Experience the ease and taste of RDM International’s IQF Tomatoes. These are quick-frozen, keeping the full flavor and color but ready for any dish. As a top supplier and exporter, we bring you tomatoes that are sustainably sourced and top-notch for food makers and distributors worldwide.

What sets RDM International apart as a leading quality IQF tomatoes supplier?

Our goal is to offer you the best IQF tomatoes. We do this by farming sustainably, checking quality carefully, and focusing on food safety. What makes us stand out in a crowded market?

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading supplier of high-quality IQF tomatoes for global food manufacturers and distributors.
  • The company prioritizes sustainable farming practices and strict quality control measures to ensure the best possible products.
  • RDM International’s IQF tomatoes offer convenience, flavor, and versatility for a wide range of food service and food manufacturing applications.
  • The company’s global supply chain network and logistics capabilities ensure a consistent, year-round supply of IQF tomatoes.
  • RDM International provides comprehensive customer support and technical assistance to help its clients succeed.

Introduction to IQF Tomatoes

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) tomatoes are top pick in frozen tomato products. Each tomato is frozen quickly. This keeps their flavor, texture, and nutrients intact. The process ensures tomatoes are at their best, even when frozen.

What are IQF Tomatoes?

IQF tomatoes are a game-changer for cooking. Traditional frozen tomatoes often come in blocks or purees. But, IQF tomatoes are frozen one by one. This makes them easy to use and lets you be more creative in the kitchen.

Benefits of Using IQF Tomatoes

Picking IQF tomatoes has many pluses. Their natural flavor and nutritional value stay fresh. This means your dishes taste like you just picked the tomatoes from your garden.

Plus, using IQF tomatoes saves time. They’re great for a variety of dishes. From soups to salsas, IQF tomatoes are a chef’s best friend.

RDM International: A Trusted Supplier

RDM International is well-known as a top quality IQF tomatoes supplier and frozen tomato exporter. It has been helping food makers and sellers around the globe for more than 30 years. Since its start in 1990, the company has gained trust for its top-notch frozen food supplier and food processing company offerings, backed by its vast industry experience.

Company Overview

RDM International is a key player in the global market for frozen foods. They offer a wide selection of top-notch products, including IQF tomatoes. Their focus on new ideas and making customers happy has made them a go-to IQF tomatoes supplier and frozen food supplier.

Years of Experience in the Industry

Since 1990, RDM International has gathered more than 30 years of insight and skill in the frozen food world. This extensive knowledge helps the company provide excellent food processing company help and answers to its customers all over the world.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At RDM International, we promise the top-notch quality of IQF tomatoes. We are all about staying true to quality assurance and meeting the best food safety standards. Our efforts to shine through in the industry certifications prove our dedication to the best food processing practices.

Strict Quality Control Measures

Quality leads our every step, making it the heart of our work. We’ve set up a full quality control system to keep our IQF tomatoes at their very best. Our skilled team keeps a close eye on everything from where we get our materials to how we pack our products. They make sure every part of the process keeps our items safe and high-quality.

Food Safety Standards and Certifications

RDM International doesn’t just focus on quality. We also stick to the highest food safety standards out there. Being backed by certifications like FSSC 22000, BRC, and GLOBALG.A.P. proves our dedication to safe and responsible food handling.

Certification Description
FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification that ensures comprehensive food safety management systems are in place.
BRC British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety, a leading food safety and quality certification.
GLOBALG.A.P. A set of farm assurance standards that promote sustainable agriculture and responsible farming practices.

By sticking to strict food safety rules and getting these important certifications, we affirm our goal. We want our customers to enjoy the best IQF tomatoes. They match the toughest quality assurance checks.

Sustainable Farming Practices

At RDM International, we’re all about sustainable farming. We focus on being kind to the earth while growing our tomatoes. Our goal is to use farming methods that are good for the environment and keep the land healthy for the future.

We farm tomatoes using organic techniques and avoid chemicals. This means we use only natural ways to grow them. Also, we save water and make the soil better through special farming ways that help the earth stay healthy.

Sustainable Farming Practices Benefits
Organic Farming Reduces the use of synthetic chemicals, promotes biodiversity, and enhances soil fertility
Water Conservation Minimizes water usage through efficient irrigation systems and conservation techniques
Regenerative Agriculture Improves soil health, sequestrates carbon, and enhances the overall resilience of the farming ecosystem
Responsible Sourcing Ensures the traceability and accountability of our tomato supply chain, promoting sustainable and ethical practices

Here at RDM, we love these green farming methods. They lead to amazing eco-friendly IQF tomatoes. These tomatoes are tasty and good for the planet. It’s our way of helping the food world be more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

sustainable agriculture

Versatility of IQF Tomatoes

RDM International’s IQF tomatoes are very versatile. They’re perfect for many food service industry and food manufacturing needs. No matter if you cook professionally or you run a food business, these frozen tomatoes will help improve your dishes and products.

Applications in Food Service Industry

In the food service industry, these frozen tomatoes excel. They’re great for all kinds of meals. You can use them in everything from basic sauces to creative dishes like salsa. Because the tomatoes are freeze-dried, they keep their taste and texture. This makes it easy for chefs to always get great results. Plus, using these tomatoes saves time in the kitchen, making them popular for all kinds of food businesses.

Applications in Food Manufacturing

For food companies, RDM International’s IQF tomatoes are a valuable ingredient. They can be added to many foods, such as ketchup and pasta sauces. The tomatoes are always the same high quality and are always available. This helps food makers keep their foods tasty and popular with their customers.

IQF Tomato Applications in Food Service IQF Tomato Applications in Food Manufacturing
  • Tomato-based sauces and soups
  • Salsa and bruschetta toppings
  • Ingredient for various dishes
  • Recipe development
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Pasta sauces
  • Ketchup and other condiments
  • Pizza toppings and ingredients
  • Product formulation

Quality IQF Tomatoes Supplier

RDM International is a top IQF tomatoes supplier. It works with many tomato growers worldwide to offer a steady supply. This means customers get premium IQF tomatoes all year round.

Sourcing from Reliable Growers

RDM International chooses its tomato growers carefully. They partner with farmers who believe in sustainable farming and deliver top-notch produce. This secure network guarantees the best IQF tomatoes, whenever and wherever.

Global Supply Chain Network

RDM International links with growers across the globe. This allows them to pick the finest produce. The company’s use of advanced supply chain management promises quality IQF tomatoes for all its customers.

global supply chain

Product Range and Customization

At RDM International, each customer’s needs for IQF tomatoes are different. For this reason, we have a wide selection of

IQF tomatoes product range

, gathered from many

tomato varieties

Variety of Tomato Varieties

Our tomato varieties range from cherry tomatoes to beefsteak and heirloom types. This wide array lets our clients pick the best IQF tomatoes for their needs. These needs can be in restaurants, food manufacturing, or similar fields.

Tailored Packaging and Labeling Options

Besides our varied IQF tomatoes product range, we provide packaging and labeling designed for you. We work with you to craft customized packaging and private label looks. These designs can help represent your brand and improve how your products are seen.

That means your RDM International IQF tomatoes will stand out. They’ll be tasty and high in quality. Plus, they’ll match well with your existing product line or private labels.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Delivering top-notch IQF tomatoes at RDM International relies on a strong logistics and supply chain plan. We focus on cold chain logistics and just-in-time delivery, making sure our products move smoothly worldwide.

Cold Chain Logistics

We assure the freshness of our IQF tomatoes through cutting-edge cold chain logistics. Our network includes storage and transport, all kept at the right temperature. This approach makes our supply chain efficiency top-notch, meeting the best inventory management standards.

Just-in-Time Delivery

RDM International also uses just-in-time delivery to fulfill customer needs promptly. We track market trends closely, managing our inventory management effectively. This strategy means our clients can boost their own operations, avoiding excess waste.

Customer Support and Services

At RDM International, we know that top-notch IQF tomatoes are just the start. We go beyond the product. Our team offers full support and service. This helps guarantee your success with our products.

Dedicated Account Management

Joining RDM means getting a dedicated account manager. They will be your main contact. They get to know your needs and goals. Then, they guide and support you in a way that’s just for you. They’re your personal support to make using our IQF tomatoes smooth and rewarding.

Technical Support and Product Knowledge

Alongside your account manager, our tech experts are here to help. They’ll answer any questions you have. They give advice on storing and using our IQF tomatoes. They can also help with recipes or any other product needs. We aim to make sure you get the most out of our IQF tomatoes. This way, you’re completely satisfied with our service and products.

Customer Support Offerings Description
Dedicated Account Management Personalized guidance and support from a designated account manager who understands your unique needs.
Technical Support Access to a team of experts who can provide advice and solutions for your product-related challenges.
Comprehensive Product Knowledge In-depth understanding of our IQF tomatoes and their applications to help you maximize their potential.

Industry Trends and Innovations

RDM International leads in the frozen food world. It keeps a close eye on what customers want and new tech. This keeps them ahead. They can make IQF tomato solutions that follow the newest trends.

Emerging Market Demands

People today care more about what they eat. They want food that’s good for them and the planet. RDM gets its IQF tomatoes from farms that are kind to the earth. They also keep the tomatoes full of nutrients. And, many want easy-to-use frozen veggies. So, RDM offers lots of choices to meet its customers’ needs around the world.

Technological Advancements in Frozen Food Processing

The field of frozen foods is always getting better. New tech makes it possible to make food that’s top-quality, efficient, and good for the environment. RDM stays at the front of these changes. They get the best freezing and packaging gear. This is to make sure their products are safe and top-notch. With the newest tech, RDM can always meet their customers’ high expectations.

RDM International is always ready for what’s next. They use new tech and understand customer wants to make the best IQF tomatoes. This helps food service and manufacturing businesses meet their changing needs.


As a top IQF tomatoes supplier and frozen tomato exporter, RDM International always aims for the best. It uses sustainable agriculture, top-notch quality assurance steps, and solid customer support. This way, it builds a name for top-quality IQF tomatoes, perfect for the frozen food industry.

RDM International works hard in every part of its business. It chooses only the best tomatoes and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Sustainability and customer happiness come first. That’s why it’s a key partner for those in food service and food making all over the globe.

More and more people want high-quality frozen goods that are easy to use. RDM International is right at the front, offering smart IQF tomato products. It keeps an eye on market trends and uses the latest tech in its work. This means it will keep giving great value to its customers in the future.


What are IQF Tomatoes?

IQF tomatoes are frozen whole to keep their taste, look, and goodness. Each one is frozen by itself very quickly. This method stops big ice crystals from forming. Big ice crystals can hurt the tomato’s quality.

What are the benefits of using IQF Tomatoes?

These tomatoes save the rich flavor and bright color we love. They’re frozen and easy to use in many recipes. The IQF method keeps their taste, texture, and nutrients just like fresh ones.

Who is RDM International, and what is their experience in the industry?

RDM International helps by giving top-notch IQF tomatoes to cookers and sellers all over. Since starting in 1990, they’ve gained more than 30 years of trust. They make sure their customers always have the best tomatoes.

What quality assurance measures does RDM International have in place?

RDM International strictly checks its IQF tomatoes to meet top food safety rules. They aim to pass every quality standard. This shows they care about the best for their customers.

How does RDM International ensure sustainable farming practices?

RDM International focuses on farming that’s good for the planet. They work with farmers who use methods that save water, control pests, and cut waste. This is how they help keep our Earth healthy and green.

What is the versatility of RDM International’s IQF Tomatoes?

RDM International’s IQF tomatoes work well in many dishes, like sauces, soups, and salads. They’re a reliable choice that fits various cooking needs. This means you always get good tomatoes for any dish.

How does RDM International source its IQF Tomatoes?

RDM International picks its tomatoes from the best growers globally. This wide network ensures the supply of fine IQF tomatoes all year. Their customers can always count on getting high-quality tomatoes.

What product range and customization options does RDM International offer?

RDM International has a wide selection of IQF tomato products. They offer many tomato types and can customize how they’re packed and labeled. This way, every customer gets exactly what they need.

How does RDM International manage its logistics and supply chain?

RDM International takes delivering great IQF tomatoes seriously. They use the latest in cold chain and delivery. This ensures their products reach customers around the world quickly and smoothly.

What customer support and services does RDM International provide?

RDM International goes beyond just selling IQF tomatoes, They have a team ready to help their customers succeed. This includes keeping things running smoothly and offering tech support.

How does RDM International stay ahead of industry trends and innovations?

Leading in the frozen food world, RDM International stays up-to-date. They watch for new trends and technologies to provide best tomato solutions. They always work to improve for their customers.