Do you know what makes the quality orange juice concentrate top-tier? It’s all about enhancing the deep orange flavor in your drinks and dishes. RDM International is a leading supplier of top-notch orange juice concentrate. They get their oranges from the famous citrus groves of Valencia, Spain. This ensures a rich, high-quality concentrate for your needs.

What sets their orange juice concentrate apart in the market? Let’s find out.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers a top-notch quality orange juice concentrate crafted from the finest oranges.
  • Their premium, fresh-squeezed orange juice concentrate adds zesty, sweet flavor to beverages and recipes.
  • RDM International sources its oranges from the famous citrus groves of Valencia, Spain, ensuring a high-quality, flavorful product.
  • The orange juice concentrate features customizable pulp and cell content to meet specific needs.
  • Strict quality assurance and storage requirements ensure RDM International provides the best orange juice concentrate on the market.

The History of Orange Juice

Oranges first grew in northeastern India, China, and Burma. They made their way to Europe. In the 16th century, the Spanish brought them to Florida. By the 19th century, when sweeter types appeared, people mostly bought the whole fruits.

Origins of Oranges and Orange Cultivation

Initially farmed in Asia, oranges later spread to Spain and the U.S. As the humble orange traveled the world, it laid the ground for orange juice’s popularity. This spread set the stage for the birth of a worldwide favorite drink.

The Rise of Orange Juice Popularity

During World War II, orange juice gained fame due to its high vitamin C content. Back then, it presented soldiers with a delicious way to get this essential nutrient. This need revolutionized the industry, leading to the creation of tasty orange juice concentrate in the mid-1940s. As a result, its popularity rocketed, earning a spot in every American home.

Wartime Influence and Innovations

The impact of World War II on orange juice can’t be ignored. The huge requirement for vitamin C among soldiers made orange juice essential. This demand drove progress in the way it was concentrated and preserved. Together with effective marketing, these changes secured orange juice’s place in American households.

The Art of Orange Juice Concentrate

The making of orange juice concentrate showcases the fine skill in handling citrus. It starts with filtering out the juice and dividing it into pulp and serum. Then, the serum undergoes a precise process to lose the extra water. This creates a dense, tasty product. It keeps the fresh taste and nutrients from the original oranges.

Concentrate Production Process

Orange juice concentrate production has several steps focused on keeping the fruit’s essence. Fresh juice is first filtered to get rid of the pulp, leaving the serum. This serum then has its water gently taken out. What’s left is a packed-with-flavor liquid. It’s rich in the goodness of Valencia oranges. This juice can be saved for a long time. It can then be turned back into a drink for bottling and selling.

Benefits of Concentrate

The good points of using orange juice concentrate spread far and wide. It’s a strong ingredient that fits into lots of things. Think of drinks, sweets, and dairy. With the concentrate, makers can make their items tastier and better. No need for a lot of cooking or chemical additives.

Quality Orange Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International is a leading quality orange juice concentrate supplier. They get their premium concentrate from the famous citrus groves in Valencia, Spain. This area is known for growing some of the world’s best oranges. This means RDM International’s concentrate is top-notch.

Sourcing From Valencia’s Famous Oranges

Valencia’s oranges are loved for their great quality and deep, natural sweetness. RDM International uses this area’s oranges to make their orange juice concentrate. This way, they capture the true taste of Valencia oranges.

Customizable Pulp and Cell Content

RDM International offers a customizable orange juice concentrate. This lets food distributors adjust the pulp and cell content to meet their needs. They can choose between more pulp or a smoother concentrate. RDM International ensures their product fits perfectly for various uses.

Quality Assurance and Storage Requirements

RDM International focuses on keeping their orange juice concentrate fresh and high-quality. They follow strict quality checks and storage rules. These steps help keep the concentrate’s flavor at its best. It’s stored in aseptic, metallic drums, and kept cool. This means their orange juice concentrate always tastes great and is reliable for customers.

Applications of Orange Juice Concentrate

RDM International’s premium orange juice concentrate is perfect for many things. It’s used in drinks, food, and even ice cream. This extract brings a citrus kick and sweet touch to lots of different products.

Beverage Industry

This orange juice concentrate is a hit in the drink world. It makes juices and cocktails burst with flavor. Its strong citrus taste and just-right sweetness level up any drink. It’s a must-have for anyone making juices in the morning or mixing drinks at night.

Food and Bakery Products

Its use doesn’t stop in beverages. It lights up foods and bakery items, too. From marinades to cakes, it brings a natural zing to any dish. Product developers love it for the fresh taste it adds to their creations, be they sweet or savory.

Dairy and Ice Cream

Ice cream and yogurt get a boost from this orange juice concentrate. It enhances their flavor profiles beautifully. With it, dairy treats become not just cold but refreshingly orange-flavored. Customers will surely love the twist it brings to these treats.

Taste and Flavor Profile

RDM International’s orange juice concentrate keeps the fresh orange smell and taste. It uses Valencia oranges to bring citrusy, fresh notes. The fresh-squeezed flavor is made perfect with the right mix of sweet and tart. This makes it great for many uses.

Fresh Orange Aroma and Taste

The fresh orange aroma in concentrate from RDM International shows their focus on quality. It tastes just like freshly squeezed oranges, adding a boost of citrus to any drink or dish.

Balanced Sweetness and Tartness

RDM International’s orange juice concentrate is known for its perfect balanced sweetness and tartness. It’s refreshing and can be used in a lot of ways. This balance stops it from being too strong in any recipe.

Packaging and Delivery

At RDM International, we care about our orange juice concentrate from start to finish. That’s why we pay close attention to how we pack and deliver it. This makes sure your order arrives at your door in perfect shape.

Aseptic Metallic Drums

Our orange juice concentrate gets packed in special aseptic, metallic drums. These drums keep the product safe from the outside. They have plastic lids and a unique cone shape. This keeps the juice fresh and safe until it reaches you.

Refrigerated Transportation

When you order our orange juice concentrate, it’s loaded into refrigerated trucks. These trucks keep the juice at a perfect 4-10 degrees Celsius. With this special care, our aseptic metallic drums keep our orange juice concentrate fresh and tasty on its journey to you.

Our detailed approach to packing and delivering orange juice concentrate means we send you the very best. So, at RDM International, we make sure you’re happy with every sip of juice.

orange juice concentrate packaging

Other Citrus Concentrates and Products

RDM International doesn’t just excel at orange juice concentrate. Their skills span all different citrus fruits. You can find lemon concentrate, mandarin concentrate, and even orange essential oils and pulp cells in their line-up.

Lemon Concentrate

Wish for that bold lemon taste? RDM International’s lemon concentrate adds a kick to many meals and drinks. It’s great for lemonade, boosting baked goods, or making dairy treats tangy. This lemon concentrate finds the right mix of sour and sweet for you.

Mandarin Concentrate

Mandarins are known for their sweet taste and bright hue. RDM International’s mandarin concentrate nails that flavor. It’s perfect for drinks, marinades, and sweet treats. This concentrate gives your foods and beverages a hint of natural sugar.

Essential Oils and Pulp Cells

RDM International doesn’t stop at juices. They also provide orange essential oils and pulp cells. These products boost the smell and feel of many foods and drinks. Whether you need the fresh scent of orange essential oils or the texture from orange pulp cells, RDM International is your go-to.

RDM International offers more than just orange juice concentrate. They cover everything from lemons and mandarins to unique orange byproducts. Their variety means you can find the right citrus product for your needs.

Expertise and Industry Experience

RDM International is well-known for its top-notch orange juice concentrate and citrus products. Its expert knowledge and vast experience set it apart. Situated in Murcia, Spain, a key area for growing citrus, the company understands everything from farming to distributing these fruits.

The company has increased its product range to include citrus oils and byproducts. These items meet the needs of various food and drink makers worldwide. RDM International’s focus on quality, new ideas, and happy customers has made it a key player in the citrus trade.

RDM International Expertise RDM International Industry Experience Citrus Concentrate Industry Expertise
Deep knowledge of citrus cultivation and processing Over 50 years of providing premium citrus concentrates Comprehensive portfolio of citrus-based products
Commitment to quality and innovation Trusted partner for food and beverage manufacturers Serving customers worldwide with reliable supply
Customer-centric approach to meet diverse needs Located in the heart of Spain’s citrus-growing region Extensive knowledge of citrus fruit processing

citrus concentrate industry expertise

Global Supply and Distribution

RDM International sends out orange juice concentrate and other citrus items all over the planet. It uses its center in Spain and efficient methods to make and deliver these products. With a wide network, their high-quality orange juice concentrate is always available everywhere. This setup is a big reason why RDM is a top supplier in the citrus industry.

To show how wide RDM International’s reach is, check out this table:

Region Key Markets Served Delivery Time
North America United States, Canada 3-5 business days
Europe United Kingdom, Germany, France 2-4 business days
Asia-Pacific Japan, China, Australia 5-7 business days
Latin America Brazil, Mexico, Argentina 4-6 business days

This chart shows how well global orange juice concentrate supply and RDM International’s distribution network work together. It ensures customers worldwide get their products on time.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

RDM International is all about making sustainable orange juice concentrate and sourcing oranges the right way. They focus on methods that are good for the planet. This cuts down on harm to nature.

In Spain’s Valencia region, RDM joins hands with orange farmers. They work to make sure everyone is treated fairly and that farms use sustainable farming techniques. This team effort means RDM can supply top-notch citrus juices that are also kind to the earth.

Sustainability Practices Ethical Sourcing Measures
  • Eco-friendly cultivation methods
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Waste recycling and repurposing
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Fair labor standards
  • Living wages for workers
  • Worker safety and welfare programs
  • Transparent supply chain audits

“RDM International’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices is a key part of our corporate ethos. We believe in delivering high-quality citrus concentrates while minimizing our environmental impact and ensuring fair treatment of our valued growers and suppliers.”


RDM International is a top-notch supplier of orange juice concentrate. They capture the lively taste of Valencia’s famous oranges. Their expertise, green approach, and worldwide supply make them the go-to for top-notch citrus solutions.

They’ve become a leading light in the citrus concentrate industry through quality and innovation. With the rising desire for premium citrus, they’re ready to meet this need. They offer the finest orange juice concentrate and citrus products.

RDM International’s unmatched quality shows they’re both reliable and creative. They’re focused on the food and beverage industry’s changing needs. For anyone looking for superior citrus concentrates, RDM International is the perfect choice because of their dedication to quality, eco-friendliness, and customer pleasure.


What makes RDM International’s orange juice concentrate a top-notch quality product?

RDM International’s orange juice comes from the best oranges in Valencia, Spain. It’s full of flavor and offers different pulp levels. The company takes care to ensure high quality and freshness with strict standards.

What is the history behind the rise of orange juice popularity?

Oranges come from China, India, and Burma. They made their way to Europe and then Florida in the 16th century. During World War II, soldiers needed vitamin C. This boosted orange juice’s popularity. By the 1940s, scientists learned to make concentrate, making orange juice even more famous.

How is orange juice concentrate produced?

To make concentrate, juice is separated into pulp and serum. Then, they remove water from the serum. This process makes the concentrate rich in flavor and long-lasting. When needed, it can be made into juice again.

Why does RDM International’s orange juice concentrate stand out as a premium product?

RDM International uses oranges from Valencia, Spain, for their concentrate. They care about quality, with the option for different pulp amounts. The concentrate is kept in aseptic drums for the best taste.

What are the primary applications of RDM International’s orange juice concentrate?

RDM’s orange juice concentrate is popular in beverages, baking, dairy, and ice cream. It makes juices and cocktails tastier. It brings natural citrus flavors to many products and improves dairy and frozen desserts.

How does RDM International’s orange juice concentrate maintain its distinct aroma and taste?

RDM’s concentrate truly tastes fresh-squeezed, thanks to Valencia oranges. Its balance of sweet and tart gives it a lively quality. This makes it perfect for many uses.

How does RDM International ensure the freshness and quality of its orange juice concentrate?

RDM packs its concentrate in aseptic drums. It ships in refrigerated trucks to keep it fresh. This process guarantees high quality for customers.

What other citrus-based products does RDM International offer?

Besides orange, RDM has lemon and mandarin concentrates. They also offer essential oils and pulp cells from citrus fruits.

What factors have contributed to RDM International’s reputation as a leading supplier of premium orange juice concentrate?

RDM’s success comes from experience, its location in Spain’s citrus area, and a focus on quality and innovation. These have made it a top choice in the industry.

How does RDM International’s global reach and distribution network benefit its customers?

RDM’s location and efficient operations help it serve customers worldwide. Its reliable supply chain ensures easy access to their citrus products globally.

How does RDM International prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing practices?

RDM International is dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices. It partners with growers in Valencia to support fair labor and eco-friendly farming. This commitment ensures their citrus concentrates are of high quality and responsibly made.

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