Are you tired of frozen veggies that don’t taste or provide nutrition? Get ready to enjoy top-notch IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) mixed vegetables from foodguys. As a major quality IQF mixed vegetables supplier, we deliver superior frozen veggies. They will enhance your dishes like never before.

At foodguys, we offer a wide range of wholesale IQF vegetables and organic IQF vegetables. These are sourced from the best producers globally. No matter the quantity, we can provide you with conventional and organic IQF vegetables at unbeatable prices.

Our service doesn’t stop at selling frozen vegetable blends and vegetable medleys. We secure the best deals, organize transport, and manage storage. Your frozen mixed veggies and IQF veggie mixes will reach you worldwide. Plus, we handle the paperwork. This leaves you free to craft wonderful, nutritious veggie variety for your customers.

No matter if you need premium frozen vegetables, farm-fresh frozen blend, or something special, foodguys has it. We offer over 100 types of IQF vegetables with the ability to customize. And if you can’t find what you need, just let us know. Our team is ready to assist you.

Key Takeaways

  • Exceptional quality IQF mixed vegetables from trusted suppliers
  • Vast selection of wholesale IQF vegetables and organic options
  • Competitive pricing and efficient global logistics
  • Customized solutions to meet your unique requirements
  • Commitment to sourcing the freshest, most nutritious produce

Wondering why foodguys stands out as your go-to quality IQF mixed vegetables supplier? Unleash your dishes’ potential with our top-grade frozen veggies. Let’s see what we can create together!

Unlock the Culinary Magic of IQF Mixed Vegetables

Find out how IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Mixed Vegetables from RDM International can change the way you cook. They’re a must-have in any kitchen. These IQF mixed vegetables keep the freshness and variety of farm-fresh frozen veggies. They’re ready to use in many dishes.

Discover the Vibrant Flavors and Convenience

The IQF process keeps the iqf veggie blend’s natural flavors, textures, and nutritional value. They’re perfect for a variety of recipes. From a fast stir-fry to a fancy frozen veggie medley, these iqf mixed vegetables add vibrant flavors to your meals.

Preserve Freshness and Nutritional Value

RDM International’s iqf mixed vegetables keep the vegetables fresh and nutritious. Even when fresh veggies are out of season, you can still enjoy their tasty benefits. Add these frozen veggie medleys to your dishes for a healthy and tasty meal upgrade.

Quality IQF Mixed Vegetables Supplier

RDM International is a top supplier of IQF mixed vegetables, working with elite producers worldwide. We focus on getting you the freshest and most nutritious IQF veggies. Our trusted network of growers helps us keep the quality high and consistent.

Sourced from the Highest Quality Producers

Quality is king at RDM International. We’re known for getting our iqf mixed vegetables from the best in the business. Thanks to our strong global connections, we ensure our customers get the premium vegetable sourcing. Trust in us for top-notch products every time.

Organic, Non-GMO, and Conventional Options

At RDM International, we’ve got all bases covered. Whether you prefer organic and non-gmo or conventional veggies, we offer the best. Expect nothing less than the freshest IQF mixed vegetables for your dishes.

A Versatile Kitchen Essential

RDM International’s IQF mixed vegetables are a must-have in your kitchen. They bring ease and variety to your dishes. Whether you’re cooking a family favorite or trying new global recipes, our IQF blends fit right in.

Wide Range of Recipes and Cuisines

Are you making a delicious stir-fry, a colorful veggie salad, or a warm casserole? Add our IQF mixed veggies for a tasty twist. They add unique flavors and textures, perfect for any dish. So, get ready to be creative with our recipe versatility.

Effortless Meal Preparation

Our IQF mixed vegetables save you time with their pre-prepared form. You skip the chopping and washing, going straight to cooking. They make making meals quick and easy, so you can savor great food without the hard work.

Diverse Selection of IQF Vegetables

At RDM International, we’re excited about our vast selection of IQF vegetables. We offer everything from favorites like broccoli to more exotic kinds of veggies. This includes bok choy and edamame. You can find veggies perfect for a simple dish or something more adventurous.

Explore our frozen veggie assortment to see how your dishes can stand out. Our IQF vegetables range from those you know to ones that may spark your curiosity. They’re ready to help you create meals that are both delicious and unique.

iqf vegetable selection

Experience the rich flavors and flexibility our IQF vegetable selection brings. Whether you’re a chef or cook at home, our IQF mixed vegetables will make your recipes shine. They preserve the taste and feel of fresh vegetables. Dive into the world of our frozen options for new cooking adventures.

Global Sourcing and Logistics

At RDM International, our global sourcing network is strong. This ensures you always get the best IQF mixed vegetables. Our worldwide procurement team is always working hard. They find the best producers to get fresh and tasty vegetables from all over. We also provide efficient supply chain solutions. This includes everything from transport to warehousing. We make sure you get your IQF mixed vegetables quickly and without spending too much, no matter where you are.

Worldwide Procurement Network

Our large worldwide procurement network lets us pick the best IQF veggies from every corner of the world. We choose our partners very carefully. This is to make sure you always get top-quality and fresh vegetables. They reach you in perfect condition, offering the best taste and nutrition.

Efficient Supply Chain Solutions

We are experts in international logistics at RDM International. We provide complete supply chain solutions to make sure your IQF mixed vegetables reach you smoothly. We handle everything from transport to final delivery. Our goal is to ensure your products reach you exactly when you need them, and in the best condition possible.

Certified Quality and Safety

At RDM International, quality and safety are our top priorities. We make sure our certified quality iqf vegetables are the best. They meet strict food safety and quality standards after facing many tests and have gotten third-party audits and industry certifications.

Third-Party Audits and Certifications

We check our vegetables from the start to the end really carefully. This way, you get safe and top-notch IQF mixed vegetables every time. Our dedication to food safety standards is solid. We show off the certifications that prove our commitment to being great.

Adherence to Industry Standards

We promise to give you peace of mind when you choose our certified quality iqf vegetables. We stick to the highest industry standards. So, every bag of our IQF mixed vegetables is of the highest quality and safety. You know you can trust us.

certified quality iqf vegetables

Exceptional Customer Service

At RDM International, providing amazing

customer service

is what we do best. Our team is made of

experienced and dedicated professionals

who care. They work hard to understand what you need and offer

ways to help

that fit perfectly. Need help picking the right products, with orders, or getting things where they need to be? We’re here to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Dedicated and Experienced Staff

Our customer service folks know their stuff and love helping you. They have lots of experience and understand our

IQF veggie solutions well


This means they’re ready to tackle your questions and issues right away. You can trust ourdedicated team

to guide you through the frozen produce world.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

We get it – every customer is different. Everyone has their own needs and likes. That’s why we spend time getting to know what you need for your business. Then, we create

IQF veggie solutions that are just right for you


Our team will team up with you closely. We’ll make sure the products, help, and services you get fit perfectly with what you’re aiming for. With our help, you make the most out of our

Sustainable and Responsible Practices

At RDM International, we’re all about making the planet better. Our sustainable iqf veggie practices are how we do what we do. We want to leave a small carbon footprint while making towns and cities better places.

Environmentally Conscious Operations

We do our best to use things that won’t run out, save energy, and choose kind ways to package. This way of working is felt in everything we do, from picking the best IQF mixed vegetables to sending them your way.

Supporting Local Growers and Communities

Not only are we about being eco-friendly, but we also back people close by. We get some of our iqf veggie mix from the area. This helps the region grow and supports farming that’s good for the earth. This means you get the freshest, tastiest frozen veggie blend out there.


RDM International is your go-to for top-quality IQF mixed vegetables. We are committed to picking the best produce and maintaining high quality. Our goal is to make sure you get superb customer service. Whether you need common or unique vegetable mixes, we have a wide range. Plus, we can deliver to you worldwide, giving you access to the freshest IQF vegetables.

Count on RDM International to help with your business’s frozen vegetable needs. We care about the earth, using sustainable methods, and we always put customers first. Choose us for IQF vegetables because we offer many choices, a reliable supply, and personalized help. We’re sure we can do more than meet your needs; we can exceed them.

Discover the flavor and ease of IQF mixed vegetables with RDM International. Our products keep their nutrition and are easy to use. Let us help you make your dishes better and your business grow like never before.


What types of IQF mixed vegetables does foodguys offer?

foodguys offers over 100 types of IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) vegetables. They include both organic and conventional, from classic to unique. This wide range meets all your cooking needs.

How does foodguys ensure the quality and safety of its IQF mixed vegetables?

foodguys takes quality and safety seriously. They follow strict food standards verified by third parties. Starting from sourcing to delivery, they ensure high quality and safe vegetables for you.

What are the benefits of using foodguys’ IQF mixed vegetables?

Using foodguys’ IQF mixed vegetables brings convenience and versatility to your meals. Their IQF process retains the veggies’ natural taste and nutrients. Plus, they come pre-prepped, saving you time in the kitchen.

Does foodguys offer organic and non-GMO IQF mixed vegetable options?

Yes, foodguys also has organic and non-GMO veggies. They work with reliable growers for sustainable, quality vegetables, fitting various preferences.

How does foodguys ensure the reliability and consistency of its IQF mixed vegetable supply?

foodguys uses a strong global network to maintain quality and supply. They pick the best sources to get you fresh veggies worldwide. Fast and efficient delivery ensures you get your order on time.

What kind of customer service can I expect from foodguys?

foodguys’ customer service is top-notch. They aim to understand your needs, offering solutions for your satisfaction. Whether for choosing products or handling logistics, they ensure a smooth experience every time.

Does foodguys operate in a sustainable and responsible manner?

foodguys is all about being green and ethical. They use renewable resources and earth-friendly practices. Plus, they support local growers, boosting local economies and eco-friendly farming.