Looking for the best frozen french fries for your business? RDM International is your answer. They are a top high quality IQF shoestring french fries distributor. Their frozen potato products bring convenience and crispiness to your foodservice supplies, restaurant ingredients, and commercial snack foods.

RDM International leads the way as a bulk food distribution company. They specialize in premium french fry supplier solutions. By working with farms around the world, they provide a variety of high-quality individually quick frozen potatoes. This includes shoestring, cut and peeled, par fried, and skin-on types. Experience the impact of a high quality IQF shoestring french fries distributor in your kitchen or business.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers premium-quality IQF shoestring french fries for your culinary needs
  • Their frozen potato products deliver convenience, crispiness, and versatility
  • As a leading bulk food distributor, RDM specializes in premium french fry supplier solutions
  • RDM connects with growers worldwide to offer a diverse selection of individually quick frozen potatoes
  • Discover the difference a top-quality IQF shoestring french fries distributor can make for your business

What makes RDM International’s IQF shoestring french fries the best choice for your culinary needs? Learn about the special process and benefits of their premium frozen fries.

What are IQF Shoestring French Fries?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) french fries are a fresh frozen food. They keep their taste, texture, and nutrients well. The freezing process is special. It locks in freshness and makes them crispy.

IQF Freezing Process

The IQF method is high tech. It keeps frozen potato products fresh. Fries stay crisp unlike traditional freezing methods that cause clumping.

Benefits of IQF Shoestring Fries

IQF shoestring fries are nutritious and stay crispy. They hold toppings well. Their unique ridges are great for enjoying sauces and toppings. They add a fun twist to dishes, from snacks to meals.

Premium Potato Selection

Choosing the best potatoes is the first step in making top-notch IQF shoestring french fries. These potatoes are picked with care. They need to hold their shape well and have that classic wavy look after cutting.

Choosing Quality Potatoes

RDM International picks only the finest for their IQF shoestring french fries. For the ultimate texture, flavor, and consistency, only superb potatoes are chosen. This guarantees a top-notch, tasty outcome that meets the mark for frozen potato products and crispy fries.

Specialized Cutting Equipment

Next, a special machine cuts these chosen potatoes into shoestring shape. It makes the fries crispy, with a unique texture. This process makes RDM International’s IQF shoestring french fries stand out for foodservice supplies and commercial snack foods.

What makes RDM International a standout bulk food distribution and high quality IQF shoestring french fries distributor? The perfect mix of premium potatoes and high-tech cutting. This careful work ensures delicious, crispy individually quick frozen potatoes every time, for any dish.

Versatility in the Kitchen

Crinkle cut IQF shoestring french fries are great in homes and restaurants. They are not only a side dish but also a base for special loaded fries. The ridges on shoestring fries work perfectly for holding sauces and toppings. This makes them a popular choice to jazz up any meal.

Side Dishes and Snacks

IQF shoestring fries are perfect as a side or as snacks by themselves. They turn into a tasty treat when topped with various ingredients. Their crunchy texture makes them great for all sorts of meals and events.

Loaded Fries and Toppings

The ridges on shoestring fries are a game-changer, holding sauces and toppings well. Served as a side dish or as loaded fries, IQF shoestring fries are top-notch. They come from the best, like RDM International. They add versatility and flavor to dishes.

Versatility of IQF Shoestring Fries

Health and Nutrition

Many people consider shoestring fries a tasty treat. But, they can be healthy when you make them right. When you bake or air-fry IQF shoestring fries from the freezer, there’s much less oil. This means they are a better choice than deep-fried versions.

Shoestring fries keep their good-for-you parts when they’re frozen. They have things like potassium and fiber. This makes them a better pick over the classic fried varieties. Choosing a reputable distributor, such as RDM International, lets you have crispy fries that are better for you.

Unlike regular crispy fries, the frozen potato products from RDM International are healthier. They don’t skimp on taste or crunch. Being a premium french fry supplier, they make sure you get top-notch individually quick frozen potatoes. This means you can dish out tasty and nutritious foodservice supplies and restaurant ingredients. It’s great for your commercial snack foods and bulk food distribution.

Nutrient Comparison Traditional Fried Fries RDM International IQF Shoestring Fries
Calories 320 per serving 210 per serving
Fat 18g 9g
Sodium 600mg 390mg
Potassium 420mg 620mg
Dietary Fiber 3g 5g

By picking a high quality IQF shoestring french fries distributor like RDM International, you make a healthy choice. This keeps you happy with tasty, crispy fries while looking after your health. Their focus on quality and new ideas means you get superior frozen potato products. These bring great taste and health benefits together in every bite.

High Quality IQF Shoestring French Fries Distributor

RDM International leads in supplying top-notch IQF shoestring french fries. They offer best-in-class frozen fries worldwide. As a major player in Frozen Food Products & Ingredients, they focus on IQF french fries. They connect with farmers from everywhere to bring you the finest selection of frozen fries. This selection includes shoestring, cut and peeled, par fried, and skin on types.

RDM International: Your Trusted Supplier

RDM International is known for its unwavering commitment to quality and customer delight. This makes them a go-to for foodservice businesses and restaurant kitchens across the country. They provide wholesale and bulk ordering choices. Additionally, they offer tailored packaging solutions like specialty corrugated boxes for freezing. They also offer various retail/foodservice pack sizes to match your needs.

Wholesale and Bulk Ordering

For your crispy fry needs – as a side, snack, or for loaded fry dishes – RDM International is the source to trust. Their bulk food distribution makes acquiring high-quality individually quick frozen potatoes easy. This is ideal for commercial snack foods or restaurant ingredients.

Packaging and Shipping Options

When it comes to ensuring your frozen potato products reach you in perfect shape, RDM International doesn’t cut corners. They offer custom packaging solutions, including corrugated boxes for freezing. And they feature a range of retail/foodservice pack sizes to meet all your needs. Thanks to their wide-reaching distribution setup, RDM International can swiftly deliver your high quality IQF shoestring french fries wherever you are.

Frozen Food Storage Solutions

Dealing with frozen IQF shoestring french fries requires smart storage. Vertical displays and wire shelving help save space. They let you stack the fries neatly, using less room. This makes it easy for anyone to get the shoestring fries they want. RDM International leads in IQF shoestring french fry distribution. They can guide you on the best ways to keep your top fries fresh and easy to reach.

Vertical Displays and Wire Shelving

Vertical displays and wire shelving are new ways to store frozen potato products like crispy fries. Stacking the IQF shoestring french fries up saves space. It makes storing and finding your foodservice supplies and restaurant ingredients easier. These systems also improve air flow. This keeps your commercial snack foods and premium french fry supplier items fresh longer.

frozen food storage

RDM International excels in bulk food distribution of individually quick frozen potatoes. They offer great advice on storing frozen foods. With RDM, your high quality IQF shoestring french fries stay fresh. You’ll serve up delightful and crispy fries to your patrons.

Finding the Right Distributor

Are you looking for a top-notch IQF shoestring french fry distributor? Look no further than Alibaba.com. They offer a broad range of suppliers worldwide. You can filter and compare them by location, order minimums, and more. This helps you find the best partner for your business needs.

Exploring Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com is a goldmine for exploring various high quality iqf shoestring french fries distributor options. Their advanced search tools let you find exactly what you need, whether it’s frozen potato products or crispy fries. It’s perfect for restaurant ingredients or commercial snack foods suppliers. This platform makes selecting a bulk food distribution partner easy for your premium french fry supplier and individually quick frozen potatoes needs.

Instant Quote and Ordering

RDM International is a top IQF shoestring french fry distributor. They offer an instant quote tool on their site for easy ordering. This lets you get pricing and order crispy fries quickly. With RDM International, you get a dependable foodservice supplies partner. They excel in restaurant ingredients and commercial snack foods. They provide the high quality iqf shoestring french fries you need. This is essential for your bulk food distribution and premium french fry supplier needs.

Potatoes to Perfection

RDM International makes top-notch IQF shoestring french fries by being very detailed in how they handle them. First, they pick the finest premium potatoes. Next, these potatoes go through a blanching process. After this, they are instantly frozen. This keeps the taste, feel, and nutrients fresh.

Blanching and Flash Freezing

The IQF freezing process keeps each shoestring fry apart, crispy, and without freezer burn. This makes for a top-notch frozen potato product. The methods used by RDM International make crispy fries ideal for many places. This includes foodservice supplies and restaurant ingredients. They work great as a side, snack, or in commercial snack food.


RDM International is the top IQF shoestring french fry distributor. They bring you the ease, crunchiness, and flexibility of top-notch frozen potato products. They pick the finest potatoes and use special IQF freezing ways. This gives you a top-tier, healthy, and tasty shoestring fry.

You can use these fries if you own a restaurant or a foodservice business. Even if you manage a shop, RDM International is the best supplier for you.

The crispy fries from RDM International are ideal for restaurant ingredients or commercial snack foods. They focus on quality and pleasing customers. So, they’re a trustworthy premium french fry supplier in the bulk food distribution field.

Choosing from a big variety of individually quick frozen potatoes is easy with them. You can trust in the great taste and feel of their high quality IQF shoestring french fries.

If you’re looking to grow your foodservice supplies or better your restaurant ingredients, count on RDM International. See how their top-quality products and great service can change your business.


What are the benefits of IQF shoestring french fries?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) shoestring french fries keep their taste and texture well. The freezing method keeps them crispy without freezer burn. Plus, they are quick to cook. These fries are also healthier than traditional fried ones.

How are premium IQF shoestring french fries made?

Quality IQF shoestring french fries start with the best potatoes. They are cut into shoestring shapes with special tools. These tools make the fries have ridges, adding to their crunch.

How can IQF shoestring french fries be used in the kitchen?

IQF shoestring fries can be used in many ways. They are great for snacks, sides, and for loaded fries. Their unique ridges help hold sauces and toppings, making meals more exciting.

Are IQF shoestring french fries a healthier choice?

Yes, IQF shoestring fries can be healthy. Baking or air-frying lowers the oil they absorb. They keep their nutritional value, offering potassium and fiber benefits.

Why should I choose RDM International as my IQF shoestring french fry distributor?

RDM International is a top distributor of bulk IQF shoestring fries. They focus on quality and offer a wide range of frozen fry options. RDM is known for their commitment to customer satisfaction, especially for foodservice businesses and kitchens.