Ever wondered where the best dried apples come from? Look no further than RDM International. We are your top bulk dried apples supplier. Our dried fruit products are truly exceptional, with a taste and quality that stands out.

Picture this: a snack that takes you to a bountiful orchard. This is what RDM International offers. Our premium dried apples come from the best orchards. They are dried to perfect, keeping their amazing taste.

RDM International is a key dried fruit wholesaler and dehydrated apple supplier. We meet the needs of both food distributors and businesses. Our dried apples, including organic and unsweetened kinds, retain their natural goodness. Every bite gives a wholesome experience.

So, what makes us special in the world of dried fruit? What makes our dried apples top in quality and taste? We’re about to tell you how we create outstanding dried fruit products. You’ll see why RDM International is the top choice for large-scale fruit processing and industrial food dehydration.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a top bulk dried apples supplier, with a variety of premium dried fruit products.
  • Our dried apples come from the best orchards. They are dried perfectly, keeping their natural flavor and nutrition.
  • For food distributors and businesses, we offer a variety, including organic and unsweetened options.
  • RDM International is a reliable choice for organic dried produce vendors and commercial dried fruit distributors.
  • Experience the unmatched quality and taste of RDM International’s dried apples. We set the benchmark for large-scale fruit processing and industrial food dehydration.

Introducing RDM International’s Premium Dried Apples

At RDM International, we are proud of our premium dried apples. They offer a rich and wholesome taste reflecting the best of natural dried fruit. Quality starts at the source. We closely collaborate with growers for the finest organic dried apples and artisanal dehydrated fruit.

Delicious and Wholesome Taste of Apples

Our premium dried apples are dehydrated with care. This preserves their flavor and nutrients, letting you savor true apple goodness with every bite. The careful process produces a high-quality dried produce filled with nature’s true flavors.

Made from the Finest Fruit

We work with the best orchards to get our premium dried apples. Each apple is selected and treated with great care, ensuring top quality in every batch.

Carefully Dried to Preserve Natural Flavor and Nutrition

Preserving natural flavor and nutrition is at the core of our premium dried apples. Our advanced drying methods seal in nutrients. The result is a high-quality dried produce full of delicious and healthy benefits.

Bulk Dried Apples Supplier for Food Distributors

RDM International is a top bulk dried apples supplier. We are a go-to for food distributors needing high-quality dried fruits. With our big production, we meet the needs of commercial customers easily. We ensure you get the right amount at the right quality.

Reliable and Consistent Supply

We’re proud to efficiently handle bulk orders for our food distributor partners. Our strong supply chain means reliable delivery. This lets us be your trusted source for commercial dried fruit.

Large-Scale Production Capabilities

At RDM International, our large-scale fruit processing is ready for big orders. We can handle any size order for dried apples. Count on us for prompt and reliable delivery. We aim to be your top supplier for a reliable supply chain of dried fruits.

Organic Dried Apples from RDM International

We’re proud to offer you the best organic dried apples. They come right from our farm in Skagit County. These apples are grown with care and are full of flavor thanks to our sustainable farming practices.

Grown on Our Farm in Skagit County

Our locally sourced produce comes straight from our orchard. This means our premium dried fruit is fresh and reliable. Our apples grow with eco-friendly care, ensuring their top quality.

Crunchy, Sweet, and Nutritious

Our nutritious snack is crunchy and sweet because of our precise process. Taste the natural goodness in each piece of our organic dried apples. They’re made with great care.

Unsweetened and Preservative-Free Dried Apples

At RDM International, we’re all about giving you the freshest tasting dried apples out there. Our unsweetened dried apples are made without any artificial preservatives. This way, you can savor the real, natural taste of the apple. We’re very careful with how we make our fruits dry. This ensures our preservative-free fruit keeps its nutrients and pure goodness, with no extra stuff added.

No Added Sugars or Preservatives

Typical dried fruits can show up with added sugars or fake preservatives. But not ours. Our clean label dried produce skips the sugar and artificial stuff. We focus instead on natural dehydrated snacks. This lets you enjoy a snack that’s just as nature intended – tasty, good for you, and not over-processed.

Freshest Tasting Dried Apples on the Market

Our unsweetened dried apples are special because of our drying method. We use the latest technology to dry them. This helps us keep their natural sweet taste and bright flavors. So, every bite feels like you’re eating an apple that was freshly picked just for you.

Health Benefits of Dried Apples

Dried apples from RDM International are great snacks. They’re filled with nutritional benefits. These snacks are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. They’re a top choice for healthy snacking.

Rich in Nutrients and Fiber

Our dried apples are full of nutrients and nutrient-dense. They give your body antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The dietary fiber in them helps your digestion and fills you up. This makes them perfect for a portable dried produce snack.

Convenient and Portable Snack Option

Eat dried apples anytime, anywhere. They come in easy-to-carry packs. They’re great for a snack or in your lunch. Our portable dried produce gives you energy and is nutritious too.

Bulk Dried Apples Supplier for Baking and Cooking

At RDM International, our dried apples aren’t only tasty snacks. They are perfect for baking and cooking. They’re great for both professional bakers and food processors. Our bulk dried apples for baking can really improve the taste and feel of many dishes.

Versatile Ingredient for Baked Goods

Adding our dried fruit ingredient to baked goods brings sweetness and chewiness. You can use them in cookies, pies, granola, and muffins. Our versatile dried produce will make your baked goods stand out, giving your customers a special treat.

Enhances Flavor in Savory Dishes

Dried apples from us aren’t just for sweet treats. They also add sweetness and tang to savory dishes. They work well in stews, salads, and other savory meals. Our commercial food processing dried apples naturally boost the taste of your dishes.

Bulk dried apples for baking

Variety of Dried Apple Options

At RDM International, we are proud to offer a wide range of dried apple choices. You can pick from sweet or tart varieties based on what you like. We guarantee there’s something for everyone.

Sweet and Tart Varieties Available

Our sweet dried apples are naturally rich in sweetness. They make for a tasty and satisfying snack. Alternatively, our tart dried apples blend acidity and sweetness perfectly. They’re great for cooking or enjoyed on their own.

Sulfured and Unsulfured Options

Aside from taste, we got your health covered. Choose from our sulfured or unsulfured dried apples. The sulfured apples maintain their bright color and last longer. On the other hand, our unsulfured apples are pure, without additional preservatives.

With our broad selection, RDM International meets the needs of all customers. Whether you distribute food, bake, or seek a healthy snack, we have just what you’re after.

Delightfully Natural and Gluten-Free

RDM International’s natural dried apples are colorful, tasty, and healthy. They’re not made with artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This means you get the true taste of the fruit. If you care about what’s in your food, our gluten-free dried fruit is perfect. It’s a great choice for those who watch what they eat.

At RDM International, we make sure our allergen-friendly dried produce meets everyone’s needs. Our natural dried apples keep their good nutrients because of how we process them. They’re a snack that all can enjoy and benefit from.

Eat our natural dried apples with peace of mind. You won’t find hidden bad stuff in them. We at RDM International pledge to make quality, clean, and clear gluten-free dried fruit. So, you always know what you’re getting.

No Artificial Colors or Additives

At RDM International, we focus on top-notch clean label dried fruit. We keep it pure, no fake colors or additives. This means our minimally processed dried apples are all about real flavor and nutrition.

Everything comes with a promise of transparency. That’s because we care about giving you an honest and tasty dried fruit experience.

clean label dried fruit

Quality Assurance and Product Safety

RDM International strives to provide top-notch dried fruit. We use strict quality checks from picking to packing. It ensures every dried apples batch is safe and consistent.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

Our quality control is detailed, from testing to final check. We closely watch drying facts, like moisture and look. Skilled teams double-check every step, aiming for superb dried fruit for you.

Food Safety Certifications

Safety and top quality stand as our core values. Our facilities boast certifications, meeting top food safety standards. These third-party certifications prove our dedication to a safe, quality food supply.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Bulk Ordering

Our company, RDM International, knows how important it is for our food distributor friends. They need a reliable and easy way to get bulk dried apples. This is why we provide a smooth ordering process. It meets the needs of your business.

Flexible Order Quantities

Need a lot for your warehouse or smaller amounts for quick restocking? RDM International has your back. Our flexible order sizes let you choose the bulk dried apple quantities you need. This is great for your commercial dried fruit purchasing without overspending. You save money by finding the cost-effective option for your wholesale pricing.

Competitive Pricing for Bulk Orders

At RDM International, we aim to give our distributor partners great value. Our competitive pricing for bulk dried apple orders lets you buy top-notch dried produce at a fair price. With our flexible order sizes and wholesale pricing, your commercial dried fruit purchasing will be better. You can keep costs down and manage your stock well.

Order Size Price per Pound Shipping Cost Total Cost
500 lbs $3.50 $150 $1,800
1,000 lbs $3.25 $250 $3,250
2,500 lbs $3.00 $500 $7,500


Lastly, RDM International is your best bet for premium dried apples. Our top-quality products are created from the best fruit and treated with the utmost care. They offer a tasty and healthy treat. If you’re a food seller, a baker, or someone who loves healthy snacks, our dried apples are perfect for you.

Uncover the great taste and variety of our dried apple goods. We promise to be a reliable commercial partner for you, bringing the best from nature to you or your customers. With a focus on quality, safety, and your satisfaction, RDM International is here for you. Enjoy the exceptional experience with our dried fruit.


What types of dried apples does RDM International offer?

RDM International has many types of dried apples. They offer organic and unsweetened options. This is great for food distributors and big customers.

How are RDM International’s dried apples processed?

The dried apples are made with care. They keep their natural flavor and nutrients. This gives you a tasty and healthy snack.

What certifications or quality assurances does RDM International provide?

RDM International closely checks every step of making their apples. Their facilities meet the best food safety rules. This means their apple products are always safe and top quality.

Are RDM International’s dried apples free from artificial ingredients?

Yes, RDM International’s dried apples are all-natural. They have no fake colors, flavors, or preservatives. You get to taste real, pure fruit in every bite.

What are the health benefits of RDM International’s dried apples?

These apples are full of good things like vitamins and fiber. They make for a healthy snack.

How can RDM International’s dried apples be used in cooking and baking?

You can add them to many recipes for a new twist. They make baked goods taste better. They also bring a sweet and sour kick to meals.

Does RDM International offer bulk ordering options for food distributors?

Yes, RDM International makes it easy to buy in bulk. They have good prices and different order sizes. This is perfect for food distributors wanting quality dried apples.

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