Looking for top-notch blackberry puree? Go with RDM International for the best. We provide real, fresh Blackberry Puree that’s packed with flavor. It’s made from top-notch high-quality blackberries and is frozen for your convenience. Add it to your dishes for a sweet kick.

RDM International is a leader in quality blackberry puree supplier. We aim to please food distributors and makers alike. Our organic blackberry puree, frozen blackberry puree, and blackberry concentrate supplier are always fresh and top-quality. Trust us to bring the best to your table.

Why pick RDM International as your blackberry puree exporter and blackberry fruit puree source? We’re all about the best highest quality blackberry puree for you. Learn how we stand out in the blackberry puree manufacturers field. Choosing us brings unbeatable perks.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a top quality blackberry puree supplier, offering true and fresh blackberry purees.
  • Our Blackberry Puree brings you the taste of high-quality blackberries in a simple, frozen form.
  • As a blackberry puree exporter and blackberry fruit puree provider, we deliver top-notch products and service.
  • RDM International’s drive for quality and new ideas makes us a trusted blackberry puree manufacturer.
  • Find out the amazing benefits of choosing RDM International as your quality blackberry puree supplier.

Introducing RDM International’s Blackberry Puree

RDM International’s pure blackberry puree is made of 100% top-grade blackberries. There are no added ingredients. This ensures a high quality blackberry puree that adds taste to every meal.

Pure, High-Quality Blackberries

Our blackberry puree stands for purity and quality. We carefully pick the ripest blackberries. This creates a pure blackberry puree full of rich flavor.

Convenient Frozen Form

RDM International’s frozen blackberry puree is super handy. It brings real blackberry flavor to many recipes. Chefs, bakers, and brewers can easily use our puree.

Wide Range of Recipes

Our blackberry puree recipes are endless. You can use our puree in sweets, sauces, drinks, and more. It’s a creative cook’s dream.

Explore Our Real Fruit Puree Flavors

At RDM International, we have lots of real fruit puree flavors. Perfect for cooking, baking, and drinks. You can choose from sweet mango and passion fruit to bold raspberries and blueberries. All our purees are natural and have no fake stuff. You’ll love the sweet taste and bright colors they bring to your recipes.

Are you a chef wanting to make your dishes special? Or a baker who loves flavors in their treats? We have lots of real fruit puree flavors to help you. Use them in your meals and see the amazing change. Your food and drinks will taste like premium, fresh fruits.

Want to make recipes that everyone will love? Try our fruit puree for cooking and fruit puree for beverages at RDM International. You’ll see how using high-quality purees can improve your food. It’ll taste better and look more appealing.

Shop By Size

At RDM International, we know our customers look for different blackberry puree sizes, blackberry puree quantities, and blackberry puree volume. We provide high-quality Blackberry Puree in many sizes. This is for home brewers, craft breweries, big food makers, and commercial groups.

LB (0.5 gallons)

The 0.5-gallon size suits home brewers, bakers, and small makers. It lets you try our premium puree’s bold flavor and color without getting too much.

11 LB (1.2 gallons)

For craft breweries and specialty bakers, our 1.2-gallon size is great. You get enough puree to make your beers, desserts, and dishes taste like fresh blackberries.

44 LB (5 gallons)

Our 5-gallon size helps large food makers and commercial kitchens. With this much puree, you can add natural sweetness and color to many products, from sauces to baked goods.

DRUMS (50 gallons)

For big operations, we have a 50-gallon drum size. It meets large production needs. You won’t need to reorder as often.

Bulk Blackberry Puree Distributor

At RDM International, we lead as a bulk blackberry puree distributor. We supply high-quality puree to many industries. These include food, baking, and beverages. As a reliable supplier, our puree brings both great taste and quality.

Bulk Blackberry Puree Supplier

Choosing RDM International means picking top-tier blackberry puree. We pick the finest blackberries. Then, we process them with extreme care. This ensures a pure and tasty product every time.

Wholesale Blackberry Puree

Our wholesale blackberry puree is perfect for many recipes. It adds flavor to craft beers, pastries, and more. Whether you’re in food, baking, or drinks, our puree will help. It adds unforgettable fruity taste to your creations.

Industrial Blackberry Puree

For big food businesses, our industrial blackberry puree is ideal. It offers the quality and amount needed for production. Our puree helps in making standout sauces, frozen treats, or beverages.

Applications for Commercial Blackberry Puree

RDM International’s Blackberry Puree takes your products to the next level. It’s perfect for big food makers and small bakeries alike. With our commercial blackberry puree, you’ll make dishes that are both delicious and unique.

Food Grade Blackberry Puree

Our food grade blackberry puree is top-notch. It’s great for baking, making sauces, and more. The amazing sweetness and color turn normal foods into something special.

Bulk Blackberry Puree for Bakeries

Bakeries find our bulk blackberry puree very handy. It adds great flavor and looks to cakes and pastries. Your treats will have a tasty blackberry punch and look amazing, drawing in customers.

Blackberry Puree for Food Manufacturing

Food makers, include our blackberry puree in your creations. It makes sauces, dressings, and other dishes much tastier. Your products will have a real blackberry kick, pleasing anyone who tries them.

Customer Testimonials

RDM International’s Blackberry Puree gets high praises from lots of happy customers. It’s loved by many in different fields like craft brewing. It changes the game by giving their beers a real blackberry taste.

“The blackberry puree from RDM International has changed our IPAs,” says Mark from Hoptown Brewing Co. He loves the bold, real flavor it adds to their beers.

The puree is also a hit with bakers. It makes pastries and desserts not just tasty but beautiful too. Sarah from Flourish Bakery says it’s key to her delicious blackberry tarts.

Food makers use the puree to make their sauces and dressings better. Emily from Gourmet Condiments picks RDM’s over others. She likes how it sweetens and brightens their vinaigrette.

Customers love RDM’s Blackberry Puree for its great quality. It’s perfect for craft brewers, bakers, and food makers. It turns their creations into flavorful and eye-catching masterpieces.

customer reviews blackberry puree

Shop by Industry

RDM International’s Blackberry Puree fits many industries and food uses perfectly. For craft brewers, bakers, or frozen dessert makers, this puree will make your products better. It brings great flavors and quality to your work, delighting those who enjoy it.


RDM International’s Blackberry Puree is great for craft brewers. It helps beer taste unique with strong fruit flavors. This blackberry puree for brewing brings natural sweetness and richness. It makes your beers outstanding, creating an amazing drinking experience.


Bakers can use RDM International’s Blackberry Puree in various sweets. From fillings to frostings, this blackberry puree for baking adds a burst of fruit. It lifts cakes, pastries, and more, making them irresistible to your customers.


Producers improve their sauces and dressings with RDM International’s Blackberry Puree. This blackberry puree for sauces adds sweetness that upgrades savory meals. It also gives a beautiful look to your products, enhancing their appeal.

Frozen Desserts

For dessert makers, RDM International’s Blackberry Puree is key. It makes ice creams, sorbets, and desserts stand out. This blackberry puree for frozen desserts adds a rich fruity flavor. It improves the taste and texture of your frozen treats, making customers want more.

Featured Partners

RDM International enjoys working with the best food and drink companies. They share our love for top-notch quality and creativity. Our RDM International partnerships and RDM International collaborations bring forth amazing fruit items, such as special beers with blackberries and stunning desserts. These creations are all thanks to RDM International’s Blackberry Puree.

We are constantly seeking fresh chances to collaborate with forward-thinking brands. Together, we aim to redefine the possibilities in fruit-focused foods and drinks.

Quality Blackberry Puree Supplier

RDM International is your top source for pure, fresh blackberry puree. We offer the best quality blackberry puree for distributors and makers. Our puree comes from 100% pure blackberries, without any extras, to give you a bold taste every time. No matter if you brew, bake, or make sauces, our Blackberry Puree will make your products stand out.

quality blackberry puree supplier


RDM International is a top blackberry puree supplier. We offer fresh, real purees to chefs and bakers in many fields. Our puree, from pure blackberries, adds a special touch to many recipes. This includes craft beers and tasty pastries.

As your reliable partner, we promise great products and service. Whether you brew beer, bake, or make puree, we have what you need. Our blackberry puree helps you make dishes that people will love.

We focus on quality and new ideas, which is why we are a leading blackberry puree exporter. Working with us means adding the amazing taste of blackberries to your food or drinks. Choose RDM International and bring out the best in your recipes with our Blackberry Puree.


What makes RDM International’s Blackberry Puree unique?

RDM International’s Blackberry Puree uses only 100% real blackberries. It has no additives or preservatives. This makes it bold and full of flavor.

How is the Blackberry Puree convenient to use?

This puree comes in a frozen form. It’s easy to use in many recipes. You can use it in baked goods, sauces, drinks, and more.

What other real fruit puree flavors does RDM International offer?

They offer a variety of flavors like mango, passion fruit, and more. All the purees are made with real fruit and no fake stuff.

What size options are available for RDM International’s Blackberry Puree?

You can get the Blackberry Puree in sizes for every need. Choices include 0.5-gallon to 50-gallon drums.

How does RDM International ensure the quality of its Blackberry Puree?

They carefully select the best blackberries. This ensures their puree is top-quality and consistent. It’s great for food and drink use.

What commercial applications can RDM International’s Blackberry Puree be used for?

It’s great for making foods and drinks look and taste better. This includes goodies like baked goods and sauces. It works for both big and small businesses.

What do customers say about RDM International’s Blackberry Puree?

Customers, like craft brewers and bakers, love it. They say it improves the taste and look of their products. Food makers also say it boosts their products.

What industries and applications can RDM International’s Blackberry Puree be used for?

The Blackberry Puree is good for many businesses. It helps in craft brewing, baking, and more. It adds great fruit flavors and makes products better.