Ever thought about what makes the top garlic puree supplier stand out? At RDM International, we excel in providing a top-notch garlic puree. It captures the rich, tasty flavor of freshly grown garlic. But what really makes our product shine?

RDM International offers organic garlic puree, gourmet garlic puree, and artisanal garlic puree. Each is carefully made to keep its natural taste and health benefits. Our advanced garlic paste manufacturer process looks after every batch of bulk garlic puree. It carefully picks the best garlic, handles it with care, and creates a thick, silky puree. This brings out amazing flavor, smell, and nutrition in a final product you’ll love.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers premium-quality garlic puree made from the finest, freshly harvested ingredients
  • Our garlic paste manufacturer process ensures the natural flavor, aroma, and nutritional goodness of the garlic are preserved
  • We provide a range of organic garlic puree, gourmet garlic puree, and artisanal garlic puree options to suit your preferences
  • Our bulk garlic puree is versatile and can be used in a variety of culinary applications
  • As the best garlic puree supplier, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled freshness

Introduction to Garlic Puree

Garlic puree is a great ingredient that takes your meals to another level. It’s made by blending fresh, peeled, and chopped garlic cloves. This process creates a garlic puree that’s easy to use in many dishes.

What is Garlic Puree?

Garlic puree comes from fresh garlic cloves. They start by peeling the cloves. Then, they chop them and turn them into a smooth paste. This what is garlic puree method makes a strong garlic flavor. You can add it to sauces, soups, and more.

Benefits of Garlic Puree

Garlic puree isn’t just for taste. It’s also good for your health. Garlic is full of vitamins and minerals. It has antioxidants too. So, using health benefits of garlic puree offers several good effects. It can help your immune system and your heart. Plus, it might reduce swelling.

RDM International: The Best Garlic Puree Supplier

Looking for quality garlic puree? RDM International is your best bet. We get our garlic from top growers. This ensures we have the most flavorful and fresh garlic. Our production process is cutting-edge. It makes sure our garlic paste is always top-notch.

Our best garlic puree supplier line comes in many sizes, from 1kg to 20kg. It fits needs from home cooking to professional use. We also offer high-quality IQF garlic. This gives you more ways to improve your dishes.

Premium Quality and Freshness

Actually, at RDM International, we work hard to deliver top-notch premium quality garlic puree. We scout for the freshest garlic from prime sources. This leads to our high quality garlic puree packed with rich, savory taste and great nutrition.

Sourcing the Finest Garlic

We pick the best premium quality garlic for our puree. Our team sources it from trusted growers for top-notch freshness and flavor. This diligent process helps us make a fresh garlic puree that’s truly exceptional.

State-of-the-Art Production Process

Our state-of-the-art production process is vital for top quality premium quality garlic puree. First, we peel and heat the fresh garlic. Then, we press it through a sieve to make a thick, velvety puree. This method keeps the real taste, smell, and nutrients of garlic. The result is a top-tier product that will enhance your dishes.

Versatile and Convenient

RDM International’s versatile garlic puree is a game-changer in the kitchen. It boosts the taste in various dishes. You can use it in garlic bread, sauces, ready meals, or dressings. Your food will never be the same with this powerful ingredient.

Applications in Cooking

Your cooking adventures get a major upgrade with our garlic puree. Add it to marinades for a rich flavor. Mix it in dips for tasty appetizers. Even your vegetables will shine with a simple sauce made from our time-saving garlic puree. Let your creative juices flow with this premium garlic puree.

Time-Saving and Hassle-Free

No need to spend time peeling and cutting garlic. With RDM International’s time-saving garlic puree, the hard work is done for you. Just a spoonful brings out bold garlic taste. It makes cooking easier and less time-consuming.

versatile garlic puree

Best Garlic Puree Supplier for Food Distributors

RDM International shines as a top supplier of premium garlic puree. We’re ideal for food distributors seeking the best. Our modern facilities and focus on quality ensure you receive the finest garlic puree. It comes in various pack sizes ideal for your business.

Looking for artisanal or organic garlic puree? Perhaps bulk orders? RDM International has you covered. Our approach to packaging is flexible. Plus, our team prides itself on exceptional service. That’s why food distributors choose us in the industry.

Natural and Healthy

RDM International’s Garlic Puree is a healthy choice. It keeps the good stuff in fresh garlic. We make sure that vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants stay in every jar. This way, you get all the health benefits without anything artificial. Choosing our natural garlic puree means you add pure goodness to your meals, without any bad stuff in it. It’s all about wholesome foods, made the right way.

Preserving Nutritional Goodness

Our healthy garlic puree is top-notch at RDM International. We’re all about keeping the good parts of garlic in. With our modern and careful process, the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are all there. You not only get rich flavor but also a lot of good for your body.

nutritional benefits of garlic puree

Range of Pack Sizes

RDM International gives you our excellent Garlic Puree in many pack sizes. You might need a 1kg tub for your kitchen or a 20kg bulk order for your business. We ensure it’s easy for you to use our premium garlic puree, no matter your size.

Pack Size Quantity
1kg Tub Perfect for home cooks
5kg Bucket Ideal for small food service businesses
10kg Bulk Great for medium-sized food service operations
20kg Bulk Suitable for large-scale food distributors and manufacturers

We have a variety of pack sizes for garlic puree, suited for anyone from home cooks to big businesses. Our bulk garlic puree options are perfect for keeping enough of this key ingredient on hand.

Organic and Artisanal Options

We at RDM International don’t just offer standard Garlic Puree. We also have organic and artisanal options. These cater to the varied tastes of our customers. Whether you prefer the pure taste of certified organic garlic puree or the superb quality of our artisanal garlic puree, we’ve got you covered. Our products aim to lift your cooking to new heights.

Organic Garlic Puree

Our Organic Garlic Puree uses the best certified organic garlic. This means it is without synthetic pesticides and preservatives. We pride ourselves on using natural, sustainable ingredients. It helps us deliver a premium garlic puree full of flavor. Also, it fits the bill for those who care about their health.

Artisanal Garlic Puree

Looking for something special? Our Artisanal Garlic Puree is just that. It’s made in small batches with traditional methods. This hands-on approach creates a product that’s truly one-of-a-kind. It highlights the deep, rich taste and smell of garlic. Try our artisanal garlic puree and see the difference in your dishes.

Customer Testimonials

Customers love RDM International’s Garlic Puree. They say it’s very fresh, tasty, and easy to use. A Chef Samantha at The Gourmet Kitchen shared, “I’ve never tasted a garlic puree as fresh and flavorful as RDM International’s. It’s a game-changer in my kitchen!”.

John Doe, a Procurement Manager, says it’s a must-have for their business. He mentions, “Their garlic puree is a staple in our product lineup.”.

Customer Review Customer Satisfaction with Garlic Puree
“RDM International’s Garlic Puree is a game-changer in my kitchen!” 5/5 stars
“As a busy food distributor, I rely on RDM International’s reliable supply and consistent quality.” 4.8/5 stars

“I’ve never tasted a garlic puree as fresh and flavorful as RDM International’s. It’s a game-changer in my kitchen!”

– Chef Samantha, Head Chef at The Gourmet Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our high-quality garlic puree. So, we compiled a list of popular questions about garlic puree, along with their answers, for you.

Question Answer
What is the difference between garlic puree and garlic paste? They are very much alike, but their textures separate them. Garlic puree is smooth and spreadable, like a paste. Garlic paste is a bit rougher, not as smooth. It has a more grainy feel.
How long does garlic puree last once opened? Once opened, garlic puree can last 2-3 weeks if kept in the fridge right. It’s best to put it in an airtight container for the longest freshness. Use it within that time to enjoy it best.
Is garlic puree gluten-free? Yes, our garlic puree is completely free of gluten. This makes it a safe choice for anyone watching their gluten intake.
Can I use garlic puree in place of fresh garlic in recipes? Yes, you can substitute garlic puree for fresh garlic. Use 1 teaspoon of garlic puree for each clove a recipe calls for. It’s easy!
Is garlic puree suitable for vegans and vegetarians? Garlic puree is perfect for both vegans and vegetarians. It doesn’t contain any animal ingredients.

We trust you found the answers to these common questions about garlic puree useful. If you have more questions, please contact us. We’re here to help you get the most out of our top-notch garlic puree.


RDM International stands out as the go-to source for top-notch garlic puree. Their commitment to quality shows in every jar. They use only the best ingredients and the latest production methods. This commitment ensures their garlic puree is second to none in taste, freshness, and nutrients.

Whether you’re a chef or a home cook, RDM International’s Garlic Puree offers unmatched flavor. It brings convenience and versatility to your kitchen. Their product is perfect for enhancing dishes with a true garlic taste.

The team at RDM International is dedicated to excellence. Every order, no matter the size, reflects their commitment. Customers at every level, from home cooks to top chefs, agree. They love the quality and performance of RDM International’s Garlic Puree.

Choosing RDM International means you’re choosing top-quality garlic puree. Their product will make your cooking experience better, whether you’re baking garlic bread or preparing a gourmet meal. They are clearly the best pick when it comes to garlic puree.


What is garlic puree?

Garlic puree is made by blending peeled and chopped fresh garlic into a smooth paste. It’s a great way to add flavor to many dishes. These include sauces, soups, stews, dips, and dressings.

What are the benefits of using garlic puree?

Using garlic puree boosts the taste of various dishes like meat, fish, and vegetables. It’s a key ingredient in many kitchens. It’s in popular foods like garlic bread and garlic butter.

Why should I order garlic puree from RDM International?

RDM International gets their garlic from top growers and uses advanced methods to make their puree. They ensure freshness and quality. Plus, they offer different pack sizes to meet your needs, as well as premium IQF garlic.

How is RDM International’s garlic puree made?

RDM International makes their Garlic Puree using the best garlic. They peel and heat the garlic first. Then, they press it to make a thick puree. This method keeps the garlic’s flavor, smell, and nutrients.

What are the different applications of RDM International’s Garlic Puree?

RDM International’s Garlic Puree is great for many dishes. From garlic breads to sauces and dressings. It makes your meals taste and smell better.

What makes RDM International the best garlic puree supplier for food distributors?

RDM International is a top supplier of garlic puree. They offer a regular, dependable product in various sizes. No matter what you need, like organic or in bulk, they’re your go-to supplier.

Is RDM International’s Garlic Puree a natural and healthy product?

Absolutely, RDM International’s Garlic Puree is both natural and good for you. Their careful production keeps the garlic’s nutrients intact. This means you get all the health benefits.

What range of pack sizes does RDM International offer for their Garlic Puree?

RDM International has many pack sizes for their Garlic Puree. From 1kg to 20kg, there’s a size for every customer. This allows all types of operations to use their top-quality puree.

Does RDM International offer any specialty options for their Garlic Puree?

Besides their standard Garlic Puree, RDM International also has organic and artisanal options. The Organic Garlic Puree uses the best organic garlic. Their Artisanal Garlic Puree is unique, made by hand in small batches.