Imagine a world where the freshness of nature’s best strawberries is in every bite. That’s RDM International’s world, the top place for premium aseptic strawberry puree. They use only hand-picked strawberries, and no artificial stuff, to make a variety of aseptic fruit puree flavors. This makes RDM International the favorite of food sellers everywhere.

RDM International is special. They guarantee their strawberry puree ingredients are unmatched. Learn more to see why their premium aseptic strawberry purees are loved by fruit puree suppliers USA and other places.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the premier supplier of premium quality aseptic strawberry puree.
  • Their purees are made from the finest, hand-picked strawberries without any artificial additives.
  • RDM International offers a wide range of aseptic fruit puree flavors to meet the needs of commercial customers.
  • With a global network of trusted partners, RDM International is a leading supplier of aseptic strawberry puree brands.
  • Food distributors trust RDM International for their exceptional strawberry puree products and reliable service.

The Finest Aseptic Strawberry Puree

At RDM International, quality is always top priority. They make their aseptic strawberry puree with hand-picked strawberries. These strawberries are carefully chosen from around the globe. They are full of flavor and color. This ensures every batch of aseptic strawberry puree is amazing.

RDM’s aseptic strawberry puree stays fresh with a special process. It keeps the puree red, real smelling, and very tasty without fake preservatives. Food sellers trust it for high-quality recipes, including delicious drinks and wonderful sauces. It’s a favorite because it tastes great and lasts through cooking.

Crafted from Hand-Picked Strawberries

Every strawberry in RDM’s premium strawberry puree is chosen for prime flavor and color. They search globally for only the best. This method ensures the puree tastes like the real fruit.

Preserved Without Artificial Additives

RDM’s natural strawberry puree is special. It’s preserved without adding artificial stuff. This keeps its fresh taste and nutrients. Strawberry puree distributors can offer their customers something truly special.

A Culinary Gem for Food Distributors

Chefs, bakers, and drink makers enjoy RDM’s aseptic strawberry puree. It brings great flavors and is very versatile. Food distributors value it highly. It helps them make better food and drinks that people love.

Explore Our Real Fruit Puree Flavors

RDM International offers many real fruit puree flavors. You’ll find beloved strawberry and thrilling tropical fruits. Their strawberry puree suppliers select the finest strawberries. They use top-notch strawberry puree technology. This locks in the vibrant color and taste. As a result, the strawberry puree in your dishes will truly pop.

Discover tropical fruit purees like mango, pineapple, and passion fruit at RDM. They bring a tropical punch to your recipes. They also have lemon, orange, and grapefruit purees for citrus lovers. These add a lively kick to your food and drinks. And, for fans of deeper flavors, check out RDM’s stone fruit purees such as peach and apricot. They bring a rich, fruity taste to your meals.

Check out all the real fruit puree flavors at RDM International. It’s a great way to find unique ingredients for your food or drink store. Whether you’re into being a strawberry puree distributor USA or want to sell globally, you’ll find what you need.

Shop By Size for Your Brewing Needs

RDM International is known for being a top distributor of aseptic strawberry puree. They serve homebrewers and craft brewers well. They offer different sizes to meet various brewing needs. You can get the LB (0.5-gallon) size to experiment with new recipes. This is good for strawberry puree suppliers and those brewing at home. Looking to make bigger test batches, like for microbreweries? Try the 11 LB (1.2-gallon) size for aseptic strawberry puree brands.

Need more for a larger-scale production? Consider the 44 LB (5-gallon) size. It’s perfect for those with more production to smoothly add strawberry puree to their brews. Let’s not forget about the DRUMS (50-gallon) size. It’s designed for big operations, making it easy to include aseptic strawberry puree in bulk. Regardless of the amount, RDM International ensures their aseptic strawberry puree is fresh for over 18 months. This reliability lets customers consistently make high-quality commercial strawberry purees.

Size Volume Application
LB 0.5 gallon Great for strawberry puree suppliers and homebrewers to try new recipes with bulk strawberry puree
11 LB 1.2 gallon Suits commercial needs for bigger test batches with aseptic strawberry puree brands, ideal for microbreweries or brewpubs
44 LB 5 gallon Allows easy addition of RDM’s premium aseptic strawberry puree to brews, perfect for strawberry puree distributors usa
DRUMS 50 gallon Boosts operations, enabling easy pumping for serious commercial strawberry puree needs and smooth production lines

aseptic strawberry puree for brewing

Premier Aseptic Strawberry Puree Supplier

RDM International offers the best aseptic strawberry puree out there. They put a lot of care into their work to keep customers smiling. Working with growers and producers everywhere, they provide the best strawberry puree. That’s why people in the food and drink industry trust them.

They are famous for their top-quality aseptic fruit purees, especially the strawberry puree. They handle orders for small businesses to large ones. Being a major producer of strawberry puree and aseptic strawberry purees, they are always coming up with new ideas. This makes them a top choice worldwide in the strawberry puree market.

Our Satisfied Customers Speak for Themselves

Many customers from various fields love RDM International’s products. This shows they consistently make top products. Businesses pick RDM for the finest aseptic fruit purees. You can see that in the work of happy brewers and bakers. They have used RDM’s commercial strawberry purees in their award-winning drinks and foods.

Testimonials from Brewers and Bakers

“RDM International’s aseptic strawberry puree has transformed our craft brewery. The quality and sameness of their puree let us make really unique and tasty fruit beers that people enjoy.”

“I’m a baker, and I use RDM International’s premium strawberry puree in my gourmet cakes and pies. Its outstanding, fresh taste and bright color elevate my food to another level.”

Explore Our Fruit Categories

RDM International offers a wide range of fruit puree flavors. We have everything you need for cooking or drinks. You can choose from the classic strawberry puree to the blackberry puree. Our berry purees are the perfect choice for craft beers or gourmet sauces.

Step into the tropics with RDM’s tropical fruit purees. Taste the sweetness of mango, pineapple, and guava. Make lively cocktails and desserts that take you to a sunny place.

For a fresh kick, try RDM’s citrus fruit purees, like lime and orange. They add a tangy balance to your sweet and savory dishes.

RDM also brings you stone fruit purees like peach and plum. They add a rich, versatile flavor to food and drinks, taking them to the next level.

Explore the many RDM International fruit puree flavors. Let your creativity flows, whether you’re in the USA selling strawberry puree or reaching the world with a variety of fruit purees.

Industrial Applications for Aseptic Fruit Purees

RDM International makes aseptic fruit purees for many uses in the food world. They are used by craft breweries, bakeries, and gourmet kitchens. These purees add excellent flavor and quality, making your treats taste better than ever.

Brewery: Boost Sales with Fresh Fruit Flavors

Craft brewers add RDM’s aseptic fruit purees for brewing to their beer recipes. These purees give a strong fruity taste that customers love. They make beers that are both new and delicious, standing out from the rest. The aseptic packaging keeps the purees fresh, ensuring the drink tastes like real fruit.

Bakery: Perfect for Pastries, Pies, and Fillings

Bakers rely on RDM’s aseptic fruit purees for baking to make their desserts shine. The purees mix easily into dough and batter, adding a burst of flavor and color. With RDM’s purees, you can make desserts like pies stand out. They come in many flavors, like strawberry and tropical blends.

Sauces: Blend Spicy and Sweet Gourmet Flavors

Chefs use RDM’s aseptic fruit purees for sauces to create unique tastes. Mixing these purees with spices leads to amazing sauces, like chutneys. They offer a perfect mix of sweet and salty flavors.

Frozen Desserts: Enhance Creamy Textures

RDM’s aseptic fruit purees for frozen desserts are great for ice cream and sorbets. They improve taste and add a creamy feel, making your desserts more indulgent.

Try RDM International’s aseptic purees to boost your food. They work wonders in many dishes and drinks, making everything tastier.

aseptic fruit purees

A World-Class Manufacturer

RDM International uses an advanced SAP system for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It makes the work all connected and smooth, moving from human-led to tech-led.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

In Sixth of October city, they have two big places. These state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have top-notch food processing machines from big names. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and processes, RDM can make lots of fruit stuff every year, all top quality.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Processes

Using aseptic fruit processing technology and the best state-of-the-art production equipment, RDM stays ahead. They keep a close eye on quality and safety. This makes sure their products are always great and safe.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

At RDM International, quality control is key. They make sure products meet the best standards by following strict rules. Every step is designed to please customers and meet their needs. RDM International works hard to make sure all their parts fit together smoothly, aiming at one goal.

Rigorous Quality Control Measures

RDM International uses systems that follow quality, safety, security, and environmental management standards like ISO, FSSC, OHSAS, Sedex, and SGF. This is how they make sure everything they do is legal and what big food and drink brands want.

Certified Food Safety Management Systems

With certified food safety management systems, RDM International shows they care about quality. They aim to follow the highest food safety rules, especially with their aseptic fruit purees.

Trained and Dedicated Team

At RDM International, 150 well-trained and committed people help keep things safe and high quality. They are a big reason the company is so respected in making top-notch aseptic fruit purees.


RDM International stands out as a top aseptic strawberry puree supplier. They offer high-quality purees made from the best strawberries. These purees do not contain any artificial additives.

They provide a wide range of flavors. These include berries, tropical fruits, and citrus fruits. RDM meets the needs of food and drink distributors at any scale.

RDM uses the latest technology and has strong quality control. This means customers always get great and reliable products. They are known for their commitment to food safety and customer happiness.

RDM International is focused on making top-notch strawberry puree. They also offer many other fruit flavors. No matter what your business needs, RDM is a quality and customer-focused choice for you.


What makes RDM International the premier aseptic strawberry puree supplier?

RDM International is top for aseptic strawberry puree. They use only the best strawberries. Each jar keeps the true fruit flavor, no additives.

What other real fruit puree flavors does RDM International offer?

They offer many flavors: berries, tropical, citrus, and more. This wide selection helps many food and drink sellers find what they need.

How does RDM International’s aseptic packaging help their customers?

Their special packaging keeps puree fresh over 18 months. This means customers can always give out top-notch strawberry purees.

What sizes of strawberry puree does RDM International offer for brewing needs?

They have sizes from 0.5 gallons to 50-gallon drums. This fits everyone, from homebrewers to big businesses.

What do RDM International’s customers say about their products and services?

RDM International’s fans love their purees and service. They say the company is a top choice in the industry.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and safety of their products?

They’re big on quality and safety. RDM checks everything and has many food safety awards. They make sure their purees are the best, following all the rules.