Ever wondered what makes the best premium acai puree stand out? RDM International is your answer. They are devoted to offering top-notch organic acai berry puree. They distribute the finest acai pulp wholesale to food makers globally.

Imagine getting a bulk frozen acai that meets high quality standards and is eco-friendly. RDM International’s acai fruit concentrate supplier is exactly that. They meet your needs for great taste and nutrition.

Think of having a fair trade acai puree that boosts your dishes and supports fair practices. Look no further than RDM International’s premium acai ingredients. They are a superb choice for those looking for real quality and care.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading premium acai puree distributor committed to delivering top-quality organic acai products.
  • Their organic acai berry puree is a kitchen essential, providing pure, high-quality acai berries in a convenient frozen form.
  • RDM International sources their acai pulp wholesale from sustainable and ethical suppliers to ensure the highest standards of quality.
  • Customers can access bulk frozen acai from RDM International, a trusted acai fruit concentrate supplier.
  • RDM International’s fair trade acai puree and premium acai ingredients make them the ideal choice for the acai superfood distributor.

What makes RDM International exceptional as a premium acai puree distributor? explore their focus on quality, eco-friendliness, and customer happiness in the coming section.

Introducing RDM International’s Premium Acai Puree

RDM International leads in premium acai puree distribution. They ensure top-notch organic acai berry puree worldwide. Top quality is their hallmark, with a rich taste, finely ground, and top antioxidant levels.

The Gold Standard of Frozen Acai Puree

Their acai pulp wholesale comes from the best bulk frozen acai berries. Each batch meets the best quality rules. Modern processing keeps the natural freshness and nutrients.

Superior Taste, Texture, and Nutrition

RDM International stands out as an acai fruit concentrate supplier. They take pride in its great taste, feel, and nutrients. Customers love their premium acai ingredients for the deep color and real acai taste.

Certified Grade A Acai Berries

Their acai puree uses certified Grade A acai berries. This title shows their quality is the best out there. They aim to bring the finest organic acai berry puree to customers, raising industry standards.

Tambor Acai: The Authentic Brazilian Acai Experience

Tambor Acai is a symbol of pure Brazilian acai. It is made from acai berries that are wild-harvested. They are also USDA certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. This ensures the best quality for your dishes.

Wild-Harvested, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO Certified

In the Amazon, acai berries used by Tambor Acai grow wild and free. They are picked carefully, helping the Amazon stay healthy. This puree is USDA organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. So, it is safe from harmful chemicals and is a true taste of Brazil.

Versatile Packaging Options for All Needs

Tambor Acai cares about food makers’ needs. They have different packaging choices. This includes packs for single servings and bigger sizes. These are great for making special desserts. With Tambor Acai’s puree, you can offer treats filled with Brazil’s true flavor.

Premium Acai Puree distributor: The Ideal Choice for Food Processors

RDM International is the top pick for food processors needing the best premium acai puree distributor. They offer organic acai with high-solid content. This makes shipping and storing easier and more affordable.

Concentrated Puree for Cost-Effective Shipping

Their bulk frozen acai and acai fruit concentrate help food makers work smarter. Since their acai pulp wholesale is highly concentrated, it means less shipping costs. You get more premium acai ingredients in each shipment, saving you money.

Ideal for Soft Serve Mixes, Sorbets, and Ice Creams

For your culinary needs, organic acai berry puree from RDM International is great. It’s perfect for anything from soft serve to sorbets and ice cream. Their fair trade acai puree brings a true flavor and color boost to your products.

The Nutritional Powerhouse of Acai Berries

Acai berries are a superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. RDM International is a premium acai puree distributor that offers organic acai berry puree. Our product brings the Amazonian treasure’s amazing benefits to your table.

Rich in Antioxidants and Healthy Fats

Acai berries stand out for their high antioxidants, fighting stress and inflammation. One serving of acai pulp wholesale from RDM International is rich in anthocyanins and antioxidants. They also have good fats that help your heart.

A Good Source of Dietary Fiber

Acai berries are also rich in fiber, key for a healthy digestive system and feeling full. Including RDM International’s acai superfood distributor products in your diet boosts nutrition. They are perfect for acai fruit concentrate supplier or fair trade acai puree fans.

Sourcing and Processing: The RDM International Way

RDM International prides itself on getting the best acai puree hands down. Their secret? They are serious about finding it responsibly and making it state-of-the-art. They are known for their organic acai berry purees and making sure it’s all good for the earth. You can be sure when you buy from them, you are getting the top of the line in quality and purity.

Sustainable Harvesting from the Amazon Rainforest

They get their acai berries right from the heart of the Amazon. But it’s not just a business deal for them. RDM International makes sure to work closely with the local folks. They pick the berries in ways that help keep the Amazon healthy and green, for now and tomorrow.

State-of-the-Art Processing for Maximum Freshness

When the acai berries are picked, they are whisked away with care to RDM International’s top-tier factories. It’s there that experts work their magic. They use the best technology and methods to turn the acai into those unbeatable products everyone loves. By doing so, they keep the acai’s natural freshness and goodness locked in.

Organic Certification: A Guarantee of Quality

At RDM International, quality and sustainability are our top priorities. Our premium acai puree is delicious and USDA certified organic. This means it’s grown and processed without harmful pesticides or GMOs.

Rigorous Evaluation of Farming and Processing Practices

Getting USDA organic certification is hard work. It involves a close look at how we farm and process our products. We ensure our acai berries are picked in a sustainable and ethical way from the Amazon.

Upholding Organic and Non-GMO Standards

Our organic acai berry puree is also Non-GMO Project Verified. This confirms it’s free from genetically modified ingredients. So, you can trust you’re getting a pure and natural acai superfood distributor product.

organic acai certification

At RDM International, we promise to offer the best acai pulp wholesale and bulk frozen acai. Our organic and non-GMO certifications show our focus on quality, sustainability, and honesty. You’re sure to receive the top acai fruit concentrate supplier and fair trade acai puree.

Transparent Supply Chain and Customer Satisfaction

RDM International deeply values transparency. This is seen in how they run their efficient supply chain. They make sure that their top-notch acai purees quickly reach customers around the world. Thanks to a solid distribution network and special services for wholesale partners like Dot Foods and Webrestaurantstore, their customer service is top-notch. This has led to high customer satisfaction levels.

Seamless Distribution Network

RDM International is all about top-quality logistics and distribution. They work hard to deliver their organic acai berry puree and other acai pulp wholesale products to customers around the world on time. Their promise to keep up the quality means that their bulk frozen acai and acai fruit concentrate supplier goods arrive in perfect condition. Everyone involved, including their partners, get products that meet their high standards.

Tailored Solutions for Wholesale Partners

RDM International knows their wholesale partners have different needs. Because of this, they offer personalized solutions that fit each partner perfectly. They might provide fair trade acai puree for customers who care about health or premium acai ingredients for businesses that sell acai as a superfood. The team at RDM International collaborates with these partners. They create innovative solutions that lead to success for everyone involved.

The Non-GMO Promise: What It Means for Your Health

Looking for top-grade acai puree? RDM International’s non-GMO promise ensures you get pure, natural goodness. When you buy from a trusted non-GMO acai puree distributor like them, you know it’s all natural. This lets you savor acai’s great benefits worry-free.

Understanding the Significance of Non-GMO

Non-GMO means no genetic tampering in a product. For acai puree, this is key. Acai thrives best when left in its natural, unchanged state. Choosing a premium acai puree distributor like RDM International means you’re getting the real deal. It’s purely natural and full of antioxidants and essential nutrients.

Choosing a Trusted Non-GMO Acai Puree Distributor

RDM International is your go-to for acai pulp wholesale, bulk frozen acai, or acai fruit concentrate. They are a standout for non-GMO acai options. Their dedication to ethical sourcing and careful processing makes their organic acai berry puree top quality. You can trust it in your products or meals.

Partnerships That Thrive: Succeeding with RDM International

Being a premium acai puree distributor with RDM International means working together in a way that both sides win. Their dedication to top-quality organic acai berry puree, acai pulp wholesale, and bulk frozen acai lets wholesale partners like Dot Foods and Webrestaurantstore shine in the food and drink world.

A Symbiotic Relationship Built on Quality and Trust

RDM International is all about fair trade acai puree, premium acai ingredients, and acai superfood distributor services. They make sure their partners always have high-grade acai fruit concentrate supplier in stock. This lets their customers make top-notch, distinctive products that people love.

Real-Life Success Stories

Dot Foods has seen the great effects of partnering with RDM International. Mixing RDM’s premium acai puree in, Dot Foods gives clients a choice in organic acai berry puree that’s boosted sales and happiness. Webrestaurantstore’s online audience loves their acai-based goodies made with RDM’s acai pulp wholesale and bulk frozen acai.

premium acai puree distributor


RDM International stands out as a top premium acai puree distributor. They offer the best organic acai berry puree to food makers around the world. Their focus on high quality, sustainability, and happy customers has made them a reliable choice. They help companies thrive with their top-notch acai ingredients.

RDM International is a key acai pulp wholesale source. They work hard to provide top-quality bulk frozen acai and acai fruit concentrate. Their efforts have won over big partners like Dot Foods and Webrestaurantstore. They stand for fair trade and see premium acai as a vital superfood ingredient. This commitment makes them leaders in the acai market.

Choosing RDM International as your acai puree distributor means prioritizing quality and success. Use their acai to boost your products with antioxidants and good fats. See how working with a trusted partner can change your business for the better.


What makes RDM International’s acai puree the gold standard in the industry?

RDM International’s acai puree stands out for great taste and health benefits. It has high antioxidant values, coming from top-grade acai berries. These berries are picked by hand and carefully approved by the Brazilian Department of Agriculture.

What makes Tambor Acai an authentic Brazilian acai experience?

Tambor Acai is known for true Brazilian acai. They use only organic, wild acai berries. These berries are free from GMOs and certified by the USDA. Their packaging is made for easy use by chefs and makers of acai products.

How does RDM International’s acai puree benefit food processors?

RDM International’s acai puree is easy and cheap to ship and store. It’s packed with acai, giving you more for your money. It’s perfect for making items like soft serve, sorbet, and ice cream. This way, you get a rich flavor and a deep color.

What are the key nutritional benefits of acai berries?

Acai berries are full of antioxidants, which fight off bad stuff in our bodies. They’re also high in healthy fats. Plus, they offer fiber that keeps our digestion in top shape.

How does RDM International ensure the sustainability and quality of their acai purees?

RDM International gets its acai berries from the Amazon, being careful not to harm the rainforest. They process the berries with the latest tech to keep them fresh and full of nutrients. This helps them make top-notch purees in a way that’s good for the earth.

What certifications and standards does RDM International’s acai puree meet?

Their acai purees meet the high standards of USDA organic. This means they’re grown and made without pesticides or GMOs. RDM International is dedicated to keeping their products pure and top quality.

How does RDM International’s transparent supply chain benefit its customers?

RDM International is open about where their acai comes from and how it gets to you. Their network makes sure you can always get your hands on their great purees. They’re known for making wholesale and big orders a breeze, delighting their customers.

What does the non-GMO promise of RDM International’s acai purees mean for consumers?

RDM International’s pledge to non-GMO is a promise of clean, healthy acai. Choosing their puree means choosing safety and quality. It’s a way for consumers to make sure they’re getting the best natural product.

How has partnering with RDM International benefited their wholesale customers?

Working with RDM International brings big benefits to wholesale buyers. Their devotion to great products and service helps their partners do well. Through this partnership, many have found success in the food and drink world.