Looking for great celery juice concentrate to improve your food and drinks? RDM International is your best bet. They are the top source for top-notch celery juice concentrate in the USA. Their years of know-how and dedication to quality have made them the choice for leading brands and makers in many fields.

RDM International offers much more than the rest. They provide unique product choices, advanced processing, and personalized options. This makes them the favorite for anyone looking for best celery juice concentrate, organic celery juice concentrate, celery juice powder, and more natural supplements. Plus, if you need celery juice extract or celery juice concentrate manufacturer help, they’ve got you covered.

What makes RDM International a standout choice? They always give top-quality celery juice concentrate that fits their customer’s needs. Whether you want standard or organic, their concentrate shines. Made from the best domestic or imported celery, it guarantees tasty and healthy results every time.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the leading supplier of the best celery juice concentrate in the USA.
  • They offer conventional and organic certified celery juice concentrate processed from domestic or imported celery.
  • Their celery concentrate is suitable for a wide range of food and beverage applications, including brewing, baby food, bakery, and more.
  • RDM International provides aseptic and frozen processing, along with a variety of packaging options to meet customer needs.
  • With their expertise, quality focus, and customized solutions, RDM International is the trusted partner for top brands seeking the best celery juice concentrate.

Introduction to Celery Juice Concentrate

Celery juice concentrate keeps the best parts of celery in a small, easy-to-use form. It’s made by taking out the juice from top-quality celery. Celery juice concentrate is perfect for many different foods and drinks.

What is Celery Juice Concentrate?

In simple terms, celery juice concentrate is like pure celery essence. It keeps all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from the celery. This makes it super easy to add to all kinds of products, which is why many companies love it.

Benefits of Celery Juice Concentrate

Celery juice concentrate is great for your health. Celery is full of vitamins A, C, and K, and minerals like potassium. Making it into a concentrated form keeps all these good things.

What’s more, it’s packed with antioxidants. These help your body fight off harmful free radicals. That’s why it’s a good choice for healthy drinks and snacks.

Bulk Celery Juice Concentrate Options

RDM International has a wide variety of bulk celery juice concentrate. They meet the needs of food and beverage makers. Whether you want conventional or organic celery juice concentrate, they’re the place to go.

Conventional and Organic Varieties

At RDM International, you can choose from conventional and USDA NOP organic certified celery juice concentrate. Their concentrates come from top-notch celery stalks sourced from the United States or imported origins. This ensures a steady supply of high-grade celery juice.

Processed from U.S. or Imported Celery

You can choose celery juice concentrate processed from US-origin or imported celery with RDM International. They work with a large supplier network. This means you get the best quality celery, whether it’s from the US or abroad.

Clear, Cloudy, and Baby Food Grade

Looking for specific features in your celery juice concentrate? RDM International has you covered. They offer clear (clarified), cloudy (with pulp), and baby food grade options. All their concentrates are pure and free from additives, with some varieties also being kosher, non-GMO, and allergen-free.

Best Celery Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International is known as the top supplier of the best celery juice concentrate in the USA. They have lots of experience, and great links with US suppliers and packers. They also have storage places in key spots on both coasts. This helps them offer top-notch celery juice concentrate to food and drink makers around the country.

RDM International’s Advantages Benefits for Customers
Extensive Experience in the Industry Consistent, High-Quality Celery Juice Concentrate
Strong Partnerships with US Suppliers and Packers Reliable Supply and Flexible Sourcing Options
Strategically Located Facilities on East and West Coasts Efficient Distribution and Faster Delivery Times

RDM International stands out as the best celery juice concentrate supplier. They’re the choice for food and drink makers looking for a dependable partner. Their goal is to always provide top-grade, versatile celery juice concentrate to meet their customers’ needs.

Versatile Applications of Celery Concentrate

RDM International created a celery juice concentrate. It is perfect for many food and drink products. This concentrate works well in brewing, making baby food, creating sauces, and more.

Brewing and Beer Production

Celery juice concentrate adds great flavor to beer. It makes drinks feel better in your mouth. This helps make high-quality beers and other drinks stand out.

Baby Food and Sauces

For baby food and sauces, this concentrate is a great, natural choice. It is full of nutrients and has no extra additives. Parents who look for healthy, pure foods will like it for their kids.

Bakery, Wine, and Distillery

Bakers, winemakers, and distillers can also use this concentrate. It improves the flavor and feel of baked goods, wines, and spirits. This makes their products truly exceptional.

applications of celery juice concentrate

Packaging Options for Bulk Orders

Ordering a lot of celery juice concentrate? RDM International has many packaging options for you. They offer small pails for little needs and large containers for big shipments. No matter your size, RDM can meet your requirements.

Pails, Buckets, and Drums

Need celery juice for a small project? RDM has it in pails, buckets, and barrels. You can order just what you need, reducing waste and staying flexible. The juice stays fresh and full of nutrients in these containers. It’s perfect for many food and drink uses.

Totes and Tanker Trucks

For bigger orders, RDM also has totes and tanker trucks. These hold a lot and help you keep a steady juice supply. They keep the concentrate fresh and top-quality, so you can rely on it for your products.

RDM International caters to all sizes of businesses. They offer a range of packaging options for bulk celery juice concentrate, from pails, buckets, and drums to totes and tanker trucks. This means you can choose what fits your needs best. Whether you’re making a little or a lot, RDM makes it easy to add great celery juice to your products.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At RDM International, top-quality additive-free and 100% natural celery juice concentrate is our promise. We use strict quality control to make sure it’s the best. This makes our juice concentrate stand out in the market.

Kosher, Non-GMO, and Clean Label

Our kosher, non-GMO, and clean label celery juice concentrate is loved by those who are health-conscious. We’ve earned certifications to prove our dedication to quality and purity. You can trust our products in your healthy recipes.

Allergen-Free and Pesticide-Free

RDM International listens to what customers want and need. Our allergen-free and pesticide-free celery juice concentrate is perfect for food and drink makers. It’s safe and pure, meeting the highest safety standards without any worries.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

We get it at RDM International. Every client needs something special for their celery juice concentrate. We promise to give you exactly what you need.

Year-Round Supply and Annual Contracts

For a steady supply of celery juice concentrate, choose us. We offer it all year, with the option for annual contracts. This ensures your production never pauses, even when the weather changes.

Minimum Order Quantities

There are minimum orders, but don’t worry. We listen to you and aim to meet your demands. We figure out the perfect amount for your supply, ensuring you have enough on hand.

Product Development Support

Introducing new products is tough, but you’re not in this alone. Our experts are here to guide you. We’ll help from the first idea to bringing your product to market, making sure it’s a hit.

Related Products and Services

RDM International not only provides top-quality celery juice concentrate but also a variety of related products and services. Their offerings include NFC (not from concentrate) celery juice, celery purée, frozen celery, and celery powder.

NFC Celery Juice

RDM’s NFC celery juice is perfect for food and drink makers wanting the best of celery’s taste and nutrition. It’s made from high-grade celery and not concentrated. This juice keeps all the natural goodness of celery. It’s great for adding health to drinks, smoothies, and other drinks.

Celery Purée and Frozen Celery

They also have top-tier celery purée and frozen celery. These add celery’s unique flavor and feel to many food options. You can use them in things like sauces, soups, baked goods, and veggie options. They make your food creative, tasty, and healthy.

Celery Powder

RDM’s celery powder is a key ingredient for boosting your products. It lets you include celery’s natural taste and health benefits easily. This powder is great for making seasonings, snacks, and health supplements. You can improve your product’s taste and nutritional content with it.

RDM International’s range of celery products allows food and drink makers to stand out. They help you meet the rising demand for whole, good-for-you ingredients that taste great. Use their premium celery options in your new food and drink ideas to see great results.

NFC celery juice

Sourcing and Distribution Network

At RDM International, we know how important it is to have a solid supply chain. This way, we can bring the best celery juice concentrate to our customers. We have strong ties with top US suppliers and packers. This ensures we get top-quality celery, whether from the US or abroad. With this network in place, we can always provide a steady flow of this key ingredient.

Partnerships with U.S. Suppliers and Packers

Our company’s success in the celery juice concentrate market comes from partnering with US suppliers and packers. Working closely with our partners lets us tap into a broad range of quality celery. They also help us add value through their skills in processing and packaging. Together, we offer the partnerships with US suppliers and packers for celery juice concentrate that our clients look for.

Strategic Locations on East and West Coasts

RDM International has key facilities on both the East and West coasts. These locations are vital for efficiently distributing our celery juice concentrate nationwide. This setup ensures we can make prompt deliveries and maintain a solid supply network. No matter where you are in the country, you can rely on us for the strategic locations on East and West coasts for celery juice concentrate that your operation relies on.


RDM International leads in providing the best celery juice concentrate in the USA. They are known for their quality, variety, and custom solutions. This makes them the go-to for food and drink makers looking for top-notch celery juice concentrate.

They offer everything – from organic varieties to clear or cloudy concentrates. And they support you from idea to finished product. Their celery juice extract, wholesale celery concentrate, and natural celery supplements fit many needs. They work well in brewing, baby food, sauces, bakery, wine, and distillery too.

As a top pure celery extract supplier and celery juice concentrate manufacturer, they’re all about quality. Their broad network and focus on excellence mean you can count on them. RDM International is ready to help grow your business with the best celery juice concentrate.


What is celery juice concentrate?

Celery juice concentrate comes from premium celery stalks. It’s made by getting the natural juice and concentrating it. This process keeps the essence and nutrients of celery in a concentrated form.

What are the benefits of celery juice concentrate?

This concentrate is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It benefits health and wellness in many ways. It’s great for adding nutrition and flavor to foods and drinks.

What types of celery juice concentrate does RDM International offer?

RDM International offers both conventional and organic celery juice concentrate. They make it from quality celery from the US or other places. Customers can pick from clear, cloudy, or baby food grade.

Why is RDM International considered the top supplier of the best celery juice concentrate in the USA?

They are the top supplier because of their expertise and strong relationships. They have facilities on both coasts. This lets them offer high-quality concentrate all over the US.

What industries and applications can RDM International’s celery juice concentrate be used in?

RDM International’s concentrate is great for many industries. This includes brewing, baby food, sauces, baking, and making wine or spirits. It boosts flavor, adds nutrition, and offers a healthy choice.

What packaging options does RDM International offer for their celery juice concentrate?

They have many options like pails, buckets, drums, totes, and tanker trucks. This variety helps food and drink makers get the amount they need for production.

What certifications and quality assurances does RDM International’s celery juice concentrate have?

It’s 100% natural and free of additives. It’s also kosher, non-GMO, and has a clean label. This makes it perfect for people who care about health. Plus, it’s free from allergens and pesticides.

How does RDM International provide customized solutions for their customers?

They ensure they have celery juice concentrate all year. This lets customers set up yearly deals for a steady supply. They’re devoted to meeting specific needs and giving advice during product development.

What other related products and services does RDM International offer?

They don’t just offer celery juice concentrate. They also have NFC celery juice, celery purée, frozen celery, and celery powder. This range of options helps meet customer demands.

How does RDM International’s sourcing and distribution network benefit their customers?

Strong partnerships with top suppliers and packers helps get quality celery. They can get celery from local or global sources. Their coast-to-coast locations make product delivery quick and effective.