Looking for a top-notch bulk mango puree supplier to enhance your dishes and drinks? Welcome to RDM International, your go-to for the best mango pulp, frozen mango puree, and aseptic mango puree. What makes us stand out?

At RDM, we’re all about top quality. We find the juiciest mangoes from around the world. Using the latest aseptic processing methods, we create our organic mango puree and high-quality mango concentrate. This means every drop is bursting with flavor and freshness.

If you’re in the food or beverage game, our mango purees are a must. They’re perfect for everything from making drinks to baking. As a commercial mango puree distributor, an industrial mango pulp supplier, or a bulk mango puree processor, we’ve got you covered.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading supplier of premium-quality bulk mango puree.
  • Our mango purees are made from the finest, ripest mangoes sourced from global farms.
  • Aseptic processing ensures uncompromised freshness and flavor in every batch.
  • Our mango purees are versatile, catering to the needs of various food and beverage industries.
  • We offer a wide range of packaging options to meet your specific requirements.

Introducing RDM International: Your Reliable Bulk Mango Puree Supplier

RDM International is dedicated to providing you with top-notch bulk high-quality mango puree. We use the latest aseptic technology in our processing. This keeps the mangoes’ natural taste, color, and nutrients. Our mangoes come from farms worldwide, giving us a steady flow of fresh mango puree and premium mango concentrate.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our team closely collaborates with mango growers globally to find the best. We choose farms known for sustainable and fair-trade practices. This ensures high-quality mangoes and an ethical supply chain.

Sourcing the Finest Mangoes

Thanks to our advanced aseptic mango puree tech, the mangoes keep their freshness and flavor. We achieve this without using artificial preservatives. So, you get lively, nutritious long-shelf life mango concentrate and preservative-free mango puree for your business needs.

Aseptic Processing for Uncompromised Freshness

We secure a steady stream of top-quality mangoes with our global mango sourcing and sustainable mango farming. This allows us to consistently offer you the best premium mango supply chain and fair trade mango procurement.

Bulk Mango Puree Supplier: Versatile Applications

RDM International makes top-notch mango purees. These purees are perfect for many foods and drinks. They add a special taste that people love.

In the world of craft brewing, our mango purees shine. They bring a fresh, tropical kick to all sorts of beers. Whether it’s IPAs, sours, or special ales, they make every sip unique.

Bakers and confectioners love our mango purees too. They use them to add a burst of flavor to their treats. Mango enhances everything from cakes to fillings, making each bite delightful.

Our mango purees are also great for sauces. They give a mix of rich sweetness and tangy zest. You’ll find them in everything from mango salsa to creamy chutneys.

If you love frozen treats, you can’t go wrong with our mango purees. They’re the key to making mouthwatering ice creams and smoothies. People just can’t get enough of their tropical taste.

Premium Packaging Options for Bulk Mango Puree

At RDM International, we know our customers want different mango puree packaging. We offer several premium choices. These meet the needs of every business, from small to large.

LB (0.5 Gallon) Containers

Our 4.4 LB (0.5 gallon) containers are great for trying new recipes or small projects. They’re perfect for those who need a mango puree sample size. They’re also great for everyone who produces in small-batch mango puree.

11 LB (1.2 Gallon) Containers

For those who require more, our 11 LB (1.2 gallon) options are ideal. They suit brewers, bakers, and food makers who want bigger quantities. These are perfect for mango concentrate trial size and mango pulp starter pack uses.

44 LB (5 Gallon) Containers

Our 44 LB (5 gallon) containers are a favorite. They give a good mix of amount and ease to use. Many mid-size businesses, like microbreweries and bakeries, rely on them. They need a steady supply of top-notch mango puree.

440 LB (50 Gallon) Drums

Big companies prefer our 440 LB (50 gallon) drums. They’re efficient and cost less per unit. These drums are user-friendly. They let you easily pump puree right to your production line.

Packaging Volume Best Suited For
LB (0.5 Gallon) Containers 4.4 LB (0.5 gallon) mango puree sample size, mango concentrate trial size, mango pulp starter pack
11 LB (1.2 Gallon) Containers 11 LB (1.2 gallon) medium-sized mango puree, mango concentrate for mid-scale production, mango pulp for small businesses, mango fruit puree for test batches
44 LB (5 Gallon) Containers 44 LB (5 gallon) bulk mango puree for commercial use, mango concentrate for industrial kitchens, mango pulp for medium-sized operations, mango fruit puree for high-volume production
440 LB (50 Gallon) Drums 440 LB (50 gallon) industrial-scale mango puree, mango concentrate for large-volume applications, mango pulp for mass production, mango fruit puree for enterprise-level businesses

Why Choose RDM International as Your Mango Puree Supplier?

RDM International’s global sourcing network guarantees the best mango puree all year. We partner with top farms worldwide. This lets us bring a wide variety of mango varieties and tastes to you.

Stringent Quality Control

RDM always keeps top quality control measures. We watch every step, from picking mangoes to aseptic packaging. This ensures quality of our mango purees is safe and top-notch.

Competitive Pricing and Bulk Discounts

We know how crucial saving money is for our business customers. So, we provide competitive pricing and a bulk discount program. Our aim is to offer premium-quality mango puree that’s also affordable.

global mango pulp procurement

Bulk Mango Puree: Nutritional Highlights

Mangoes are known for being very nutritious, and our nutritious mango purees show that. They are full of important vitamins like A, C, and E. These vitamins help keep you healthy. They also contain a lot of antioxidant-rich mango pulp, which is good for your health.

Rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants

Our vitamin-packed mango concentrate is full of great nutrients. It has a lot of vitamins A and C, which are great for your skin and immune system. Plus, it’s rich in antioxidants. These fight off harmful free radicals. They help shield your body from stress.

Naturally Vegan and Gluten-Free

RDM International has plant-based mango puree and allergen-friendly mango concentrate. They are both vegan and gluten-free by nature. This makes them perfect for any food or drink that needs to avoid certain allergies.

Our dairy-free mango pulp and gluten-free mango fruit puree are wholesome choices. They’re safe for anyone who can’t have dairy or gluten. So, mixing them into recipes is a smart and healthy move.

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

At RDM International, we’re proud of the great feedback from our satisfied mango puree customers. They include brewers, bakers, and food makers. They praise our RDM mango concentrate and RDM mango pulp. These products have made their creations better and have pleased their customers. It shows the outstanding quality and versatility of our RDM mango fruit puree.

“RDM’s mango puree has been a game-changer for our craft brewery. The bold, tropical flavor it adds to our IPAs is unmatched, and our customers keep coming back for more.” – Alex, Head Brewer at Hoppy Hideaway Brewery

Sarah, a pastry chef at a top bakery, loves RDM’s mango puree. She says, “I’ve added the RDM mango concentrate to many treats, from tarts to cupcakes. They always turn out great. The bright color and rich mango taste make everything better.”

Customer Industry Praise for RDM Mango Puree
Alex Craft Brewery Game-changing flavor for IPAs
Sarah Bakery Versatile and elevates baked goods
Michael Condiment Manufacturer Adds a unique, tropical twist to sauces
Emily Frozen Dessert Company Vibrant color and fresh mango taste

Michael, a condiment maker, loves RDM’s mango puree. He says, “The RDM mango concentrate has become key in our mango sauces and dips. Its unique, tropic flavor has been a big success with customers.”

Emily, who owns a frozen dessert company, is a big fan of RDM mango fruit puree. She states, “RDM’s puree, with its bright color and fresh taste, has improved our frozen treats a lot. The delicious tropical flavors are a hit with our customers because of this amazing fruit.”

satisfied mango puree customers

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mango Puree

Many of our customers ask about our mango puree. They want to know how long it lasts, how to store it, and if they can customize it. We’re here to answer your top questions about our top-notch .

Shelf Life and Storage Guidelines

Our mango purees stay fresh for over 18 months when sealed. This is because we use a special process to pack them safely. Once you open a pack, keep it in the fridge and use it up in 7-10 days. This keeps it tasting its best. Remember, storing it right in a cool place is key to keeping our .

Customization and Bespoke Orders

At RDM International, we know you might want something special. That’s why we can create just for you. Maybe you want a special type of mango, a different flavor, or specific packing. Our team is ready to make your unique idea a reality. We want to go above and beyond for you.


RDM International is your go-to premium mango puree supplier. We offer the best mango purees available. We do this through our worldwide sources, strict quality checks, and fair prices. We aim to be the trusted partner for those wanting to enhance their food and drinks with mango’s bright, tropical taste.

If you’re a craft brewer, commercial baker, or a big food maker, we’re here for you. Our high-quality mango pulp and reliable mango concentrate fit smoothly into what you make. This means you’ll get great-tasting outcomes every time.

We’re proud to be known as a trusted mango fruit puree brand. Our focus on quality, new ideas, and making customers happy makes us stand out. Choose us for all your bulk mango puree needs. We want to show you how mangoes can take your products to new successes.


What is the shelf life and storage guidelines for RDM International’s mango purees?

Our mango purees last over 18 months when sealed. The aseptic packaging keeps them safe from bacteria. Once you open it, keep the puree in the fridge. It’s best to use it within 7-10 days. Store purees in a cool, dark spot to keep their taste and quality.

Does RDM International offer customization and bespoke orders for their mango purees?

Absolutely, we know each customer’s needs are different. RDM International can customize mango purees just for you. Whether it’s a special mango type, unique flavor, or packaging, we’ll go the extra mile. Our team is here to create a solution that really stands out for you.

Are RDM International’s mango purees naturally vegan and gluten-free?

Yes, our mango purees are perfect for those on vegan or gluten-free diets. This makes them great for many health-conscious and allergy-friendly foods and drinks. You can trust our premium mango purees for your products.

What are the different packaging options available for RDM International’s bulk mango puree?

RDM International has a variety of packaging to fit every need:– 4.4 LB (0.5 gallon) for smaller tests– 11 LB (1.2 gallon) for medium batches– 44 LB (5 gallon) for big operations– 440 LB (50 gallon) drums for huge orders

How is the quality of RDM International’s mango purees ensured?

We ensure top quality from start to end. Our strict quality control covers every step. This includes picking mangoes to the clean, aseptic packaging. The goal is to always deliver the purest, safest, and best mango purees.

What are the key features of RDM International’s mango purees?

RDM International’s mango purees come from the best mangoes worldwide. Aseptic processing locks in freshness and flavor. This makes the purees perfect for many food and drink types, from brewing to desserts.

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