Ever wonder what makes the best red raspberry juice concentrate so special? Learn about the sweetness and tanginess that wins over people worldwide. Find out who leads in making this delicious drink – RDM International.

RDM International is known for top-notch quality and worldwide reach. They provide the finest fruit juice concentrates, premium juice concentrates, and natural fruit concentrates. Their red raspberry juice concentrate shows their skill, using the best red raspberries. It’s loved by raspberry concentrate manufacturers and fruit concentrate wholesale buyers globally.

Key Takeaways:

  • RDM International is a leading supplier of premier-quality red raspberry juice concentrate
  • Their concentrate is crafted from the finest red raspberries, unlocking the vibrant and sweet-tart flavor
  • RDM International is a trusted source for a continuous supply of high-quality fruit concentrates
  • The company’s extensive experience and global connections ensure unrivaled quality and consistency
  • RDM International offers a “culinary masterpiece” that adds depth and natural sweetness to beverages and recipes

Curious about what makes RDM’s red raspberry juice concentrate the best? Learn more about their dedication and high standards. This has earned them a top spot in the industry.

Unlock the Vibrant Flavor of Red Raspberries

RDM International is known for top-quality fruit concentrates, like the red raspberry juice concentrate. It’s made from the finest red raspberries. This concentrate brings out the rich, sweet-tart taste of this special fruit. It turns any dish or drink into a culinary masterpiece.

RDM’s dedication to quality is clear in every bottle. They pick the best ingredients to make their red raspberry juice concentrate. That’s why it tastes so good and works well in many kinds of food and drinks.

RDM International: A Trusted Source for Premium Fruit Concentrates

RDM International has over 50 years of experience. They are leaders in providing top fruit concentrates, like the famous red raspberry juice concentrate. Their focus on quality and strong partnerships means they always meet the highest standards. They serve the needs of food and drink makers worldwide.

Crafted from the Finest Red Raspberries

RDM International’s red raspberry juice concentrate is all about using the best finest red raspberries. They work with partners around the world to find the most ripe and tasty raspberries. This process brings out the true flavor of the fruit in their concentrates.

A Culinary Masterpiece for Beverages and Recipes

The red raspberry juice concentrate from RDM International is a culinary gem. It enhances the flavor and look of many beverages and recipes. Use it in fresh juices, smoothies, or desserts. Its vibrant and tangy flavor will excite your taste buds.

The Journey of Sourcing the Best

RDM International sources top-quality fruit from all over the globe. They work closely with the best producers and growers. This way, they ensure their customers get the finest fruit concentrates, like the red raspberry juice concentrate.

Traveling the World for Top-Quality Fruit

The team at RDM International doesn’t stop until they find the best ingredients. They go from Europe’s hills to South America’s orchards. Here, they partner with like-minded ethical growers who care about quality too.

Direct Partnerships with Producers and Ethical Growers

By forming direct partnerships, RDM ensures top-notch supply. This way, they offer their clients exceptional fruit concentrates. Their products stand out with their natural flavors, thanks to these efforts.

Premier Red Raspberry Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International leads as a premier red raspberry juice concentrate supplier. They provide unrivaled quality and consistency to buyers. The concentrate is known for its bright taste and versatility. It is top pick in industries like beverages, food making, and health products.

RDM International pledges to only use the best materials. They closely inspect for quality. This approach has won over global giants and small makers. They strive for excellence, making sure you get the best red raspberry juice concentrate around.

Industry Application
Beverages Juices, smoothies, functional drinks
Food Manufacturing Baked goods, confectionery, sauces, dressings
Nutraceuticals Dietary supplements, health and wellness products

They excel no matter your line of work. RDM International ensures your products shine. Their premier red raspberry juice concentrate is unmatched.

Feel the difference with RDM International. Their commitment to great taste and quality makes them a standout supplier of red raspberry juice concentrate.

Red Raspberry Juice Concentrate: A Versatile Ingredient

RDM International’s red raspberry juice concentrate is loved by many in the food and drink industry. Their product, the 65 Brix concentrate, adds a strong, natural raspberry taste. It’s great for making top-notch juices, new desserts, or boosting the health benefits of your goods. With this ingredient, you can give your products the best taste and quality.

65 Brix Concentrate: Intense Flavor and Convenience

RDM International’s 65 Brix red raspberry juice concentrate is full of flavor. It helps you make recipes that taste like real fresh raspberries. The high Brix level means you get a strong, consistent flavor, making your dishes stand out.

Drummed, Pailed, or Frozen: Tailored to Your Needs

RDM International offers their red raspberry juice concentrate in different forms just for you. You can pick from drummed, pailed, or frozen varieties. This flexibility means you can get the amount and type that fits your project perfectly. Whether it’s a big order or a small one, they have you covered.

Exploring Red Raspberry Purees

RDM International sells not just red raspberry juice concentrate but also a variety of red raspberry purees. These purees meet different customer needs. Explore how these top-quality purees can improve your products.

Seedless Pasteurized Puree: Smooth and Vibrant

This seedless pasteurized puree is all about being smooth and vibrant. It makes your products taste consistently like ripe raspberries. You can use it in all kinds of drinks, desserts, and more.

Sieved with Seeds: Texture and Authenticity

RDM International’s sieved with seeds puree offers a genuine raspberry experience. With the seeds, it keeps the texture and authenticity of the fruit. It adds a unique feel and taste to your foods.

Concentrated Puree: Intense Flavor Boost

The concentrated puree from RDM International gives a powerful raspberry taste. Use it to make your desserts, drinks, or health products stand out. It’s great for boosting the raspberry flavor in your creations.

The RDM International Advantage

RDM International has found success through deep experience and broad connections. They have over 50 years of know-how in getting and selling top-grade fruit parts. This experience has helped them build strong links with the best fruit processors worldwide. It means they always have top premium products ready, like their famous red raspberry juice concentrate and purees. Thus, they can always meet the changing needs of their customers.

Extensive Experience and Global Connections

RDM International’s success is built on their industry knowledge and wide-reaching network. Their skilled team uses their many years in the business to find the best fruit ingredients for their clients. They work closely with major fruit processors globally. This means clients get access to the highest quality premium products around.

Continuous Supply of Premium Products

Being dependable is a key part of what RDM International offers. Through their broad connections and careful planning, they always have their famous red raspberry juice concentrate and purees available. This commitment to keeping products in stock lets RDM’s clients use these premium products in their goods confidently. They know they’ll give top-notch quality and flavor time after time.

RDM International advantage

Product Applications and Industries Served

RDM International’s red raspberry juice concentrate and purees fit well in many industries.

They make beverages taste better and food look and taste great. That’s why they’re popular in the industry.

Beverages: Flavors that Captivate

RDM International’s red raspberry products add exciting flavors. They make drinks like juices, smoothies, and energy drinks taste better. This helps your products catch people’s attention in busy markets.

Food Industry: Enhancing Taste and Texture

Food companies love using RDM International’s red raspberry items. They improve how foods taste and feel, from desserts to baked goods. Adding these ingredients makes your items unique and loved by customers.

Nutraceuticals: Unleashing Nature’s Goodness

For nutraceuticals, RDM International’s red raspberry items are top picks. They bring out the health benefits of the fruit. Products made with their ingredients meet the high demand for nutritious foods.

Custom Blending and Packaging Solutions

At RDM International, we know your custom blending and packaging solutions needs are special. That’s why we provide a wide range of services just for you. Our experts and connections worldwide help us make ingredient blends that meet your food and drink business’s needs.

Looking for special packaging or labels? RDM International is here for you. Our services make it easy to add our top-quality products, like red raspberry juice concentrate and purees, into your own. This makes your products shine, from the inside out.

Custom Blending Options Packaging Solutions
  • Specialized ingredient blends
  • Bespoke flavor profiles
  • Customized ratios and concentrations
  • Drummed or pailed containers
  • Frozen formats
  • Specialized labeling and branding

By choosing RDM International, you join a team with vast knowledge and global reach. We aim to bring new ideas and keep our customers happy. This means you get exactly what you need for your unique project.

Unparalleled Customer Service and Support

At RDM International, making you happy is our top goal. We work hard to give you unparalleled customer service and support. Our account management team is here to understand you and your needs on a personal level.

Dedicated Account Management

Choosing RDM International means getting your own account manager. They’ll make sure everything runs smoothly for you. This dedicated account management means always having someone who knows and cares about what you need.

Tailored Logistics and Shipping Solutions

We know supply chains can be tough, but you’re in good hands with us. RDM International provides tailored logistics and shipping solutions just for you. This lets you focus on your business without the logistics stress.

tailored logistics and shipping solutions

Quality Assurance and Food Safety

At RDM International, our main goal is quality and safety. We have a top-notch lab that checks all our products using HACCP rules. This means our red raspberry juice and purees always meet the best standards.

State-of-the-Art Quality Laboratory

RDM International shows its dedication through an advanced lab. With the best technology, our skilled team tests all our materials and products. This ensures our products are excellent every step of the way, from start to finish.

HACCP Protocols and Strict Quality Controls

Following the toughest HACCP rules, we watch every part of production closely. We make sure everything is safe and perfect, from picking ingredients to the final package. This commitment to quality has won trust from big and small customers for our red raspberry products.

Partnering with RDM International

Choosing RDM International means easy access to high-quality red raspberry juice concentrate and purees. With their competitive pricing and flexible order quantities, you can get exactly what you need. This is great for food and drink makers, as there are no strict minimums to meet.

Competitive Pricing and Flexible Order Quantities

RDM International focuses on offering good value. They have prices that suit all companies. Whether you need a lot at once or smaller, regular deliveries, they can help. Their flexible order quantities let you use their products in your mixtures with ease.

Trusted Supplier for Global Brands

Being a trusted supplier to global brands proves RDM International’s commitment. They are known for top-notch products and unbeatable service. Joining hands with them means ensuring your business gets nothing but the best.

Benefits of Partnering with RDM International Details
Competitive Pricing RDM International offers competitive pricing on their red raspberry juice concentrate and purees, allowing you to access premium-quality ingredients without financial burden.
Flexible Order Quantities The company’s flexible order quantities cater to businesses of all sizes, enabling you to order precisely the amount you need, whether large-scale or small, frequent shipments.
Trusted Supplier RDM International’s reputation as a trusted supplier to global brands is a testament to their commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


RDM International has become a top source for red raspberry juice and purees. They bring out the rich flavor of this premium fruit. Their knowledge, worldwide links, and focus on quality help serve everyone, from big brands to small makers.

By choosing RDM International, you get top-quality items whenever you need them. They provide excellent customer care and place a huge emphasis on safe food practices. Their efforts to find the best ingredients make them a go-to for anyone wanting to improve their recipes.

RDM International stands out by offering great prices, any size orders, and a solid name in the industry. They make it easy for food and drink companies to add red raspberry taste to their products. They promise top-tier quality and new ideas. This means you can count on them to help your business stand out in the market.


What makes RDM International a premier supplier of red raspberry juice concentrate?

RDM International is all about top-notch quality. They pick the best red raspberries to make a high-grade concentrate. This choice gives their juice the bold and bright taste we love. They’ve got the skills and the connections to always bring us the best berry flavors.

What are the benefits of RDM International’s red raspberry juice concentrate?

The concentrate from RDM International is a chef’s dream. It goes perfectly in drinks and dishes, thanks to its strong raspberry taste. At 65 Brix, it’s full of real raspberry goodness, offering endless ways to add flavor.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and consistency of its products?

RDM International uses cutting-edge labs to check every batch. They follow strict rules to make sure their products are top quality. This care has won the trust of big and small customers around the globe.

What makes RDM International’s customer service and support stand out in the industry?

RDM International shines with its customer care. They offer personal attention and custom shipping to make buying easy. The team really understands what you need, from start to delivery. That’s why they are known for being exceptional.

What are the advantages of partnering with RDM International?

Joining forces with RDM International means you get great deals and choices. Plus, you can buy top-grade raspberry juice concentrate. Their trustworthy service has made them a favorite of big names worldwide.

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