Have you ever wondered where the best apricot puree comes from? RDM International is your answer. They are a leading apricot puree distributor. Dedicated to providing top-notch, consistent, and versatile fruit puree. You’re about to learn what makes our apricot puree so special. And why it’s the top pick for food and beverage makers worldwide.

RDM International, as a top apricot puree supplier, is proud to pick the best apricots from Murcia, Spain. They use the latest technology to make a product that’s both organic and premium. This apricot puree has no preservatives and additives. It also has a reliable Brix level and acidity. Making it perfect for making your drinks, sweets, and more taste even better.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading apricot puree distributor offering premium quality, organic, and bulk options.
  • We source the best apricots from the fertile lands of Murcia, Spain, and utilize state-of-the-art processing facilities.
  • Our apricot puree is free of preservatives and additives, with a reliable Brix level and acidity.
  • RDM International’s apricot puree is a versatile ingredient for beverages, desserts, and more.
  • Discover the exceptional quality and culinary delight of RDM International’s apricot puree.

Discover the Culinary Delight of Premium Apricot Puree

RDM International crafts its Apricot Puree from top-quality apricots in Murcia, Spain. This region is well-known for the great fruits and veggies it produces. Thus we get the best ingredients for our premium puree.

Harvested from the Fertile Lands of Spain

The Murcia region of Spain is perfect for growing tasty apricots. Getting our apricots from there means we give you the best quality. Our puree is full of natural sweetness.

Flash Pasteurized to Preserve Natural Flavors

Our apricot puree is made by flash pasteurization. This method keeps the fresh apricot taste and nutrients. The result is a high-quality, natural product with the true flavor of premium apricots.

Versatile Ingredient for Beverages, Desserts, and More

Our Apricot Puree from RDM International is perfect for many uses. You can use it in drinks, desserts, and even in baking. It brings a lovely apricot taste to your dishes.

Uncompromising Quality: Our Apricot Puree Standards

At RDM International, we promise top-notch apricot puree to all. It’s made with a 30-33 Brix level and 0.5-0.8 acidity. This promises a well-balanced taste. We keep the pH under 4.2, which keeps the flavor natural. So, our apricot puree is what top makers choose.

Our quality checks are strict at every step. The Brix level and acidity are always right. This means you get consistently tasty and versatile puree. It’s great for any dish you make.

Specification Range
Brix Level 30-33
Acidity 0.5-0.8
pH Below 4.2

“RDM International’s apricot puree is the perfect blend of quality and consistency. The reliable Brix level and acidity make it a go-to ingredient for our desserts and beverages.”

Best Apricot Puree Distributor: RDM International’s Commitment

RDM International is a top apricot puree distributor. We get the finest apricots from Murcia, Spain. This region is a key player in European fruit growing. Our high-tech apricot puree processing plant quickly turns these great apricots into top-notch puree.

Sourcing the Finest Apricots from Murcia, Spain

Our commitment to amazing apricot puree starts with finding the best apricots. We work with growers in Murcia. This gives us the most delicious and nutritious apricots. It means our apricot puree is always the best for you.

State-of-the-Art Processing Facilities

Our processing plant is top of the line. It uses the best tech and equipment. With these tools, we make a superb apricot puree. It keeps the taste and goodness of the fruit.

Tailored Service for Every Customer

We offer customized apricot puree solutions at RDM International. Our team talks with you to learn what you need. Then, we create the perfect apricot puree for your requirements.

apricot puree processing

Why Choose RDM International’s Apricot Puree?

Thinking about the best apricot puree for your recipes? Choose RDM International. Our organic apricot puree and natural apricot puree stand out. They’re full of benefits that make us unique.

100% Natural, No Preservatives or Additives

Quality is our top priority. We use only the best organic apricots from Murcia, Spain. Our natural apricot puree has no fake preservatives or additives. You taste the real fruit in every bite.

Consistent Brix Level and Acidity

Creating tasty food means keeping things steady. So, we check our puree’s apricot puree brix level and apricot puree acidity closely. This makes sure every batch tastes great and exactly the way you expect.

Convenient Frozen Form for Easy Storage

Our frozen apricot puree is all about making your life easier. It’s perfect for any recipe, ready to use without defrosting. It keeps fresh and tasty with no thawing or waste.

Applications of Our Premium Apricot Puree

RDM International’s premium apricot puree is top-notch for boosting recipes. It’s great for mixing into desserts and baked goods. Also, it works well in drinks and sauces, offering lots of tasty chances for you to try.

Desserts and Baked Goods

Add the rich flavor and bright color of apricot puree for desserts to your treats. Its sweet taste will make your cakes, tarts, and ice creams shine. This adds a nice fruit flavor your customers will enjoy.

Smoothies and Juices

Enhance your drinks by blending in apricot puree for beverages. Adding it to smoothies, juices, and cocktails gives them a new twist. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a tasty, healthful option.

Sauces and Marinades

Try the apricot puree for sauces and apricot puree for marinades in savory dishes. It pairs well with many foods, like glazed meats and colorful veggie sauces. It gives your meals a unique apricot flavor.

Sourcing and Supply Chain Excellence

At RDM International, we focus on sourcing and supply chain excellence. This ensures the steady supply of top-notch apricot puree. We carefully pick apricots in Murcia, Spain. This area is known for its quality fruits in Europe.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

RDM is a top apricot puree quality control provider. We check the quality at each step. From the raw materials to the shipping, quality is our top concern. This dedication means our apricot puree always meets or beats what our clients expect.

Compliance with International Food Regulations

Staying up-to-date with apricot puree food regulations matters to us at RDM. We always follow the latest global food safety rules. This keeps our puree safe for everyone worldwide. Our commitment to these rules helps our customers trust our product in their creations.

apricot puree supply chain

Responsible and Sustainable Practices

RDM International is all about creating sustainable apricot puree in ethical ways. As a top apricot puree maker, we take care of our planet and the folks we meet. It’s our goal to do good for the Earth and the people around us.

Ethical Sourcing

We work hard to get our ethical apricot puree right. We team up with apricot farmers in Murcia, Spain, making sure their work is fair. This means the people behind the apricots get treated well.

Our friendships with these farmers mean we get the best fruit. This helps the farms keep going strong for many years to come.

Environmentally Friendly Operations

Doing things that are good for our planet is key for us at RDM. Our plants are set up to be good to the Earth, too. We work to cut down on waste and use less of Earth’s resources.

We’re always thinking of new ways to do better. From how we use energy to how we take care of water, we’re on it. This helps us make apricot puree that’s better for everyone.

Packaging Options for Convenient Distribution

At RDM International, we know how important it is to have reliable apricot puree packaging. We offer various distribution options to meet different needs. For easy shipping of our top-notch apricot puree, we have various frozen packaging choices.

Our apricot puree comes in cans, pouches, and bulk containers. They’re all made to keep the product fresh during distribution. With these options, you can easily store and move our apricot puree. This ensures your customers always get a fresh and tasty product.

Packaging Type Capacity Benefits
Cans 8oz, 16oz, 32oz Durable, stackable, and easy to store
Pouches 1lb, 2.2lb, 5lb Flexible, lightweight, and convenient for portioning
Bulk Containers 10lb, 20lb, 40lb Ideal for large-scale operations, minimizes handling

No matter your needs for apricot puree packaging, distribution, or shipping, we’re here to help at RDM International. Our team will tailor solutions just for you. We work closely with you to smoothly add our premium apricot puree to your supply chain. So, your customers always get a consistent and top-quality product.

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

At RDM International, we are thrilled by the kind words and apricot puree customer reviews from our happy clients. People in the food and beverage business have been saying amazing things about us. They love the top-notch quality, reliable supply, and the excellent customer care we offer with our apricot puree. These stories show how dedicated we are to meet our customers’ changing needs.

“RDM International’s apricot puree has truly made a difference for us. It’s always top quality with the perfect Brix level. This helped us make treats that our customers can’t get enough of. And their team’s focus on making us happy has been a real asset.”

– Jane Doe, Chief Beverage Officer, Acme Beverages

John Smith, the Head of R&D at Gourmet Desserts, also found joy with us. He said, “Choosing an apricot puree vendor was tough for us, but RDM International stood out. Their apricot puree is premium, completely natural. It’s key to our best dessert recipes.”

Customer Industry Feedback
Jane Doe Beverages “RDM International’s apricot puree has been a game-changer for our business. The consistent quality and reliable Brix level have allowed us to create consistently delicious products that our customers love.”
John Smith Desserts “We were looking for a apricot puree supplier that could meet our high standards for quality and innovation. RDM International exceeded our expectations with their premium, all-natural apricot puree. It has become an integral part of our most popular dessert recipes.”

Partnering with RDM International

At RDM International, we cherish our partnerships with food and drink makers. Our dedicated account management squad teams up with each partner. They get to know what each partner needs. Then they offer customized solutions to match those needs just right.

Dedicated Account Management

Need a particular apricot puree mix, custom packing, or delivery right on time? Our team is all in, ready to work with you. We love creating lasting bonds with you. We give our partners a lot of personal time and quick responses. It’s all about making our apricot puree distributor partnership great.

Customized Solutions for Your Business Needs

Here at RDM, we know your food and drink company is one of a kind. So, we provide a bunch of choices to fit your unique needs. We can make a special apricot puree or pack it in a unique way. Our aim is to help you find the perfect apricot puree. This will meet your making and shipping needs just right.

Conclusion: Your Trusted Source for Top-Quality Apricot Puree

RDM International is your best apricot puree distributor. We offer the finest apricot puree. We get it from top apricots, use the latest methods, and give the best service.

Our premium apricot puree adds natural sweetness and bold flavor. It’s perfect for food and drink makers looking to improve their offerings. With RDM, enjoy top-notch apricot puree and personalized service for your business.

Pick RDM apricot puree supplier for a better taste. Let’s boost your products with our quality apricot puree. Together, we can make your dishes stand out.


What makes RDM International’s apricot puree stand out from the competition?

RDM International’s apricot puree is unique. It is all-natural, with no added preservatives. This puree keeps a consistent taste and acidity. Plus, it’s frozen for easy use and storage.

What are the versatile applications of RDM International’s apricot puree?

There are many uses for RDM International’s apricot puree. It works well in sweets, like cakes, and drinks, like smoothies. It’s also great for making sauces and marinades.

What are the sourcing and quality control measures in place at RDM International?

RDM International takes sourcing and quality seriously. They choose the best apricots and monitor every step carefully. They ensure their products meet international food safety standards.

How does RDM International approach sustainability and environmental responsibility?

At RDM International, they care about the planet. They buy apricots from responsible growers. Their facilities are eco-friendly to lower waste and lessen their impact on the environment.

What type of customized solutions does RDM International offer to its customers?

RDM International helps customers with special needs. They offer custom apricot puree, unique packaging, and timely deliveries. Their team is ready to assist with any request.