Bulk Aseptic Applesauce For Sale From RDM International

When it comes to sourcing high-quality bulk aseptic applesauce, RDM International is a trusted name in the industry. With their commitment to excellence and years of experience, RDM International has become a leading supplier of aseptic applesauce to food manufacturers, retailers, and distributors worldwide.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of purchasing bulk aseptic applesauce from RDM International and why they are the go-to choice for many businesses in the food industry.

The Importance of Aseptic Packaging of Bulk Aseptic Applesauce

Aseptic packaging is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to food products, especially those with a longer shelf life. Aseptic packaging involves sterilizing the product and packaging separately, then filling the sterile product into the sterile packaging in a controlled environment. This process ensures that the product remains free from harmful microorganisms, maintaining its quality and extending its shelf life.

When it comes to applesauce, aseptic packaging is particularly important due to its high water content. Without proper packaging, applesauce can easily spoil and become a breeding ground for bacteria. By choosing bulk aseptic applesauce from RDM International, businesses can be confident that they are receiving a product that has undergone rigorous sterilization and is packaged in a way that preserves its freshness and quality.

The Advantages of Bulk Purchasing

One of the key benefits of purchasing bulk aseptic applesauce from RDM International is the cost savings it offers. Buying in bulk allows businesses to take advantage of economies of scale, resulting in lower per-unit costs. This can be particularly advantageous for food manufacturers and retailers who require a large volume of applesauce for their products or store shelves.

Furthermore, bulk purchasing from RDM International ensures a consistent supply of aseptic applesauce. With their extensive network of suppliers and production facilities, RDM International can meet the demands of businesses of all sizes. This reliability is crucial for businesses that rely on a steady supply of applesauce to meet their production or sales targets.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

RDM International takes pride in their commitment to quality assurance. They adhere to strict industry standards and have obtained various certifications to ensure that their products meet the highest quality requirements.

For example, RDM International is certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), demonstrating their compliance with food safety regulations.

In addition to FDA certification, RDM International also holds certifications from reputable third-party organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These certifications provide further assurance to businesses that the bulk aseptic applesauce they purchase from RDM International is of the highest quality and meets international standards.

Customer Satisfaction and Testimonials

RDM International has built a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. Our commitment to providing exceptional products and services has earned us numerous positive testimonials from satisfied customers. For example, one of our clients, a leading food manufacturer, has praised RDM International for their consistent quality and reliable supply chain.

Another satisfied customer, commends RDM International for their excellent customer service and willingness to accommodate specific packaging requirements. These testimonials highlight the trust and satisfaction that businesses have in RDM International as a supplier of bulk aseptic applesauce.


When it comes to sourcing bulk aseptic applesauce, RDM International stands out as a reliable and trusted supplier. Our commitment to quality assurance, certifications, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

By choosing RDM International, businesses can enjoy the benefits of aseptic packaging, cost savings through bulk purchasing, and the peace of mind that comes with working with a reputable supplier.

With our track record of excellence, RDM International is the go-to choice for businesses in the food industry looking for high-quality bulk aseptic applesauce.