Looking for a top-notch premium peach puree supplier? Fierce Fruit is here to meet your needs. We offer the best fruit purees available, from peach puree manufacturers all the way to fruit puree wholesalers. Our premium fruit purees cover all your cooking and baking needs.

Fierce Fruit is a top peach pulp and peach concentrate supplier. We’re proud to provide many flavors, like organic peach puree and natural peach purees. Our products include bulk peach purees and commercial peach puree. Find the right fruit puree size for your needs. We use aseptic packaging that keeps the purees fresh for over 18 months.

Why does Fierce Fruit’s peach puree shine? This article tells you all about it. We’ll cover the benefits, uses, and top quality of our peach puree. It’s essential for anyone in the food and beverage world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fierce Fruit offers a big range of premium fruit purees, like peach puree, for many uses.
  • Our peach puree is made from high-quality peaches and has a long shelf life thanks to aseptic technology.
  • Use peach puree to add delicious flavor to craft beers, baked goods, and sauces.
  • Fierce Fruit sticks to top quality and safety standards for food and ingredients.
  • Check out our lots of fruit puree flavors, from tropical to citrus, to make great products.

Introducing RDM International’s Premium Peach Puree

Step into the world of peach puree with RDM International. They are a top supplier of premium fruit puree. Learn how this ingredient can make your dishes amazing.

What is Peach Puree?

Peach puree is made from 100% ripe peaches. It has a rich, sweet taste. This puree can change how your food and drinks taste, adding its unique peachy flavor.

Benefits of Using Peach Puree

RDM International’s peach puree is a game-changer for cooks and bakers. It brings a strong peach taste to your recipes. Use it to make your pastries, sauces, and drinks stand out. Plus, it saves you the effort of working with fresh peaches.

Applications of Peach Puree

Peach puree is not just for drinks. It’s ideal for making beer taste fruity. You can also use it to enhance the flavors of sauces or add a special twist to sweet treats. Think about peach pies, sorbets, or even ice cream.

Premium Peach Puree Supplier: RDM International

RDM International leads in providing top-tier fruit purees, like their amazing peach puree. They pick the best fruits globally for rich taste and ultimate freshness.

About RDM International

Known for their superior fruit purees, RDM International shines with vast experience and a drive for new ideas. They are recognized worldwide for their unbeatable ingredients and strict quality checks.

Why Choose RDM International?

Choosing RDM International means selecting top-notch peach puree with quality and safety assured. They use aseptic processing to keep the product pure and safe. Also, they tailor the packaging and conditions to fit any business’s needs, ensuring satisfaction.

Top Quality Fruit Purees from Around the World

At RDM International, we’re all about top-notch fruit purees. We pick the highest quality ingredients worldwide. Our mission is to find the best flavors, working with growers in ideal locations.

Sourcing Premium Fruits

RDM International travels the globe for the finest fruits. We get our goodies from places like Columbia, Chile, and Brazil.

How do we make sure they’re top quality? By teaming up with local growers. This way, we ensure fresh and sustainable ingredients for our customers.

Variety of Fruit Puree Flavors

Besides our top-notch peach puree, we have many flavors at RDM International. Choose from classics like apple, apricot, and banana. Or dive into the world of tropical and citrus with mango, pineapple, and orange.

With our wide range, you can craft special foods and drinks that everyone will love.

Aseptic Processing for Maximum Freshness

RDM International is all about quality, using a cutting-edge technique called aseptic processing. This method keeps their peach puree, and other fruit purees, fresh, flavorful, and safe.

What is Aseptic Processing?

Aseptic processing is a detailed method. It cleans the fruit puree and packs it in a sterile space. This way, the puree by RDM International stays untouched by bacteria. It stays fresh, tasty, and lasts longer without spoiling.

Benefits of Aseptic Packaging

The way RDM International packages their items brings big benefits. It keeps flavors better, is easier to store, and costs less to ship. This makes their purees stand out from others in the market.

Taking out the need for cold storage, you can keep RDM International purees anywhere. This makes handling and cost management much simpler. Their purees last long too. Thus, they are a smart choice for anybody using them in making food and drinks.

aseptic processing

Versatile Packaging Options for Convenience

At RDM International, we know every project is different. So, we offer many packaging options to meet your needs. Whether you need a small 4.4 lb. container for at home, or a large 50-gallon drum for big production, we’ve got it covered. This way, you can buy just what you need for your project.

Our many packaging sizes help you manage your stock better and cut down on waste. This makes your supply chain run smoothly. If you’re a craft brewery that wants to add our top-quality peach puree to your beers, or a bakery looking to sweeten your treats with fruit purees, we’ve got you. Our packaging options are designed to fit your needs.

Choosing the right size of packaging makes a big difference for your business. And it all starts with our amazing fruit purees. Get in touch with us today. We’ll show you how our packaging solutions can improve how you work.

Applications of Peach Puree in Food and Beverages

RDM International’s top-notch peach puree is used in many ways by various industries. It adds a burst of flavor to drinks and dishes. Its unique taste can make your products stand out.

Brewing Industry

Craft breweries love RDM International’s peach puree. It gives beers a delicious peach taste. Their puree is processed safely, making it easy for brewers to use without worry.

Baking and Desserts

Pastry chefs and dessert makers also enjoy using RDM International’s peach puree. It enhances sweets like pastries, pies, and even ice cream. The puree brings a beautiful sweetness and flavor to these treats.

Sauces and Condiments

This peach puree is great for making unique sauces and condiments, too. Mixing it with other flavors creates extraordinary tastes. Your customers will love the special sauces and marinades you make.

peach puree applications

Premium Peach Puree Supplier for Consistent Quality

Quality is at the heart of everything done at RDM International. We focus on delivering top-notch peach puree products. Our goal is to meet the highest standards for our clients every time.

Quality Control Measures

We take quality control very seriously. Our manufacturing process includes third-party tests and strict protocols. We monitor every batch closely to ensure it matches our high standards.

Certifications and Compliance

Our manufacturing facility boasts the esteemed SQF certification for food safety. This, plus our compliance with industry regulations, means you can rely on us. Working with us brings peace of mind about quality and safety.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Customers from many areas love RDM International’s peach puree. They say it’s top quality with amazing flavor. Craft brewers find it changes their fruit beers a lot. Bakers and dessert makers say it makes their treats taste way better.

A famous pastry chef who tried the puree said, “

RDM International’s peach puree is the best I’ve used. It makes my peach cobbler and ice cream taste like fresh, ripe peaches. It’s a big upgrade for my recipes.

People always mention the puree’s true, fruity taste. They also talk about how RDM International aims to please. One brewer said, “RDM International’s team puts in extra effort to make sure we’re happy. Their focus on quality is the best in the business.”

Customer Testimonials Industry Feedback
“RDM International’s peach puree is simply the best I’ve ever used.” Pastry Chef Praises the fresh, natural flavor of the puree and its ability to elevate desserts.
“The team at RDM International truly goes above and beyond to ensure we have the best possible experience.” Craft Brewer Highlights RDM International’s exceptional customer service and commitment to quality.
“RDM International’s peach puree has made a huge difference in the taste and profile of our fruit-forward beers.” Craft Brewer Recognizes the puree’s impact on the flavor and quality of craft beer products.

Exploring Other Fruit Puree Flavors

RDM International’s fruit puree collection goes well beyond just peach. You can dive into tropical, berry, and citrus options. These bring new life to your cooking and drinks.

Tropical Fruit Purees

RDM International also has mango, pineapple, and passion fruit purees. They are perfect for making drinks, sauces, and frozen desserts with a tropical twist. Just think of the sweet and tangy kick that mango or pineapple purees can give your drinks or desserts.

Berry Fruit Purees

If you love berry flavors, RDM International has you covered with blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry options. These purees add rich, deep flavors to many recipes. Picture the rich, intense taste blueberry puree can give to your beer or the lively, fruity touch raspberry puree can bring to your baked goods.

Citrus Fruit Purees

Don’t forget the citrus! RDM International has lemon, lime, and orange purees for a zesty kick. They can make your sauces and drinks pop with flavor. Imagine the zingy touch a lemon or lime puree adds to your sauce or the strong citrus flavor orange puree can give to your drinks.


RDM International’s premium peach puree changes the game for food and drink makers. It has a unique taste, is very flexible, and is top-notch in quality. This amazing ingredient boosts the flavor of your craft beers and fancy desserts. It also makes your sauces stand out.

Want to add a rich peach flavor to your brews or make mouth-watering pastries? RDM International’s peach puree is your go-to. It’s made from the best fruits around the world and goes through strict checks. So, every time, it gives your foods and drinks a taste that people will love.

RDM International doesn’t just stop at peach puree. They also have other fruit purees like tropical, berry, and citrus. This wide range opens up new doors for your cooking and baking. Try out different fruit flavors, get creative with your products, and let RDM International’s top-level goods spark your next success.


What is peach puree?

Peach puree is made from 100% real, ripe peaches. It has a sweet, earthy, and crisp taste. This taste can make many foods and drinks better.

What are the benefits of using peach puree?

Peach puree is great for making food and drinks taste peachy. It gives desserts, sauces, and cocktails real peach flavor. Using it saves time over peeling and pureeing fresh peaches.

What are the applications of peach puree?

You can use peach puree in many ways. It makes craft beers tastier and sauces richer. It also improves baked goods like pies. Adding it to ice creams and sorbets creates delicious sweets.

Who is RDM International?

RDM International is known for its top-quality fruit purees, including peach. They get the best fruits worldwide. This means their purees taste fresh and full of flavor.

Why should I choose RDM International for my peach puree needs?

People choose RDM International because they care about quality and safety. They process their purees without the risk of contamination. Also, they can adjust to what each customer needs.

Where does RDM International source its fruits?

RDM International gets its fruits from the best places like Columbia, Chile, and Brazil. They work with local farmers. This way, they ensure high-quality and support fair trade.

What are the advantages of RDM International’s aseptic processing?

RDM International uses aseptic processing to keep their purees safe and fresh. This method sterilizes both the product and packaging. Their purees stay tasty and are easy to store and ship without cooling.

What packaging options does RDM International offer?

RDM International offers different sizes for all their customers. They have small containers for homebrewers and drums for big operations. This lets you buy the perfect amount for your needs.

How is RDM International’s peach puree used in the brewing industry?

Craft brewers love using RDM International’s peach puree. It adds a sweet peach flavor to their beers. The puree is made in a way that makes it easy and safe to use.

What other applications are RDM International’s peach puree used for?

Peach puree from RDM International is also perfect for baking and making sweets. It makes cakes, pies, and ice cream taste amazing. Plus, it can be used in savory dishes to create new and interesting flavors.

What measures does RDM International take to ensure the quality of their peach puree?

RDM International works hard to make sure their peach puree is the best. They do tests and follow strict rules. They have the highest food safety certification. This shows how much they care about their products.

What kind of customer feedback has RDM International received for their peach puree?

Customers love RDM International’s peach puree for its great flavor and quality. Brewers say it drastically improved their beers. Bakers and dessert makers think it enhances their treats. Everyone likes its fresh taste and RDM International’s great service.

What other fruit puree flavors does RDM International offer?

Besides peach, RDM International has many fruit puree flavors. This includes mango, pineapple, and many others. These flavors are great for making drinks, sauces, and treats that taste tropical or fresh.

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