Looking for top-grade frozen guava? RDM International is your go-to IQF guava exporter. They offer unmatched quality and taste. Experience the exotic flavors of their premium iqf guava supplier collection. Enjoy the taste of the tropics all year.

RDM International’s frozen guava wholesalers products are sweet and flavorful. Their guava is rich and bright, like a slice of paradise. This is perfect for guava puree manufacturers, organic guava growers, and anyone who loves wholesale frozen fruit. Let their products make your dishes stand out.

RDM International shines as a premium iqf guava supplier for many reasons. Wondering how they maintain top quality and taste in their guava? Read on to learn about their dedication to excellence. See how their guava can improve the flavors of your cooking, whether at home or business.

Key Takeaways:

  • RDM International is a leading premium iqf guava supplier offering exceptional quality frozen guava products.
  • Their frozen guava is carefully sourced and processed to deliver a delightful, natural sweetness and tropical flavor.
  • IQF guava exporters and frozen guava wholesalers can rely on RDM International for a consistent supply of premium frozen guava.
  • RDM International’s frozen guava is a versatile ingredient for a variety of industries, including tropical fruit suppliers, guava puree manufacturers, and organic guava growers.
  • Discover the secrets behind RDM International’s unfailing quality and the amazing flavors of their wholesale frozen fruit selections.

Indulge in the Tropical Delight of Premium Frozen Guavas

Enjoy RDM International’s premium frozen guava. They pick each guava at the perfect time, ensuring a rich tropical taste. Then, they freeze them quickly to keep that fresh, juicy flavor.

Handpicked at Peak Ripeness for Unmatched Flavor

Organic guava growers at RDM International choose only the best fruits. This process captures the sweetness and unique flavors of each frozen guava. It guarantees a taste that’s truly unmatched.

Swiftly Frozen to Preserve Natural Freshness

RDM International freezes their guavas fast with high-tech methods. This keeps the fruits fresh and colorful. Now, you can taste the true tropical flavors at any time, with no loss of quality or nutrients.

Versatile Ingredient for Smoothies, Desserts, and Snacks

RDM International’s tropical fruit suppliers make it easy to enjoy guavas. You can blend them into guava puree for smoothies, use in desserts, or just snack on them. It’s a fun and tasty way to get a taste of the tropics.

Stringent Quality Standards for Exceptional Guavas

At RDM International, we take pride in offering premium iqf guava. We follow strict quality and purity standards. Our mission is to provide excellence through careful farming and processing.

Sustainable Farming Practices and Natural Methods

Our organic guava growers practice sustainable farming. They avoid artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and synthetic chemicals. This eco-friendly approach protects our fruit’s natural goodness and supports our long-term farming sustainability.

Free from Artificial Additives, Preservatives, and Contaminants

RDM International is dedicated to delivering frozen guava free from harmful additives. Our guava puree manufacturers strictly control quality. This means our customers can savor the true taste and benefits of our wholesale frozen fruit.

Meticulous Processing for Uncompromised Taste and Quality

RDM International is known for their top-quality frozen guava. This is thanks to their detailed processing methods in a high-tech facility. They use the latest equipment to ensure every guava is of the best quality. Their dedication provides superior iqf guava to clients.

State-of-the-Art Facility with Rigorous Quality Assurance

The guavas at RDM International are picked when perfectly ripe. They are taken to a cutting-edge processing center. Each fruit is tested for quality to meet high standards. This care makes them a leading choice for those wanting the best frozen guava.

Careful Washing, Slicing, and Freezing at Optimal Temperature

After quality checks, guavas are washed, sliced, and frozen at -18°C or lower. This process keeps the guava sweet and tart. It ensures their product offers a real taste of the tropics. RDM International values organic farming, leading to flavorful frozen guava.

Precise Packing and Coding for Optimal Preservation

During packing, every slice of guava is checked thoroughly. They are then packed in user-friendly bags with clear dates. These bags are carefully sealed. Such precise methods confirm RDM International’s commitment to top-quality frozen fruit.

Premium IQF Guava Supplier for Multiple Industries

RDM International supplies frozen (IQF) guava that is highly versatile. It is ideal for many businesses, from manufacturers to retailers, and their customers. This ingredient is a key addition to various products.

Beverage Industry: Juices, Smoothies, and Fruit-Based Drinks

Its use in drinks like juices, smoothies, and beverages has a noticeable effect. By adding this frozen guava, drinks get a sweet tropical punch. Its vivid color and sweetness improve any drink.

Confectionery Industry: Candies, Jellies, and Jams

For candy, jelly, and jam lovers, guava is a top choice. RDM International’s guava adds a natural sweetness and color. It gives these treats an extra touch of freshness.

Bakery Industry: Pastries, Cakes, and Muffins

In baking, their frozen guava stands out in pastries, cakes, and muffins. Its tropical flavor and lively color enhance the look and taste of baked goods. This makes for happy professional bakers and amateur cooks.

Trusted Source for Distributors and Retailers

RDM International is a go-to for distributors and retailers wanting top-notch frozen guava products. If you’re a frozen food distributor, importer, or a wholesale distributor for stores, they have what you need. Their tropical fruit selections are sure to please your clients.

Frozen Food Distributors and Importers

Frozen guava from RDM International is ideal for food places like restaurants, cafes, and hotels. It’s perfect for chefs who want to add exotic flavors to their dishes. This makes it a hit with foodservice professionals.

Wholesale Distributors for Retail Stores and Grocers

If you’re a wholesale distributor serving retail stores and grocers, they have your back. RDM International’s frozen guava helps you keep up with the need for exotic fruits. It also broadens the variety of frozen products you can offer. With RDM’s premium IQF guava, you give customers a taste of the tropics. This meets their demand for unique and flavorful frozen produce.

Delightful and Nutritious Guava-Based Recipes

Unlock the tropical flavors of RDM International’s premium frozen guava by adding it to your cooking. Their iqf guava products let you create a range of tasty and good-for-you dishes. This includes everything from cool smoothies to delectable jams.

Guava Smoothie: Refreshing and Nutritious Treat

Jumpstart your morning with a tropical twist. Blend RDM International’s frozen guava with yogurt, banana, and orange juice. This guava smoothie is as healthy as it is refreshing. It will get you going with essential nutrients.

Guava Jam: Sweet and Tangy Delight

Spice up breakfast or a snack with homemade guava jam. Make it by cooking RDM International’s frozen guava with sugar and lemon juice. Spread it on bread or use it in pastries for a delicious, sweet, and tangy kick.

Guava Sorbet: Tropical Frozen Dessert

Cool off with RDM International’s guava sorbet. It’s a mix of their frozen guava, syrup, and lime juice, frozen. Enjoy this guilt-free, tropical-inspired dessert that will remind you of paradise with every scoop.

RDM International's frozen guava

Unleash the Tropical Flavor with Our Guava Products

RDM International offers top-notch IQF guava products. They let you bring the tropical taste into your food. If you’re in the market as a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, their frozen guava is perfect.

For those needing tropical fruit suppliers, guava puree manufacturers, or organic guava growers, RDM International is your stop. Their premium IQF guava adds a special touch. It brings natural sweetness and a beautiful color, coming from leading international fruit traders and global fruit sourcing partners.

RDM International’s frozen guava wholesalers and iqf guava exporters are here for you. They help you make amazing beverages, desserts, and baked goods with ease. The quality of their IQF guava supplier will take your customers straight to the tropics.

Specifications and Packaging Details

RDM International is a top premium iqf guava supplier. They guarantee top-tier quality in their frozen iqf guava. The company stands out in the worlds of frozen guava wholesalers, tropical fruit suppliers, and guava puree manufacturers.

Single Strength Specification Parameters

Their frozen organic guava growers follow very specific guidelines:

Specification Value
Total Soluble Solids (TSS) 70 to 71° Brix at 20° C
pH 3.6 to 4.5
Acidity (as Citric Acid) 2.5 – 3.4 % W/W
Taste Typical to Fresh Guava
Foreign Matter Nil
Preservative Absent
Ascorbic Acid Natural

Packaging and Labeling Information

The frozen guava from RDM International comes in carefully processed packaging. They use an aseptic system for maximum quality and competitive prices. For wholesale frozen fruit, international fruit traders, and global fruit sourcing partners. Each item has a clear label. It shows the name, batch code, weight, production date, and how to store it. This clear and honest labeling helps their valued customers.

Frozen guava specifications


RDM International is a top premium IQF guava supplier, known for high-quality frozen guava products. They pick frozen guavas at their ripest, then freeze them quickly to keep their fresh taste. Their products are carefully made without any artificial stuff, so businesses can trust them. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers worldwide choose their frozen guavas.

When you use RDM International’s frozen guava, your food gets a delightful tropical kick. If you make guava puree, sell wholesale frozen fruit, or grow organic guavas, they offer top quality and care for the Earth. They are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to bring the best tropical fruit to their customers.

RDM International leads in being a top IQF guava exporter and frozen guava wholesaler. They focus on farming that’s good for the planet, natural ways of making their products, and paying close attention to the process. Choose them to add premium frozen guava to your products and bring the tropics’ exciting flavors to your customers.


What are the key features of RDM International’s premium frozen guava?

RDM International picks their guava when it’s perfectly ripe. They freeze it right away to keep it fresh. Each guava goes through a careful process. This makes sure there are no fake stuff in it, keeping it pure.

How does RDM International ensure the exceptional quality of their frozen guava products?

They grow their guavas using earth-friendly ways. Then, they handle them in a high-tech place that’s big on strict quality checks. This way, their frozen guavas are safe and good to eat.

What are the versatile applications of RDM International’s frozen guava?

Their guava is loved by the drink, sweet, and dough businesses. You’ll find it in drinks, sweets, and baked treats. Plus, it gives food a wonderful tropical taste and look.

How does RDM International serve as a trusted source for distributors and retailers?

RDM International gives top-notch frozen guava to distributors and wholesalers. They then send it to shops and food spots. This helps meet the need for new, exotic fruit choices.

Can you share some delightful and nutritious recipes using RDM International’s frozen guava?

Of course! Their guava is perfect for making cool smoothies, flavorful jam, and tasty sorbet. It brings a bit of the tropics to your cooking.

What are the specifications and packaging details for RDM International’s frozen guava?

Their frozen guava is checked for things like sweetness and acidity. It’s packed with aseptic care and clear labels. This makes sure you get a quality, traceable product.

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