Ever thought about the source of tasty and crispy frozen french fries? Look at RDM International. They are the top wholesaler and distributor. Their high-quality IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Shoestring French Fries are made with care, perfect for every kitchen, whether in a restaurant, foodservice spot, or retail outlet.

So, what makes RDM International the best IQF shoestring french fries distributor? Their frozen french fries are known for keeping their great taste and crunch. Join me to learn about IQF shoestring fries wholesale. See why RDM International is the top supplier for bulk french fries and commercial french fries.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers the convenience and crispiness of premium IQF Shoestring French Fries
  • They are a leading wholesaler and distributor of high-quality frozen food products, including bulk IQF Shoestring French Fries
  • RDM International works directly with growers around the world to provide the best frozen french fry options at competitive wholesale prices
  • Their IQF Shoestring French Fries are a versatile and delicious addition perfect for quick snacks, sides, and a wide range of meals
  • RDM International is your trusted partner for all your frozen potato product needs, including restaurant french fries and foodservice shoestring fries

What are IQF Shoestring French Fries?

IQF french fries are a special kind of frozen fries. They are known for being frozen quickly and separately. This unique freezing keeps the fries fresh and tasty. It makes sure each shoestring french fry looks, feels, and tastes great. The nutritional value in these frozen potato products stays high. This is all thanks to the smart freezing process.

Individually Quick Frozen Process

The secret to the top quality of IQF shoestring french fries is how they are frozen. Each fry is frozen alone, keeping them from clumping. This means they keep their special thin shape and crunch. The way they are frozen makes them easy to handle and cook. So you always get a great fry that’s just right.

Preserving Freshness and Quality

The IQF method keeps the iqf french fries fresh and tasty. It locks in the fries’ good stuff. So, when you eat frozen french fry varieties from RDM International, they taste real and good. Even after a long time in the freezer, they stay as good as fresh.

Versatile and Convenient

RDM International’s IQF pre-cut frozen fries are great for many uses. They are perfect for kitchens, stores, and homes. You can use them in all sorts of meals or snacks. This makes them perfect for lots of cooking needs.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale IQF Shoestring French Fries

Getting wholesale IQF Shoestring French Fries from RDM International is smart. You save money with volume discounts and lower per-unit pricing. The IQF way freezes them individually, keeping consistent quality and taste intact. This makes your food or shop always have good fries.

Cost-Effective Bulk Purchasing

Buying wholesale iqf shoestring fries means getting good prices with RDM International. You get benefits from buying a lot. That includes reduced per-unit costs and great prices, helping your budget and profits look better.

Consistent Quality and Taste

RDM’s IQF method means every batch of frozen fries shines with quality and taste. You can depend on consistent frozen fry quality for your customers. This is true whether you sell food or run a shop.

Long Shelf Life

RDM’s long shelf life frozen potatoes are better than fresh-cut ones. You can stock up and never run out to meet demand. This is great for your business, as you won’t be caught without this popular item.

RDM International: Your Trusted Supplier

RDM International is here for all your needs, offering top-notch IQF Shoestring French Fries and more frozen food products. They are a leading wholesaler and distributor. They get their goods directly from growers around the world, ensuring fresh and high-quality products.

Direct Sourcing from Growers

Thanks to direct source grower relationships, RDM International brings you the finest frozen potato product varieties. They do this at great prices. Their direct approach means you get top-notch IQF Shoestring French Fries every time.

Wide Range of Varieties

Besides their great IQF Shoestring French Fries, RDM International offers a big mix of frozen potato products. You can choose from cut and peeled, par-fried, skin-on, and more. This broad selection means they can meet the varied needs of their foodservice and retail customers.

Choosing RDM International means getting dependable, high-quality IQF Shoestring French Fries and other frozen food solutions. They are dedicated to quality and customer happiness, making them a go-to supplier for both big and small businesses.

rdm international frozen potato products

Best IQF Shoestring French Fries Distributor

Looking for the top-notch IQF Shoestring French Fries distributor? RDM International is your go-to. They provide various seasoning choices for your frozen potato products. These fries can be flavored with spices, herbs, and more. This lets you match your dishes or please your customers.

Customizable Seasoning Options

At RDM International, they understand that taste is key. That’s why their customizable frozen fry seasoning is perfect for your needs. Whether you want something spicy or savory, their team can help. They’ll make sure your fries taste just right.

Convenient Packaging Solutions

In the world of IQF Shoestring French Fries, packaging is also vital. RDM International has you covered with their convenient frozen fry packaging. They use strong corrugated boxes and poly bags. This keeps your fries safe and ready to use, whether in the store or the kitchen.

RDM International truly is the perfect partner, whether you sell food or serve it. They stand for quality, flexibility, and making you, the customer, happy. Trust in RDM International for the very best IQF Shoestring French Fries out there.

Applications and Uses

RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries are great for many uses. They are perfect for restaurants, foodservice operations, retail, and grocery stores. These fries are a top choice for all your cooking needs.

Restaurants and Foodservice

For restaurants and foodservice, these fries are a hit. They add a crispy, tasty touch to side dishes or entrees. Their high quality and flavor make them a favorite for food suppliers.

Retail and Grocery Stores

Retail and grocery stores find these fries a must-have for their shelves. They’re a top pick for customers wanting a quick, tasty meal addition. A great choice for home cooks and chefs alike.

Catering and Special Events

For catering and special events, RDM’s IQF Shoestring French Fries can’t be beat. They provide a uniform, reliable fry for any occasion. Perfect for both grand and small events, they bring a delicious crunch to any menu.

Storing and Handling IQF Shoestring Fries

Keeping RDM International’s IQF shoestring fry storage fresh is key. They use top-notch industrial freezers which keep a steady temperature. These freezers make sure the frozen fry packaging potatoes stay crisp and good to eat. They also pack their IQF Shoestring French Fries in strong corrugated boxes for frozen food shipping. Plus, they pick the best ways to ship the frozen fries to you, so they arrive in great shape.

Industrial Freezer Requirements

An industrial freezer needs to keep RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries fresh. These frozen potatoes like a steady, cold home to stay crunchy and fresh.

Proper Packaging and Shipping

RDM International makes sure their IQF Shoestring French Fries reach you well. They package them in special corrugated boxes for frozen fry packaging. They then use smart frozen food shipping ways. This protects the fries’ quality all the way to your door.

Following these steps will make your experience with RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries great.

Finding a Reliable IQF Shoestring Fries Distributor

Finding top-notch IQF Shoestring French Fries is now simple. RDM International’s global distributor network makes it easy. They are a key player in the frozen food scene, ensuring you find a local IQF shoestring fries distributor.

Global Network of Distributors

RDM International links you with the best IQF Shoestring French Fries globally. You can get these fries wherever you are. For chefs, sellers, or anyone needing these products, connecting with a trusted local distributor is straightforward.

Online Resources and Tools

With RDM International, finding an IQF Shoestring French Fries distributor is direct. Their online platform and tools are easy to use. Check out their site to find authorized distributors, get prices, and order. They make getting top-grade frozen fries hassle-free for both commercial and personal needs.

Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries offer much more than great taste. They give you nutritional value and health benefits. The freezing process keeps the potatoes full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This makes frozen french fries a better choice than deep-fried ones. They have less fat and calories.

Adding RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries to your menu is a smart move. You’ll offer a nutritious and satisfying frozen potato option to your customers.

Cooking and Preparation Tips

RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries are easy to prepare. They’re great for many cooking styles. You can use them in restaurants, at events, or at home. RDM International gives you all the instructions and tips you need.

Frying Instructions

To get a classic fried French fry taste, fry your RDM International IQF Shoestring French Fries. Heat some oil and drop the fries in. Cook them until they’re crispy and golden brown. They stay shaped and crispy thanks to the iqf shoestring fry cooking process. Stick to the right heat and time for the best fries.

Baking and Roasting Methods

Baking or roasting these fries is a top choice too. RDM International’s frozen fry baking and roasting products are perfect for this. You can quickly add your favorite seasonings and then bake them. To get them just right, look at RDM International’s cooking advice. This will help you reach the right crunch and taste.

iqf shoestring fry cooking

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

RDM International’s IQF shoestring fries have made their customers happy. People in the foodservice and retail worlds really like them. They say these fries are always top-quality, taste amazing, and are super convenient. Customers, in turn, enjoy the crunchy feel and taste of these IQF shoestring fries. This has boosted sales and customer smiles. It’s clear that RDM International aims to please with their high-quality frozen food solutions. Their customers have nothing but good things to say.

Customer Feedback Ratings
“The IQF shoestring fries from RDM International are a hit at our restaurant. They’re perfectly crispy and flavorful. Our customers love them.” 5/5
“As a grocery store manager, I love that RDM International’s frozen fry products are always high-quality. They keep our customers coming back.” 4.8/5
“Using RDM International’s IQF shoestring fries for catering is easy. They stay great during travel and reheat well. Our customers at events always want more.” 4.9/5

“RDM International is all about quality and making us, their customers, happy. Their frozen potato products have really helped our business shine.”


RDM International leads as the best supplier of IQF Shoestring French Fries. They offer high-quality frozen fries at wholesale prices. These fries are prepared with the newest technology, keeping their taste and goodness. They come with many seasoning choices and in easy-to-use packages, making RDM great for businesses and customers.

Choosing RDM means you get great deals on bulk orders. Their fries always taste the same and last a long time. By working with RDM, you are picking a partner dedicated to giving you the best service and products for your needs.

No matter if you run a restaurant, a shop, or plan events, RDM’s fries are an excellent choice. They’re crispy, tasty, and good for you. Add RDM’s IQF Shoestring French Fries to your menu. It’s a smart move that surely brings joy to your customers.


What are IQF Shoestring French Fries?

IQF Shoestring French Fries are frozen french fries that are individually quick frozen. This freezing method keeps the fries fresh and high quality. Each fry is frozen by itself. This keeps their shape, texture, and taste.

What are the benefits of buying wholesale IQF Shoestring French Fries?

When you buy wholesale IQF Shoestring French Fries, you get a good deal. They have the same great quality and taste every time. Also, they last longer than fresh fries.

What makes RDM International a trusted supplier of IQF Shoestring French Fries?

RDM International is known for selling top-notch frozen foods. This includes their bulk IQF Shoestring French Fries. They team up with farmers worldwide to offer excellent frozen fry options at fair prices.

What customization options does RDM International offer for their IQF Shoestring French Fries?

RDM International lets you pick from many seasonings for their Shoestring fries. You can add different spices and flavors. This way, you can make unique frozen potato products that fit your recipes or customer tastes.

How can I find a reliable IQF Shoestring French Fries distributor like RDM International?

Discovering a good IQF Shoestring French Fries distributor, like RDM International, is simple. They have distributors all over the world. You can check their website to find one near you. Here, you can also ask about prices or make orders.

What are the nutritional benefits of RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries?

RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries are not just tasty. They are also good for you. The quick freezing keeps the natural vitamins and minerals in the potatoes. This makes them a better choice than fried fries, with less fat and calories.

How easy are RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries to prepare?

Cooking RDM International’s IQF Shoestring French Fries is a breeze. You can fry, bake, or roast them. The company gives clear cooking directions and advice. This helps you make their fries taste just right.