Looking for a top-notch, all-natural addition for your dishes? Check out RDM International’s aseptic banana puree. It’s made from top-quality, ripe bananas. Plus, it offers great taste and nutrition, all without fake stuff. What makes this puree special?

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International’s aseptic banana puree is made from the finest freshly sourced bananas
  • The puree is preserved without artificial additives, providing a pure and tropical flavor profile
  • With its creamy texture, versatility, and extended shelf life, this banana puree is a top choice for food distributors, brewers, and chefs
  • RDM International is a leading supplier of high-quality aseptic fruit purees
  • The puree is over 99% fat-free, contains no sodium, and is high in potassium and vitamin C

Indulge in the Tropical Flavor of Banana Puree

RDM International presents Aseptic Banana Puree, a true culinary gem. It packs the vibrant flavors of the tropics into every spoonful. Our banana puree manufacturer expertly captures the natural sweetness and silkiness of bananas.

Creamy, Delicious, and Sweet

The creaminess and sweetness of RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree stand out. It boasts a silky feel and a rich sweetness. Thanks to our quality aseptic banana puree supplier, you can now infuse your recipes with tropical joy.

Starchy and Versatile

RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is a perfect thickening agent. It can enhance anything from sauces to desserts. Its versatile nature has won over both brewers and chefs, who use it to create unmatched flavors.

Hints of Brown Sugar, Vanilla, and Caramel

Beyond its creamy sweetness, RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree hides a wealth of flavors. Subtle hints of brown sugar, vanilla, and caramel add complexity. This organic banana puree will turn your dishes into unforgettable meals.

Banana Puree Nutritional Benefits

RDM International makes top quality aseptic banana puree. It’s tasty and packed with nutrients. Whether you’re using it for organic or premium needs, this banana puree manufacturer is a top pick.

Over 99% Fat Free

Banana puree exporter RDM International shines with its low fat. It’s over 99% fat free, so you can enjoy creamy banana frozen banana puree and bulk banana puree guilt-free.

No Sodium

If eating healthy is your goal, RDM International’s aseptic banana puree is perfect. It has no sodium. Ideal for those watching their salt intake.

High in Potassium and Vitamin C

This banana puree is also rich in potassium and vitamin C

Quality Aseptic Banana Puree Supplier

RDM International is a top quality aseptic banana puree supplier. They offer excellent banana puree to food distributors, brewers, and chefs. They keep the natural goodness of their premium banana puree using advanced aseptic packaging technology.

Quality is key for RDM International. They make sure their aseptic fruit purees taste great and are full of nutrition. As a banana puree manufacturer and banana puree exporter, they are the best for frozen banana puree or organic banana puree.

RDM International has bulk banana puree in many sizes. This helps everyone from small to big operations. Their banana puree is perfect for microbreweries, brewpubs, or big food manufacturers. It adds versatility and dependability to your dishes.

Freshly Sourced Bananas

RDM International’s premium banana puree comes from the best freshly picked bananas. They are known for their amazing taste. Bananas are very popular in the U.S. as fresh fruits. RDM International is proud to choose the top ones for their aseptic fruit purees.

Considered One of the Most Popular Fresh Fruits in the U.S.

Bananas are adored and widely used in America. They are among the top-selling fresh fruits here. Their sweet and creamy nature makes them perfect for many dishes and drinks. RDM International uses the finest, organic banana puree for their frozen banana puree and bulk banana puree.

They pick the best, ripe banana puree for their aseptic banana puree. This means their product really captures the banana’s great taste. If you make or sell banana puree, or just love it, RDM International’s quality aseptic banana puree supplier is the best choice. Their products make everything taste fresh and real.

freshly sourced bananas

Aseptic Packaging for Extended Shelf Life

RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree leads in freshness and longevity. It uses the latest aseptic packaging to keep the banana puree fresh for 18 months, unopened.

18 Months Shelf Life Unopened

This process makes a sterile space for the puree. This keeps the quality and taste top-notch for a long time. If you make or sell banana puree, trust RDM’s product to last 18 months properly stored.

Bacteria-Free Environment

RDM’s aseptic tech means their aseptic fruit purees are germ-free. This keeps the ingredients pure and fresh. You can be sure you’re using safe, top-quality organic banana puree in your food.

Store Below 77°F and Away from Sunlight

To keep RDM’s premium banana puree fresh, store it below 77°F and keep it away from the sun. Doing this helps keep the great taste and creamy texture of frozen banana puree. This is key to enjoy it for a long time.

Versatile Sizing Options

RDM International is a top supplier of quality aseptic banana puree. They have various sizes for both small batches and large-scale needs. Their banana puree fits different requirements well.

LB for Testing New Recipes

For trying new recipes, RDM’s 4.4 LB size is perfect. It offers a way to test their premium banana puree without getting a lot. It’s great f or those wanting to experiment.

11 LB for Larger Test Batches

Ready to make more significant test batches? Then, the 11 LB size from RDM is what you need. It’s just right for microbrewers and chefs. It helps them perfect their creations before more production.

44 LB for Microbreweries and Brewpubs

Microbreweries and brewpubs love RDM’s 44 LB size. It’s great for creating beer, cider, and more. This size makes working with top banana puree easy and efficient.

50 Gallon Drums for Large-Scale Operations

For big operations, consider RDM’s 50-gallon drums. This option is ideal for food makers and suppliers needing a large amount. It’s for businesses that want the best aseptic fruit puree in bulk.

Pure Banana Flavor Profile

RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree tastes like fresh bananas from the tropics. It has a strong, sweet flavor. This puree is perfect for making your recipes taste bold and fruity.

Strong, Sweet Banana Flavor

This banana puree is made from the best, fresh bananas. It tastes sweet and smells tropical. It’s great for baking, making drinks, and adding to sauces to get a taste of the islands.

Creamy Yellow Color

RDM International’s banana puree also looks great. It has a creamy yellow color. This aseptic banana puree is perfect for giving your dishes a natural, tropical look.

Allergen-Free and Natural Ingredients

When you cook, the best and safest ingredients matter a lot. The Aseptic Banana Puree from RDM International has only bananas and citric acid. With this, using the puree is worry-free because it has no allergens or fake stuff.


RDM International starts with high-quality, tasty bananas in their premium banana puree. They pick the fruit by hand, aiming to capture its sweet, creamy, and tropical essence. You’ll taste the true goodness of the organic banana puree, free from harmful extras.

Citric Acid

Adding a bit of citric acid to the mix keeps the banana puree fresh. It balances the pH and stops it from going bad. So, your frozen banana puree or bulk banana puree will last, keeping its great taste.

By choosing all-natural ingredients, RDM International stands out. They are top pick for those who export banana puree and for food makers. Their aseptic fruit purees are the healthy and high-quality choice.

Trusted by Brewers and Chefs

RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is loved by brewers and chefs for its top-notch quality and how well it works. Brewers are big fans because it gives their drinks a strong, tropical taste. Chefs use it in many sweets, sauces, and meals.

The quality aseptic banana puree supplier, banana puree manufacturer, and aseptic fruit purees from RDM International are perfect for spicing up recipes. Organic banana puree, premium banana puree, and banana puree exporter, they always provide a steady, trusted product for kitchens and breweries everywhere.

If you love frozen banana puree or use bulk banana puree, RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree will take your dishes to the next level.

Explore Diverse Fruit Puree Flavors

RDM International offers top-quality Aseptic Banana Puree. They also have a wide range of fruit puree flavors. You can pick from berries, tropical fruits, citrus, and stone fruits. These purees are great for making drinks, pastries, sauces, and desserts. It’s a chance for you to try new tastes and get creative.

Berries, Tropical, Citrus, and Stone Fruits

Citrus purees have a sharp, zesty flavor. On the other hand, tropical fruit purees are sweet and exotic. RDM International’s collection of aseptic fruit purees is big. That means there are many ways to make your food and drinks more interesting. Add berry purees for a deep, fruity taste. Or go for stone fruit purees for their unique scent. Whether you like bold or mild flavors, RDM International’s premium fruit puree selections have something for you.

diverse fruit puree flavors


RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is top quality. It brings amazing taste, good nutrition, and a lot of uses. For brewers, chefs, and sellers, this banana puree exporter is perfect. It gives your food and drinks a tasty, tropical touch. Check out the wide selection of aseptic fruit purees from RDM. You’ll find new ways to make your dishes even better.

RDM’s organic banana puree stands out. It is made with care, using the best bananas. The process keeps it natural, without any fake stuff. So, you get real, delicious banana flavor every time. Thanks to this banana puree supplier, your recipes will taste amazing.

Keep going further in your cooking adventures. Add RDM’s frozen banana puree and bulk banana puree to what you make. They work well in brews, tasty treats, and meal samples. This banana puree brings a boost of flavor and quality to your dishes. So, make something special with it.


What makes RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree a premium choice?

RDM International uses the best, freshly sourced bananas in their Aseptic Banana Puree. It has a pure and tropical taste. They avoid adding any artificial stuff.

What are the key features of RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree?

This puree tastes creamy and sweet, with flavors of vanilla, brown sugar, and caramel. It fits well in many recipes, adding a unique taste.

What are the nutritional benefits of RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree?

It’s low in fat and does not have sodium. Yet, it’s packed with potassium and vitamin C, great for your health.

What is RDM International’s commitment to quality?

RDM International is all about top-notch Aseptic Banana Puree. They use the best bananas and keep their puree’s quality high through aseptic packaging.

Why are the bananas used in RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree considered high-quality?

The bananas come fresh from the U.S., known for its great fruits. This freshness gives the puree its amazing taste.

How long is the shelf life of RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree?

RDM International’s puree lasts up to 18 months unopened, thanks to special packaging. Keep it cool and away from light to keep it fresh.

What are the available sizing options for RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree?

They offer sizes like 4.4 LB, 11 LB, and 44 LB. For big operations, you can also get 50-gallon drums. These options help fit different needs.

What does the flavor profile of RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree offer?

It gives a pure and strong banana taste. This puree makes your dishes stand out with its rich flavor and creamy color.

What are the ingredients in RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree?

It contains only bananas and citric acid. This simple mix is free from allergens and artificial preservatives. It’s all about natural goodness.

Who has trusted RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree?

Brewers and chefs love RDM International’s puree for its great quality. It brings a vibrant tropical taste to beers and dishes without any worry about artificial stuff.

What other fruit puree flavors does RDM International offer?

RDM International has a wide variety, from berries to tropical, citrus, and more. These purees help you make tasty and unique foods and drinks.