Do you know what makes IQF cherries the best? RDM International, a top frozen cherry supplier, works hard to give you excellent frozen cherries. They are full of flavor and keep their bright colors and firm feel. But how do they make these top-quality IQF cherries?

RDM International is known as a top premium IQF cherries supplier. They pick the finest cherries and use the latest IQF freezing technology. This makes sure each batch of their frozen cherries is the best. They focus on quality and trust, so food distributors worldwide choose them for quality frozen cherries.

Being a premium frozen fruit exporter and bulk frozen cherry distributor, RDM International stands out. Their team selects the tastiest and healthiest IQF cherries. This effort makes their product stand above the rest.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading premium IQF cherries supplier known for their exceptional quality and consistency.
  • They source the finest quality frozen cherries and utilize advanced IQF freezing technology to preserve the natural flavors and textures.
  • As a trusted frozen cherry supplier, RDM International offers a reliable and consistent supply to meet the diverse needs of their customers.
  • Their commitment to excellence and sustainable practices make them the preferred choice for food distributors and manufacturers.
  • RDM International is a leading iqf fruit supplier and wholesale frozen cherries distributor, catering to a wide range of industries.

Introducing RDM International – Your Premium IQF Cherries Supplier

At RDM International, we lead in selling top-notch IQF cherries. We pick the best worldwide. Our network of growers ensures we get the most flavorful, nutritious quality frozen cherries. This way, our individually quick frozen cherries are always excellent.

Sourcing the Finest Quality Cherries

We start by choosing the best cherries. We connect with a select group of growers. They pick the most vibrant, ripe cherries. We ensure each iqf fruit supplier client gets top quality. This makes our frozen cherry manufacturer line stand out in taste and texture.

State-of-the-Art IQF Freezing Technology

After picking, we use the newest IQF freezing technology. This technology keeps the quality frozen cherries fresh and full of nutrients. Every cherry is frozen quickly. This seals in their natural deliciousness. So, your customers will taste the freshness of premium iqf cherries with every cherry.

What are IQF Cherries?

IQF cherries stand for Individually Quick Frozen cherries. They are a high-quality frozen fruit option. These quality frozen cherries are loved by food distributors and makers. They look for the best ingredients for their foods.

The IQF Process Explained

The IQF process quickly freezes the individually quick frozen cherries at their best. Each cherry freezes alone, avoiding clumps and ice crystals. This method keeps the cherries tasting fresh, looking bright, and staying firm. So, they’re great for cooking and baking.

Benefits of IQF Cherries over Traditional Frozen Cherries

IQF cherries are better than regular frozen cherries in many ways. They keep more nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants because of the IQF process. This makes them a healthier choice. Also, they don’t stick together, making it easy to use just what you need and less wasteful.

Feature IQF Cherries Traditional Frozen Cherries
Texture Firm and fresh-like Soft and mushy
Nutrient Retention High Moderate
Portioning Easy and precise Difficult and time-consuming
Shelf Life Longer Shorter

IQF cherries are top-quality, versatile, and easy to use. That’s why they’re the go-to for food sellers and makers. They want the top frozen cherry products available.

Premium IQF Cherries Supplier

RDM International is your go-to premium IQF cherries supplier. They always deliver the best frozen cherries. This comes from using top-quality fruits and the latest freezing tech. Their IQF cherries keep their just-picked taste, bright color, and firm feel.

What makes RDM International stand out is their focus on IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) method. This modern freezing way quickly seals in the cherries’ nutrients. It keeps them perfectly ripe and always top-notch. They work with the finest growers and meet strict quality rules. This brings you premium frozen cherries like no other.

If you’re looking for the best quality frozen cherries, RDM International is your best bet. They focus on being green, sourcing responsibly, and making sure you’re happy. With them, you’re always getting the top of the line in premium IQF cherries.

premium iqf cherries supplier

Varieties of IQF Cherries We Offer

At RDM International, you can find top-notch IQF fruit supplier options. We offer a wide variety of sweet and tart quality frozen cherries. This is perfect for food and drink makers. No matter what you’re baking or mixing, our frozen cherry manufacturer delivers.

Sweet Cherry Varieties

Our wholesale frozen cherries range has many sweet cherry types. Each kind has a special taste and look. You’ll find rich Bing cherries and subtle Rainiers. These options bring unique flavors and quality.

Tart Cherry Varieties

For something tangy, try our tart cherries at RDM International. These bright red fruits are a hit in many dishes. Known for their zingy taste and good for you, they’re great for recipes and drinks.

Variety Flavor Profile Culinary Uses
Bing Deep burgundy, rich and syrupy sweet Baking, confections, dairy products
Rainier Delicate blush tones, subtly tart Beverages, yogurt, salads
Montmorency Vibrant red, tangy-sweet Juices, smoothies, baked goods
Balaton Deep burgundy, rich and complex Jams, sauces, marinades

Explore the top-notch quality frozen cherries at RDM International. Looking for sweet or tart? We’ve got you covered. Our iqf fruit supplier has the best cherries for your tasty creations.

Applications and Uses of IQF Cherries

RDM International’s top-notch IQF cherries suit a variety of food and drink uses. They excel in the bakery, sweets, dairy, and beverage worlds. These cherries are quick-frozen to lock in taste, texture, and healthy goodness. They’re perfect for many recipes and products.

Bakery and Confectionery

RDM International’s IQF cherries are a hit with bakers and sweet makers. They’re great in cakes, pies, cookies, and more, adding sweet bursts of color. In treats like high-end chocolates, they boost flavor and texture for a tastier bite.

Dairy Products

IQF cherries from RDM International are perfect for dairy delights. They make yogurt, ice cream, and similar treats stand out with their taste and look. Even in cold dairy items, the cherries keep their firmness, pleasing consumers every time.

Beverages and Smoothies

In drinks, RDM International’s IQF cherries shine. They turn juices, cocktails, and smoothies into delightful treats with their sweet punch and lovely red color. Since they’re quickly frozen, their freshness and taste last through blending and mixing.

Why Choose RDM International as Your IQF Cherries Supplier?

As a leading premium iqf cherries supplier, RDM International is the top choice for many. They focus on strict quality and always supply dependably. Their commitment to topnotch frozen cherry supplier and quality frozen cherries is clear.

Strict Quality Control Measures

RDM International takes quality very seriously. They test and inspect thoroughly to offer the best iqf fruit supplier has. Choosing the best cherries and using top freezing tech means customers get the best quality frozen cherries.

Reliable and Consistent Supply

Customers can trust RDM for a steady supply of their top frozen cherry supplier. They reach out to growers worldwide and manage shipping well. This keeps their premium iqf cherries supplier available to all.

Competitive Pricing

RDM International gives great prices without compromising quality. Using their know-how and size, they offer awesome deals. This makes them a favorite for getting the finest quality frozen cherries.

premium iqf cherries supplier

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing Practices

RDM International is a top premium IQF cherries supplier. They care deeply about where their cherries come from. They focus on being kind to the earth and helping people. They choose to work with quality frozen cherries growers and sellers that think the same way. Together, they make sure their practices are good for the planet and fair to workers.

The team at RDM checks every partner very well. They make sure these partners take care of the environment among outstanding business practices. This means using farming ways that are good for the earth, using water wisely, and treating their workers fairly.

RDM makes sure the cherries they offer are top-notch. They do this while looking out for the future of their industry and the people they impact. They believe in doing business in a way that helps the planet and its people. This helps them be a favorite choice for those who want quality frozen cherries.

Ordering and Delivery Information

At RDM International, we know customers want choices. Our frozen cherry supplier, iqf fruit supplier, and wholesale frozen cherries customers can pick from many options. This makes ordering and getting your products easy and smooth.

Flexible Order Quantities

Need just a few bags of cherries, or a lot more? RDM International is here for you. We talk to each customer to get what they need just right. This is true for small shops and big factories everywhere.

Global Shipping Capabilities

RDM International doesn’t limit your reach. As a top supplier of frozen cherries, iqf fruit, and wholesale frozen cherries, we ship worldwide. Our partnerships with shipping experts and top tech lead to safe and fast delivery. This keeps our premium IQF cherries fresh and ready for you.


RDM International is a top premium IQF cherries supplier. They focus on delivering the best frozen cherries for food distributors and makers. Their products are of high quality, thanks to using top-grade fruits and advanced freezing methods.

They offer a wide selection of sweet and sour cherry types. These IQF cherries are great for many foods and drinks. RDM International stands out for their quality, trust, and fair prices. This makes them a top pick for those looking for a reliable frozen cherry supplier.

What’s more, RDM International cares about how they get their cherries. They use eco-friendly and ethical methods, making them a leader in quality frozen cherries. This means customers can trust where their cherries come from. With RDM, distributors and makers can add joy to their products using these exceptional cherries.


What makes RDM International a leading premium IQF cherries supplier?

RDM International is known for top-quality IQF cherries. They use the best produce and modern freezing methods. This keeps the cherries’ flavor and quality perfect in every batch.

What is the IQF freezing process and how does it benefit the cherries?

The IQF process quickly freezes cherries at their ripest. Each cherry freezes on its own. This keeps them from losing taste, color, and texture.

What types of IQF cherry varieties does RDM International offer?

They offer a great variety of both sweet and tart cherries. This meets the various needs of their customers in the food and drink industry.

How can IQF cherries be used in food and beverage applications?

RDM International’s cherries work well in many foods and drinks. They’re perfect for baking, making sweets, dairy items, and drinks.

What are the key advantages of choosing RDM International as your IQF cherries supplier?

RDM International stands out with top quality checks, dependable supply, and good prices. They also focus on being eco-friendly and using fair sourcing.

How can I place an order and what are the delivery options with RDM International?

You can order in quantities that fit your needs, and they ship worldwide. This makes it easy for their food partners to get what they need.