Ever wondered why some pineapple purees are considered premium? RDM International, a trusted premium pineapple puree supplier, is focused on high-quality taste. Their Pineapple Puree is perfect for your kitchen. It comes as pure, frozen tropical fruit purees, ready to enhance your recipes.

RDM International’s Pineapple Puree shines due to their dedication to quality. They use the best raw materials and special processes. This keeps the organoleptic qualities of the pineapple concentrate pure. There are no coloring, artificial aromas, or preservatives involved. This means you get a pure and versatile product for all kinds of food.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a trusted premium pineapple puree supplier known for their high-quality products.
  • Their Pineapple Puree offers pure, tropical fruit purees in a convenient frozen form.
  • The company uses carefully selected raw materials and a controlled process to preserve the natural organoleptic qualities of the pineapple concentrate.
  • RDM International’s Pineapple Puree is versatile and suitable for a wide range of food manufacturing and gourmet food products.
  • The Pineapple Puree is free from coloring, artificial aromas, or preservatives, ensuring a pure and natural taste experience.

What makes RDM International a top premium pineapple puree supplier? The secret to their success in the next section is worth uncovering.

Introducing RDM International’s Premium Pineapple Puree

RDM International’s pineapple puree brings the fresh tropical flavor to your kitchen. It’s made from the best pineapples to keep their rich taste and bright color. This frozen pineapple puree can go into many different recipes, like drinks, desserts, and sauces, adding value to your kitchen or food manufacturing spot.

Pure, High-Quality Pineapples in Convenient Frozen Form

The pineapple puree by RDM International is top-notch, using only high-quality tropical flavor pineapples. Each step, from selection to freezing, is carefully done. This turns the fruit into a handy, ready-to-use puree, perfect for various commercial ingredients and gourmet food products.

Versatile for a Wide Range of Recipes

This pineapple puree is a recipe superstar. It works great in drinks, baked goods, sauces, and more. The puree’s taste and texture add a burst of flavor to any dish. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves to cook, bake, or create in the food manufacturing world.

Explore Our Real Fruit Puree Flavors

At RDM International, we offer many real fruit puree flavors, not just our Pineapple Puree. Our artisanal purees come from high-quality raw materials. This ensures that the fruits’ natural flavors are maintained. You can find berry, tropical fruit, citrus, or stone fruit flavors in our selection. They are perfect for using in food manufacturing to create culinary masterpieces.

Each of our real fruit purees is made carefully. This helps you enhance your commercial puree products with real, vibrant fruit flavors. Let your creativity shine with the array of fruit puree flavors we offer.

Flavor Description
Strawberry Sweet, juicy, and bursting with the essence of freshly picked strawberries.
Mango Luscious and tropical, our mango puree captures the vibrant, tangy-sweet taste of this beloved fruit.
Raspberry Tart and intensely flavorful, our raspberry puree adds a touch of bold, fruity elegance to any creation.
Lemon Bright, zesty, and refreshing, our lemon puree delivers a burst of citrus flavor to balance and enhance your recipes.

Check out our wide variety of real fruit puree flavors. They are perfect for making your gourmet food products truly stand out. RDM International is your go-to for commercial puree supplies.

Shop By Size for Brewing Needs

RDM International knows the right fruit puree sizes are crucial for craft brewing. Whether you’re a homebrewer trying new things or a pro needing more for bigger brews, we’ve got your back. We offer many brewing ingredient sizes for you to choose from.

LB (0.5 gallons)

The 0.5-gallon (LB) size is great for commercial puree suppliers and anyone testing new recipes. It’s perfect for those wanting to try different flavors without needing a lot.

11 LB (1.2 gallons)

The 1.2-gallon (11 LB) is better for those easily growing their experiments. With more puree, you can try out bigger and complex brews without the worry of running out.

44 LB (5 gallons)

The 5-gallon (44 LB) is a hit with food manufacturing brewers for its bigger batches. Great for microbreweries and brewpubs, it lets you make more of your favorite brews with ease.

DRUMS (50 gallons)

If you’re brewing on a large scale, the 50-gallon (DRUMS) size is efficient. Easy for commercial puree suppliers to use and crucial for those with high demands. It ensures a steady supply for your brewing needs.

RDM International is all about top-notch quality, steady supply, and long-lasting fruit purees. Pick the size that works for you. Enjoy making your brews vibrant and full of fresh flavors with our top-quality fruit purees.

Premium Pineapple Puree Supplier: Quality Guaranteed

RDM International is a top pineapple puree supplier committed to top-tier quality products. They pick the best pineapples from perfect places. This ensures the puree keeps the fruit’s natural taste, smell, and color.

Carefully Selected Raw Materials

To make premium quality purees, RDM International picks the best artisanal fruit purees. Their experts choose the finest carefully selected raw materials from the best spots. This means every pineapple in their purees is top-notch.

Controlled Process to Preserve Organoleptic Qualities

Creating RDM International’s amazing pineapple puree involves a careful process. They follow a controlled processing method to keep the fruit’s natural qualities. This keeps the taste, smell, and color alive in the puree.

No Colouring, Artificial Aromas, or Preservatives

RDM International’s Pineapple Puree is different from many others. It’s made without any fake coloring, smells, or preservatives. This use of natural ingredients gives customers a real pineapple taste. The puree lets the true pineapple flavor stand out.

Applications for Professional Frozen Purees

RDM International offers top-notch frozen fruit purees, like their Pineapple Puree, for many uses. It’s perfect for the drinks industry, bakeries, and more. These purees open up countless options for making food and drink taste great.

Alcoholic Beverages: Craft Beer, Cocktails, Wines

RDM International’s professional frozen purees can add lively tropical tastes to craft beer, cocktails, and wine. The Pineapple Puree is great for brewers aiming for unique beers. Mixologists can use these purees to craft cocktails that stand out.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Mocktails

Non-drinkers need not miss out. RDM International’s purees are a hit for making mocktails. Their natural fruit flavors make drink mixes that are both fresh and bold.

Bakery: Fruit Pastries, Pies, Cake Fillings

RDM International’s purees are a game-changer for the baking world. They’re a go-to for adding real fruit taste to pastries, pies, and cake fillings. This makes their baked goods truly special.

Sauces and Frozen Desserts

Not just for drinks and baked treats, RDM’s purees also rock in sauces and frozen desserts, like ice cream. Their purees’ natural sweetness and bold flavors turn recipes around.

Trusted by Amoretti: Pineapple Craft Puree®

Amoretti trusts Amoretti Pineapple Craft Puree by RDM International for their high-quality ingredients. It’s a super-concentrated and fully pasteurized puree. This puree brings a tropical and fresh pineapple flavor to their dishes.

Tropical, Vibrant, Fresh Flavor

The Amoretti Pineapple Craft Puree is full of the taste of ripe, juicy pineapples. It gives a burst of tropical flavor to your recipes. This puree is perfect for making craft drinks, baking, or creating frozen treats that everyone will love.

Super Concentrated and Fully Pasteurized

The Amoretti Pineapple Craft Puree is carefully made to be super concentrated and fully pasteurized. It gives a pure, intense pineapple taste. With this puree, your dishes will taste consistently delicious.

Filtered and Shelf-Stable After Opening

Its filtered to be smooth and free of sediment. The Amoretti Pineapple Craft Puree is also shelf-stable after it’s opened. This makes it a handy and long-lasting ingredient for professionals. It stays fresh and easy to use, becoming a key item in your kitchen.

Amoretti Pineapple Craft Puree

Shop Our Best Sellers

RDM International has a great collection of best-selling fruit purees. You can pick from berry, tropical, or citrus flavors. These premium purees are made with care. They keep the natural taste of the fruits, just like the Pineapple Puree does.

Customers love our artisanal purees. They look for the right gourmet ingredients for what they’re making. This range has something for every dish.

Flavor Description Pack Size
Strawberry Puree Lush, sweet, and vibrant, this premium strawberry puree is perfect for adding a burst of fresh fruit flavor to your recipes. 11 lb, 44 lb, Drums
Mango Puree Indulge in the tropical sweetness of our velvety smooth mango puree, ideal for creating delectable beverages, desserts, and more. 11 lb, 44 lb, Drums
Raspberry Puree Bursting with bold, tart-sweet notes, this premium raspberry puree adds a delightful fruity touch to a variety of culinary applications. 11 lb, 44 lb, Drums

Customer Testimonials

RDM International’s customers love their premium Pineapple Puree and other fruit puree products. Brewers say the purees make their craft beers taste and smell better. One customer said, “We’re getting great feedback thanks to your fruit. It’s really made a big difference!”

Bakers and chefs also enjoy how the purees bring fresh fruit flavors to their treats. A customer mentioned, “I used the puree in a pineapple orange sour beer, and it was excellent. The puree added amazing flavor and aroma.” These customer testimonials highlight the top-notch nature of RDM International’s fruit purees.

Customer Reviews Fruit Puree Feedback Brewing Applications Baking Applications Satisfied Customers
“We’re getting some really good feedback on the beers using your fruit! Its honestly made a huge difference!!!” “I made a pineapple orange sour beer with the puree and it came out great! Super flavor and aroma from the puree.” Craft beer, Microbreweries, Brewpubs Pastries, Pies, Cake Fillings Brewers, Bakers, Chefs

customer reviews


RDM International stands out as a trusted premium pineapple puree supplier. They deliver top-notch products that work well in a variety of uses. The company ensures the pineapples’ natural flavor, aroma, and color stay intact. They do this without adding any artificial ingredients.

Check out RDM International’s broad selection of artisanal fruit purees. You’ll find everything from berry to tropical and citrus flavors. These versatile ingredients can level up your cooking. They’re great for anyone making food, drinks, or sweet treats who want to add real, fresh fruit purees to their recipes.

Choosing RDM International means trusting a top commercial puree supplier. You’ll get products that are always high-quality and perform well. This lets you improve your goods and give your customers the amazing taste of pure, natural fruits.


What makes RDM International’s Pineapple Puree a kitchen essential?

RDM International’s Pineapple Puree brings the fresh, sweet taste of pineapples to your kitchen. It’s made from high-quality pineapples. The process used keeps the puree’s natural aroma, flavor, and color.

How versatile is RDM International’s Pineapple Puree?

This Pineapple Puree can be used in many recipes. It’s great for drinks, baked goods, and more. It’s a must-have for kitchens at any level.

What other fruit puree flavors does RDM International offer?

Also, RDM International offers purees in many flavors. You’ll find berry, tropical, citrus, and more. All these purees keep the true fruit flavors.

What sizes are RDM International’s fruit purees available in?

Pineapple Puree and others come in various sizes. These include sizes for home and professional use, like 0.5-gallon to 50-gallon containers.

How does RDM International ensure the quality of their Pineapple Puree?

Quality is at the core of RDM’s Pineapple Puree. The best pineapples are chosen and processed carefully. This means the puree has no artificial additives.

What are some of the professional applications for RDM International’s fruit purees?

RDM International’s purees are great for many professional uses. They work well in beers, cocktails, and desserts. They’re also perfect for sauces and bakery items.

How has RDM International’s Pineapple Puree been received by customers?

Customers love RDM’s Pineapple Puree and other purees. Brewers say it makes beers taste better. Chefs and bakers enjoy the fresh, fruity taste it adds to their dishes.

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