Looking for a trustworthy source for bulk aseptic banana puree? RDM International is here for you. They offer high-quality bulk aseptic banana puree and aseptic fruit purees. Their Aseptic Banana Puree is top-notch, made using the best banana puree manufacturing. It’s free from artificial stuff, so you get the real taste of bananas.

RDM International focuses on great fruit puree distribution and good prices. They are perfect for your commercial banana puree needs. Check out their aseptic packaging fruit purees. You’ll see how their bulk fruit puree exporter services can help your business. Whether you’re in brewing, baking, or making sauces, they have you covered.

So, what makes RDM International stand out as a global banana puree supply choice? Read our article to learn the reasons. They focus on quality, flexibility, and serving their customers well. This is what has earned them a great name in the industry around the world.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a reliable bulk aseptic banana puree distributor offering high-quality products and exceptional service.
  • Their Aseptic Banana Puree is a culinary gem created from the finest bananas, preserved without artificial additives.
  • RDM International provides a variety of bulk packaging options and competitive pricing for your industrial banana puree needs.
  • The company sources its Aseptic Banana Puree from a network of global farms, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality ingredients.
  • RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is available in both conventional and organic certified options, catering to diverse customer preferences.

The Purest Form of Banana Puree

RDM International makes the most pure banana puree. They are a top supplier of aseptic banana puree. They are proud of their puree’s quality and how it’s made. They don’t use any fake ingredients.

Aseptic Processing for Uncompromised Flavor

RDM International’s method keeps their Aseptic Banana Puree taste, look, and feel fresh. The puree is full of the true, tropical taste of bananas. It’s great for many uses like in baking or making sauces. This is all thanks to the special way they treat the puree.

Additive-Free and All-Natural

What’s in RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree? Only natural, real bananas. They don’t add any fakes. This choice of making it purely natural means it’s fit for many businesses. It’s especially perfect for makers or sellers of banana puree.

Bulk Aseptic Banana Puree Distributor

RDM International leads in supplying bulk aseptic banana puree. They serve businesses with top-quality, no-additive banana puree. This helps you in commercial production and small product testing batches.

The purees use special methods that keep the fruit’s true taste without additives. For your banana puree manufacturing, count on us for constant high quality. RDM International is your ideal source for aseptic packaging fruit purees.

As a top bulk fruit puree exporter, RDM reaches worldwide for their industrial banana puree. They find the best from the main growing areas. No matter where you are, they ship the bulk aseptic banana puree you need.

Picking RDM International boosts your product’s quality and trust. Their top-notch aseptic fruit purees make a difference in your creations.

Versatile Applications for Industries

RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is handy for many industries. It fits into brewing and cooking easily. Businesses can make new and tasty products with this top-notch banana puree.

Brewing Craft Beers and Beverages

RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree brings a creamy, sweet taste to craft beers and drinks. It’s great for brewers looking to enhance their creations naturally. With it, they can make beers and beverages that are both unique and memorable.

Baking Delectable Treats

For bakers, this puree is perfect for many treats. It adds great banana flavor to cakes, pies, and more. Baked goods get a nice look and taste from its smooth texture.

Creating Gourmet Sauces and Dressings

This puree can also jazz up sauces and dressings. It gives them a natural sweetness and creamy texture. Chefs and manufacturers alike can turn simple dishes into something gourmet with this product.

Sourcing and Quality Assurance

At RDM International, we take quality seriously from the very start. Our bulk aseptic banana puree comes from the best farms. These farms are in places like Colombia, Chile, and Brazil, known for great bananas. By working with these farms, we make sure we always have the top industrial banana puree. This high-quality puree is the core of all our aseptic fruit purees.

Partnering with Global Farms

We are proud of our global farm partners. They help us get the best commercial banana puree ingredients. These ingredients stand out in terms of flavor, texture, and purity. Our partnership with them means we always have a steady supply of bulk fruit puree. It also helps us keep a close eye on quality from start to finish in banana puree manufacturing.

Strict Quality Control Measures

At RDM International, we set the bar high for quality. Our deep quality program makes sure our aseptic packaging fruit purees are the best. We test and check our products with great care. We use the latest methods to make and distribute our products. Everything we do aims to offer you fantastic bulk fruit puree that stands out.

Packaging Options for Convenience

RDM International excels in offering flexible packaging solutions to its customers. No matter your operation size, from big industrial plants to small product batches, they’ve got what you need. Their bulk packaging choices cover all needs elegantly.

Bulk Sizes for Large-Scale Operations

RDM International serves industrial clients with 44 lb. (5 gallon) and 50-gallon drum options for Aseptic Banana Puree. This ensures efficient, cost-effective, and continuous puree supply for your operation.

Cost-Effective Bulk Packaging

RDM International also offers smaller options, like 4.4 lb. (0.5 gallon) and 11 lb. (1.2 gallon) packaging. These are ideal for smaller needs and ensure the puree’s exceptional quality is maintained.

Certifications and Compliance

RDM International makes Aseptic Banana Puree for many customers. They serve businesses in need of bulk aseptic banana puree, aseptic fruit purees, and more. They offer conventional and organic USDA NOP certified choices. This lets businesses pick what’s best for them and the environment.

Organic and Non-GMO Options

RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is perfect for those wanting organic, non-GMO foods. It comes from top-quality bananas grown with strict organic rules. This puree keeps the fruit’s true taste and quality. It contains no fake stuff or GMOs. Choosing RDM International’s product means you’re giving your customers top-notch, eco-friendly options.

Kosher and Clean Label Certified

Along with being organic and non-GMO, RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is Kosher certified. This makes it okay for different diets and beliefs. It’s also clean label certified. This shows it has no artificial additives, preservatives, or bad stuff. With RDM International, you know you’re getting quality banana puree that’s pure and follows the strictest standards.

Certifications and Compliance

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is loved by many. It adds a rich, creamy flavor to craft beers. Bakers use it in treats, and chefs love it for sauces. Quality and customer joy stand out in the feedback from leaders.

“RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is a game-changer for our craft beer lineup. The puree adds a delightful creaminess and natural sweetness that our customers absolutely love.”

– John Smith, Head Brewer at Craft Brew Co.

“We’ve been using RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree in our bakery for years, and it consistently delivers exceptional results. The puree’s pure flavor and smooth texture make it a key ingredient in our best-selling banana bread and muffins.”

– Sarah Lee, Head Baker at Artisan Bake Shop

“RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree has become a staple in our kitchen. The versatility of the puree allows us to create unique and flavorful sauces and dressings that elevate our gourmet dishes to new heights.”

Explore Our Fruit Puree Flavors

RDM International not only has Aseptic Banana Puree but many other fruit puree flavors too. You can enjoy tropical, citrus, and berry tastes. Their offerings work well in many recipes and products.

Tropical Delights

Enjoy the tropics with RDM International’s mango and passion fruit purees. These aseptic fruit purees add bold flavor and aroma. They make beverages, baked goods, and sauces exciting.

Citrusy Zests

RDM International also offers grapefruit and lime bulk fruit puree. These options bring a fresh, tangy feel to your creations. They’re great for enhancing flavor and adding a lively touch.

Berry Bursts

Get the taste of summer from RDM International’s raspberry and blueberry commercial banana puree. These aseptic packaging fruit purees bring sweetness and color. They’re perfect for drinks, baked treats, and more.

Looking to make special drinks, new baked items, or improve your sauces? RDM International’s fruit puree selection is full of ideas. Let it guide your creativity.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

At RDM International, we work with top names in many fields. This makes us a go-to bulk aseptic banana puree distributor for top-notch fruit purees. Working with big brands and trendsetters keeps us innovative. Our aseptic fruit purees and commercial banana puree products always fit what people need.

Teaming up with the best in banana puree making and fruit puree spreading helps us find the finest bulk banana puree around. This means we can bring unmatched service and the latest aseptic packaging fruit purees to any business. From small industrial banana puree makers to big global banana puree suppliers.

With leading partners, RDM International keeps raising the bar for bulk fruit puree seller and commercial banana puree solutions. You can count on working with a team that is all about top quality and meeting your special needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

RDM International is a top distributor of bulk aseptic banana puree. They often get questions about their puree. To help, here’s a list of top questions:

Question Answer
What is the shelf life of RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree? RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree lasts 12-18 months in its original unopened package at room temp. Once opened, keep it chilled. Use it within a week for the best taste.
Is RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree certified organic or non-GMO? Yes, RDM International offers certified organic Aseptic Banana Puree. It’s also non-GMO. This means it’s pure and good for the planet.
Can I use RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree in my brewing or baking applications? Yes indeed! Their puree is perfect for making craft beers, beverages, and sweet treats. It’s a great choice for bakers and brewers.
What is the typical solids content of RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree? The puree usually has 22-24% solids. This makes it creamy, rich, and full of flavor. It’s ideal for big or small cooking projects.
Does RDM International offer kosher or clean label certifications for their Aseptic Banana Puree? Definitely! Their Aseptic Banana Puree is kosher certified and has a clean label. It’s free of artificial stuff.

Got more questions or need specifics? Reach out to RDM International. They’ll assist in finding the right bulk aseptic banana puree distributor for your needs.

bulk aseptic banana puree distributor

Get in Touch for Bulk Orders

Do you need a reliable bulk aseptic banana puree distributor for big jobs? RDM International is here for you. They handle both small and large commercial banana puree orders. Let them know your needs for top-notch Aseptic Banana Puree.

They offer aseptic packaging fruit purees and export bulk fruit puree. This means easy access to the industrial banana puree you need. They’re experts in supplying bulk banana puree. Make your banana puree manufacturing smoother with their help.

RDM International focuses on quality and client happiness. Contact them to see their great bulk aseptic banana puree service. They’re the go-to for businesses everywhere.


RDM International shines as a top bulk aseptic banana puree distributor. They bring top-notch quality, variety, and great service. Their Aseptic Banana Puree keeps bananas’ natural taste and smell, thanks to high-tech aseptic processing. They offer a wide selection of bulk packaging options, green certifications, and care for the planet. This makes RDM International the best choice for companies and big buyers looking for the best banana puree.

Are you a brewer, baker, or cooking pro? RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree can open doors to new flavors and ideas in your goods. With a big fruit puree distribution network and focus on quality, RDM International is ready to help you shine in your commercial banana puree and aseptic packaging fruit purees. Discover what industrial banana puree and global banana puree supply mean with RDM International, the top bulk banana puree supplier out there.

RDM International is unmatched in banana puree manufacturing and aseptic packaging excellence, making them perfect for those after top bulk fruit puree exporter services. Let RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree bring out your products’ full potential. See how quality and innovation can change everything with this standout option.


What makes RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree the purest form available?

RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is made in a special way. It keeps the banana’s true taste and smell. It doesn’t use any fake stuff. So, the puree stays bright, smooth, and tasty.

Is RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree free from artificial additives?

Sure is! RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree is all-natural and has no extra stuff in it. This makes it perfect for many uses in making food and drinks.

What industries can benefit from using RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree?

Many businesses can use RDM’s Banana Puree. This includes places that make drinks and snacks, as well as sauces and dressings for fancy foods.

Where does RDM International source its Aseptic Banana Puree?

RDM gets its Banana Puree from great farms all over. These farms are in top places for growing bananas, like Colombia and Brazil. They make sure only the best bananas are used, always with care.

What packaging options are available for RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree?

There are many sizes of packages to choose from. Options include big drums for lots of making, or smaller sizes for testing new ideas or small batches.

Does RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree have any certifications or compliance?

They sure do! RDM’s Banana Puree comes in regular or organic. It’s also non-GMO and kosher. This makes it good for lots of different ways of eating and making food.

What other fruit puree flavors does RDM International offer?

RDM has more than just Banana Puree. They offer flavors like mango, passion fruit, grapefruit, lime, and berry flavors. So many to choose from!

How can I inquire about bulk orders of RDM International’s Aseptic Banana Puree?

Want to buy a lot of the Banana Puree for your business? Just reach out to RDM International. They’ll help you with big or small orders and get you what you need.