Get the taste of bananas any time with our top-notch high-quality banana powder distributor selection. The organic banana powder, fair trade banana powder, and non-GMO banana powder we offer are all about quality. Made from the best bananas, they keep their natural sweetness and taste. We are a go-to bulk banana powder source for food businesses worldwide, making sure they get the best.

What makes our banana flour supplier special? How do our gluten-free banana powder and vegan banana powder make a difference in products? Let us tell you how we, at RDM International, stand out with our banana powder options.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a top high-quality banana powder distributor, offering exceptional products.
  • Our organic banana powder, fair trade banana powder, and non-GMO banana powder come from choice ingredients.
  • We serve businesses worldwide with our variety of bulk banana powder and top-notch service.
  • Check out our gluten-free banana powder and vegan banana powder for different dietary needs.
  • Learn how RDM International’s banana powder can improve your products.

Introduction to Banana Powder

Banana powder is a great way to add the goodness of bananas to your recipes. It is made by drying and grinding ripe bananas. They keep the sweet flavor and nutrients of the fruit.

What is Banana Powder?

Banana powder comes from drying and milling bananas. It is finer than banana chips, making it easy to use in various foods. You can add it to baked goods, smoothies, sauces, and more.

Benefits of Using Banana Powder

Adding banana powder to your recipes gives many benefits. It is a rich source of potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber. These nutritional elements can make your products healthier.

Because of its natural sweetness, it also adds a great tropical flavor.

Nutrient Amount per 100g of Banana Powder
Potassium 1,474 mg
Manganese 0.4 mg
Dietary Fiber 7.1 g

Banana powder can make your products both tasty and healthy. See how using it can improve your food and drinks.

RDM International: Your Premium Banana Powder Supplier

RDM International is a top supplier of premium banana powder worldwide. We have extensive experience and a dedication to quality. We choose the best bananas and use precise methods to make our product perfect for our customers.

We’re proud to be a known premium banana powder supplier. Our high standards and detailed processes ensure our banana powder is top-notch. It’s ideal for many food and drink uses because of the care we take in making it.

Providing a reliable premium banana powder source is crucial for us at RDM International. We’ve worked hard on our supplier relationships. This means we always have the best bananas for our superior powder.

Looking for a way to add natural sweetness, improve texture, or increase nutrition in your products? Our premium banana powder is the answer. Count on RDM International for the best quality and versatility in banana powder.

High-Quality Banana Powder Distributor

RDM International is a top distributor of banana powder. We select the best bananas from ethical farms. This ensures our product meets high-quality standards.

Sourcing the Finest Bananas

At RDM International, finding top bananas is our specialty. We pick the best fruits from eco-friendly and ethical farms. This gives our banana powder its premium quality.

Careful Processing Techniques

Our processing involves gentle drying and milling. This keeps the natural taste and nutrients intact. The result is a superior powder that tastes great and is good for you.

Organic Banana Powder

At RDM International, we’re thrilled to provide our customers with top-notch organic banana powder. We focus on sustainable farming to protect the environment and support workers.

Commitment to Sustainable Farming

We work with organic farms that care about the planet. They use methods that are good for the earth, limit harmful chemicals, and enrich the soil. This approach aims to create a better world while delivering quality organic banana powder to you.

Preserving Natural Flavors and Nutrients

Our organic banana powder is processed delicately to keep the natural tastes and nutrients intact. This way, you get the real flavor of organic bananas. Plus, you add something nutritious to your recipes.

Fair Trade Banana Powder

At RDM International, we care deeply about ethical practices in making our fair trade banana powder. We work with farmers who follow fair trade rules. So, the people making our powder are paid fairly and treated well. This is key in our goal to provide top-notch items while helping the world.

Supporting Ethical Practices

Getting our fair trade banana powder from ethical farms is more than a choice for us. It’s a key value at our core. We aim to help communities with their fair and sustainable farming. This way, we help improve their whole lives.

By picking RDM International’s fair trade banana powder, you’re choosing quality. Plus, you’re backing a system that respects and helps the workers.

Bulk Banana Powder for Businesses

RDM International offers bulk banana powder for all business sizes. Our options are convenient and cost-effective. They let you add the benefits of banana powder to many foods and drinks.

Want to make things sweeter, improve texture, or add nutrition? Our banana powder fits perfectly. It’s easy to use in your recipes.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Solutions

RDM International is a top bulk banana powder supplier. We provide a dependable source for this top ingredient. Our cost-effective methods mean you get the best banana powder value without breaking the bank.

Versatile Applications

Our banana powder from RDM International is super versatile. Use it in lots of different foods and drinks. It can make your baked goods, snacks, beverages, and sauces tastier and healthier.

By using this versatile ingredient, you can meet what your customers want. Stay on top of the latest food and drink trends with us.

bulk banana powder

Banana Flour: A Gluten-Free Alternative

RDM International offers not only banana powder but also banana flour. This gluten-free alternative is great for cooking, baking, and more. It’s perfect for those with dietary needs or who prefer gluten-free options.

Meeting Dietary Needs

At RDM, we aim to meet everyone’s needs. Our gluten-free banana flour is both nutritious and safe for those with allergies. It helps you serve a broader group of health-conscious customers.

Looking for plant-based or healthier options? RDM International’s banana flour is perfect. It’s versatile and offers many health benefits. This makes it an ideal choice for addressing your customers’ dietary needs.

Vegan-Friendly Banana Powder

At RDM International, we care about our planet and ethics. Our vegan banana powder shows this. We work hard to meet the needs of the vegan community. Our powder is high quality and tastes great.

We pick our bananas with care. This makes sure our powder is made in a way that’s good for the earth. We only work with farms that use organic and fair trade methods. This helps us make a powder that fits your values.

Use our vegan banana powder in your products. It’s perfect for making treats like cakes and snacks. Your customers will love that it’s good for them and the planet.

RDM International’s vegan banana powder brings the tropics to you. It’s a top-quality product that matches your ideals. It answers the need for plant-based, sustainable items.

Non-GMO Banana Powder

At RDM International, we focus on top-quality non-gmo banana powder. We believe in clear and honest practices. Our products are free from GMOs, so you always know what’s in the ingredients you use.

Commitment to Transparency

We’re open about how we make our non-gmo banana powder. This openness lets you trust our items. You can be sure they meet your standards and those of your customers.

Transparency is key for us, not just about GMOs. We share info on sustainable farming, ethical sourcing, and how we process our powder. This way, you can use our top-grade non-gmo banana powder with confidence, knowing you’re offering the best.

non-gmo banana powder

Nutritional Benefits of Banana Powder

Using RDM International’s banana powder adds a lot of health benefits to your products. It’s packed with important minerals like potassium, manganese, and phosphorus. These nutrients are crucial for keeping us healthy and helping our bodies work right.

Rich in Essential Nutrients

RDM International’s banana powder stands out for its rich nutrients. It gives you a big dose of potassium which is key for healthy blood pressure, heart, and nerve health. It also has manganese for strong bones, fighting off harmful stuff in our bodies, and helping us digest food.

Dietary Fiber Source

This powdered banana is also a great dietary fiber source. Fiber is good for our gut, keeps our blood sugar stable, and makes us feel full. Adding this powder to your products helps make them healthier. It meets the wish of many customers for products with good, functional ingredients.


As a high-quality banana powder distributor, RDM International is devoted to top-notch products and great service. We offer banana powder that’s organic, fair trade, and non-GMO. This powder helps make your food taste better and be healthier.

Are you aiming to make your food sweeter, crunchier, or healthier? Choose RDM International’s banana powder. Our commitment to the environment and product quality means you get the finest premium products. They cater to all your customers’ wants.

Choosing RDM International means you get the best banana powder. Your business will get exceptional service and products. Use our premium banana powder for a delightful flavor boost and added nutrition in your food and drinks.


What is banana powder?

Banana powder is made by drying and grinding ripe bananas. It keeps the fruit’s natural sweetness and nutrition.

What are the benefits of using banana powder?

It’s packed with potassium, manganese, and fiber. This makes it great for many foods and drinks.

Why should I choose RDM International as my banana powder supplier?

RDM offers top-notch banana powder. They use expert methods and support ethical farming. This creates quality powder while caring for the environment and people.

Does RDM International offer organic banana powder?

Yes, they pride themselves on their organic banana powder. It’s processed gently to keep all the natural goodness.

What is the advantage of RDM International’s fair trade banana powder?

They work with fair trade farmers. This ensures the workers are paid well and treated with respect.

Can I purchase banana powder in bulk from RDM International?

Yes, you can buy banana powder in bulk from RDM. They cater to all business sizes with easy and affordable options.

Does RDM International offer gluten-free alternatives?

Yes, they do. Along with banana powder, RDM has banana flour. It’s a great gluten-free choice.

Is RDM International’s banana powder vegan-friendly?

Absolutely. Their banana powder only includes natural, ethically sourced ingredients. It’s perfect for vegans.

Is RDM International’s banana powder non-GMO?

Yes, it is. RDM is all about non-GMO banana powder. They are clear and honest about their products.

What are the nutritional benefits of RDM International’s banana powder?

It’s full of nutrients like potassium, manganese, and fiber. Plus, it has phosphorus for a healthy boost.