Looking for a consistent source for the bold taste of garlic? RDM International is your answer. They are the garlic juice concentrate supplier known for top quality and versatility. Their Garlic Juice Concentrate brings the authentic flavor and richness of the best garlic, useful in both cooking and industry.

RDM International, a top name in the business, provides a variety of premium garlic juice products. This includes organic garlic juice and natural garlic juice extract. For distributors, industrial users, or businesses in search of a bulk garlic juice supplier, they offer the right solutions.

What makes RDM International stand out as the premier garlic juice concentrate supplier? Discover the reasons through their great product range and unbeatable customer service.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the top garlic juice concentrate supplier, known for its exceptional quality and versatility.
  • Their Garlic Juice Concentrate truly captures the essence and richness of high-quality garlic.
  • They provide various premium garlic juice products, including organic garlic juice and natural garlic juice extract.
  • As a leading brand, RDM International is your dependable source for bulk garlic juice supplier and garlic concentrate exporters.
  • Learn about the important elements that make RDM International the premier garlic juice concentrate supplier.

Introduction to RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate

RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate gives you the bold and savory taste of garlic. It’s made from the best garlic to keep its natural flavor and robust goodness. This premium garlic extract keeps the original flavor and smell of fresh garlic. It’s great for cooking and many other uses.

Bold and Savory Taste of Garlic in Concentrated Form

RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate is packed with the bold and savory taste of garlic. It’s easy to use and full of garlic’s natural richness. This product lets you add real garlic flavor without a lot of work.

Meticulously Prepared from the Finest Garlic

The key to RDM International’s top quality is how they make their Garlic Juice Concentrate. They pick only the finest garlic so every batch has the true natural flavor and aroma.

Captures Natural Flavor and Robust Goodness

RDM International’s special way of making their Garlic Juice Concentrate keeps the robust garlic goodness. It holds on to the natural flavor of fresh garlic. This makes it perfect for many cooking and other uses.

Quality Assurance and Product Certifications

RDM International puts quality and safety first with their Garlic Juice Concentrate. They make sure their products are top-notch, meeting high standards. This gives customers confidence in the purity and quality of what they’re buying.

USDA Organic Certification

The Garlic Juice Concentrate at RDM International is USDA Certified Organic. This means it’s made without synthetic chemicals. Hence, their USDA organic garlic juice is pure and safe for all uses, whether in cooking or industry.

Kosher Certification

Besides being organic, RDM’s Garlic Juice Concentrate is also Kosher certified. This is appealing for those who follow specific dietary laws. It assures that the kosher garlic concentrate meets strict religious guidelines.

Non-GMO Certification

RDM International goes a step further by also getting Non-GMO certification for their Garlic Juice Concentrate. This label means the non-GMO garlic extract doesn’t have any genetic modifications. It’s all-natural.

Their multiple quality assurance certifications show how committed RDM International is to safety and quality. Choosing their Garlic Juice Concentrate means choosing a premium, all-natural product. It’s carefully made to bring great taste and quality.

Versatile Applications of Garlic Juice Concentrate

RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate is very versatile. It’s a key player in the culinary world, improving sauces, marinades, and dressings. This makes it a must-have in any kitchen. Its garlic juice concentrate culinary uses are endless.

Industrial Use: Brewing, Baby Food, and Beyond

Outside of cooking, the garlic concentrate shines in industry. It improves brewing, baby food, and more products. Its rich flavor boosts their quality. The versatile garlic juice concentrate applications benefit many businesses.

Culinary Delight: Enhancing Sauces, Marinades, and Dressings

RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate is beloved by chefs and cooks. It takes dishes to another level. By enhancing sauces, marinades, and dressings, it’s a favorite. With its bold flavor, it’s a game changer.

Premier Garlic Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International is your top choice for garlic juice concentrate. They supply top-rated brands with top-quality, consistent garlic products. Their dedication to excellence and satisfying customers has set them apart. They are the best source for businesses looking for top garlic juice concentrate.

Reliable Source for Top-Rated Brands

At RDM International, they’ve earned a name for themselves as a reliable garlic concentrate brand source. They assure top quality and consistency for leading brands. Their garlic juice concentrate is popular among food distributors, industrial users, and businesses of every size.

Competitive Pricing and Bulk Options

RDM International not only stands out for their quality. They also offer competitive garlic juice concentrate pricing and a wide selection of bulk garlic juice concentrate options. Customers can choose from small pails to large totes. This allows all businesses to get the premier garlic juice concentrate they need at the best price.

Premier garlic juice concentrate supplier

Time-Saving and Cost-Effective Solution

RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate offers a time-saving and cost-effective solution. It is perfect for both businesses and homes. You won’t need to chop or peel fresh garlic, saving you time and effort.

The concentrate also helps cut down on waste, reducing costs. This makes it a wise choice for many.

Convenience of No Chopping or Peeling

The garlic concentrate offers the same strong flavor as fresh garlic. But, it is way easier to use. You can now add garlic to your dishes easily, without having to chop or peel it.

Reduced Waste and Cost Savings

By using RDM International’s time-saving garlic juice concentrate, you avoid wasted fresh garlic. This means no lost money on garlic that goes bad. With this cost-effective solution, you can enjoy garlic’s flavor without the worry of it spoiling.

Consistent Flavor and Quality Assurance

At RDM International, we focus on providing top-notch garlic juice concentrate that goes beyond your hopes. Our detailed process and tough quality control measures mean each batch tastes great and works well. This means the garlic extract you get from us will always meet your standards.

Our mission is to keep the consistent garlic juice concentrate flavor and quality assurance top-notch. This commitment is why we’re leaders in providing garlic juice concentrate. With products from RDM International, you’ll always get high-quality, reliable results.

Quality Attribute RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate Industry Standard
Flavor Consistency Exceptional, batch-to-batch consistency Moderate consistency
Purity and Safety USDA Organic, Kosher, and Non-GMO certified Varies by manufacturer
Quality Control Rigorous testing and quality assurance protocols Basic quality control measures
Customer Satisfaction Consistently high customer ratings and loyalty Moderate customer satisfaction

Being your go-to garlic concentrate supplier is our pride. We’re all about reliable garlic extract quality. Every step we take reflects our promise to give you the consistent, top-quality garlic juice concentrate your operation needs.

Product Customization Options

At RDM International, we know each business has different needs for garlic juice concentrate. So, we provide various customization options. Whether you want to change the concentration level or mix unique blends and flavor combinations, we’re here for you.

Concentration Level Adjustments

Our customized garlic juice concentrate lets you perfect the garlic taste. We adjust the concentration level just for you. This makes sure the final product tastes exactly as you want it to.

Unique Blends and Flavor Combinations

Besides our usual garlic juice concentrate, we can create unique blends and flavor combinations. Want a signature flavor or to try something new? Our experts are ready to help. They’ll design a customized garlic concentrate that’s just right for you.

Packaging Customization

We understand the need for different ways to store and move products. That’s why we offer customized garlic concentrate packaging. Choose from various container sizes and types. This includes bulk pails, drums, and totes. It ensures your order gets to you safely and in top shape.

Packaging and Delivery Options

At RDM International, we know how key it is to get your garlic juice concentrate safely to you. We offer many solutions tailored to your needs. This way, your bulk garlic juice concentrate and other types arrive as you’d like, ready to use.

Bulk Pails, Drums, and Totes

Our big buyers like food distributors and industries can choose from various bulk packaging. You can get pails, drums, or totes depending on the operation size. It’s all about what works best for you.

Aseptic and Frozen Packaging

We also have special packaging for aseptic garlic concentrate and frozen garlic concentrate. These protect quality and offer longer storage times. They’re perfect for specific uses or if you need to store them for a while.

No matter how you want your items packaged and shipped, we’re here to help. RDM International ensures your garlic juice concentrate gets to you just right. We make sure it arrives in excellent shape for your use, every time.

garlic concentrate packaging

Organic and Conventional Options

RDM International has both organic and conventional Garlic Juice Concentrate. This choice lets customers pick what fits them best. The USDA Certified Organic version is made without synthetic additives or pesticides. It follows the strict rules of the National Organic Program. Those who prefer a more conventional option can choose a non-organic Garlic Juice Concentrate. It is high-quality and works well in many food and industrial uses.

USDA Certified Organic Garlic Juice Concentrate

The USDA organic garlic juice concentrate stands out at RDM International. It’s great for anyone looking for all-natural and sustainable garlic products. This product captures the rich taste of organic garlic. It’s perfect for those who want to eat healthily or for businesses wanting organic and conventional garlic extract options.

Conventional Garlic Juice Concentrate

For those looking for a conventional garlic juice concentrate, RDM International has it. Their high-quality option is non-organic. It offers a strong garlic taste and is very versatile. It’s a good choice for many food and industrial uses. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice on quality or taste.

RDM International: Your Trusted Partner

RDM International is your go-to for top-notch Garlic Juice Concentrate. Their commitment to excellence shines through in the superb quality of their goods. They ensure customer happiness is the top priority.

Commitment to Excellence

RDM International’s experts team up with you. They aim to meet your specific needs, creating tailored solutions. This results in a smooth, satisfying experience for you. Their careful processes and strict quality checks guarantee consistent taste and performance in every batch.

Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional service and a focus on lasting partnerships define RDM International. They’re perfect for businesses in search of the best garlic concentrate. The team gives each customer personal attention and support, ensuring full satisfaction.


RDM International is a top premier garlic juice concentrate supplier. They offer great quality, flexibility, and put their customers first. Their Garlic Juice Concentrate is rich and full of garlic flavor. It’s perfect for many cooking and industry uses. RDM is known for its top-notch products, custom options, and steady supply. They are the number one choice for those who want the finest garlic concentrate products.

Looking to make your food taste better or need garlic for business use? RDM International has what you need. They always strive to be the best and make their customers happy. This makes them your best bet for any RDM International garlic products.

Want to try garlic concentrates? RDM International is the name you can trust. They offer a taste and quality that’s hard to beat. Discover how their Garlic Juice Concentrate can change your cooking or business for the better.


What makes RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate stand out as a premier product?

RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate is made from the finest garlic for its full flavor. It offers a bold taste in a concentrated form. The company prides itself on quality, providing organic, kosher, and non-GMO certified products.

What are the versatile applications of RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate?

This concentrate changes the game in cooking, infusing bold garlic into sauces and more. It’s also used in brewing, baby food, and other products to boost quality.

How does RDM International ensure consistent flavor and quality for its Garlic Juice Concentrate?

They carefully make every batch and follow strict quality checks. This ensures you always get the same great taste. Customers can rely on a consistent, high-quality ingredient.

What product customization options does RDM International offer for its Garlic Juice Concentrate?

RDM International lets you tweak the concentrate’s strength, make unique mixes, and choose your packaging. This means you get a product that fits your specific needs.

What packaging and delivery options are available for RDM International’s Garlic Juice Concentrate?

They offer various packaging types, such as bulk pails and aseptic options, for different customers. This includes options for extended shelf life or keeping it sterile.

Does RDM International offer both organic and conventional options for its Garlic Juice Concentrate?

Yes, RDM International offers both USDA Certified Organic and conventional options. Customers can choose the type that suits them best, ensuring product flexibility.