Looking for top-notch, flavorful beets for your food business? RDM International has you covered. They are a top supplier of high-quality IQF beets in the USA. RDM works closely with the best beet growers to ensure you get fresh, consistent beet products year-round.

RDM International stands out for its dedication to quality and tracking every step. They use a “seed-to-plate” management style to control quality and ensure reliable supply. No matter your role in the food industry, from exporting beets to making food, RDM has what you need.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the premier supplier of high-quality IQF beets in the USA
  • The company sources its beets from the best growers, ensuring consistent quality and flavor
  • RDM International’s “seed-to-plate” management approach guarantees stringent quality control and traceability
  • IQF beets are available in a variety of cuts and packaging options to meet diverse customer needs
  • RDM International’s commitment to excellence makes it a trusted partner in the food industry

What are IQF Beets?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) beets are a smart way to keep the natural sweetness and bright color of fresh beets anytime. The IQF process means they are frozen fast right after picking. This keeps their freshness, nutrients, and flavor. They keep their shape and texture, which is perfect for many recipes.

Individually Quick Frozen for Freshness

Each individually quick frozen beet stays fresh, full of nutrients, and tasty because of the IQF process. Freezing them right after harvest keeps their vitamins and minerals. Plus, it saves their sweet flavor and vibrant color.

Preserving Natural Sweetness and Vibrant Color

IQF lets the beets keep their sweet taste and beet color. This means dishes with frozen beet ingredients can be just as tasty and colorful as with fresh ones. They’re a solid pick for cooking in many ways.

Quality IQF Beets Supplier

RDM International leads in supplying high-quality IQF beets. They serve food makers, distributors, and sellers nationwide. The company works closely with top beet suppliers to guarantee fresh, tasty beets. Their beets are sourced and processed carefully, making them a trusted choice in the food industry.

RDM International is proud to offer top-notch frozen vegetable solutions. They show their dedication to quality through strict sourcing and processing. This ensures their IQF beets always meet the high standards required by industrial food suppliers and picky consumers.

Whether you’re a food maker, a distributor, or a seller wanting the best in frozen veggies, RDM International is your go-to. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart. You can trust RDM International’s IQF beets to spice up your food offerings and please your customers.

Benefits of Frozen Beet Cubes

RDM International’s frozen beet cubes stand out for both food makers and those who enjoy good eats. They’re made using the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) method. This ensures they keep their handiness, can be used in many ways, taste great, and last long.

Convenience and Versatility

The frozen beet cubes from RDM International cut down your kitchen work. You no longer need to spend time peeling, chopping, or dicing. Just add these easy-to-use beets to soups, salads, or roast dinners. They fit perfectly into almost any dish.

Consistent Quality and Flavor

The IQF method keeps RDM International’s beet cubes fresh and full of flavor. They’re always a beautiful, tasty addition, unlike fresh beets that can lose their charm. This means your meals will always impress, thanks to top quality ingredients.

Extended Shelf Life

RDM International’s IQF beet cubes last longer than fresh ones, which means less waste. They offer a high-quality choice for making and cooking food. The freezing process seals in the sweetness and freshness. So, they’re always ready to use when you are.

Sourcing and Processing

RDM International focuses on top-notch beet sourcing and processing. They team up with leading beet growers. This ensures a steady supply of top-quality beets. They pick seeds that grow the tastiest and most colorful beets.

Stringent Quality Control

RDM International takes a “seed-to-plate” management approach. It ensures strict quality control throughout the supply chain. Their team tests and inspects every step, from seed picking to freezing. This makes sure their IQF beets are always superior.

Seed-to-Plate Management

This method grants RDM International total oversight over beet processing. They watch over all parts, from planting to freezing. This means their IQF beets stay sweet, colorful, and top-quality. They provide a superior product to food industry customers.

Applications in Food Industry

RDM International’s IQF beets are very flexible. They fit well in many food applications. Their taste and quality work in restaurants, catering, and processed foods. RDM International’s beet products are becoming popular in the food industry.

Restaurants and Catering

In restaurants and catering, RDM International’s IQF beets stand out. They can enhance salads, soups, and main dishes. These beets are tasty and easy to use, letting chefs show their skills. Food professionals choose RDM International’s beet products for their reliability and bright colors.

Processed Food Manufacturing

For processed food makers, RDM International’s IQF beets are a great choice. They go into everything from frozen meals to canned products. The company focuses on quality and safety, giving food makers dependable beet products. This helps food makers create top-notch items for buyers.

Retail and Wholesale Distribution

RDM International also serves the retail and wholesale markets with IQF beets. Their beet products are easy to find for consumers and professionals. You can buy them in stores, from distributors, or online. This opens a door for everyone to enjoy these sweet and colorful healthy beets.

Varieties and Cuts Available

At RDM International, we have a big range of IQF beet varieties and IQF beet cuts. This means we have the beets you need, whether whole, diced, or julienne. We get beets from multiple growing regions for a steady supply of beet size options and beet shape options all year.

Our selection lets food makers and sellers pick the right beet type for cooking, blending, or making something new. We’re dedicated to quality and new ideas. This drives us to keep looking for the best beet solutions for you.

IQF Beet Varieties IQF Beet Cuts Beet Size Options Beet Shape Options
Whole Beets Diced Small Round
Baby Beets Julienne Medium Oblong
Golden Beets Sliced Large Irregular
Chioggia Beets Custom Cuts Mini Wedge

iqf beet varieties

RDM International has an amazing variety of IQF beet varieties and IQF beet cuts. You’ll find just what you need to make your food stand out. We aim to offer great quality and choice. So, you get the beet size options and beet shape options that are perfect for you, no matter if you’re a restaurant, a maker, or sell food.

Organic and Non-GMO Options

RDM International not only offers frozen beets but also organic and non-GMO choices. These products meet the increasing need for pure, natural food. Made with earth-friendly methods, their organic and non-GMO beets are checked to guarantee they’re safe. So, people and food makers can match what they eat to their health and eco goals.

They focus on bringing organic iqf beets and non-gmo iqf beets to the table. This shows how much they care about giving various beet organic options and beet non-gmo options. RDM gets its beets from farms that are officially recognized for being organic and free of GMOs. This means their IQF beet items are top-notch in both quality and caring for the planet.

Product Certification Benefits
Organic IQF Beets USDA Organic
  • Grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Produced using sustainable farming methods
  • Non-GMO and preservative-free
Non-GMO IQF Beets Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Sourced from non-GMO beet growers
  • Guaranteed to be free of genetically modified organisms
  • Ideal for health-conscious consumers

Having choices like organic iqf beets and non-gmo iqf beets means a lot to RDM International. It lets both food makers and shoppers pick from various beet organic options and beet non-gmo options. So, you can enhance your foods or recipes with the lovely taste and bright hue of beets. You’ll also be supporting health and a cleaner earth.

Packaging and Shipping

RDM International offers a wide variety of packing and shipping. This is to meet the different needs of their customers. If you’re a big food maker looking for iqf beet bulk options, or a small shop needing easy iqf beet retail options, RDM is here for you.

Bulk and Retail Options

For big food makers and industrial users, RDM has top-notch iqf beets available in large amounts. You can buy them in large cases, pails, and totes. This makes it easy to use these quality ingredients in your products and keep a steady stock. For those who need smaller amounts, like retail shops, RDM also has packages meant for direct selling. This makes sure your customers can find and enjoy these tasty frozen beets easily.

Nationwide and International Delivery

RDM knows getting iqf beet shipping right is crucial. That’s why they can send their products across the country and to other countries too. This way, no matter where you are or where your customers are, you can count on a steady supply. This keeps these versatile veggies within reach at all times.

Food Safety and Certifications

At RDM International, iqf beet food safety and quality come first. The company makes sure its iqf beet products are safe and top-notch. They follow major beet food safety standards like FSMA, SQF, and GFSI. RDM also has Kosher and Halal iqf beet certifications for different customer needs. This dedication to safety and quality means RDM’s IQF beets are reliable for both makers and eaters.

Certification Purpose
iqf beet certifications Ensures compliance with the highest standards in food safety, quality, and traceability.
beet industry certifications Enables RDM International to meet the specific requirements of diverse customers, from Kosher to Halal.
iqf beet food safety Demonstrates RDM International’s commitment to providing safe, high-quality iqf beet products.
beet food safety standards Guarantees that RDM International’s production facilities adhere to the most stringent regulations in the industry.

With strict iqf beet food safety and certification rules, RDM International is a go-to in the food business. They offer iqf beet items that fit what customers need and want.

iqf beet food safety

Customer Service and Support

At RDM International, making you happy comes first. Our devoted IQF beet customer service team will help you with everything. From picking products to getting them to your door, they’ve got you covered. They aim to understand what you need and offer solutions that work best for you. This makes your beet industry customer experience great.

Our support makes us a top choice in the food business. We promise to be quick, smart, and always ready to help. You’ll find that we listen and go beyond to meet your needs and make your experience outstanding.

Key Benefits of RDM International’s Customer Service Details
Personalized Support Our experts take the time to understand your unique needs and provide customized solutions.
Reliable Delivery We ensure your IQF beet orders are fulfilled on time, every time, with transparent communication.
Technical Expertise Our team can offer guidance on the best ways to incorporate IQF beets into your operations.
Ongoing Assistance We’re here to support you throughout your partnership with RDM International.

“RDM International’s customer service is truly exceptional. They go above and beyond to ensure we have the IQF beets we need, when we need them. It’s a partnership that has been invaluable to our business.”

RDM International: Your Trusted Partner

RDM International is well-known in the food industry for top-notch IQF beets and great service. Their work emphasizes new ideas, high standards, and caring for the planet. This focus has built them a solid reputation for giving customers products they can always rely on. The company’s strong dedication, deep knowledge, and wide-reaching connections make it a top choice for anyone in need of quality frozen beet options.

Being a top IQF beet supplier, RDM International stands out as a reliable partner in the food industry. They are known for putting quality, safety, and customer happiness first. This approach has won them the trust of many, from food makers to restaurants. Their varied IQF beet selection and helpful team make RDM International your go-to source for frozen beets.

Key Attributes RDM International
Quality IQF Beets ✔️
Exceptional Customer Service ✔️
Sustainable Practices ✔️
Extensive Industry Experience ✔️
Reliable and Consistent Products ✔️

“RDM International has been an invaluable partner for our business. Their commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched in the industry.”

– Jane Doe, Head of Procurement, ABC Food Company

Choosing RDM International for IQF beets means teaming up with someone who truly cares about your wins. They lead with fresh ideas, superior quality, and staying green. They are the trusted partner for getting the finest frozen beet solutions for your specific needs in the food industry.


RDM International’s IQF beets are a top choice for food business needs. They offer a simple and flexible way to use beets’ natural sweetness and bright colors in many dishes. The company focuses on quality, safety, and sustainability. This has made them a reliable name in the food industry, providing great products and customer support.

For restaurants, food makers, or sellers, RDM’s IQF beets are a game-changer. Their dedication to top-quality, along with deep knowledge and a broad network of supplies, make them a perfect fit. They are the go-to for anyone wanting superior frozen beet solutions.

To sum up, adding RDM International’s IQF beets is a smart move for any food business. It meets the high demand for quality, convenience, and eco-friendly beet products. These beets taste great, are versatile, and come from a respected source. Your customers will love how RDM’s IQF beets improve your menu or products.


What are the key features of RDM International’s IQF beets?

RDM International’s IQF beets offer many key features. They come from top growers for the best quality and flavor. Each beet is carefully checked and tracked, guaranteeing their excellence.You can get the beets in varied cuts and pack sizes to suit your needs. They are frozen quickly, keeping the flavor and color like fresh beets. This makes them great for many dishes and uses.

How does the IQF process benefit the quality and freshness of RDM International’s beets?

IQF stands for Individually Quick Frozen. RDM International uses this method right after harvesting. It locks in the beet’s taste, nutrients, and shape. This process keeps the beets sweet and colorful, perfect for any meal.

What types of food industry applications can RDM International’s IQF beets be used for?

These beets fit well in many food industry spots, like:– Restaurants and catering for dishes like salads and soups.– Making frozen meals and canned foods.– For sale in stores or for chefs to use.

What packaging and shipping options does RDM International offer for its IQF beets?

RDM International provides various package and shipping choices. For big needs, they have bulk sizes like cases. For retail or smaller operations, they offer user-friendly packs.They can ship their beets anywhere, ensuring customers get their top-quality beets.

How does RDM International ensure the food safety and quality of its IQF beet products?

Food safety and quality matter a lot at RDM International. Their facilities follow the strictest standards, with high certifications. They also have other certifications, like Kosher and Halal, meeting all customer preferences.

What sets RDM International apart as a trusted partner in the food industry?

RDM International is known for its quality, innovation, and great service. They pick the best beet growers and have strict quality controls. This has made them a reliable source for IQF beets.They also offer excellent, personalized customer service. This helps clients have a great and smooth experience.