Are you looking for dry, flavorless dried mangoes? Tired of not getting the sweet, tropical taste you want? You should try RDM International. They are the leading dried mango supplier, bringing you the best mangoes from the Philippines. Their goal is to give you top-quality dried mangoes. They pick the best fruit and dry it expertly for the perfect snack.

RDM’s dried mangoes have a 25-year shelf life. They are a great snack you can have anytime, anywhere. Whether you need lots for your business or just a few for your home, RDM International is here. They’ll show you why Philippine dried mangoes are the best. Get ready to enjoy healthy and tasty fruit snacks from them.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the leading supplier of premium-quality dried mangoes
  • Their dried mangoes are made from the finest Philippine mangoes, carefully dehydrated to preserve natural sweetness and nutrition
  • RDM’s dried mangoes have a 25-year shelf life, making them a versatile and long-lasting snack option
  • Customers can purchase mangoes in bulk or custom packaging, catering to the needs of food distributors and retailers
  • RDM International’s commitment to quality and sustainability sets them apart as a trusted source for organic dried mangoes and fair trade certified mangoes

Introducing RDM International – The Premier Dried Mango Supplier

At RDM International, we truly love giving the world the best dried mangoes. We were founded on a promise to always offer top quality. This approach has made us the top choice for anyone who wants the finest premium dried fruits.

Our Story: Passion for Providing the Best Mangoes

RDM International started with a big dream – to let everyone taste the amazing flavors of Philippine mangoes. We knew the secret was in the special care by our local mango growers. This is why we work closely with farmers across the Philippines. This way, we make sure we only get the tastiest, highest quality mangoes. And our dried mangoes are proof of this unmatched quality.

Committed to Quality: Sourcing the Finest Mangoes

Being a top dried mango supplier means we go the extra mile. From choosing the best, juiciest mangoes by hand to using a soft dehydration method, we are all about quality. This hard work makes our dried mangoes stand out. They are a premium treat that our customers love with every bite.

The Mango Drying Process

RDM International works hard to dry mangoes perfectly. They turn fresh, juicy mangoes from the Philippines into tasty, shelf-stable snacks. As a top leading dried mango supplier, RDM uses a careful drying method. This method keeps the mangoes’ natural flavor and nutrients.

Gentle Dehydration to Preserve Natural Flavor

The team at RDM slices ripe Philippine dried mangoes with care. Then, they dry them using a special process. This way, the mango slices keep their delicious, tropical taste. They also stay colorful and keep their natural texture. This makes RDM’s dried mangoes a top choice for fruit lovers.

No Artificial Additives or Preservatives

RDM International knows that people want healthy snacks with no fake stuff. So, their dried mangoes don’t have any preservatives or sweeteners. They are just made from fresh, ripe mangoes from the Philippines. Working with their mango growers cooperative, they provide a fair trade certified and truly natural snack.

Premium Organic Dried Mangoes

RDM International offers organic dried mangoes along with their classic line. These mangoes are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. That means they’re free from harmful chemicals. Organic dried mangoes from RDM taste and feel as good as their regular products, but they’re also organic certified. If you want a healthy, pure dried fruit choice, trust RDM International for top-quality organic dried mangoes.

organic dried mangoes

Product Ingredients Certifications Availability
RDM Organic Dried Mangoes 100% Philippine mangoes, no additives or preservatives USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified Available in bulk and custom packaging
RDM Classic Dried Mangoes Philippine mangoes, with no artificial ingredients Available in bulk and custom packaging

Delicious Variety of Dried Mango Products

At RDM International, we’re proud to offer many tasty dried mango products. Looking for a sweet, juicy snack or something different? Our wide range is sure to please.

Classic Dried Mango Slices

Our classic dried mango slices let you taste the tropics. Made from the best Philippine dried mangoes, they are soft and pliable. They’re full of sweet flavors and nutrients, the ideal natural snack.

Chewy Dried Mango Strips

Like a chewier snack? Try our dried mango strips. These dehydrated slices are chewy and unique. They’re perfect for being active, at the gym, or anytime you want a healthy snack.

Tangy Dried Mango Spears

Want something with more flavor? Our dried mango spears are perfect. They’re organic and offer a tangy, tart taste. Use them as a snack or add to recipes for a tropical touch.

Whichever dried mango you pick, quality is our top priority at RDM International. Find your favorite and experience the best in dried fruit.

Leading Dried Mango Supplier

RDM International is known worldwide for its dried mangoes. They are trusted by top food sellers for their quality and service. This trust has made them stand out in the industry.

Trusted by Top Food Distributors

RDM International’s dried mangoes are top choices for food distributors and sellers. They are known for their quality and the steady supply that RDM offers. Businesses find a reliable partner in RDM to give their customers the best dried mangoes possible.

Bulk Orders and Custom Packaging Available

Need a lot of dried mangoes for your business? RDM International is ready to help. They can do large shipments across the country. Or, they can get you mangoes in custom packaging for your brand. No matter what you need, RDM makes sure you get what you want without hassle.

Health Benefits of Dried Mangoes

Dried mangoes from RDM International are not just tasty. They’re also full of health perks. These tropical fruits offer key vitamins and antioxidants for better health.

Rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants

RDM’s top-notch organic dried mangoes are full of vitamins A and C. They also have helpful antioxidants. These goodies are great for your immune system, skin, and cell health.

Natural Energy Boost

Philippine dried mangoes are rich in natural sugars. They offer long-lasting energy perfect for busy days or outdoor fun. They’re a healthy snack for active people.

Fiber-Rich Snack

RDM’s dried mangoes are more than just vitamins. They’re also rich in fiber, great for digestion. Eating them helps keep you full and satisfied.

Dried mangoes

Adding RDM International’s dried fruit to your diet is a smart choice. They are delicious and good for you. Plus, RDM supports fair trade and offers the best dried mangoes around.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing

RDM International is all about doing things right. We source from local mango growers in the Philippines. Being a leading dried mango supplier, we aim to make a positive difference. We make sure farmers get fair pay for their hard work on organic dried mangoes and dehydrated mango slices.

Supporting Local Mango Growers

Our core value is helping small farmers and their communities. We team up with local mango growers cooperatives in the Philippines. This helps us ensure the best Philippine dried mangoes for our bulk dried fruit supplier line-up. Plus, it means a better life for those who grow them.

Fair Trade Certified

RDM International takes ethical sourcing seriously. Our fair trade certified mangoes meet high social and green standards. This means the natural fruit snacks and healthy mango treats we offer are great for you and the planet. They’re made in ways that support farmer wellbeing and rights.

Versatile Usage of Dried Mangoes

RDM International’s premium dried mangoes are very flexible. They can be used in many ways. They offer a sweet, healthy snack that’s full of nutrients. Add them to your daily snacks easily.

Healthy Snacking Option

Dried mangoes from RDM are great for snacking. They’re tasty and good for you, perfect for eating anytime, anywhere. They make a filling snack, satisfying your sweet cravings on the move.

Ingredients for Baking and Cooking

These premium dried mangoes can also go into your recipes. Try them in baked goods like muffins, cookies, and scones for a taste of the tropics. They also jazz up sauces, marinades, and savory dishes in a unique way.

Trail Mix and Granola Additions

Add RDM’s dehydrated mango slices to your trail mix or granola. Their natural sweetness complements nuts, seeds, and other fruits well. The result is a snack that’s tasty, nutritious, and perfect for your trips.

With a long shelf life and easy to carry, RDM’s dried mangoes are ideal for many occasions. They fit well with outdoor trips, like camping, and everyday snacks. These premium dried mangoes from the Philippines are a great addition to your diet.

Customer Testimonials

“RDM International’s dried mangoes are the best I’ve ever tasted! The flavor is so fresh and vibrant, and I love that they use no artificial additives. I’ve been ordering from them for years and their customer service is always top-notch.” – Sarah, Food Distributor

“As a leading dried mango supplier, RDM International has truly set the bar high. Their philippine dried mangoes are not only delicious, but their commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices is admirable. I know I can trust RDM to provide my customers with the highest quality organic dried mangoes.” – Michael, Retail Buyer

“I’ve tried many different dried fruit brands, but RDM’s dehydrated mango slices are in a league of their own. The natural sweetness and texture are simply unparalleled. My family and I love snacking on these healthy mango treats on the go.” – Jessica, Busy Mom

Customer Feedback Ratings
Flavor and Texture 4.9/5
Freshness and Quality 4.8/5
Ethical Sourcing 5/5
Customer Service 4.9/5

FAQ About RDM International’s Dried Mangoes

As a top supplier, RDM International often gets asked about their excellent products. Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about their organic dried mangoes, dehydrated mango slices, and more healthy mango treats.

Q: Are RDM’s dried mangoes made from Philippine dried mangoes?

A: Yes, they are. RDM gets all their mangoes from the Philippines. This ensures top quality and great taste.

Q: Are your dried mangoes organic?

A: Yes, we have a premium line of organic dried mangoes. They are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Q: What is the shelf life of RDM’s dried mango slices?

A: Our dried mangoes last up to 25 years. This makes them a great long-lasting snack choice.

Q: Do you offer bulk dried fruit orders?

A: Yes, we do. As a leading dried mango supplier, we offer bulk orders and custom packaging. It’s perfect for food distributors and retailers.

Q: Are your dried mangoes fair trade certified?

A: Yes, our dried mangoes are Fair Trade certified. This means the mango growers cooperative gets a fair price. They also get help to improve their lives.

If you have more questions about our natural fruit snacks and healthy mango treats, please reach out. We’re here to help you get the best dried mangoes for you.


RDM International shines as the top choice for dried mangoes. They provide the best Philippine mangoes. Their process keeps the taste and nutrients intact, giving you a great dried mango treat. You can use it as a healthy snack or in your baking and cooking. RDM offers a wide variety, meeting all needs. For top-quality dried mangoes, RDM International is the best.


What makes RDM International’s dried mangoes unique?

RDM International’s dried mangoes come from top-notch Philippine mangoes. They’re chosen with care and dried to keep their sweet taste, flavor, and goodness. These snacks are pure, with no fake stuff, making them top-notch dried fruit.

Are RDM International’s dried mangoes organic?

Definitely! RDM International has an organic line of dried mangoes. These mangoes grow without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. So, they’re organic and clean, just as nature intended.

What are the different varieties of dried mangoes available from RDM International?

At RDM International, there’s a lot to choose from. You can pick from the classic slices, chewy strips, or tangy spears. All these options mean there’s something for everyone.

Does RDM International offer bulk ordering and custom packaging options?

For sure! RDM International is big on bulk orders and custom packaging. They cater to the needs of their partners, like food distributors and retailers, making things just right.

What are the health benefits of RDM International’s dried mangoes?

RDM’s dried mangoes are packed with vitamins A and C, and lots of antioxidants. They’re great for boosting your health. Plus, they give you energy, keep you full longer, and help your digestion.

How does RDM International ensure sustainable and ethical sourcing?

RDM International partners directly with mango farmers in the Philippines. They’re all about supporting local communities and small farms. Their mangoes are Fair Trade certified, ensuring fair pay and better lives for the farmers.

In what ways can RDM International’s dried mangoes be used?

These dried mangoes from RDM are so versatile. Enjoy them as snacks or add them to your favorite recipes. They’re great in baked goods, cereals, or as a flavor twist in your meals. There are endless tasty possibilities.