Looking for top-notch cranberry puree? RDM International has you covered. As a premier cranberry puree supplier, we’re dedicated to bringing you outstanding cranberry products. These come straight from the best cranberry farms. What makes our cranberry puree special? Let’s explore how RDM became a go-to for cranberry puree manufacturers and cranberry concentrate suppliers.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a premium cranberry puree supplier offering high-quality cranberry products.
  • Our cranberry puree is a versatile and convenient culinary ingredient with a vibrant color and tart flavor.
  • We are dedicated to food safety, quality, and customer satisfaction, making us a trusted partner in the industry.
  • Discover the benefits of incorporating our premium cranberry puree into your culinary creations.
  • Explore RDM International’s commitment to sustainable farming and stringent quality control measures.

What makes our cranberry puree so good? Learn the secrets that make RDM International unique. Dive into how our innovative approach has set us apart as a top cranberry puree supplier.

Introducing Premium Cranberry Puree Supplier

RDM International is a top supplier of premium cranberry puree. We offer a steady supply of this flexible ingredient. We’re known for our eco-friendly farming methods, strict quality checks, and putting customers first.

Our cranberry puree comes from the best farms. This ensures we always have top-quality raw materials. We take food safety seriously, using strong quality controls to ensure every batch is pure and safe.

At RDM International, we value long-term relationships with customers. We aim to offer great service and support. We also provide easy ways to order, making your experience smooth.

What is Cranberry Puree?

Cranberry puree is a versatile and flavorful ingredient. It has gained popularity in the culinary world. Made from high-quality cranberries, it offers a unique taste profile.

This vibrant and concentrated product can elevate dishes and beverages.

Vibrant Color and Tart Flavor

Cranberry puree’s standout features include its deep, rich red color. This is because of the natural pigments in the cranberries. They are carefully extracted and retained during production.

The puree’s tart and tangy flavor is perfect for adding contrast. It can make both sweet and savory recipes more delightful.

Versatile Culinary Ingredient

Cranberry puree is a versatile culinary ingredient. It can be used in many applications. From beverages and baked goods to sauces and jams, it provides natural sweetness.

Chefs and home cooks love using it. They enjoy adding its unique flavor to their dishes.

Premium Cranberry Puree Supplier

At RDM International, we are proud to get our premium cranberry puree from top farms. We are dedicated to quality, guaranteeing purity, great taste, and safety in every cranberry puree manufacturer batch.

Sourced from Premium Cranberry Farms

We pick our cranberry suppliers very carefully. We build strong relationships with farmers who love making the best premium cranberry puree supplier ingredients. This level of care lets us create an outstanding cranberry puree that truly shows what the fruit is all about.

Stringent Quality Control

Our cranberry puree quality control is very strict. We watch every part of making the puree very closely and test it a lot. No detail is too small to ensure our cranberry puree is of the highest quality and safe to eat.

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Benefits of Using Cranberry Puree

RDM International’s Cranberry Puree is great for your dishes. It’s natural and doesn’t have any preservatives. This fits what many people want – clean, healthy food.

Natural and Preservative-Free

Our Cranberry Puree comes from top-notch cranberries. It’s pure – no fake preservatives or colors. Perfect for anyone looking for natural cranberry puree that tastes great.

Convenient and Easy to Use

At RDM International, we know kitchens are busy. That’s why our cranberry puree is frozen and easy to use. Cranberry puree adds a tangy zest to many meals, without the hassle.

Applications of Cranberry Puree

RDM International’s Cranberry Puree boosts many foods. It makes drinks, treats, and sauces taste better. This puree offers a tart kick and natural sweetness.


Cranberry Puree changes the drink game. It lets mixologists make bold cocktails. And, it makes non-alcoholic drinks tasty. Your drinks will be both tangy and sweet.

Baked Goods

Chefs can get creative with Cranberry Puree. They can make cakes and muffins more colorful and tasty. This puree gives your desserts a unique twist.

Sauces and Jams

Sauces and jams are also great with Cranberry Puree. Its unique flavor boosts their taste. Also, they become more nutritious. Health nuts will love it.

Why Choose RDM International?

RDM International is your top choice for premium cranberry puree. We’re proud to be a leading cranberry puree manufacturer. Our products always meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Trusted Supplier of Quality Products

Quality is king at RDM International. As a trusted cranberry puree supplier, we ensure each batch is top-notch. Our cranberry puree goes beyond industry standards, thanks to our rigorous testing.

This dedication to quality is the reason why many trust us. We’re their number one cranberry puree supplier across different sectors.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We put customer happiness first at RDM International. We know how important our cranberry puree is for your dishes. That’s why we work hard to give you a great experience.

Our team is always ready to help, and we offer easy ways to order. Plus, our deliveries are reliable. We want to create lasting relationships with our customers. And we want you to be happy with our cranberry puree.

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Certifications and Accreditations

At RDM International, we are proud of our many certifications for our top-notch cranberry puree. These certifications prove our dedication to food safety and quality. They assure our customers that they can rely on the puree’s organic and kosher purity.

Food Safety Certifications

Our cranberry puree meets the FSSC 22000 global food safety standard. It shows our serious commitment to safe food practices. From where we source to how it’s produced and sent out, we put top safety measures in place.

Organic and Kosher Certifications

Besides safety, RDM International’s cranberry puree is certified organic by Ecocert and Kosher. These attest to its natural growing methods and suitability for various diets. It is ready for any use or diet, thanks to these important certifications.

Ordering and Delivery Process

At RDM International, we value a smooth ordering and delivery process for our customers. Whether it’s ordering cranberry puree for your business or needing cranberry puree delivery, we’re here to help.

Convenient Ordering Options

Our cranberry puree ordering is easy and convenient. You can order online or get help from our customer service. Ordering cranberry puree from us is a quick and simple process.

Timely and Reliable Delivery

Getting your cranberry puree delivery on time is essential for us at RDM International. We’ve set up efficient delivery systems. This guarantees your cranberry puree arrives when you need it, in great shape.

Customer Testimonials

RDM International’s cranberry puree is loved by many. Customers from different fields have shared their experiences. They talk about the great quality and taste. Cranberry puree has made their products stand out.

“The cranberry puree from RDM International has been a game-changer for our line of craft cocktails. The vibrant color and bold flavor profile have truly elevated the drinks we offer. We’re thrilled to have found a reliable and high-quality supplier like RDM International.”

Sarah Stein, Head Mixologist, The Crimson Lounge

A happy customer, also a baker, said, “I have been looking for the perfect cranberry puree for my baking. The one from RDM International is just right. It makes my cranberry muffins and scones a big hit.”

Olivia Montague, Owner, Oakwood Bakery

Customer Satisfaction Ratings Cranberry Puree Customer Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars 98% of customers would recommend RDM International’s cranberry puree

People really like the cranberry puree from RDM International. They have high praise for its quality. Our customers show how much they love our product and service.

Explore Our Other Cranberry Products

At RDM International, we know you need more than just Cranberry Puree. That’s why we offer a variety of other cranberry products. We hope you enjoy using them in your dishes.

We have everything from whole frozen cranberries to cranberry juice. Our cranberry product line is full of choices. This means you have plenty of options for your cooking needs.

Our cranberry products from RDM International are perfect for many uses. They add great flavor to baking or make drinks better. We think they will make your food and drinks really stand out.

Product Description Key Benefits
Whole Frozen Cranberries High-quality, premium cranberries carefully frozen to preserve their natural goodness and vibrant color. Versatile ingredient for baking, sauces, and more. Retains nutrients and fresh-picked flavor.
Cranberry Juice Refreshing, 100% pure cranberry juice with a balance of tart and sweet flavors. Excellent source of antioxidants and can be used in a variety of beverages and cocktails.
Cranberry Concentrate Highly concentrated cranberry product with an intense, tangy flavor profile. Ideal for adding a burst of cranberry taste to sauces, dressings, and other culinary applications.

Discover our full range of cranberry products. See how RDM International can make your recipes outstanding with our cranberry products.


RDM International is a top premium cranberry puree supplier. We work hard to give you top-notch cranberry products. Our farming is eco-friendly, the quality is high, and we’re here for you with great service. This makes us a reliable friend in the business world.

Need to make your drinks, cakes, or dips better? Try RDM International’s Cranberry Puree. It’s a flavor burst. Our RDM International cranberry products have something for everyone. So, you always get the best cranberry choices for your needs.

Want quality and happy customers? RDM International is your best bet for great cranberry stuff. Let us help make your food extra special. Give your customers something they’ll love. It’s all about using our amazing cranberry puree.


What is the quality of RDM International’s Cranberry Puree?

RDM International gets their Cranberry Puree from top farms. This ensures quality raw materials. They test each batch to make sure it’s pure, tasty, and safe.

What are the benefits of using RDM International’s Cranberry Puree?

RDM International’s Cranberry Puree is a natural, preservative-free product. It offers a clean label option that people looking for healthy ingredients love. Plus, it’s easy to use in recipes, saving time in the kitchen.

What are the different applications for RDM International’s Cranberry Puree?

Cranberry Puree from RDM International is great for many dishes. It can be used to make drinks zesty or give a bright touch to sweets. It’s also perfect for sauces, adding flavor and nutrition.

What certifications and accreditations does RDM International’s Cranberry Puree have?

RDM International’s Cranberry Puree is very safe and meets top food standards. It’s FSSC 22000, Ecocert organic, and Kosher certified. This makes it excellent for many recipes and dietary needs.

How can I order and receive RDM International’s Cranberry Puree?

Ordering from RDM International is easy. You can order online or get help from their service team. They also make sure your order arrives quickly and in great shape.

What do RDM International’s customers say about their Cranberry Puree?

Customers love RDM International’s Cranberry Puree. They talk about the great quality, consistent taste, and how easy it is to use. It shows how much the company cares about its products and service.

Does RDM International offer any other cranberry-based products besides the Cranberry Puree?

Yes, RDM International has more cranberry products too. They offer everything from whole frozen cranberries to juice and concentrates. Their product range is full of high-quality cranberry options.