Tired of searching for fresh chard that’s not always available or up to par? If so, RDM International’s IQF Chard is what you need. They are a top premier iqf chard supplier. Their frozen chard leaves come in bulk, perfect for any recipe.

These IQF chard leaves keep their red, green, and rainbow colors. This freshness and color make your dishes look great. It’s a perfect supply for chard growers, farmers, distributors, or anyone needing bulk chard supply. RDM International’s premium chard is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a top premier iqf chard supplier with a wide range of frozen chard.
  • Their IQF chard keeps the red, green, and rainbow colors fresh, perfect for any dish.
  • RDM International’s IQF chard is a key ingredient for many recipes, making cooking easier.
  • They partner with chard growers and chard farmers to guarantee a steady bulk chard supply.
  • RDM International’s premium chard elevates dishes with its consistent quality and beautiful colors.

Discover RDM International’s Premium IQF Chard

RDM International’s IQF chard is full of deep, vibrant colors. It tastes fresh and natural because of the quick freezing process. This way, food makers can use this healthy veggie in their dishes without losing its bright colors. Whether it’s the usual green chard or the uncommon red types, RDM’s chard always looks fresh and bright.

Preserving Nutrients and Flavor Through Quick Freezing

The IQF process by RDM International keeps the chard’s nutrients and flavor intact. It quickly freezes the chard when it’s very fresh. This stops the loss of health and taste benefits. So, food businesses get to offer dishes rich in nutrients and real chard taste, thanks to this frozen product.

What is IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Chard?

IQF chard is frozen in a unique way. Each leaf is frozen by itself, not in a big block. This keeps the leaves separate after they thaw. It also saves the taste, texture, and nutrients, making it a great choice for food stores.

The chard leaves are frozen super fast, at temperatures under -40°F (-40°C). This quick freeze stops big ice crystals from forming. Those crystals can ruin the chard’s taste and texture. Plus, freezing individually makes adding chard to recipes easy for food businesses.

IQF chard is better than the usual frozen chard. It keeps its bright color and fresh taste. This means food businesses get to use high-quality chard. And, it cuts down on cooking time, helping kitchens run smoother.

Knowing about IQF chard helps food businesses. They can choose better, premium frozen chard for their menus. RDM International offers top-notch IQF chard. It’s perfect for making chard dishes and drinks stand out.

The Benefits of Frozen Chard for Food Businesses

Frozen chard from RDM International is a great choice for food businesses. It’s available all year, unlike fresh chard that might not be. This means food businesses can always use chard in their dishes. They don’t have to worry about finding it in season or its quality.

It comes pre-cleaned, cut, and ready to be used. This saves time and reduces work in the kitchen.

Extended Shelf Life Without Preservatives

RDM’s frozen chard lasts longer than fresh chard without using preservatives. The freezing method and storage keep it fresh for a long time. This means businesses can stock up and use it without it going bad.

Using more because it doesn’t spoil easily cuts down on waste.

Cost-Effective and Reduced Waste

Frozen chard from RDM International is a smart budget and eco-friendly choice. It helps lower food waste. Plus, since it’s prepped already, it makes cooking with it simpler. This in turn cuts down kitchen work and costs.

Sourcing and Processing IQF Chard

At RDM International, we know how crucial it is to keep a steady supply of top-quality frozen chard. We work with trusted growers to ensure our IQF chard meets our high standards. These partnerships help us provide excellent chard to our customers.

Partnering with Trusted Chard Growers

Working closely with farmers lets us choose the best chard leaves for our products. We make sure only the most vibrant leaves go into our frozen chard. This method gives us control over quality from start to finish.

State-of-the-Art Freezing Facilities

Our freezing process uses the latest technology to quickly freeze the chard. This keeps the chard fresh and preserves its nutrients. We focus on being innovative and ensuring quality. This is why our IQF chard performs so well.

chard processing

Premier IQF Chard Supplier

RDM International is a top supplier of IQF chard. They promise top-notch quality and consistency. Thanks to their strong quality checks, careful sourcing, and the latest freezing methods, every batch meets high standards. This means food companies can count on the same great color, feel, and taste of RDM International’s IQF chard. They can add it to their dishes without worry.

Unparalleled Quality and Consistency

At RDM International, quality is king in making IQF chard. They work closely with the best chard growers. Using cutting-edge freezing tech, they make sure each leaf is picked at its best and then frozen to keep its colors, texture, and taste. This means food companies can be sure that RDM International’s IQF chard will always shine in their dishes, keeping up with their high bars.

Customizable Packaging and Quantities

RDM International knows each food business is different. That’s why they let you order IQF chard in just the right amounts and packaging for you. Whether you need a lot or a little, they’ve got you covered. This tailored service helps food businesses keep their stocks in check, cut down on waste, and make sure they have just enough IQF chard ready for their kitchen.

Applications and Recipes Using Frozen Chard

RDM International’s IQF chard is great for making smoothies and juices. Just blend the frozen chard leaves with your other ingredients. They bring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, the colorful chard makes your drinks look attractive, especially for those into healthy living.

Sautéed Chard with Garlic and Lemon

Using RDM International’s IQF chard, make a tasty sautéed dish with garlic and lemon. The chard keeps its unique taste and feel after cooking. The garlic and lemon add more flavor. It shows how versatile RDM International’s IQF chard is.

Chard and Feta Frittata

Try RDM International’s IQF chard in a chard and feta frittata. The chard leaves mix well with eggs, adding rich green color. They also boost nutrients. With feta, you get a yummy, colorful meal for breakfast or brunch that your customers will love.

frozen chard

Certifications and Quality Assurance

At RDM International, we’re proud of our top-notch IQF chard. We go above and beyond to show our commitment to quality. Our processes and plant are checked by top certifiers. This makes sure our chard is very safe and of the best quality.

The Global Food Safety Initiative certifies our processing plant. This recognition means our facility handles food with the highest standards. So, you can trust the safety of our IQF chard.

Our IQF chard has extra backing—it’s certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This means it’s grown and made without harmful chemicals and substances. It’s a natural and sustainable option for your needs.

Not stopping there, we have third-party labs test our IQF chard regularly. These tests make sure it’s nutritious, pure, and excellent overall. This gives you peace of mind that our product is top-quality.

Choosing RDM International means getting IQF chard that’s both high quality and safe. Our commitment to strict quality standards and checks is your assurance. You can trust our chard to help make your dishes shine.

Sustainable Farming and Eco-Friendly Practices

At RDM International, we deeply care about sustainable farming and being eco-friendly. We produce our top-notch IQF chard this way. We team up with our trusted growers to use methods that are kind to the earth.

Water conservation matters a lot in our work. Our growers use smart irrigation and keep an eye on their water use. This careful approach saves water. It also keeps our chard healthy.

We focus on integrated pest management, too. Instead of heavy use of pesticides, we use a mix of natural, cultural, and physical ways to fight off pests. This keeps our ecosystem balanced and lowers harm to the environment.

Reducing chemical use is another big goal for us. We encourage our farmers to switch to more natural, organic fertilizers and amendments. This move makes sure our chard grows in a way that’s great for the environment.

By using these earth-loving methods, our company proudly gives you frozen chard that’s top-notch but also earth-friendly. Choosing our IQF chard means you’re supporting farming that cares for our planet. We’re all about sustainable and responsible agriculture.

Ordering and Delivery Process

RDM International has made ordering easy for food businesses. They can get premium IQF chard through the online platform. Or they can call the sales team. This makes it quick and simple for food businesses to order the amount of IQF chard they need.

Flexible Delivery Options

RDM International understands that every food business has different needs. They offer many delivery schedules and methods. This includes scheduled deliveries, expedited shipping, and direct-to-door service. Such choices help food businesses smoothly use RDM International’s IQF chard in their operations.

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

RDM International’s IQF chard gets great reviews from food industry customers. They love its consistent quality, vibrant colors, and ease of use. Also, they value the company’s responsive customer service and reliable delivery.

Case studies show how RDM International’s IQF chard has made a difference. Food businesses can streamline their operations, reduce waste, and create innovative menu items. These changes make their customers very happy.

Customer Feedback Impact
Chef Bella’s Bistro

“RDM International’s IQF chard is a game-changer in our kitchen. The vibrant colors and consistent quality make it a versatile ingredient that we can rely on.”

  • Reduced food waste by 25%
  • Expanded chard-based menu offerings
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Greenleaf Catering

“The ease of use and long shelf life of RDM International’s IQF chard has streamlined our operations and allowed us to offer a wider variety of chard-based dishes.”

  1. Increased efficiency in kitchen prep
  2. Reduced food waste by 15%
  3. Expanded catering menu options


Working with RDM International for your premium IQF chard can really make a difference. They are dedicated to offering top-notch chard leaves. This means you can add this healthy ingredient to your meals consistently.

RDM’s IQF chard gives you access to it all year round. It also stays fresh longer and you can customize how it’s packaged. This makes your work easier and more efficient, cutting down on waste.

Choose RDM International and you’ll get the best quality of IQF chard. This means, your food will not only look good but also be packed with nutrients. See how a trusted, top-quality frozen food supplier changes your game.


What makes RDM International’s IQF chard unique?

RDM International’s IQF chard is known for its bright colors and fresh taste. The chard is quickly frozen, keeping its natural look and flavor. This makes it a top pick for recipes needing a high-quality ingredient.

How does the IQF process preserve the nutritional value of the chard?

The IQF process by RDM International locks in the chard’s key nutrients and taste. Freezing the chard quickly stops the loss of vitamins and minerals. This means it stays as nutritious as when it was picked.

What are the benefits of IQF chard for food businesses?

RDM International’s frozen chard is always available, without the need for preservatives. It’s a budget-friendly option that helps cut down on waste. Plus, it’s prepped for cooking, making kitchen work easier and faster.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and consistency of their IQF chard?

RDM International works closely with reliable chard growers. They use top freezing technologies to ensure quality and consistency. Also, strict quality checks are in place for every batch they produce.

What types of recipes and applications can RDM International’s IQF chard be used in?

IQF chard from RDM International works well in many recipes. You can use it in healthy drinks, cooked chard dishes, and omelets. It adds a colorful touch to any menu item.

Is RDM International’s IQF chard produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner?

Yes, RDM International focuses on sustainable farming to make their IQF chard. They and their growers use methods that are easy on the planet. This way, you get chard that’s good for you and the environment.

How can food businesses order and receive RDM International’s IQF chard?

Food businesses can order online or get in touch with RDM International’s sales team. They offer easy ordering and deliver in ways that suit different needs.