Ever thought about where the top-notch blood orange juice concentrates are from? RDM International is your answer. They lead as the best blood orange juice concentrate distributor. Their premium concentrate unveils the vibrant, tangy-sweet taste of blood oranges. It’s made from top-quality fruits and advanced processes.

RDM International stands out for good reasons. Their blood orange concentrate turns your drinks and dishes into something special. In this article, you’ll learn about their unmatched blood orange concentrate suppliers. You’ll also see why people choose them for wholesale blood orange juice, organic blood orange concentrate, and natural blood orange puree.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the leading distributor of premium blood orange juice concentrate
  • Their concentrate is crafted from the finest blood oranges using advanced processing techniques
  • RDM International is committed to sourcing the best quality blood orange concentrate suppliers
  • Their wholesale blood orange juice and organic blood orange concentrate offer unparalleled flavor and versatility
  • RDM International’s focus on quality and sustainability is evident in their natural blood orange puree and other products

Introduction to Blood Orange Juice Concentrate

Unlock the vibrant and tangy-sweet flavor of blood oranges with RDM International’s premium blood orange juice concentrate. It’s made from the finest blood orange varieties, sourced from all over. This product is key in making soft drinks, beverages, and more.

What is Blood Orange Juice Concentrate?

This is the juice from the unique blood orange but in a concentrated form. The bold color of blood oranges comes from anthocyanins. These are healthy, colorful pigments that also give health benefits.

Benefits of Using Blood Orange Concentrate

Blood orange concentrate offers more than just its beautiful color and taste. It’s packed with vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, and vitamin A. Adding it to your recipes makes them much healthier and tastier. RDM International’s premium blood orange concentrate helps you use this amazing fruit to its fullest. It brings great quality and taste to your drinks and foods.

RDM International: The Leading Blood Orange Concentrate Supplier

RDM International is a top supplier of juice concentrates, like their top-notch Blood Orange Concentrate. They have years of experience, working closely with trusted growers for the best blood oranges. By using the best methods, they get the most flavor and nutrients out of the fruit. This keeps the concentrate tasting fresh and natural. They make sure their blood orange concentrate is perfect for many uses.

At RDM International, they are proud of their high standards and new ideas. Their organic blood orange concentrate and natural blood orange puree are popular with food, drink, and makeup makers who want the lively taste of blood orange. They focus on being green and knowing where everything comes from. This way, they can make sure their wholesale blood orange juice and blood orange nectar distributors are always top quality. Customers can count on getting great quality blood orange extract and premium blood orange flavoring.

RDM International is known for their effort to find the best artisanal blood orange essence and using high-tech processes to treat it. This dedication to being the best has earned them the title of the best blood orange juice concentrate distributor. Both famous brands and picky customers trust them.

RDM International Blood Orange Concentrate

Best Blood Orange Juice Concentrate Distributor

RDM International makes the best Blood Orange Juice Concentrate. They choose the finest blood oranges from trusted growers. The concentrate keeps the fruit’s goodness and gives a sweet-tangy taste.

Premium Quality Blood Orange Concentrate

RDM is all about top quality with their blood orange concentrate. They pick the best blood oranges and use the newest methods. This keeps the bright color, strong smell, and amazing taste of the fruit.

Wide Range of Applications

Their blood orange concentrate works for many things. Use it in drinks, food, cosmetics, or cleaning goods. It’s ideal for making drinks, desserts, or beauty products smell like blood oranges.

Tailored Services and Packaging Options

RDM International offers custom help and packaging. They understand what their customers need. Whether you need special mixing or wrapping, they make sure you get the perfect blood orange concentrate for your business.

Sourcing and Processing of Blood Orange Concentrate

At RDM International, making the best blood orange juice concentrate is a step-by-step process. It starts with choosing the freshest, juiciest blood oranges from their trusted farmers. RDM finds the top blood orange concentrate suppliers. They make sure everything is super fresh and delicious.

Carefully Selected Fresh Blood Oranges

RDM International really cares about the process. They partner with wholesale blood orange juice sellers to get the most tasty organic blood orange concentrate. This careful choice means their natural blood orange puree is always top-notch.

Advanced Processing Techniques

After choosing the right quality blood orange extract, RDM uses high-tech methods to get all the good stuff. They keep the taste, color, and artisanal blood orange essence of the fruit. This way, you get a premium blood orange flavoring.

Versatility of Blood Orange Concentrate

RDM International’s Blood Orange Juice Concentrate is great for many things. It brings the lively and sweet-tangy flavor of blood oranges to your creations. Use it in food, drinks, cosmetics, and even cleaning stuff to add natural zest.

Beverages and Food Applications

It’s a big deal in drinks and food. Mix it in your drinks, juices, and syrups to make them wow customers. It also works great in jams, dairy, and more, giving them a zesty flavor.

Cosmetics and Cleaning Products

It’s not only for eating or drinking. In cosmetics and cleaning, it stands out too. The antioxidants and bright color make your beauty, haircare, and cleaning products more enticing. Plus, it’s a natural choice over artificial ingredients.

Other Fruit Concentrates and Products from RDM International

RDM International is well-known for their top-notch Blood Orange Juice Concentrate. But their collection goes further than just oranges. They are a top provider of fruit ingredients. This includes oils, pulp cells, purées, and various fruit products.

Essential Oils, Pulp Cells, Purées, and Comminuted Products

Besides the blood orange concentrate, RDM offers many more products. They have oils, pulp cells, purées, and other fruit items. You can find products from fruits like lemon, orange, clementine, and more. This wide range gives their customers access to lots of high-quality fruit ingredients and concentrates. So, they can make new and tasty things in different fields.

RDM International is always coming up with new ideas. They keep adding to their product list. This helps companies in food, drinks, cosmetics, and more trust RDM. They rely on the company for the premium blood orange concentrate and many fruit-based products.

Quality Assurance and Sustainability

RDM International takes pride in its top-notch juice concentrates. They’re all about quality and being green. Their aim is to be the best in the market by offering the finest products.

Trusted Supplier of High-Quality Juice Concentrates

The Blood Orange Concentrate by RDM is top quality. It’s made from the best blood orange types they find. Thanks to special processing methods, it stays full of the fruit’s fresh taste and goodness. As a result, you get a premium blood orange concentrate that’s rich in flavor and quality.

Freshness and Sustainability Guaranteed

RDM International cares a lot about keeping things green. Their work, from making the organic blood orange concentrate to choosing eco-friendly packages, is all about being kind to the earth. You can count on their quality blood orange extract and premium blood orange flavoring to be tasty and good for the planet. This means you get to enjoy a real artisanal blood orange essence that’s both a treat and earth-friendly.

quality blood orange extract

Worldwide Distribution and Customer Support

RDM International has made its Blood Orange Juice Concentrate available worldwide. They aim to help food manufacturers, beverage companies, and cosmetics brands. You can rely on them for top-notch blood orange concentrate and great service.

Their team is ready to help with any need. They offer support from wholesale blood orange juice to organic blood orange concentrate and more. RDM International ensures your blood orange extract needs are taken care of.

RDM International is a top choice for adding premium blood orange flavoring to your products. They offer great solutions and focus on your success.


RDM International’s Blood Orange Juice Concentrate shines. It’s the top pick for those making foods, drinks, and beauty products. It brings the ripe, bold taste of blood oranges to your creations. Made from the best blood oranges, it uses top methods. It’s well-known worldwide and makes your products better. When you choose RDM International, you have a top blood orange concentrate supplier by your side.

Want to make wholesale blood orange juice? Or maybe an organic blood orange concentrate? Or add natural blood orange puree to what you offer? RDM International is here for you. They look for the greatest blood orange nectar distributors. They bring you the best blood orange extract and more. This means your items will be special when people see them on shelves.

Choosing RDM International means picking the best for your products. They focus on offering quality and making you happy. So, your brand will shine brighter than before. Count on them for your culinary and beauty needs.


What is RDM International’s Blood Orange Juice Concentrate?

RDM International’s Blood Orange Juice Concentrate is top-quality. It comes from the best blood oranges. It has a lively and tangy-sweet taste. You can use it in many drinks, foods, and more.

What are the benefits of using RDM International’s Blood Orange Concentrate?

It is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. These come from the blood oranges. It makes your products brighter and sweeter. Plus, it brings many health benefits.

How is RDM International’s Blood Orange Concentrate sourced and processed?

They pick the best blood oranges from trusted growers. Then, they use special methods to get the most flavor and nutrients. This keeps the fruit’s natural goodness.

What are the different applications for RDM International’s Blood Orange Concentrate?

You can use it in drinks, foods, cosmetics, and cleaning items. It’s a great ingredient. It gives your creations a special, refreshing taste.

Does RDM International offer any other fruit-based products besides the Blood Orange Concentrate?

Yes, besides the Blood Orange Concentrate, they have many other fruit products. These include essential oils, pulp, purées, and more. They come from lots of different fruits.

What makes RDM International a trusted supplier of high-quality juice concentrates?

They focus on top-notch quality and being eco-friendly. This includes their Blood Orange Concentrate. They care about keeping the fruit’s natural qualities. They have a wide network. This makes them a great choice for people around the world.