Looking for a top bulk supplier of IQF Crinkle Cut French Fries? You’re in the right place at RDM International. They bring you top-quality frozen fries. But what makes these crinkle-cut fries stand out?

RDM International gives you IQF Crinkle Cut French Fries that are not just convenient but also delicious. These are made from premium potatoes. They are perfect for fast snacks, sides, and many meals. As a wholesaler/distributor of Frozen Food Products & Ingredients, RDM International specializes in IQF french fries. They connect with growers worldwide to offer you a diverse selection of top-grade frozen fries. This includes cut and peeled, par fried, and skin on options. Need to know more about getting wholesale frozen french fries? RDM International can guide you.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading bulk IQF crinkle cut french fries distributor offering premium quality frozen fries.
  • Their IQF Crinkle Cut French Fries are versatile and perfect for snacks, sides, and a wide range of meals.
  • RDM International works directly with growers to provide a variety of high-quality frozen french fry options.
  • They can help you get started with wholesale frozen french fries for your business.
  • RDM International specializes in IQF french fries, ensuring freshness and quality.

Introducing IQF Crinkle Cut French Fries

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) French fries are a fresh and easy frozen food. They are frozen so well that they keep their taste, texture, and nutrients. This makes for a great meal every time you eat them.

What is IQF?

“IQF” stands for Individually Quick Frozen. It’s a way of freezing foods that keeps each item separate. This helps keep the taste and texture of the french fries great. So, they don’t stick together and they are easy to cook without losing quality.

The IQF Freezing Process

The iqf freezing process is a special way to freeze fries. First, the best potatoes are picked and cut. They are then partially cooked and frozen quickly. This keeps them fresh and tasty. These steps make the IQF fries crispy, with no freezer burn, and they cook fast.

Benefits of IQF Crinkle Cut Fries

IQF crinkle cut fries have many good points. They are a favorite for businesses and at home because of their unique shape. They stay crunchy and can hold toppings well. Plus, they keep their good nutrition, making them a healthier choice than regular fries.

Crinkle Cut Fries: A Beloved Favorite

Crinkle cut french fries are a favorite frozen potato type. People love them for their special look and feel. They have unique ridges that make a great crunch. They come in many styles, like classic cuts, McCain’s special fries, and even criss cut. This variety suits different tastes and dishes.

Crinkle Cut French Fry Varieties Key Characteristics
Traditional Crinkle Cut Fries Distinctive ridges, classic shape and texture
McCain Crinkle Cut Fries Signature McCain quality, consistent crinkle pattern
Criss Cut Fries Intersecting ridges, unique visual appeal

Enjoy crinkle cut french fries as a side, in recipes, or as a fun snack. They’re a tasty and useful choice that anyone will love.

The Making of Crinkle Cut Fries

The process of making crinkle cut fries starts with choosing top-notch potatoes. These potatoes must have a special crinkle cut shape. They are picked carefully to cook up just right every time.

Selecting Quality Potatoes

To begin, the best potatoes are needed for crinkle cut fries. They’re picked because they keep their shape well. And they create the classic wavy look after cutting. This ensures the fries are tasty and look great.

Specialized Cutting Equipment

A special cutting machine makes the crinkle effect. The machine cuts the potatoes with precision. This creates the ridges that everyone loves. The ridges also make the fries cook up crisply outside and stay soft inside.

Blanching and Flash Freezing

Next, the crinkle-cut potatoes go through blanching to keep their taste and texture. Then, they’re quickly frozen. This fast freeze keeps them fresh and locks in their good nutrients. It’s a key step to their high quality and long shelf life.

Versatility in the Kitchen

Crinkle fries are a must-have in both home and restaurant kitchens. They work not just as a side dish, but also as a base for loaded fries or a snack with dips. Their ridges are perfect for grabbing onto sauces and toppings. This makes them a top pick for anyone cooking up something new. From quick snacks with frozen crinkle french fries to fancy meals, these fries fit right in.

Side Dishes and Snacks

As a side dish, crinkle cut fries add a fun twist to any meal. They go well with lots of main courses and bring a tasty crunch. Plus, their unique shape makes them great for snacks. Enjoy them by themselves or with sauces to kick things up a notch.

Loaded Fries and Toppings

Those special ridges on crinkle cut fries are perfect for all kinds of toppings and sauces. This makes them ideal for loaded fries. You can go for classic choices like cheese and bacon or get creative with new flavors. There’s so much you can do to make your crinkle cut fries just right.

versatility of crinkle cut fries

Health and Nutrition

Many think of crinkle cut fries as a treat. But, they can fit in a balanced diet if made right. Baking or air-frying frozen crinkle fries lowers the oil. This is much healthier than deep-frying.

Baking and Air Frying

Crinkle cut fries can be better for you by baking or air-frying them. This uses less oil. You keep their great taste and texture this way.

Nutritional Value

Crinkle cut fries keep their good stuff when frozen. You get benefits like potassium and dietary fiber. They’re a smart pick over some fried potatoes.

Nutrient Crinkle Cut Fries Traditional Fried Fries
Calories 150 per serving 230 per serving
Fat 5 grams 12 grams
Sodium 350 mg 450 mg
Potassium 420 mg 290 mg
Dietary Fiber 3 grams 2 grams

Convenience and Shelf Life

Frozen crinkle cut fries are very handy. They don’t spoil quickly and are easy to cook. This is great for people making food at home or in restaurants who want something quick.

Frozen crinkle cut fries mean fast meals. They work well in large kitchens or at home. Because they last a long time, you can buy a lot without waste.

Feature Benefit
Frozen Crinkle Cut Fries Quick and easy preparation, minimizing time and effort in the kitchen
Long Shelf Life Ability to stock up and reduce waste, ensuring a consistent supply of this popular ingredient

These frozen crinkle cut fries are great for any kitchen. Use them cooked on the side, in recipes, or as a snack. They save time and make it easy to cook.

Bulk IQF Crinkle Cut French Fries Distributor

RDM International is a top bulk IQF Crinkle Cut French Fries supplier. They work with growers worldwide. This allows them to offer top-notch frozen french fries, such as crinkle cut, cut and peeled. They also have par fried and skin on options.

RDM International: Your Trusted Supplier

At RDM International, you find a vast range of top-quality frozen french fries. They have a deep commitment to quality and making customers happy. This has made them a favorite with foodservice places and kitchens nationwide.

Wholesale and Bulk Ordering

RDM International is great for wholesale and bulk ordering. You can easily get a lot of the tasty rdm international crinkle cut fries for your business. Whether you need a lot for a big place or just a steady supply, they can meet your needs.

Packaging and Shipping Options

It’s very important to keep your frozen crinkle cut fries safe and fresh. RDM International offers just the right packaging for this. They have strong corrugated boxes that are perfect for freezing. Also, they have various packaging choices for stores and restaurants.

Corrugated Boxes for Freezing

Frozen crinkle cut fries need special boxes to keep them cold. The boxes from RDM International are made just for that. They are strong and keep your crinkle cut fries fresh during travel and storage.

Retail and Foodservice Packaging

RDM International has many packaging types for frozen crinkle cut fries. They work for stores and restaurants. You can get retail packs (6-8oz) or carton packs (3-4lb). This is great whether you own a grocery store or a restaurant.

Packaging options for frozen crinkle cut fries

Packaging Options Details Recommended For
Corrugated Boxes Specialized for freezing food products, providing insulation and protection Wholesale distribution, bulk shipping
Retail Packs 6-8oz portion sizes, suitable for individual consumer purchase Grocery stores, convenience stores
Carton Packs 3-4lb cartons, ideal for foodservice and commercial kitchens Restaurants, cafeterias, catering companies

Finding the Right Distributor

Looking for top-notch crinkle cut french fries? Alibaba.com has tons of suppliers for you. It offers everything from crinkle cut fries near me to big bulk orders. This means it’s simple to find what you’re looking for, with sellers from all over the world ready to help.

Exploring Alibaba.com

The website makes finding crinkle cut fries a breeze. You can filter suppliers based on where they are, how much you need, and more. This lets you shop smart, no matter where you are or how many fries you want to buy.

Instant Quote and Ordering

Looking to buy crinkle cut fries in bulk? RDM International has you covered. They make it easy to get an instant quote and place your order. This means you can quickly get the tasty frozen fries your kitchen or restaurant needs.

Storing Frozen Vegetables

When handling crinkle cut fries in the freezer, the key is efficient storage. By keeping them in an upright position on open wire shelving, you save a lot of space. This is because they need smaller stacks, which are also easier for customers to pick up.

Vertical Displays and Wire Shelving

Vertical displays and wire shelving are great for storing frozen crinkle cut fries. They make the most of the space you have and make it simple for customers to see and grab the frozen vegetables they’re looking for. This means they’re more likely to sell well.

Maximizing Space and Minimizing Waste

Using vertical displays and wire shelving for frozen crinkle cut fries is smart. It lets retailers maximize space and minimize waste. Products take less floor space, leaving room for other items. Plus, keeping the frozen vegetables easily viewable and reachable reduces the chance of them being wasted.

Applications and Recipes

Crinkle cut french fries are super useful. You can use them in many ways. This is true whether you’re at a restaurant, cooking at home, or getting meals ready for the week. They’re great for signature side dishes or for making fun meals.

Restaurant and Foodservice

Restaurants and food services love crinkle cut fries. They are an excellent item on menus. They go well with many main dishes. Chefs also make awesome loaded fries using crinkle cuts. These are fries with cheese, bacon, chili, and more on top.

Home Cooking and Meal Prep

Crinkle fries are perfect for the home too. You can bake or air-fry them for an easy snack. They’re also tasty in casseroles. Their shape and texture make dishes more interesting. Use them in DIY loaded fries or in comforting meals.


RDM International has top-notch bulk IQF crinkle cut french fries. They are great for many dishes. The unique shape and freezing process make these fries perfect for any kitchen.

These crinkle cut fries are great as a side, in recipes, or as a snack. RDM International’s bulk IQF fries are a smart pick.

They are known for their quality and versatility. The crinkle cut and IQF method are what make them stand out. Whether for a restaurant or at home, these fries are a tasty choice.

To sum up, RDM’s bulk IQF crinkle cut french fries are excellent. They bring great texture and ease to any meal. Try them out to see for yourself.


What is IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) frozen french fries?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) french fries are, well, just that. They’re frozen so they stay fresh and tasty. This freezing way means they stay crisp, avoid freezer burn, and need less time to cook.

What are the benefits of IQF Crinkle Cut French Fries?

IQF Crinkle Cut Fries are special because of how they look and what they offer. They keep their unique shape well. They also keep their taste and goodness because of how they’re frozen.

How are crinkle cut french fries made?

Making crinkle cut fries is a careful job. It starts with choosing the right kind of potato. Then, a special cutter gives them their wavy shape. After that, they’re blanched, dried, and frozen quickly to keep them fresh.

How are crinkle cut french fries used in the kitchen?

Crinkle cut french fries can do a lot. You can have them with a meal, loaded with tasty toppings, or on their own with dips. Their shape is great for grabbing onto sauces and toppings.

Are frozen crinkle cut french fries a healthy option?

Yes, crinkle cut fries can be a part of a healthy diet if you cook them right. Baking or air-frying them uses less oil. Plus, they keep their nutritional value from when they were frozen.

What are the advantages of frozen crinkle cut french fries?

The best thing about these fries is how easy and quick they are to make. They last a long time in the freezer. This makes them great for both people at home and professionals in the food industry.

Where can I find a supplier for bulk IQF Crinkle Cut French Fries?

For big orders of IQF Crinkle Cut French Fries, check out RDM International. They get their potatoes from top growers worldwide. You can find various types, like crinkle cut, peeled, and more.

How are frozen crinkle cut french fries packaged and shipped?

Corrugated boxes keep frozen crinkle cut fries safe for shipping. RDM International offers different box sizes. They have options for both selling in stores and for bigger orders.

How can I find a distributor for crinkle cut french fries?

You can look on Alibaba.com for lots of choices for crinkle cut fries. Whether you need a small amount or a big order, they connect you with suppliers worldwide. This is a great way to find the right fries for your needs.

How can I store and display frozen crinkle cut french fries?

Storing frozen items like crinkle cut fries well saves space and reduces waste. Use open wire shelving to stand them up. This makes it easier for customers to see and reach them in your store.