Have you ever asked what makes premium IQF garbanzo beans different? RDM International’s IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Garbanzo Beans bring culinary ease and a rich taste. They’re a must-have for your kitchen, transforming any dish with their convenience.

Our IQF garbanzo beans keep their nutty flavor and firmness, even when frozen. They are perfect for any chef or cook, provided by trusted chickpea exporters and frozen garbanzo suppliers. Their quality and versatility offer a significant boost to your food creations.

What makes RDM International’s IQF Garbanzo Beans special? Let’s dive into the secrets of their top-notch quality and the impact they’ll have on your kitchen.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the culinary convenience and nutty flavor of RDM International’s IQF Garbanzo Beans
  • Explore the versatility of these indian desi chana suppliers and kabuli chana wholesalers in a wide range of recipes
  • Learn about the unique freezing process that preserves the individual quality of each chickpea
  • Understand why RDM International is a trusted canned chickpea manufacturer and garbanzo beans bulk supplier
  • Discover the exceptional quality assurance and certifications that ensure the best organic chickpea products

Introducing RDM International’s IQF Garbanzo Beans

RDM International leads the way in offering premium iqf garbanzo beans. We provide top-quality chickpea exporters for your cooking needs. With vast experience, we aim to give you outstanding products and unmatched service.

Ever needed the best indian desi chana suppliers or kabuli chana wholesalers? RDM International gets the finest canned chickpea manufacturers from all over. This means we bring you IQF garbanzo beans bulk supply that keep the special texture and taste of organic chickpea distributors.

Are you a chef or love cooking at home? Our superior IQF Garbanzo Beans will level up your dishes. They add ease and variety to many kinds of meals.

Premium IQF Garbanzo Beans Supplier

At RDM International, we aim to deliver top-notch IQF Garbanzo Beans to you. We carefully pick the best chickpea exporters and indian desi chana suppliers. Then, we freeze them using the best methods.

Uncompromising Quality

Quality is everything for us, especially when it concerns frozen garbanzo suppliers and kabuli chana wholesalers. We select only the finest materials. Our production process includes strict quality checks to meet or surpass the industry’s benchmarks.

Expert Quality Control

Our expert quality control folks are at the core of our quality assurance. They use the latest gear to inspect all our garbanzo beans bulk supply and organic chickpea distributors products. Thanks to their efforts, you can rely on the superior quality RDM International is known for.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

We know our customers have varied needs, so we provide different packaging options. Whether it’s garbanzo beans bulk supply or special organic chickpea distributors packaging, we’re here to help. Our goal is to find the right packaging that suits your requirements, making every shipment smooth and effective.

The Exceptional Freezing Process

RDM International uses a special freezing method for their premium iqf garbanzo beans. Each bean is frozen on its own. This stops them from sticking together or losing their great taste. Because each chickpea is kept separate, our products always taste and feel fantastic, no matter the recipe.

Individually Quick Frozen

Our frozen garbanzo suppliers are known for top quality thanks to our IQF method. Instead of freezing in clumps, each chickpea keeps its shape. This means they’re perfect for any dish, even after they’re thawed.

Preventing Clumping

With our IQF freezing, indian desi chana suppliers never clump. You can take out just what you need without a frozen brick forming. This makes working with our kabuli chana wholesalers product a breeze in your kitchen.

Preserving Individual Quality

Our freezing method at RDM International locks in the best of each canned chickpea manufacturers. Every bean keeps its special texture, taste, and health benefits. This means great meals every time you choose our garbanzo beans bulk supply for cooking.

Sourcing and Production Expertise

At RDM International, we are proud to be top-notch premium IQF garbanzo beans providers. We’ve been in the business since 1995. Our team works hard to export top-quality frozen foods worldwide. This means we find the best ingredients for our products.

Professional Frozen Food Supplier

RDM International is a seasoned expert in the frozen food field. Over the years, we’ve built solid partnerships with chickpea exporters and frozen garbanzo suppliers all over. Through these connections, we can offer the finest Indian desi chana and kabuli chana in our IQF garbanzo beans.

Exporting Frozen Foods Since 1995

Our experience sets us apart, letting us always provide top-notch frozen goods. For anything from canned chickpea manufacturers to garbanzo beans bulk supply, turn to RDM International. We’re here to meet all your organic chickpea distributors needs.

Certifications and Quality Assurance

At RDM International, quality and safety are our top priorities. We make sure our IQF garbanzo beans are the best. All our suppliers are certified, ensuring their products meet the industry’s tough standards.


Our frozen garbanzo suppliers follow strict international standards like ISO, HACCP, BRC, and SEDEX. These standards show our focus on food safety and quality.


Besides those certifications, our indian desi chana suppliers are also HALAL, KOSHER, and IFS certified. This means our kabuli chana wholesalers products are fit for a broader customer base and market.

Third-Party Certifications

For even more quality assurance, our canned chickpea manufacturers products are tested by third parties. These checks ensure top quality. Choosing RDM International means trusting the best organic chickpea distributors.

Product Specifications

At RDM International, we take quality seriously. Our IQF Garbanzo Beans are top notch. They come from superior growing areas in China. Our frozen garbanzo suppliers guarantee great taste in each batch.

Origin: China

Our premium iqf garbanzo beans supplier is committed to excellence. They find the best indian desi chana suppliers and kabuli chana wholesalers from China. This ensures our IQF Garbanzo Beans always meet high standards.

Sizes: 100-140g/100pcs

Our canned chickpea manufacturers offer a variety of sizes. From 100-140g, you can use them in many dishes. Whether you need a few or a lot, they’re perfect for any recipe.

Packings: 1x10kg

Not only that, we let you choose your packaging. From our standard to 1x10kg, we customize for you. For organic chickpea distributors or chickpea exporters, we’ve got the right package.

Supply Capabilities

At RDM International, we’re proud of our big supply abilities. We can handle any order size for top-quality IQF garbanzo beans. Thanks to our advanced facilities and smooth logistics, we offer great service and the best products to our customers.

Loading Quantity: 23MTS/40’FCL

We can pack up to 23 metric tons of IQF garbanzo beans into a 40-foot container. This means we’re great for big orders. We’re the top choice for chickpea exporters and any business that needs a lot of reliable frozen garbanzo suppliers.

Supply Capacity: 500MTS/year

RDM International can supply up to 500 metric tons of IQF garbanzo beans every year. Our big supply ability means we meet client needs without fail. Whether you need indian desi chana suppliers, kabuli chana wholesalers, or canned chickpea manufacturers, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled team and vast resources mean we always deliver on your garbanzo beans bulk supply and organic chickpea distributors orders.’

IQF garbanzo beans

Versatile Applications

Our premium IQF Garbanzo Beans are perfect for any kitchen. They’re ready to use in many recipes. You can make anything from classic hummus to unique dishes with our frozen chickpeas.

They are a must-have for both professionals and those who love to cook at home. They bring convenience and steady quality to your meals.

Kitchen Essential

Adding our IQF Garbanzo Beans boosts the nutrition in your chickpea salad. They’re also great for a spiced chickpea curry or for making chickpea flour for baking.

Their firmness and nutty taste mean they fit into many dishes. They deserve a spot in every kitchen.

Wide Range of Recipes

You can use our premium IQF Garbanzo Beans in lots of dishes. Try roasted garbanzo beans, chickpea burgers, and chickpea pasta. You can even make chickpea brownies with them.

There are so many ways to cook with these frozen chickpeas. The only limit is your imagination.

Partnering with Suppliers Nationwide

At RDM International, we’ve connected with trusted suppliers in China. This lets us provide an array of over 150 frozen products. Looking for bulk quantities or customized wholesale orders? Our team is ready to offer top-notch IQF Garbanzo Beans and more.

Over 150 Frozen Products

Our selection meets a variety of needs, serving food pros and careful retailers. You’ll spot our famous IQF Garbanzo Beans and lots more. Think Indian desi chana or kabuli chana, even canned chickpeas. Dive into our catalog for the finest organic chickpea finds for your kitchen.

Bulk and Wholesale Orders

Need a lot of garbanzo beans for your business or looking to grow your line-up? We’re here to help at RDM International. Our expert team handles orders of all sizes, from small to massive wholesale deals. Discover the ease of partnering with a reliable IQF garbanzo beans supplier.

premium iqf garbanzo beans supplier

Why Choose RDM International?

RDM International is a leader in the frozen food world. For years, we have gained the trust of many businesses. This is because of our vast

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Choosing RDM International means choosing top-notch quality and service. You will see a big difference. We help you use the best of

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RDM International leads in offering premium IQF Garbanzo Beans. These chickpeas are a must-have for chefs and home cooks. Our special freezing method and strict quality checks ensure you get the best.

Our dedication to quality shines through our work. We pick the finest chickpea suppliers to bring you consistent, top-notch frozen garbanzos. With both Indian desi chana and kabuli chana, our stock is always up to par.

For top-notch chickpeas, RDM International is the supplier you need. Trust us for your organic or premium chickpea needs. Let our IQF Garbanzo Beans enhance your dishes, highlighting our commitment and skill.


What makes RDM International’s IQF Garbanzo Beans unique?

RDM International’s **IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Garbanzo Beans are special. They use a special freezing method. This freezes each chickpea alone. This stops them from clumping. It also keeps their quality and taste.

What certifications do RDM International’s suppliers hold?

RDM International’s suppliers have top certifications. These include ISO, HACCP, BRC, SEDEX, HALAL, KOSHER, and IFS. These show their products meet high industry standards.

What are the product specifications for RDM International’s IQF Garbanzo Beans?

RDM International’s IQF Garbanzo Beans come from the best places in China. They come in sizes from 100-140g per 100 pieces. You can also pick how you want them packed, up to 1x10kg.

What is RDM International’s supply capacity for IQF Garbanzo Beans?

RDM International can put up to 23 metric tons in a 40-foot container. They can supply up to 500 metric tons every year. This means they can handle big orders with ease.

How versatile are RDM International’s IQF Garbanzo Beans?

RDM International’s IQF Garbanzo Beans are a must-have in the kitchen. They’re great for many recipes. You can use them in traditional dishes like hummus and falafel. Or try them in new recipes.

What makes RDM International the ideal partner for your frozen chickpea needs?

RDM International is the best supplier for top-quality IQF Garbanzo Beans. They offer quality chickpeas, a great freeze method, and strict quality checks. Plus, they have a lot of industry knowledge. They are perfect for anyone needing frozen chickpeas.