Do you ever think about how food makers keep the taste of pumpkin in their foods all year? The answer is in the work of top bulk IQF pumpkin suppliers like RDM International. They provide high-quality frozen pumpkin, including frozen pumpkin puree and frozen diced pumpkin, for everybody in the food business.

RDM International shines among other bulk pumpkin suppliers. Their expertise in industrial pumpkin processing and pumpkin freezing and preservation can help your business grow. Check out our article to see why RDM International is top for pumpkin ingredient sourcing and wholesale IQF pumpkins.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading supplier of bulk IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) pumpkin, offering a wide range of premium frozen pumpkin products.
  • Their IQF pumpkin line includes conventional and USDA NOP certified organic options, sourced from both domestic and imported origins.
  • RDM International’s frozen pumpkin is suitable for a vast array of culinary applications, from baked goods and savory dishes to smoothies and dairy products.
  • The company’s IQF pumpkins are 100% natural, additive-free, and available in a range of convenient forms, including whole pumpkins, chopped, cubed, sliced, quarters, halves, segments, and pieces.
  • RDM International’s IQF pumpkin products are also kosher, non-GMO, and baby food quality, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality.

Introducing RDM International’s Bulk IQF Pumpkin

At RDM International, we offer top-quality bulk IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) pumpkin items. They cater to many in the food industry. Our frozen pumpkin collection ensures you have a key ingredient available all year, perfect for a variety of dishes.

Convenient and Versatile Year-Round

Our frozen pumpkin puree, frozen diced pumpkin, and other options let you use pumpkin any time. You can add our IQF pumpkin to recipes for baked goods or frozen desserts. It always brings top-tier quality to your creations.

100% Natural and Additive-Free

Our focus at RDM International is on top-notch, 100% natural pumpkin. We use leading pumpkin freezing and preservation methods. This means our products are additive-free. Thus, they offer the full, authentic flavor and nutrition of pumpkin your clients desire.

Kosher, Non-GMO, and Baby Food Quality

We’re dedicated at RDM International to sourcing the best bulk IQF pumpkins. Our commercial pumpkin range meets kosher and non-GMO standards, as well as baby food quality requirements. This gives you the confidence that the pumpkin ingredients you select are safe and reliable.

Applications of Frozen Pumpkin in Food Industry

Frozen pumpkin is a key ingredient for food makers and chefs. It brings moisture, taste, and color to baked goods, meals, and drinks. With its nutrient richness, it boosts the quality of many food items on menus.

Baked Goods: Pies, Muffins, Breads, and More

In the baking world, frozen pumpkin puree and diced pumpkin add a lot. They make pumpkin spice muffins, pumpkin bread, or pumpkin pie taste great. Get your IQF pumpkin from a bulk iqf pumpkin supplier like RDM International for top-quality baked goods.

Soups, Stews, and Savory Dishes

Frozen pumpkin is not just for desserts. It’s perfect for soups, stews, and casseroles, adding a nice texture and taste. Use pumpkin puree or diced pumpkin to make dishes that taste like fall. It improves the flavor and nutrition in your meals.

Smoothies, Beverages, and Frozen Desserts

For drinks and cold treats, frozen pumpkin is great. Make smoothies, milkshakes, and pies with it. This adds pumpkin’s fun flavor and nutrition to drinks and desserts. Find IQF pumpkin at a wholesale iqf pumpkins supplier for exciting menu options.

Bulk IQF Pumpkin Supplier

At the front of the pack is

bulk iqf pumpkin supplier

, RDM International. They provide both conventional and USDA NOP certified organic

frozen pumpkin

. This wide range meets many customer needs.

RDM gets its frozen pumpkin from various places. This includes domestic US farms and other sources. This mix ensures a steady supply of quality frozen pumpkin products all year.

The company partners with top pumpkin suppliers and packers. Together, they offer top-notch, affordable frozen pumpkin products to their clients. These include food manufacturers, kitchens, and more.

Conventional and Organic Options

RDM International offers both

bulk pumpkin supply

conventional and organic types of

frozen pumpkin

. This meets the varied needs of their customers well.

Domestic and Imported Sources

RDM’s method in

pumpkin freezing and preservation

means they get

frozen pumpkin puree


frozen diced pumpkin

, and other types of

iqf pumpkin

, too. They find these from places close and far. So, they always have top-quality wholesale iqf pumpkins and

Frozen Pumpkin Varieties and Forms

At RDM International, we believe variety is vital for bulk iqf pumpkin supplier use in cooking. Our selection of frozen pumpkin meets different customer needs. We offer various forms and types, ensuring everyone finds what they’re looking for.

Whole Pumpkins

Prefer the look of natural frozen pumpkin? Our whole frozen pumpkins are great for you. They keep their size and shape, perfect for roasting, baking, or even carving. You can also display them as they are.

Industrial Cuts: Chopped, Cubed, Sliced

Along with whole frozen pumpkins, we have frozen diced pumpkin and other cuts like chopped, cubed, and sliced. These options are ideal for food manufacturers or large kitchens. They need a reliable pumpkin source for their dishes.

Quarters, Halves, Segments, and Pieces

RDM International also cuts pumpkins into quarters, halves, segments, and pieces. This means more ways to use pumpkin in your recipes. Whether for small or large-scale cooking, you can find the right pumpkin cut here.

No matter your choice, our freezing methods lock in pumpkin’s fresh taste, color, and nutrients. So, you get the best from this ingredient all year. Quality and taste stay high with every use.

Frozen pumpkin varieties

Cost-Effective Bulk Packaging Solutions

RDM International focuses on offering cost-effective and efficient bulk packaging solutions. We cater to the food industry’s needs, providing a variety of packaging for our IQF pumpkin products, starting from 20-pound bags in cartons. This approach is ideal for food manufacturers and commercial kitchens. It helps them buy frozen pumpkin in the amounts they actually need. This reduces waste and makes storage easier.

Flexible Packaging Sizes for Your Needs

Besides the 20-pound bags, we also offer different flexible packaging sizes. This ensures we meet each customer’s unique requirements. If you need large or small amounts of bulk pumpkin supply for industrial pumpkin processing or pumpkin freezing and preservation, we’re here to help. The varied options guarantee you get the perfect amount of frozen pumpkin for your ventures.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At RDM International, we put a lot into making sure our IQF pumpkin supplier products are top-notch. Our certifications guarantee that our frozen pumpkin puree, frozen diced pumpkin and all bulk pumpkin supply items meet the best standards for safety and quality.

Our industrial pumpkin processing plant is USDA NOP certified organic. This means our pumpkin freezing and preservation methods follow the most detailed organic rules. With this, our customers can trust our 100% natural pumpkin ingredient sourcing, free from synthetic extras or preservatives.

RDM International’s wholesale IQF pumpkins and commercial pumpkin products are certified kosher and non-GMO too. This helps meet different diet needs, allowing our clients to use our high-quality frozen pumpkin in many food industry areas.

By following these high safety and quality rules, RDM International ensures its customers get premium frozen pumpkin for their food making.

frozen pumpkin

Sourcing and Supply Chain Excellence

RDM International excels in getting high-quality IQF pumpkin to its customers. They have set up bases across the U.S. This lets them get frozen pumpkin from different areas. Pumpkin suppliers and packers work closely with RDM. They use their expertise to provide top-notch frozen pumpkin products.

Strategic Locations Across the U.S.

RDM International’s method helps ensure a steady supply of frozen pumpkin to its clients. They use a network of industrial pumpkin processing and storage spots. This makes them a reliable source of wholesale IQF pumpkins for many.

Cooperating with Leading Suppliers and Packers

RDM International stands by its word to offer top pumpkin ingredients. They team up with the best pumpkin suppliers and packers. This partnership keeps RDM ahead in the bulk IQF pumpkin market. They make sure to meet every client’s needs with premium commercial pumpkin products.

Customer Support and Guidance

Working with a trusted bulk iqf pumpkin supplier is key for your business’s success. At RDM International, we offer top-notch customer support and guidance. We want to make sure you can smoothly use our frozen pumpkin puree and other products.

Free Samples and Product Development Assistance

We’re happy to give you free samples so you can check out our iqf pumpkin quality yourself. Our experts also provide pumpkin ingredient sourcing help and product development assistance. Together, we can come up with great recipes using our wholesale iqf pumpkins and more.

Flexible Payment Terms for Startups

Startups and small businesses face their own set of challenges. That’s why we at RDM International provide payment flexibility. This helps small companies get the frozen pumpkin they need. Whether it’s for process pumpkin or other uses, we’re here to support you.

Competitive Pricing and Amazing Deals

RDM International, a top bulk iqf pumpkin supplier, always aims to give its customers top-notch frozen pumpkin products at great prices. The company uses its strong partnerships and deep know-how to offer frozen pumpkin solutions for less. This helps food makers and kitchens save money while keeping their quality high.

Looking to buy lots of frozen diced pumpkin or just a bit of frozen pumpkin puree? RDM International has your back from start to finish. They focus on industrial pumpkin processing, pumpkin freezing and preservation, and finding the best pumpkin ingredients. This means better deals for your bulk pumpkin supply and wholesale iqf pumpkins,

RDM International works closely with the best commercial pumpkin products folks. This lets them give you excellent prices and deals to stand out in the food world. So, for all your frozen pumpkin needs, turn to RDM International as your trusted bulk iqf pumpkin supplier.

Versatile Frozen Vegetable Offerings

RDM International offers a lot beside its top-notch IQF pumpkin products. They have a wide variety of frozen vegetable items. You can find everything from mixed vegetable blends to stir-fry mixes. They also have broccoli, green beans, and cauliflower that are frozen individually. This wide selection means you’ll always find what you need to cook up something great.

Mixed Vegetables and Stir-Fry Blends

Looking to save time in the kitchen? RDM’s veggie blends and stir-fry mixes are perfect. They’re full of frozen vegetables, like pumpkin, that make cooking easier. Use them for quick dinners at home or in your new food creations. They add both convenience and tasty nutrition to any dish.

Frozen Broccoli, Green Beans, and Cauliflower

Besides their famous pumpkin, RDM has broccoli, green beans, and cauliflower too. These frozen veggies are ideal for enhancing soups, stews, and casseroles. RDM International stands for quality. So, you know your meals will taste great and look amazing.

Ready to amp up your recipes with the best veggies? Check out RDM International’s frozen vegetable line. You’ll see how their products can make your meals and products stand out.


RDM International leads as a key bulk IQF pumpkin supplier. They offer an array of top-notch frozen pumpkin products. Their commitment to quality, variety, and good prices benefits their clients. You can get frozen pumpkin from them all year for your recipes.

They are placed strategically across the U.S. and work with top pumpkin suppliers and packers. This means they have a strong supply chain for their frozen pumpkin. They also give excellent customer service, including free samples and help with developing new products. They offer flexible payments. This makes them a top choice for those in the food business who need high-quality pumpkin ingredients.

If you need a lot of pumpkins for your recipes, RDM International is ready to help. They have a wide range of IQF pumpkin to choose from. They focus on handling pumpkins for industrial needs and keeping them frozen fresh. So, they’re well-prepared to meet your business’s frozen pumpkin needs.


What types of frozen pumpkin products does RDM International offer?

RDM International has many frozen pumpkin products. These include whole pumpkins, and chopped, cubed, sliced, quarters, halves, segments, and pieces. They have both conventional and USDA NOP organic frozen pumpkins.

What are the benefits of RDM International’s IQF pumpkin?

RDM International’s IQF pumpkin is top quality. It’s all-natural, additive-free, kosher, non-GMO, and safe for baby food. This pumpkin keeps the fresh taste, color, and nutrients of the pumpkin, making it great all year round for many dishes.

How can frozen pumpkin be used in the food industry?

Frozen pumpkin is excellent for many food items. It goes well in baked goods, soups, stews, smoothies, beverages, and frozen treats. It makes pies, muffins, and breads tastier, and adds a nice texture to meals.

Where does RDM International source its frozen pumpkin from?

RDM International gets its pumpkin from the U.S. and other countries. This makes sure they always have enough. They work with top suppliers to bring you quality frozen pumpkin year-round.

What types of frozen pumpkin forms does RDM International offer?

RDM International has a variety of frozen pumpkin types. You can get whole pumpkins, or chopped, cubed, and sliced IQF pumpkin. They also offer quarters, halves, segments, and pieces to suit your needs.

What type of packaging options does RDM International provide for its bulk IQF pumpkin?

RDM International has good choices for bulk packaging. They start at 20-pound bags in cartons. They also offer other sizes to fit what you need, making it easy to buy just the right amount of frozen pumpkin.

What certifications and quality standards does RDM International’s IQF pumpkin meet?

RDM International’s IQF pumpkin meets the highest standards. It’s USDA NOP certified organic, kosher, and non-GMO. This shows their commitment to safe, high-quality frozen pumpkin.

How does RDM International ensure a reliable and consistent supply of IQF pumpkin?

RDM International is well-placed across the U.S. They work closely with the best pumpkin suppliers and packers. This ensures they always have a high-quality and reliable supply of IQF pumpkin.

What type of customer support and guidance does RDM International provide?

RDM International lets customers check the quality with free samples. Their experts also help with product development, showing how to use frozen pumpkin in new recipes. They have flexible payment options to help startups and small businesses.

Does RDM International offer any other frozen vegetable products besides pumpkin?

Yes, RDM International also has a wide selection of other frozen vegetables. They offer mixes, stir-fry veggies, and individual items like broccoli, green beans, and cauliflower. This gives customers lots of choices for their cooking needs.

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