Looking for a top-notch premium apple puree supplier? You’re in the right place. RDM International is the go-to aseptic applesauce distributor in the USA. Their organic apple puree and fruit puree are top quality. They’re made from the best apples, keeping the natural taste, but no preservatives are added. What makes RDM stand out from others?

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the leading premium apple puree supplier in the USA, offering high-quality, shelf-stable fruit purees.
  • Their apple puree is made from the best apples and processed to maintain the natural flavors without preservatives.
  • RDM International provides customizable solutions and has an efficient distribution network to serve food manufacturers, private label brands, and co-packers.
  • The company is known for its commitment to quality and customer service, making it a trusted top supplier of beverage ingredients and other shelf-stable products.
  • RDM International’s organic applesauce and bulk applesauce supply options cater to the growing demand for clean-label and sustainable products.

RDM International: The Leading Aseptic Applesauce Distributor

RDM International is a top aseptic applesauce distributor. They’re known for their quality and new ideas. They have many years in the food business. They are the first choice for fruit puree, private label, and co-packing.

Pioneering the Aseptic Packaging Process

RDM International’s team works hard to offer the best aseptic applesauce. They started the aseptic packaging process. This lets them make shelf-stable fruit purees without preservatives. The purees keep their natural flavor and good for you parts.

A Trusted Name in the Food Industry

RDM International is a top fruit puree supplier. They are praised for their great service and quality. Food makers, private labels, and co-packers trust them. They use RDM International’s puree distribution network to help their business.

Customizable Solutions for Diverse Needs

RDM International does more than give out great shelf-stable fruit purees. They talk to each customer to know what they need. Then, they offer customizable fruit puree solutions made just for them. This way of working makes customers very happy. It keeps RDM International as the top aseptic applesauce distributor for businesses big and small.

What is Aseptic Applesauce?

Aseptic applesauce is a preservative-free applesauce. It stays fresh without any added preservatives. The special packaging keeps this natural applesauce safe from bad germs. It keeps its nutritious qualities just like fresh apples. This is done without any added preservatives.

Preserving Natural Flavors and Nutrition

The aseptic packaging process is amazing for aseptic applesauce. It keeps the fruit puree fresh without needing a fridge. This method saves the natural flavors and healthy nutrients. So, you get all the good stuff with every spoonful.

Extended Shelf Life without Refrigeration

Aseptic applesauce can stay fresh for up to a year without the fridge. The sterile packaging prevents bad bacteria from growing. This shelf-stable applesauce remains safe and tasty for a long time. It’s perfect for many different uses because of this.

Benefits of Aseptic Packaging

The best thing about aseptic applesauce is it stays good for a year. You don’t need to keep it in the fridge. This makes it great for different foods and more. Aseptic packaging keeps the applesauce fresh a long time. It does this without preservatives, a win for health lovers.

Convenient and portable, aseptic applesauce is easy to use anywhere. It’s packaged in a way that’s better for the planet than cans or jars. So, you win and the earth wins, too.

benefits of aseptic packaging

Premium Apple Puree Supplier

RDM International is the best premium apple puree supplier in the USA. They have a wide range of high-quality applesauce.

Their applesauce is from top apples. It’s made with modern ways to keep the good stuff.

At RDM International, quality is key. You can see it in every jar of their premium applesauce.

They use a top-notch site for making the applesauce pure and fresh.

What makes them really special is their reliable delivery system. It ensures the high-quality applesauce reaches customers on time nationwide.

They have a team that makes sure everything runs smoothly. This keeps their customers happy.

Customizable Solutions

RDM International knows everyone’s needs are different. That’s why they offer customized fruit puree solutions and more.

They work with different partners to make products that meet their needs.

Applications of Aseptic Applesauce

RDM International makes aseptic applesauce that’s perfect for many uses. It’s great for restaurants, stores, and making products. This preservative-free fruit puree stays fresh without needing a fridge, which is very helpful.

Food Service Industry

In kitchens and restaurants, RDM’s aseptic applesauce shines. It lasts a long time, without preservatives. Chefs love adding it to food because it tastes fresh and improves any dish.

Retail and Consumer Markets

People love the healthy snacks made possible by RDM’s applesauce. It’s preservative-free and easy to take anywhere. Parents find it perfect for meals or snacks on the run, from baby food to school lunches.

Ingredient for Manufacturers

For big food makers, RDM’s applesauce is essential. It makes foods and drinks taste great, while staying consistent. Manufacturers trust its quality and use it in many different products.

Responsible Sourcing and Supply Chain

At RDM International, we really care about where our products come from. It’s all about using sources that are good for the earth and honest. We team up with farmers who love the land. They use methods like saving water and not using a lot of chemicals. These ways make the land better. Our apples come from these good-for-the-earth farmers. So, when you enjoy our stuff, you’re helping the planet too.

Sustainable Farming Practices

At RDM International, we go the extra mile with where we get our ingredients. We make sure our farming friends do things that don’t hurt the earth. That means using less water, fewer chemicals, and ways that make the soil richer. This kind of farming is good for nature in a big way. And it helps us give you the best apple products without hurting the earth.

Traceability and Food Safety Standards

Keeping things safe to eat and knowing where they come from is super important to us. We always know where our ingredients are from. This makes sure you can trust everything you get from us. Our suppliers follow the tough rules for being good and safe. Knowing this lets you know our apple purees are top-quality and from safe places.

Responsible Sourcing

Private Label and Co-Packing Services

At RDM International, we put your needs first. We’re pros at making

private label applesauce


co-packing applesauce services

. Our team knows how to make your brand stick out.

Customized Labeling and Branding

Are you a food maker, a shop owner, or have your own line? We’re here for you. We design labels and packages that shout your message. Vibrant logos and colors will make your

customized applesauce products

pop on the shelves. It attracts shoppers to your items.

Flexible Production Capabilities

Our ace card is being able to help all types of businesses. Because of our equipment, we handle orders big or small. You’ll always get the perfect amount of

private label applesauce


co-packed products

on schedule. Choosing us means picking quality, innovation, and dedicated service. Let us help your unique applesauce brand get noticed. It may be the boost your business is waiting for.

Trends in Aseptic Packaging

Consumer needs are changing, and they want food that’s easy, healthy, and natural. Aseptic packaging is here to meet these wants. It keeps fruit purees fresh without the need for a fridge. This method lets the fruit keep its natural good stuff. That’s why it’s loved by those seeking healthy choices.

Convenience and Portability

Aseptic packaging is perfect for busy people. The popularity of aseptic applesauce is on the rise due to this. Because it doesn’t need to be kept cold, it fits right into your day. It’s perfect for quick and easy snacks for anyone on the move. Aseptic packaging makes it unbeatably convenient to use.

Clean Label and Organic Demand

Aseptic applesauce is also a clean choice. It meets the needs of those watching what they eat. Made carefully, it’s free of artificial things. People looking for organic foods trust it. RDM International is leading by providing top-quality aseptic applesauce for health-focused consumers.

Partnering with RDM International

Choosing RDM International for your aseptic applesauce needs has huge benefits. They are skilled and offer excellent customer service. Their team is very knowledgeable and works hard for your success.

When you join with RDM International, you tap into their deep industry expertise. Their experts get the fruit puree market and offer tailored solutions. Count on the RDM International team from start to finish.

Plus, RDM International’s customer service is top-notch. They aim for lasting client relationships and full satisfaction. Need help with product ideas, labeling, or shipping? The RDM International team is ready to assist promptly.

Working with RDM International means you get a trusted supplier of top aseptic applesauce. They focus on quality, new ideas, and great service. This makes them perfect for companies who need a reliable fruit puree partner.

Industry Recognition and Accolades

RDM International is known for its top-notch work. They’ve won many awards and accolades. These show their focus on high quality, new ideas, and great service. The industry recognition they’ve gotten from big names cements RDM as a go-to for top-notch aseptic applesauce and fruit purees.

Award Issuing Organization Year
Best Aseptic Fruit Supplier Food Processing Magazine 2020
Sustainability Leadership Award Sustainable Foods Summit 2019
Manufacturer of the Year National Processors Association 2018
Innovation Award Beverage Innovation Awards 2017

The great awards and accolades RDM International has won show their promise to top products and service. Leading in aseptic applesauce and fruit purees, RDM International keeps getting praised. This makes them the top pick for the best fruit-based ingredients.


RDM International is the leading apple puree supplier. They provide top-quality, preservative-free applesauce using cutting-edge aseptic packaging. Their focus on sustainable sourcing, food safety, and custom solutions makes them the go-to for many in the food industry.

RDM is known for their knowledge, quick distribution, and innovation. These factors help ensure customers get top-grade applesauce and excellent service. For anyone in food service, retail, or manufacturing, choosing RDM is the smart choice for high-quality shelf-stable fruit purees.

RDM International is highly respected for their top-notch applesauce. They are dedicated to quality, caring for the environment, and pleasing their customers. This commitment has made them the top supplier for quality applesauce and other premium fruit purees.


What makes RDM International the premier aseptic applesauce distributor in the USA?

RDM International is the top aseptic applesauce distributor in the USA. They offer top-notch, long-lasting fruit purees. These are made from the best apples. They use modern methods to keep the natural flavors and don’t use preservatives. The company is praised for its quality, eco-friendly practices, and great service.

What are the key features of RDM International’s aseptic applesauce?

RDM International’s aseptic applesauce is special. They use high-tech packaging to kill germs. This keeps it fresh without preservatives. Because of this, the flavors and health perks of the fruit are protected. It’s good for the planet and health-conscious consumers.

How does the aseptic packaging process benefit RDM International’s applesauce products?

Thanks to aseptic packaging, RDM International’s applesauce keeps fresh up to a year. It doesn’t need the fridge. This makes it handy for all kinds of uses, from restaurants to stores and home cooking.

What are the key applications for RDM International’s aseptic applesauce?

RDM International’s aseptic applesauce is big in the food service world. It’s also a hit with food makers and for sale to people directly—think snacks and baby foods. Its healthy shelf life and no-preservatives touch make it a popular choice.

How does RDM International ensure responsible sourcing and supply chain practices?

RDM International teams up with local farmers using green methods. These include saving water and growing organically. The company also keeps a close eye on where each apple comes from. This ensures the best and most responsible apple sauce out there.

What customization options does RDM International offer for its applesauce products?

RDM International is all about creating special private label applesauce and more. They get together with clients to make custom labels, packaging, and mixes. These are made to fit each brand’s special style and what their customers want.

What industry recognitions and accolades has RDM International received?

RDM International is well-liked in the business. They’ve won lots of awards for how well they do. Their focus on quality, coming up with new ideas, and serving their customers has won them respect from others in the field. This shows just how good their aseptic applesauces and fruit purees are.