IQF Vegetables

As one of the IQF’s leading suppliers of IQF fruit and IQF vegetables, RDM International offers the highest quality frozen products. Our range is washed, blanched, kneaded and frozen at a temperature of 18 ° C. We are known for our large range of IQF products like IQF mangoes, IQF guavas sliced and diced, IQF papaya, AQF pineapples & IQF mixed vegetables. We comply with all the guidelines in the production of frozen fruit and IQF vegetables.

RDM International offers fruits and vegetables specialized in IQF frozen purées. Del Carmen quickly delivers frozen fruits, vegetables and food ingredients. IQF kitchen herbs and vegetable specialities are ready to serve and offer consistently fresh flavours at all cooking times.

IQF foods are characterized by the fact that individual foods can be frozen separately. Products frozen using IQF technology are small foods and range from berries, fruits and vegetables to diced and sliced products such as prawns, small fish, meat, poultry, pasta, cheese and cereals. Common examples of IQF are fruits (blueberries, strawberries, peaches), vegetables (corn, pears, green beans), seafood (shrimp, scallops) and poultry (individual chicken breasts).

IQF is about freezing products quickly in pieces. For more than three decades, advanced IQF freezing systems have been the leading innovators in the field of rapid vegetable freezing. Advanced IQF tunnel freezers are highly efficient and are designed to prevent plant products from being damaged. Leaf products such as herbs and spinach are processed in freezers that adapt to the properties of the product.

RDM International processes IQF vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, kale, corn, edamame, leafy vegetables such as spinach, herbs, whole asparagus and artichoke and provides optimal machinery designed to produce the best end product, ensuring energy-efficient processing, reliable food safety and high-yield processors. IQF vegetables retain their valuable vitamins and minerals when frozen, giving your final product an excellent nutrition.

In 2031, foods using IQF vegetables are expected to have a market value of 7.5% and a CAGR of 4.7% in 2021-31. In the US, the market for IQF vegetables is larger compared to IQF fruits, as it is used as the main ingredient in meals and complementary foods. In France, they account for a significant proportion of the total production of frozen food.

In several North American and European countries, the increasing consumption of natural foods boosts demand for IQF fruit and vegetables in various application areas and industries. Companies such as RDM International are investing in the development of new products made of IQF vegetables. The increasing demand and interest in IQF products is accounted at a global level due to the high quality of the products and the practical benefits of frozen products.

Frozen fruit and IQF vegetables are the preferred choice of many due to their different qualities and advantages. Suppliers can offer you a wide selection of IQF frozen vegetables for your business.

Manufacturers, processing, specialists, importers, exporters, packers, distributors, wholesalers and distributors of IQF frozen vegetable products in the United States IQF – IQF. RDM International is an industrial food supplier that has since 1939 specializing in the sale and marketing of fruits and vegetable products. RDM International is based in California and we are distributor, processor and importer of frozen IQF fruit and frozen IQF vegetables.

We source high-quality plant-based ingredients from industrial food production to provide our customers with efficient service and a fundamental commitment to quality. At RDM International, we sell various IQF vegetables that are packaged to preserve their nutritional value. RDM provides frozen fruit, frozen potatoes, frozen vegetables, frozen herbs, frozen mushrooms, and canned foods.

RDM International offers a full range of packaged, preserved, crushed and frozen high quality fruits, vegetables, seafood and specialties. RDM offers a wide range of frozen herbs, vegetables and fruit products, both conventional and organic, to meet the need for clean food. RDM International specializes in the import and export of frozen food ingredients.

Contracts with farmers for the supply of fruit and vegetables ensure quantity, punctuality and quality, and help us source fresh fruit and vegetables from farms that help us offer the highest quality products we know.

RDM International is able to add flavor and visual accents to its high-performance vegetable roasting and blend operations, allowing it to customize a variety of unique and innovative ready-to-use products.

The remarkable growth of the global IQF fruit and vegetable market is due to the increasing demand for frozen ready meals and beverages. The rapid growth of the food industry in various developing countries is expected to fuel demand for ready meals such as IQF fruits and IQF vegetables. However, the market is experiencing obstacles to growth due to fluctuating prices for fresh fruit and vegetables and high prices for frozen fruit and vegetables.

RDM International is a leading supplier of IQF ingredients, including our popular IQF coriander rice. For more than three decades, we have been known for our culinary innovations, products and menu solutions. We are able to give taste and visual accents to our high-performance vegetable roasting and blending operations, allowing us to customize a variety of unique, innovative and ready-to-use products.

As one of the leading suppliers of IQF fruit and IQF vegetables, RDM International offers the highest quality frozen products. As one of the leading producers of frozen fruits, the company ensures that no nutrients are lost in the frozen product during the production phase. All products are washed, blanched, sliced and frozen at a temperature of 18 ° C. The company is known for its wide range of IQF products such as IQF mangoes, sliced and diced IQF guavas, IQF papaya, IQF pineapples and IQF mixed vegetables.

Individual rapid freezing (IQF freezing for short) is a method used in the food industry.  One of the main advantages of this frozen food preparation method is that the freezing process only takes a few minutes.