Looking for top-quality sweet potato puree? Your search ends at RDM International. We deliver puree that’s full of sweetness and comfort. Our product is carefully made to capture the true taste and goodness of sweet potatoes. It’s perfect for many dishes.

As top sweet potato puree wholesalers, we’re proud of our advanced facilities and decades of experience. For over 50 years, RDM International has been a top name in the business. We offer various packaging options. These range from tankers and drums to “bag in box” choices.

RDM International is all about top sweet potato puree quality, great customer service, and unbeatable prices. We follow all the right rules and ensure every detail is perfect. Our goal is to make sure you’re happy and well taken care of.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers premium-quality sweet potato puree made from the finest ingredients
  • We have extensive experience as sweet potato puree wholesalers, with over 50 years in the concentrate industry
  • Our wide range of sweet potato puree packaging options cater to your specific needs
  • We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products at competitive prices
  • Strict compliance with all necessary regulations and a commitment to detail ensure a seamless customer experience

What is Sweet Potato Puree?

Sweet potato puree is carefully made to keep the potato’s great taste. It is a versatile food that works with both sweet and savory dishes. Sweet potato puree adds flavor to any meal, and it makes a great decorative add-on.

A Delicate, High-Quality Process

The making of our sweet potato puree is closely watched to retain the sweet potato’s true flavor. Sweet potatoes are full of good stuff like provitamin A, vitamin E, and antioxidants. This makes them not only tasty but also good for you.

Versatile for Sweet and Savory Recipes

Sweet potato puree is great for many dishes, whether they’re sweet or savory. It’s perfect for cakes, pies, and sauces because of its mild and creamy taste. Plus, sweet potato puree can stand alone as a yummy side dish or topping.

Nutritious and Low in Fat

Along with being tasty, sweet potato puree is also low in fat. This makes it a smart choice for those aiming for a healthy diet. Because sweet potatoes are full of complex carbs and nutrients, they offer various health perks as well.

Health Benefits of Sweet Potato Puree

Sweet potato puree makes your meals tasty and boosts your health. It’s full of provitamin A and antioxidants. These elements help your immune system and heart stay strong.

Rich in Provitamin A and Antioxidants

This sweet potato puree is great for you. It’s full of provitamin A, which turns into vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A is super important for your eyes, immune system, and keeping your skin healthy. Sweet potato puree also has lots of other antioxidants. They protect your cells and lower the risk of diseases.

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Sweet potato puree has healthy carbs that don’t spike your blood sugar. These carbs are broken down slowly by your body. This keeps your energy level steady. It’s a good food for people with diabetes or anyone watching their blood sugar.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Besides its antioxidant benefits, sweet potato puree is good for your heart. It has fiber and potassium, which can help lower blood pressure. Eating sweet potato puree is a tasty way to take care of your heart.

Quality Sweet Potato Puree Supplier

Our sweet potato puree comes from top quality raw materials. They are all processed in up-to-date facilities. Over 50 years, RDM International has led the sweet potato puree market. This makes us the best choice for anyone needing sweet potato puree.

Modern Production Facilities

Our facilities are state-of-the-art. They ensure our sweet potato puree is always high quality and consistent. We use the latest technology and strict quality checks. This guarantees you get a top-notch product every time.

Experienced in the Industry

With so much experience in making sweet potato puree, we know our stuff. We’ve become a reliable partner for all sorts of businesses. Our market know-how and love for new ideas let us create solutions just for you.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

At RDM International, we put you, the customer, first. We work closely with you to know what you need. Then, our sweet potato puree company makes sure you’re more than happy with our products and service. We pride ourselves on always being there for you, making sure everything goes smoothly.

Bulk Sweet Potato Puree Options

At PFV Network United States, we have a large variety of bulk sweet potato puree. You can choose between conventional and USDA certified organic options. Our puree comes in sizes ranging from 5-gallon pails to 55 US gallon drums. We also offer even larger totes for your needs. We can ship orders of any size, from small pail quantities to full container shipments.

Conventional and Organic Varieties

Our purees are 100% natural and free of additives, available in both conventional and organic types. They meet high standards, including no pesticides, allergens, or dairy. This makes them perfect for many uses, especially in industrial settings.

Suitable for Various Applications

Our bulk sweet potato puree shines in a vast array of applications. It’s great for brewing, making beverages, baby food, and sauces. It also works well in bakery and confectionery items. Its reliable flavor and smooth texture can enhance your products’ quality and nutritional value.

Aseptic and Frozen Packaging

We package our sweet potato puree in aseptic and frozen forms to keep it fresh. This keeps its natural benefits intact while making it easy to use in your creations.

Packaging and Bulk Supply

At RDM International, we have many options for sweet potato puree packaging. You can choose from tankers, drums, to a “bag in box” style. We also offer free samples and help with product development to make sure you’re happy.

Pails, Buckets, Drums, and Totes

We offer various sizes, from small pails to large drums and totes for the sweet potato puree. Our options are flexible and great for saving cash. If you’re just starting, we give good deals and easy payment choices.

Year-Round Supply and Annual Contracts

With our yearly contract, sweet potato puree is always available. We meet your minimum order needs and make sure you never run out. We promise quick and smooth deliveries to be your top choice for sweet potato puree needs.

Sweet Potato Puree Applications

Our sweet potato purée is great for many uses. This includes brewing and beverages to baby food and sauces, and bakery and confectionery items. It’s 100% natural and has no additives, making it perfect for lots of foods and drinks.

Brewing and Beverages

Craft brewers and drink makers will love our sweet potato puree. It adds unique flavor and is healthy. The sweet potato puree’s color and natural sweetness make drinks like beer and soda more interesting.

Baby Food and Sauces

Our sweet potato puree is ideal for baby food. Parents can rely on it for healthy meals. Its soft texture and light taste work well for baby cereals and sauces. It contains no additives, so it’s safe for infants.

Bakery and Confectionery

Bakers and candy makers can use our puree in various treats. It enhances taste and look. Its smoothness improves chocolates and fudge’s texture. This makes items like cakes and cookies better.

sweet potato puree applications

Organic Sweet Potato Puree

At RDM International, we’re excited about our organic sweet potato puree. It’s made from fresh, non-GMO sweet potatoes. Our puree is not only delicious and smooth but also fits all dietary needs.

Non-GMO and Certified Organic

Our sweet potato puree is carefully tested. This makes sure it’s truly organic and GMO-free. We use only the best, organic sweet potatoes, certified by trusted organizations.

Rich, Smooth, and Nutritious

Our organic sweet potato puree is rich and smooth naturally. It adds flavor and nutrition to your food. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making our puree a great choice.

Suitable for All Ages and Dietary Needs

Looking to feed different age groups or dietary needs? Our puree is a top choice. It’s allergen-free and fits everyone’s diet, from kids to adults with special needs.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At RDM International, quality is our top priority. We test our sweet potato purée rigorously. It’s certified to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. With Halal, BRC, IFS, and Organic certifications, you can rely on us.

Halal, BRC, and IFS Certified

Our sweet potato puree is Halal certified, fitting Islamic dietary laws. It also carries BRC and IFS certifications which are known worldwide for their strict standards. This shows our promise to deliver the best quality and be transparent with you.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

We, as a top manufacturer, put in place strong quality checks for our sweet potato puree. We choose the best raw materials and use cutting-edge methods. This ensures every batch is safe and of reliable quality.

Our quality assurance team checks every step of the production keenly. This is to make sure we meet your high standards without fail.

sweet potato puree quality assurance

Logistics and Distribution

At RDM International, we know how crucial it is to have reliable and efficient logistics. This is especially true for delivering top-notch sweet potato puree. We work hard to offer the best service. This means more than just making the product. It’s also about making sure our products are in perfect shape when they get to you.

Aseptic and Frozen Transportation

We use top-notch aseptic and frozen transport to keep our sweet potato puree fresh and safe. Our products are carefully packed in special containers. This ensures that they stay at the right temperature. This helps keep the natural tastes and health benefits just as they should be.

Timely and Efficient Delivery

Being a reliable sweet potato puree supplier, timely delivery is key for us. Thanks to our logistical skill and strong delivery network, we get your order to you on time. We work hard to keep any delays to a minimum. This way, you always get your sweet potato puree when you expect it.

If you need sweet potato puree all the time or for a big order once, we’re here to help. RDM International is ready to look after all your sweet potato puree logistics, distribution, transportation, and delivery. We focus on doing this with care and professionalism.

Product Portfolio

At RDM International, we’re proud of our wide range of products. It’s more than just sweet potato puree. We are a top manufacturer and supplier, offering various high-quality sweet potato products. Our goal is to meet the many needs of our customers.

Purees, Juices, and Concentrates

Our selection goes beyond puree with items like sweet potato juice concentrate and frozen sweet potato. These options bring the nutritious and sweet taste of sweet potatoes in handy forms. They are perfect for enhancing your food and drink products.

Oils, Powders, and Pulps

We also have sweet potato oil, powder, and pulp. These unique products add nutritional value and sweet flavor to your creations. Use them to make baked goods better, supplements healthier, or develop new, exciting products. Sweet potatoes are versatile, and our ingredients demonstrate that.


RDM International is your trusted partner for high-quality sweet potato puree. Our sweet potato purees come from top ingredients. They’re processed carefully to keep great flavor and nutrition. We offer various kinds, from regular to organic, to meet your needs.

Our sweet potato puree works well in many areas, from making drinks to baby food and sweets. We have up-to-date facilities and lots of experience. Plus, we always aim to make you happy. You can trust RDM International for the best in premium sweet potato puree.

Explore our high-quality sweet potato puree. Let us help you make your food and products better.


What is sweet potato puree?

Sweet potato puree is smooth and mashed. It’s made from top-quality sweet potatoes. A careful process captures their natural flavor and nutrition.

How is sweet potato puree used?

It’s handy for sweet and savory dishes. You can use it in drinks, sauces, and baking. It’s healthy for babies and anyone else.

What are the health benefits of sweet potato puree?

You get provitamin A, vitamin E, and antioxidants. These support your health, especially your heart and immune system. The sweet potato’s carbs also keep your blood sugar steady.

What makes RDM International a trusted sweet potato puree supplier?

RDM International has 50 years of experience. They make top-notch sweet potato puree with the latest technology. They promise to please their customers with great service and prices.

What packaging options are available for bulk sweet potato puree?

RDM International offers many ways to pack sweet potato puree. You can choose tankers, drums, or “bag in box”. They manage orders of any size, from small to big shipments.

Is organic sweet potato puree available?

Yes, they have both regular and USDA organic sweet potato puree. The organic kind comes from fresh, non-GMO sweet potatoes. It suits different diets and ages.

What certifications and quality assurance measures are in place?

RDM International’s purees are Halal, BRC, IFS, and Organic-certified. They strictly check quality to make sure their products are safe and top quality.

How are the sweet potato puree products transported and delivered?

RDM International ships their puree in aseptic and frozen forms. This keeps the products fresh. They ensure their products reach you on time and in good shape.

What other sweet potato products does RDM International offer?

Their range also includes sweet potato juice concentrate, frozen sweet potatoes, powder, oil, and pulp.