Looking for premium sun-dried apricots to boost your cooking? RDM International is the top choice. They bring top quality from Turkey’s famous orchards. Discover what makes their apricots stand out as you enter their world of quality.

RDM International is a well-known name in dried fruit. They offer a top range of sun-dried apricots right from Turkey’s rich fields. These organic apricots and Turkish apricots are carefully grown, picked by hand, and dried well to keep their natural goodness. They are a leading dried fruit wholesale source, offering bulk dried apricots to food sellers worldwide.

What makes RDM International a premier dried apricot supplier? It’s their strong focus on top quality, using sustainable farming, and excellent customer care. They have a reputation from quality apricot growers to apricot exporters. This comes from their dedication to the best in apricot farming techniques and the drying process for premium dried apricots.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading premier dried apricot supplier offering premium sun-dried apricots from Turkey’s finest orchards.
  • Their dried apricots are made from the highest quality organic apricots and Turkish apricots, carefully dried to preserve natural flavor and nutrition.
  • As a dried fruit wholesale provider, RDM International offers bulk dried apricots to food distributors worldwide.
  • The company’s focus on quality apricot growers, sustainable farming practices, and exceptional customer service has made it a trusted source for quality dried apricots.
  • RDM International’s commitment to excellence extends to their apricot farming techniques and advanced apricot dehydration process.

The Golden Standard in Dried Apricots

RDM International’s dried apricots are top-notch in the industry, known for their quality and tradition of excellence. They are a third-generation family from Malatya, Turkey, with over 80 years of experience. They know how to grow and process top-class dried apricots.

Sustainable Growing Practices

RDM International cares for more than their final product. They use sustainable growing practices to keep the earth and orchards healthy for the future. Their eco-friendly methods and care for nature show their commitment to being a leading company responsibly.

Advanced Drying Process

RDM International is dedicated to bringing out the best flavors in their apricots with their advanced drying process. They mix old ways with new tech to make a nutritious and tasty dried fruit.

RDM International is the golden standard in dried apricots because they mix top quality with taking care of the earth. This way, they give customers around the world the best.

Malatya’s Finest Dried Apricots

At the center of RDM International’s fine dried apricot collection are the top-quality fruits from the famous Malatya region in Turkey. Malatya is known around the world for its perfect weather and rich earth. These make the apricots grown there some of the tastiest and healthiest anywhere.

Premium Dried Apricots

RDM International gets its premium dried apricots straight from Yildirim Apricot Orchards, a family business in Malatya. The apricots are lovingly grown, hand-picked when just right, and dried by experts. This process keeps the true flavors and smells of Malatya’s dried fruit alive, making them a well-loved treat worldwide.

Directly from Our Family Orchards

RDM International controls every step of making its Malatya dried apricots, from the orchards to the special drying methods. This means every batch is top quality, reflecting our deep commitment to offering the best dried apricots from Malatya. Our dedication to quality has built our name as the main source for these premium fruits.

About Apricot Access

Apricot Access is behind RDM International. It’s a family business leading in apricot access for over 80 years. The Yildirim family from Malatya, Turkey, are multi-generational apricot producers. They pass on their skill and love for growing and processing the best family-owned apricot business.

80 Years of Apricot Cultivation

In Malatya’s rich lands, the Yildirim family is expert in apricot cultivation over many years. Their focus on quality and new ideas has made Apricot Access successful. Their care ensures they produce the best dried apricots. This makes them the top place for Malatya’s famous fruit.

Third-Generation Apricot Producers

The Yildirim family, as third-generation apricot producers, have improved their methods over time. They always use the latest in the field. This has helped Apricot Access keep offering top-quality family-owned apricot business worldwide. They are known for high-quality dried apricots.

apricot access

Premier Dried Apricot Supplier

RDM International is the top choice for dried apricots worldwide. They focus on quality and great service for food distributors. They are respected in the industry. RDM ensures high standards in every step, like how the apricots are grown and handled. This means customers get top-notch dried apricots and trust in RDM’s dependable, satisfying service.

Key Attributes RDM International Industry Average
Quality Assurance Rigorous testing and certification Inconsistent quality control
Sustainable Practices Eco-friendly farming and processing Mixed approaches to sustainability
Customer Service Personalized attention and support Limited one-size-fits-all approach
Brand Reputation Trusted apricot brand Varying reputations

RDM International leads in providing premium dried apricots. It’s all about quality and making customers happy. They’ve earned their top spot by always aiming for the best. Customers know they can count on RDM for exceptional dried apricots.

Our Production Process

RDM International creates top-quality dried apricots. These come from a mix of old methods and new ideas. They start by growing perfect apricots in the sunny fields of Malatya, Turkey. Then, they use unique drying ways to keep the fruit fresh. This makes sure their dried apricots are the best you can get.

Growing and Harvesting

In Malatya’s rich soil, the Yildirim family carefully grows their apricots. They pick each one by hand when it’s at its best. This way, the hand-harvested apricots keep their sweet taste and rich flavor.

The Art of Drying

The drying process at RDM International is truly amazing. They use special sun drying methods. These methods, along with the Yildirim family’s skill, make the apricots even more tasty and healthy. The end result is a treat that’s both good for you and super yummy.

Worldwide Distribution

RDM International brings the world Malatya dried apricots as its global ambassador. They have built a strong supply chain. It delivers the best products to customers all over the world. The company links the fertile regions of eastern Turkey with stores worldwide.

Global Ambassador of Malatya Dried Apricots

RDM International’s network is reliable and fast. It ensures dried apricots arrive in great shape. This keeps Malatya’s reputation as a top source of dried fruit true. The company works hard to spread Malatya’s delicious dried apricots globally. This offers everyone the taste and health benefits of its top-quality dried apricots.

Robust Supply Chain

RDM International uses a strong and organized supply chain for its global distribution. The company knows trade well and has a big network in place. This moves the best dried apricots smoothly from Malatya’s fields to its customers everywhere. This shows their effort to always offer the best-quality products. It helps them keep their good name as a reliable worldwide supplier of Malatya dried apricots.

Sustainable Farming Practices

At RDM International, sustainable apricot farming is key. We grow our apricots in ways that are good for the earth. This means our land remains healthy for many years. We use environmentally responsible apricot production methods. This helps us keep Malatya’s special apricot farming good for the future.

We don’t just aim for more apricots. We care about nature’s balance. Our farming helps the soil, saves water, and cuts down on harm to the earth. Our way of farming shows we are a leading and caring eco-friendly apricot cultivation business.

RDM International loves our planet and wants to protect it. We make great dried apricots without hurting the earth. Our work makes us a top choice in the world for good and kind apricots.

Customer-Centric Approach

At RDM International, we focus on making our customers happy. We are a customer-focused dried apricot supplier that values trust and understanding. Our dried apricots meet the top standards worldwide.

Personalized Service

RDM International cares about each client’s needs. We offer personalized customer service. Our team works hard to make sure every customer gets what they need. We are committed to providing the best experience possible.

Our Product Range

RDM International has many premium dried apricot products for you. The heart of their products is whole pitted dried apricots. These keep the real taste and feel of fruit from Malatya’s sunny orchards.

Whole Pitted Dried Apricots

Feel the rich flavor of whole pitted dried apricots from RDM International. These top apricots are picked by hand and dried just right. They’re perfect for baking, snacking, or cooking. RDM International’s apricots are a tasty choice.

Bulk and Retail Packaging

RDM International meets all customer needs by offering both bulk and retail packaging. For big orders, their bulk packages are great. And for single shoppers, there are ready-to-go packs. Whatever you need, RDM International has your dried apricot fix.

whole pitted dried apricots


RDM International is a top dried apricot supplier. It offers the best sun-dried apricots from Malatya, Turkey. They have a long history of more than 80 years in Malatya apricot tradition.

They are committed to top quality, caring for the environment, and making customers happy. Their family orchards use sustainable methods. And their advanced drying keeps the true Malatya fruit flavors.

RDM mixes old and new to stand out as a customer-focused dried fruit company. They are a reliable choice for food sellers worldwide. Their dried apricots have amazing taste and quality.

RDM International works hard to be the best choice for people who want perfect dried fruit. They are passionate about offering the best sun-dried apricots from Turkey.


What makes RDM International a premier dried apricot supplier?

RDM International leads in providing top-notch dried apricots from Turkey’s best orchards. They use eco-friendly growing methods and advanced drying. This ensures their dried apricots have the finest quality and real tastes.

Where do RDM International’s dried apricots come from?

RDM International gets its dried apricots from Yildirim Apricot Orchards in Malatya, Turkey. This area is famous for growing the best apricots in the world.

What is the history behind RDM International and Apricot Access?

Apricot Access, the owner of RDM International, is a family business with 80 years of apricot experience. The Yildirim family, from Malatya, Turkey, is known for their top-quality dried apricots.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and sustainability of its dried apricots?

RDM International focuses on sustainable farming for orchard health and environmental benefits. They use a mix of old and new methods to grow, pick, and dry their dried apricots.

What types of dried apricot products does RDM International offer?

RDM International sells various dried apricot products. Their selection includes whole pitted apricots. You can buy these in large or small packages to suit your needs.

How does RDM International’s customer-centric approach set it apart in the industry?

RDM International cares about excellent service and customizes products for each customer. They stick to high-quality standards and are known for being dependable. This has made them a top choice in the global dried apricot market.