Looking for top-notch strawberry juice concentrate? RDM International is your go-to source. They’re well-known for their high-quality concentrates made from the finest strawberries. This adds a burst of natural sweetness and flavor to your creations.

RDM International works closely with skilled growers and uses advanced methods. This ensures they deliver the best fruit juice concentrates, natural fruit extracts, and berry purees. They cater to the needs of people worldwide, offering a wide selection of bulk juice concentrates and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • RDM International is a premier supplier of premium strawberry juice concentrate.
  • Their concentrates boast unparalleled flavor and aroma, ideal for beverages and recipes.
  • RDM International sources the best fruit through a trusted grower network and advanced processing.
  • They offer a comprehensive range of fruit products, continuously innovating to meet customer needs.
  • As a leading industry player, RDM International is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

What makes RDM International stand out with their Strawberry Juice Concentrate? Let’s explore why their product is a must-have for your cooking and drink mixing.

Unlock Nature’s Sweet Elixir with RDM International

Get ready to enjoy the delicious taste of premium strawberry juice concentrate from RDM International. This concentrate brings the sweet and fruity flavors of the finest strawberries to your creations. It’s more than just a drink; it’s a touch of natural sweetness and fruity finesse for anything you make. The unparalleled flavor and aroma of this concentrate can make your products stand out.

Crafted from the Finest Strawberries

RDM International selects the best strawberries for their natural strawberry extract and strawberry flavor enhancers. This careful selection ensures every drop is bursting with flavor. Their dedication to choosing the best berries helps create a gourmet fruit concentrate that is unmatched.

Unparalleled Flavor and Aroma

Their Strawberry Juice Concentrate has a unique flavor and aroma that fits many recipes. Use it in drinks like strawberry lemonade, treats like strawberry milkshakes, or desserts. It will bring a taste of summer to everything you make. This concentrated strawberry flavor has a natural strawberry essence that enhances every recipe.

Versatile Applications

This Strawberry Juice Concentrate is perfect for many food and drink options. You can use it in drinks, smoothies, baked goods, dairy, and more. It improves your products by adding natural flavor, color, and nutrition. The exceptional quality and diverse uses make this concentrate essential for anyone wanting to enhance their creations.

Sourcing the Best Fruit for Optimal Quality

RDM International dedicates itself to finding the best fruit. They work with farmers worldwide. By choosing premium fruit sourcing, they get high-quality fruits. These fruits come from trusted agricultural partners who focus on sustainable cultivation. This effort ensures each batch has great flavor and quality.

Trusted Grower Network

This company has a vast network for finding great strawberries. They team up with farmers who believe in giving their best. The result is RDM International’s Strawberry Juice. It comes from top-quality fruits around the globe.

Advanced Processing Techniques

RDM uses the best methods to process their fruit. They get the most flavor and nutrients from each strawberry. Their methods keep the natural fruit qualities. They also lock in the nutrients well. As a result, their Strawberry Juice always tastes great and is very healthy.

A Premier Strawberry Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International doesn’t only offer top-grade Strawberry Juice Concentrate. They have a wide range of other high-quality fruit products too. This includes essential oils, pulp cells, purées, and comminuted. Their varied selection helps meet the needs of different customers in the food, drink, and personal care sectors, providing them with innovative, fruit-based ingredients.

Continuous Innovation

RDM International is always looking to innovate, aiming to meet the changing needs of their customers worldwide. With a strong focus on research and development, they collaborate with clients to create custom blends, formulations, and new applications for their fruit concentrates. This effort ensures the company stays ahead in its field.

Global Distribution Network

Being a leading supplier of Strawberry Juice Concentrate and various fruit items, RDM International operates a strong global distribution network. Enabled by key partnerships and hubs worldwide, they ensure prompt delivery of their top-notch ingredients to food and drink makers, anywhere in the world.

Clarified Strawberry Concentrate: A Clear Choice

RDM International makes their Clarified Strawberry Concentrate with care. They start by squeezing fresh strawberries to get the juice. Then, the juice goes through a special process to make it perfectly clear.

This way, the concentrate keeps the bright color and strong flavor of the fruit. It is rich and thick, perfect for many uses. This premium-quality concentrate brings a powerful strawberry taste to anything it’s added to.

Quality Assurance: Our Unwavering Commitment

At RDM International, we are all about quality. It’s what helps us stand out as a leading quality-focused fruit ingredient supplier. Our focus shines through in every aspect, from picking the best sources to gaining top accreditations and certifications.

Stringent Sourcing Standards

We carefully select our partners, ensuring they share our values. This means they must be safe, sustainable, and ethical. By doing so, we guarantee that the fruit concentrates and ingredients we offer lead the way in quality and purity.

Accreditations and Certifications

Our commitment gains extra shine through prestigious certifications. We hold a BRC ‘AA’ grade, as well as Kosher, Halal, and Organic certifications. These globally recognized standards show our dedication to offering safe and correctly sourced products. It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to top-notch fruit processing.

Flexible Packaging and Delivery Options

RDM International provides many packaging and delivery options. For instance, they offer Strawberry Juice Concentrate in aseptic bags and drums. These keep the concentrates fresh during temperature-controlled storage and bulk transportation. Their versatile fruit concentrate delivery meets various production and supply chain needs.

Customers are key at RDM International. Their team works closely with each client to understand their needs. They provide customizable fruit concentrate packaging and personalized fruit concentrate supply. This ensures efficient delivery of high-quality fruit concentrates. You can choose specialized packaging, expedited shipping, or just-in-time inventory management. RDM International has the knowledge and experience to help. They take a special approach to serving their clients and offer adaptable fruit concentrate sourcing.

flexible packaging and delivery options

Comprehensive Fruit Expertise

RDM International knows a lot about fruits, not just their top-notch Strawberry Juice Concentrate. They have a comprehensive range of fruit-based products like juices, concentrates, purées, and more. This wide range of fruit products makes them a great choice for anyone in the food, drink, or personal care business. They offer innovative fruit-derived solutions to make their products better.

Juices, Concentrates, and Beyond

RDM International has the skills to turn fruits into many different products. They make everything from fruit juices to versatile fruit concentrates. Their selection shows they are always looking to make innovative fruit-based items that can do amazing things for their partners.

Custom Blends and NPD Support

The experts at RDM International team up with clients to make custom fruit ingredient mixes. They work hard, using a collaborative new product development process, to create special fruit-based solutions that stand out in the market. Their R&D support is really helpful. It helps in coming up with, testing, and making customized fruit products that can give products a real edge when selling them.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Sustainability and ethical practices are key at RDM International. They work with growers who use earth-friendly ways and meet high social standards. This helps make sure their fruit concentrates are produced with care for the earth and people.

Environmental Stewardship

RDM International is also careful with their own work. They have set up ways to save energy, reduce waste, and recycle more. This effort makes their fruit-based ingredients good for the planet and shows their leadership in being responsible.

sustainable fruit processing

Partner with a Trusted Industry Leader

RDM International is a top industry name, known for its fruit concentrate knowledge for decades. They boast a rich history in fruit processing and research. This has made them a reliable partner for companies in food, beverages, and personal care worldwide.

Decades of Experience

Over the years, RDM International has perfected their fruit-based solutions. Their commitment to quality and innovation has won over many clients. They are the preferred choice for those seeking top-notch fruit ingredients.

Dedicated Customer Support

Customer care is key at RDM International. Their support team offers tailored service and quick assistance with fruit ingredients. They aim to meet every client’s need with a hands-on, customer-first approach.


RDM International is a top supplier of top-notch Strawberry Juice Concentrate and various fruit-based ingredients. They are the trusted partner for improving your items and making your clients happy. Their focus on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction shows in their work. RDM offers unique skills, new solutions, and a deep commitment to being the best in the biz.

Working with RDM means you can use the pure, sweet essence of top fruits in your products. Their knowledge in fruit processing and commitment to ethics and sustainability ensure the products you get are top-notch. This includes premium strawberry juice concentrate and more reliable fruit ingredients that push your products ahead in the market.

Choose the innovative and customer-focused solutions from RDM International. See how a true mainstay in the field can better your business. With RDM backing you up, you have what it takes to make goods that grab your customers’ interest and boost your achievements.


What makes RDM International’s Strawberry Juice Concentrate a premium product?

RDM International’s Strawberry Juice Concentrate is made from the best, ripe strawberries. This gives it a unique taste and smell. Their special way of processing keeps the natural goodness of the fruit. This makes the concentrate rich in flavor and useful in many ways.

How does RDM International ensure the quality of its Strawberry Juice Concentrate?

RDM International is serious about quality. They work closely with top growers and use the latest techniques. The company is trusted because they follow strict rules and have top certifications.

What are the different applications for RDM International’s Strawberry Juice Concentrate?

It’s perfect for many things in the food, drink, and beauty worlds. You can add it to drinks, baked goods, or dairy. It makes items taste better, look nice, and adds nutrition.

How does RDM International’s Clarified Strawberry Concentrate differ from the standard Strawberry Juice Concentrate?

The Clarified Strawberry Concentrate is made in a special way. They extract it carefully to keep the color and taste bright. This makes it a top choice for many products.

What sustainability and ethical practices does RDM International follow?

Sustainability is key for RDM International. They pick growers who use friendly farming methods and treat workers well. In their own work, they are energy-smart and limit waste. This shows they care for the planet.

How can I partner with RDM International as a customer?

RDM International is all about helping their customers. They tailor to your needs with care. You can choose how your order is packaged and delivered. Plus, they can make special mixes just for you.

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