Do you often find yourself throwing out wilted spinach? If so, bulk dried spinach from RDM International might be the solution. Our quality dehydrated spinach keeps the vibrant taste and goodness but in a convenient, lasting form.

As a top wholesale dried spinach supplier, we are dedicated to quality. We carefully dry spinach to lock in its flavor and nutrients. For chefs, food makers, or health buffs, our dehydrated spinach is versatile, enhancing dishes and meeting health aims.

Want to learn what’s special about our dried spinach flakes? Keep reading to find out how to use this superfood all year long.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International provides top-grade bulk dried spinach. It keeps spinach’s original flavor and nutrients.
  • Our dehydrated spinach makes a handy, flexible kitchen item for food pros and health fans.
  • Getting dried spinach in bulk lets you cut down on waste and spend less than store prices.
  • Need organic dried spinach or vegan dried spinach? We have it for various diets.
  • As an industrial dried spinach supplier, we deliver steady quality and tailor-made bulk packages.

Introducing the Bulk Dried Spinach Distributor

At RDM International, we’re excited to bring you premium quality Dried Spinach. It’s all about the great taste of spinach in an easy, flexible form. Made from fresh spinach leaves, our Dried Spinach keeps its nutrients and tastes well.

Our Dried Spinach is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can brighten your recipes with its nurtition and vibrant color. This powder keeps well and is simple to use, making spinach benefits available all year.

Affordable Prices for Bulk Orders

Getting affordable bulk dried spinach is key at RDM International. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef, a food maker, or just health-minded. We offer our top-grade Dried Spinach at great prices. This lets you load up on this kitchen staple without spending too much.

Convenient and Long-Lasting Pantry Essential

Our Dried Spinach is a pantry essential that’s easy to keep and use. It’s a great choice for your kitchen. Have this rich ingredient ready for all kinds of foods, like soups, smoothies, and more.

Why Choose Bulk Dried Spinach

Adding dehydrated spinach to your meals has many pluses. It keeps all the essential vitamins and minerals through dehydration. This way, you get a lot of iron, fiber, and antioxidants. You can add spinach flakes to many dishes. They make your food tastier and more nutritious.

Nutritional Value Retained

The nutritional value of dried spinach stays the same after drying. That means all the good stuff from fresh spinach is still there. It’s a great addition to your meals for a plant-based boost.

Versatile in the Kitchen

Dried spinach fits well in many recipes. You can use it in soups, stews, smoothies, sauces, and baked goods. These green flakes bring more flavor and nutrition without a lot of extra work.

Minimal Waste and Extended Shelf Life

Dried spinach has a longer shelf life than fresh. So, you can keep it on hand all year without it going bad. This is good for the planet and for keeping your kitchen stocked sustainably.

Bulk Dried Spinach Distributor: Our Story

At RDM International, we’re proud of our top-quality Dried Spinach. We carefully pick the best spinach and dehydrate it meticulously. Our products meet the highest food safety standards worldwide, earning us a great reputation.

Sourcing the Finest Spinach

We start by choosing the freshest, farm-grown spinach leaves. Our close work with reliable suppliers ensures we use only the best, vibrant spinach. This detailed process is key to making a dehydrated product that keeps the fresh vegetable’s tastes and nutrients.

Meticulous Dehydration Process

After selecting the best spinach, we use a careful dehydration process. This process keeps the leaves’ nutrients and colors intact. We control temperature, humidity, and airflow to gently remove moisture. In the end, our Dried Spinach powder holds the same quality and taste as the fresh leaves.

For chefs, food makers, and those who look after their health, our Dried Spinach is a reliable choice. See the difference that our detailed selection and dehydration methods bring to your cooking and nutrition.

premium spinach

Applications of Bulk Dried Spinach

Spinach flakes come from organic farms. They keep the goodness of fresh spinach. This makes them great for soups, stews, and casseroles. They’re perfect in dips, spreads, and even smoothies too. They are easy to use and last a long time. They’re ideal for meal prep and stocking up for unexpected needs. Adding this green powder will enhance your recipes. It does so with nutrition and a pop of color.

Soups, Stews, and Casseroles

Dried spinach flakes are handy in soups, stews, and casseroles. They bring back their shape fast. Plus, they mix well into recipes. This gives your food more vitamins and color. They’re great for all kinds of meals, from veggie soups to meaty stews.

Dips, Spreads, and Smoothies

Use dried spinach for dips and smoothies to get more greens. Add these flakes to dips, spreads, or smoothies for taste and nutrition. Whether making a dip or a smoothie, these flakes are a kitchen essential. They offer their unique benefits in a range of foods.

Baked Goods and Sauces

Dried spinach for baked goods and sauces adds more than just taste. Mix them into a variety of baked treats for added health benefits and a green color. Also, stir them into sauces or pesto. This turns them into flavorful additions that enhance your cooking.

Bulk Dried Spinach: A Sustainable Choice

Choosing sustainable dried spinach matters a lot for the planet. It’s great for camping because it’s light and small. Plus, it lasts a long time, helping cut on reduced food waste.

Reduced Food Waste

Our reduced food waste dried spinach beats fresh spinach in lasting long. You can keep it for a while, so you don’t waste greens. It means less food in the trash and more spinach goodness all year.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our eco-friendly dried spinach comes in easy-to-use packaging. The packets and cans keep the spinach tasty and nutritious. This way, you can enjoy it without hurting the environment with wasted food.

Bulk Dried Spinach Distributor for Food Manufacturers

Are you a chef, work in making food, or love eating healthy? Our Dehydrated Spinach Powder is perfect for you. It’s a top choice for those needing a dried spinach distributor for food manufacturers. Quality is our top goal, and we strictly follow safety rules to make sure you get a safe product.

Consistent Quality and Supply

Looking for consistent quality dried spinach and a steady supply? We’ve got you covered. Our careful checks and food safety rules guarantee high-quality dried spinach every time. You can rely on what we offer.

Customizable Bulk Orders

Need to customize bulk dried spinach orders? We’re all about that. We work closely with you. This means we can meet your size, packing, or other needs. Your satisfaction is our aim, every time.

dried spinach distributor for food manufacturers

Product Quantity Price per Unit Total Cost
Dried Spinach Powder 500 lbs $2.50 $1,250
Dried Spinach Flakes 1,000 lbs $3.00 $3,000
Organic Dried Spinach 250 lbs $4.00 $1,000

Storage and Handling of Bulk Dried Spinach

Maintaining your bulk dried spinach’s quality and freshness is crucial. RDM International provides various packaging options. These are aimed at keeping the flavor and nutrients of our dried spinach intact.

Airtight Packaging Options

Our Dried Spinach comes in sealed packets and cans. This makes storing your bulk dried spinach easy and effective. The airtight packages keep the products fresh. They also protect against moisture, light, and other harm.

Proper Storage Conditions

For the best results, store dried spinach in a cool, dry place. Keep it away from sunlight and heat. Use airtight containers like the sealed packets or cans. This approach preserves the product’s quality, taste, and nutrients.

Follow our guide for storing and handling dried spinach. Doing so will keep our top-quality Dried Spinach fresh and ready to use. It becomes a staple in your kitchen, allowing for various culinary creations.

Bulk Dried Spinach Distributor: Quality Assurance

At RDM International, we take quality control seriously. We follow strict manufacturing standards to meet international food safety regulations. Our Dehydrated Spinach Powder comes from a facility that uses tough quality control measures. This ensures it’s safe and consistent.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

We deeply care about the quality of our product. From getting the best spinach to the final dehydration, we test everything. Our experts check each batch to make sure it’s pure, looks right, and tastes good.

Adhering to Food Safety Regulations

Making a reliable product is key for us at RDM International. That’s why we meet all food safety regulations from the authorities. Our place is checked often to make sure we’re doing things right. This means you can trust our Dried Spinach Powder is top-notch and safe.


RDM International is excited to share our top-quality Dried Spinach. It’s ideal for food distributors and anyone who cares about their health. Our bulk dried spinach distributor product comes from the best spinach. It keeps its taste and good nutrients. This Dried Spinach is full of must-have nutrients. It works well in many dishes. And, it’s good for the earth, too.

Our team is all about high quality, steady supply, and safe food. You can rely on RDM International as your go-to bulk dried spinach distributor. This is true if you’re a chef, a food maker, or just someone who loves health. Our Dried Spinach adds top spinach quality to your meals. You’ll get all the good stuff without any worries.

Choosing dehydrated spinach has many benefits that last. It helps cut down on throwing away food. Plus, it’s good for the planet with its eco-friendly packaging. Our Dried Spinach is perfect for getting meals ready, outdoor fun, and when you need food fast. It’s something you’ll be glad to have in your kitchen. Give RDM International’s bulk dried spinach distributor a try today. Feel the difference good quality and care make.


What makes RDM International’s Dried Spinach a premium quality product?

RDM International’s Dried Spinach is made from top-quality spinach leaves. They are dried carefully. This keeps the nutrients and flavor at their best.

How does buying bulk dried spinach from RDM International benefit me?

Buying in bulk from RDM International saves you money. You can keep about since their prices are lower. It also helps reduce food waste because the spinach won’t spoil.

What are the key nutritional benefits of incorporating RDM International’s Dried Spinach into my diet?

RDM International’s Dried Spinach is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s a good source of iron and fiber. The dehydration process keeps these nutrients well.

How versatile is RDM International’s Dried Spinach in the kitchen?

RDM International’s Dried Spinach works well in many recipes. You can use it in soups, stews, and smoothies. It also adds flavor and nutrition to sauces, dips, and baked goods.

What makes RDM International’s Dried Spinach a sustainable choice?

RDM International’s Dried Spinach lasts a long time. This helps lower food waste. Their packaging is also easy to use and keeps the spinach fresh. So, it’s good for the environment and for your pantry.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and safety of their Dried Spinach?

RDM International follows strict rules and checks on their production. This makes sure their Dried Spinach is safe and high quality. It meets food safety standards worldwide.

Can RDM International provide customized bulk orders of their Dried Spinach?

Yes, RDM International can make special bulk orders of Dried Spinach. They can adjust to meet the needs of food sellers and makers.

How should I store RDM International’s Dried Spinach to maintain its freshness and quality?

Keep RDM International’s Dried Spinach in a sealed container. It should be away from moisture, light, and heat. This preserves its freshness and quality.