and freshness of kale while making it easy to use. RDM International is known for their top-quality frozen kale. They have both conventional and organic kale for all your cooking needs.

What is IQF Kale?

IQF kale is expertly frozen to keep its great taste and nutrition. Using the IQF method, kale is quickly frozen to stop big ice crystals from forming. This keeps the kale’s natural preservation intact.

Benefits of Frozen Kale

RDM International’s IQF kale lasts longer and is available any time of the year, unlike fresh kale. You can use this frozen kale in drinks, meals, or snacks and still get all its nutrition. This means you get the same great taste and health benefits as with the fresh kind.

Quality IQF Kale Supplier

RDM International stands out as a top iqf kale supplier. It’s known for offering the best frozen kale. They focus on freshness and nutrient content in their products.

RDM International: A Trusted Name

Years of excellence have marked RDM International in the kale processing and kale quality fields. They aim for top-notch food safety and quality. Such commitment has won them the loyalty of big food companies and service providers around the globe.

Sourcing and Processing

RDM International excels thanks to its careful kale sourcing. They pick trusted farms and facilities to get their kale. These standards, plus advanced kale processing tech, guarantee a steady flow of high-quality frozen kale.

Quality is key for RDM beyond just the start. They keep a close eye on their kale processing and delivery too. This way, every bit of their frozen kale keeps its original taste, feel, and nutrition. It’s perfect for many recipes.

Nutritional Value of Kale

Kale shines as the “queen of greens” with its amazing kale nutrition and health perks. It’s full of crucial kale vitamins and kale minerals. Because of this, it sits high on the list of nutrient-rich foods.

Kale: The “Queen of Greens”

Kale boosts your body with vitamins A, C, and K, plus minerals like calcium and iron. It’s also a good fiber source. Adding to its goodness are plant compounds lutein and zeaxanthin. What’s more, freezing doesn’t lower kale nutrition. Using RDM International’s frozen kale is a smart move for your meals.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Kale isn’t just about vitamins. It’s rich in important kale minerals too. These help keep you healthy and feeling good. Adding more kale to your meals is easy with RDM International’s frozen options.

Applications of IQF Kale

RDM International’s IQF kale is perfect for various food and drink uses. It’s ideal for enhancing the nutrient content of your creations. This superfood can be added to juices, smoothies, meals, and snacks.

Juices, Smoothies, and Beverages

Adding kale in juices and kale in smoothies boosts their health benefits. It brings essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. RDM International’s IQF kale fits perfectly in all sorts of drinks, whether fresh or creamy.

Prepared Foods and Ready Meals

In kale in prepared foods and ready dishes, IQF kale shines. It easily goes into meals like pasta, risotto, and stir-fries. As a flavor enhancer and nutrient source, it’s great for health and convenience.

Healthy Snacks and Kale Chips

If you enjoy kale in snacks, try making kale chips with RDM International’s IQF kale. These crispy snacks offer both taste and nutrition. They’re a perfect way to enjoy good food while staying healthy.

Organic and Conventional Options

At RDM International, we know people have different tastes. Some folks like organic kale, while others prefer conventional kale. We’re happy to provide both to suit your needs.

Our organic kale meets every purity standard of the USDA National Organic Program. It doesn’t have any artificial pesticides or herbicides. So, you get a clean choice for your kale sourcing.

If you go for our conventional kale, you’re choosing a more cost-friendly option. But don’t worry, quality is always our priority. We ensure our kale, organic or not, comes from trusted sources. Every step, from farming to your plate, features top-notch care and standards.

Packaging and Bulk Supply

At RDM International, customer needs come first. We know and are important. That’s why we offer many packaging options and bulk sizes to fit what you need.

Bulk Pack Sizes

Food makers, sellers, and servers can get in bulk like 20-pound bags from us. This makes it easier to keep your stock in check. You’ll always have top-notch frozen kale on hand for your work.

Customized Packaging Solutions

Need something different? We can help with too. Our team will work with you. We’ll design the best package to make your frozen kale easy to use.

With so many packaging choices and bulk deals, we’re a great fit for your and needs. Let us find the right answer for your company.

iqf kale packaging

Global Supply Chain and Logistics

RDM International ensures its iqf kale supply chain and iqf kale logistics always work well. This way, customers worldwide get their IQF kale products on time. The company uses its global network of partners and hubs to handle orders quickly and deliver frozen kale fast.

Efficient Delivery Network

RDM International is dedicated to making sure its kale delivery network runs smoothly. This means customers can rely on getting fresh-frozen kale exactly when they want it. With a wide logistics system and strong partnerships, the company moves its IQF kale products worldwide fast. This ensures customers get their orders right on time and in great shape.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At RDM International, we put quality and safety first in our IQF kale. We have strict quality control in place. This includes detailed checks and tests. We monitor every step of the production to make sure our frozen kale is the best it can be.

Food Safety and Quality Control

RDM International is serious about top-notch IQF kale. We follow strong food safety and quality rules. Our experts watch closely from getting the raw materials to final packing. This ensures we meet all high standards and regulations.

Certifications and Accreditations

We want our customers to trust our IQF kale meets the best standards. That’s why we have Kosher, Non-GMO, and USDA NOP organic certifications. By getting these certifications, we show our dedication. We aim to provide the best kale to our partners and consumers.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

At RDM International, we value environmental sustainability. We’re dedicated to using green practices. This is part of our role as a caring company. Our goal is to lower the environmental impact of making, processing, and sending out IQF kale.

Environmental Impact

We use energy-saving technology and cut down on waste. Our focus is on shrinking our carbon footprint. This way, the kale environmental impact stays small. Our efforts stretch from better shipping to choosing greener packaging. We want to act responsibly towards the environment in everything we do.

Sustainable Agriculture

We push for eco-friendly farming among our suppliers. We team up with farmers to promote methods like organic growing. We stress the importance of saving water and using renewable energy. By helping farmers use these green methods, we make sure our IQF kale is good for both people and the planet.

IQF kale sustainability

For us at RDM International, sustainability is a key part of our plan. We make IQF kale with methods that protect our earth. Our products feed people well and help keep the planet healthy for the future.


RDM International is a well-known IQF kale supplier. They offer a wide range of frozen kale products, including conventional and organic options. These choices are perfect for food makers, sellers, and those in the foodservice industry. They use the latest IQF technology to ensure their frozen kale keeps its natural taste and nutritional value.

If you want to add healthy kale to your drinks, meals, or snacks, RDM International has what you need. They focus on delivering top-notch frozen kale for your use. Their approach is all about quality and being eco-friendly. So, choosing RDM International for your kale applications is a smart move.

Try RDM International’s IQF kale for an easy and nutritious meal upgrade. See how their frozen kale enhances your recipes and meals. With RDM International as your IQF kale supplier, quality frozen greens are always within reach.


What is IQF kale?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) kale is a type of frozen kale. It’s frozen quickly to keep its fresh taste, color, and nutrients. This process freezes kale fast at very low temperatures. It stops large ice crystals from forming. This keeps the kale as good as fresh.

What are the benefits of using RDM International’s IQF kale?

RDM International’s IQF kale stays fresh for longer and is easy to use. It’s available all year, making it great for many recipes like drinks and meals. The IQF process keeps the kale’s taste, texture, and nutrients just right.

What makes RDM International a trusted supplier of premium quality IQF kale?

RDM International is known for its top-notch IQF kale. They always offer fresh and healthy frozen kale. Their kale comes from the best farms where safety and quality are carefully watched.

What are the key nutrients found in kale?

Kale is called the “queen of greens” because it’s so healthy. It’s full of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as calcium and iron. Kale also has plenty of fiber and helpful plant substances like lutein.

How can RDM International’s IQF kale be used in various food and beverage applications?

RDM International’s frozen kale is great for many dishes and drinks. Use it in smoothies or cook with it like you would fresh kale. You can also make tasty kale chips with it. It adds a healthy boost to any recipe.

Does RDM International offer both organic and conventional IQF kale?

Yes, RDM International has both organic and conventional IQF kale. The organic kale follows strict organic farming rules. The conventional kale is grown traditionally. This meets the different wants of customers.

What packaging options and bulk supply arrangements does RDM International offer for its IQF kale products?

RDM International has many ways to package and supply its kale. They offer bulk sizes like 20-pound bags. Customers can also get it in smaller packs or other special types.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and safety of its IQF kale products?

RDM International works hard on the quality and safety of its kale. They check and test it a lot during production. This makes sure it’s very safe and good to eat. The company also has important certifications like Kosher and Non-GMO.

What sustainability and eco-friendly practices does RDM International incorporate into its IQF kale operations?

RDM International cares about the planet. They use energy wisely and reduce waste. They also encourage farms to be sustainable. This helps to take care of the earth.