Imagine diving into a bowl of pure, unadulterated bliss – a delectable fusion of antioxidant-rich acai berries, frozen to perfection and ready to transform your culinary creations. But have you ever wondered, what makes the best acai puree distributor stand out from the rest?

RDM International stands out with their commitment to top-notch acai products. Their acai puree comes from premium, organic berries. Harvested and processed on the same day, it’s all about maximum freshness and quality. This frozen superfood works wonders in everything from smoothies to desserts.

The excellence at RDM International expands further. They boast certifications like USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project. Also Kosher-BDK and FSSC 22000, showing high quality, safety, and ethical standards. With these marks, you’re assured of the finest acai puree on the market.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers premium, organic acai puree made from freshly harvested berries.
  • Their acai puree is available in a convenient frozen form for easy use in a variety of recipes.
  • RDM International is committed to sustainability and holds multiple certifications for quality, safety, and ethical sourcing.
  • The company’s acai puree is suitable for smoothie shops, food service providers, and health-conscious consumers.
  • RDM International’s global reach and partnerships with major companies and universities solidify its position as the best acai puree distributor.

Discover the Culinary Convenience of RDM International’s Acai Puree

RDM International’s acai puree is made with only the best high-quality acai berries. They pick and process these berries on the same day to keep them fresh and tasty. You can boost the flavor and health of your food with this Amazonian superfruit.

Convenient Frozen Form

RDM International also offers a frozen acai puree. It makes adding acai to your meals super simple. With this option, you can make yummy acai smoothies and bowls, or take desserts to the next level.

Versatile for a Wide Range of Recipes

The versatile acai puree recipes from RDM are great for pros or home cooks. You can make anything from cool smoothies to rich acai treats. With this convenient acai puree convenience, you can really impress your guests.

Certifications: Ensuring Quality, Safety, and Sustainability

At RDM International, we take transparency and accountability seriously with our products. Our acai puree products are certified by top organizations. This ensures they meet high standards for quality, safety, and sustainability.

USDA Organic Certification

Our USDA Organic certified acai puree starts with organic acai berries. They are grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This guarantees a pure, wholesome ingredient for you.

Non-GMO Project Verified Certification

Besides being USDA Organic, our Non-GMO Project Verified acai puree shows our natural commitment. This certification confirms it’s free from GMOs. You can be confident in what you’re eating.

Kosher-BDK Certification

For those needing kosher-certified acai puree, we’ve got you covered. RDM International is proud to be Kosher-BDK certified. It adheres to strict dietary laws, so it’s perfect for various needs.

FSSC 22000 Certification

RDM International’s acai puree is FSSC 22000 certified, a top food safety standard. This certification highlights our focus on food safety and quality. It spans from sourcing to distribution, ensuring the best for you.

Our certifications underline RDM International’s commitment to top-notch premium, organic, and sustainable acai puree products. They are products you can rely on and feel good serving in your dishes.

Best Acai Puree Distributor for Smoothie Shops and Food Services

RDM International stands out as the top acai puree distributor. They provide top-notch, organic acai puree. This makes tasty and healthy acai bowls, smoothies, and more. The puree comes in a frozen package, making it easy to use. It’s great for shops or services wanting to wow with superfood benefits.

For any business, big or small, RDM International is a great choice. Their acai puree for food services is rich in good stuff and light on sugar. It makes your menu healthier and tastier. You can serve everything from acai bowls to yummy desserts with their puree.

Try RDM International’s acai puree for yourself. Understand why it’s a favorite among shops and services nationwide. Start offering your customers great taste and nutrition with RDM International’s acai puree.

best acai puree distributor for smoothie shops

Harvesting and Processing for Freshness

We at RDM International value the freshness and quality of our acai puree above all. To achieve this, we’ve put in place a careful process. This process guarantees our acai puree same-day harvesting and processing. It keeps the true taste and goodness of the fruit.

Same-Day Harvesting and Processing

Our freshness journey starts at the source. We team up with nearby Amazon farmers to get the acai berries. They are harvested and processed on the very same day. This ensures our acai puree is full of the real, rich flavor of the fruit.

Gentle Pasteurization and Homogenization

After harvesting the acai berries, we handle them gently. We apply pasteurization and homogenization methods. These keep the acai’s good for us properties safe. The acai puree keeps its gentle pasteurization and homogenization. It also meets the highest quality and safety rules.

Instant Quick Freeze for Optimal Quality

Our last step is quick freezing. This instant quick freeze locks our acai puree‘s freshness and quality. The puree stays at its best, perfect for many food dishes.

Organic Acai Puree Blender Packs

RDM International’s organic acai puree is great for smoothie shops and food services. The packs are full of antioxidants and are zero added sugar. This makes them perfect for many recipes.


This organic acai puree is full of powerful antioxidants. Use it in smoothies, bowls, or desserts. It boosts the health benefits of your food.

Zero Added Sugar

RDM International’s zero added sugar acai puree is naturally sweet. It doesn’t have extra sugars. It’s perfect for people who watch their sugar.

Convenient Pack Sizes

RDM International offers convenient pack sizes. They work well for smoothie shops and big events. Just blend, mix, or bake with organic acai puree blender packs for tasty, healthy food.

Ethical Sourcing and Fair Trade

At RDM International, we focus on ethical sourcing and fair trade for our acai puree. Supporting the local Amazon farmers is essential to us. They are vital to the industry. They deserve a fair price for their work.

Supporting Local Amazon Farmers

We work with direct Amazon farmers. This ensures our acai berries are picked with respect. It helps keep farming sustainable. We maintain a clear supply chain. This way, farmers are treated well.

Protecting the Amazon Rainforest

Our promise to ethical sourcing means we care for the Amazon rainforest. We support farmers using eco-friendly ways. This effort helps to save this important area.

Direct Connection from Farmers to You

Our method links Amazon farmers directly to you. Cutting out the middleman means you get the benefits. You can trust the acai puree you buy is good for people and the planet.

ethical acai puree sourcing

Acai Health Benefits

Acai berries are seen as a superfood for many reasons. RDM International’s acai puree is packed with great things. It has acai antioxidants to help your immune system and fight against stress. This puree is also loaded with essential fatty acids, like omega-3 and omega-6. These are key for a healthy heart and smart brain.

Rich in Antioxidants

Acai antioxidants in RDM International’s acai puree stop free radicals and promote good health.

Packed with Essential Fatty Acids

RDM International’s acai puree has a lot of omega-3 and omega-6. They are vital for a strong heart and healthy brain.

Low in Naturally Occurring Sugars

Acai is naturally low in sugars compared to other fruits. This makes RDM International’s acai puree a good choice for people who want to eat more superfoods.

Global Availability and Partnerships

RDM International’s acai puree is known worldwide, in over 45 countries. They work with major companies and universities too. This shows how much people trust and want their global availability of acai puree.

Available in 45+ Countries

More than 45 countries have RDM International’s acai puree. It’s a big hit around the globe. People in the food and health fields can enjoy this high-quality superfood.

Supplied to Major Companies and Universities

RDM International is a top acai puree distributor. They have great relationships with major companies and universities. Sending their products to these big names shows how much RDM International is trusted and loved.


RDM International stands out as the top acai puree distributor today. They provide the finest, organic, and fresh RDM International acai puree. Their products meet the highest quality, safety, and sustainability standards. They focus on ethical sourcing and global quality.

Choosing RDM International means choosing the best acai puree out there. The company is known for its excellence and sustainable ways. They aim to satisfy customers looking for exceptional acai options.

See what RDM International acai puree can do for your meals. Your dishes will taste amazing and be healthy. Premium, organic, and ethically sourced acai from RDM International is the key.


What makes RDM International’s acai puree the best on the market?

RDM International makes their acai puree from top-quality, organic acai berries. This ensures it’s fresh and high-quality. They harvest and process the berries on the same day. They also focus on being green and have many certifications to prove their products meet the best standards.

How is the freshness and quality of RDM International’s acai puree maintained?

RDM International keeps their acai puree fresh using modern methods. They gently pasteurize and homogenize it. Plus, they freeze it quickly to keep the flavor and nutrients.This makes sure every pack is full of the goodness of the acai berries.

What certifications does RDM International’s acai puree hold?

RDM International’s acai puree is well-recognized. It’s certified organic, non-GMO, kosher, and meets FSSC 22000 standards. These show they care about quality, the environment, and their customers’ health.

How is RDM International’s acai puree ideal for smoothie shops and food service businesses?

This acai puree is great for making acai bowls, smoothies, and more. It comes frozen and stays the same quality every time. This makes it a perfect choice for businesses that want to use premium acai.

How does RDM International ensure ethical sourcing and fair trade practices for their acai puree?

RDM International partners with farmers in the Amazon to get their acai. They pay these farmers fairly. Working directly with them also helps protect the rainforest.

What are the health benefits of RDM International’s acai puree?

This puree is full of antioxidants that help your immune system. It also has good fats that are great for your heart and brain. Acai is low in sugar, making it a smart choice for your diet.

How widely available is RDM International’s acai puree?

RDM International’s acai puree can be found in over 45 countries. It’s trusted by big companies and schools. This shows its quality and popularity worldwide.